Christmas candles centerpiece ideas. We gathered the best Christmas scented candles along with flower arrangement centrepiece and candle holders. Unique Christmas candle decorations to create an elegant Christmas centerpiece.

The decorations are up, the invites have been sent, and the table has been set. You’re ready to have the best Christmas dinner of your life! But wait, there’s one thing missing, the heart of the table – the centrepiece. 

Rustic Christmas candles centerpiece ideas

You could argue that this middle-table flickering candle, wreath or platter adds flair and is the perfect finishing touch to the ideal set-table. However, in reality, it adds warmth to what is set to be a lovely, festive bonding session. Plus, what would Christmas dinner be if someone’s sleeve didn’t almost catch fire while passing the gravy boat?

And let’s be real, it looks fantastic in photos. So, If we’re going to pick one, we may as well pick it right. Look below for an extensive list of candle centrepiece ideas to choose from. Don’t fret.

We’ve looked high and low to find the most consistent, trendy, and reliable styles so that your centrepiece won’t look out of place (and you won’t have to look elsewhere for inspiration!)

Cozy Farmhouse Christmas candle – Buy it here

Cozy Farmhouse Christmas candle.

If you’re looking to celebrate Christmas to the fullest without harming the planet, this famous wood wick candle is for you. Made from soy wax, wood wick, and 100% recyclable glass, this candle is fully organic. 

Blending together hints of citrus, balsam, spice, this candle brings an authentic rustic Christmas “feel” into your home. Many happy owners of this lovely candle have mentioned the scent as being similar to a yule log burning warmly in the distance – just perfect.

Arrangement-Room Centerpiece – Buy it here

Arrangement-Room Centerpiece

These handcrafted flowers are simply divine. Every aspect of this peony-magnolia flower arrangement is made to look not only breathtakingly elegant but also real. In fact, according to reviews, they even feel real.

The flowers are artfully arranged in a vase containing faux water to hold them neatly in place no matter what.

Advent Calendar Christmas Candle – Buy it here

Advent Calendar Christmas Candle

Here’s a centrepiece that is excited about Christmas as you are. So excited, in fact, that it’ll help you count down the days! This festively orange and cinnamon scented candle has a 25 hour burning time.

So, just light the candle for an hour a day, and before you know it – its organic soy wax will all be gone, and it’ll be Christmas!

Yellow & Grey Pinecone Christmas Centerpiece – Buy it here

Yellow & Grey Pinecone Christmas Centerpiece. How to make a Christmas centerpiece

Here’s a festive centrepiece that takes care of itself. No need to add any extras; it already comes with a faux-fur base topped with pinecones, baubles, and 3 decadent purple candles.

So, take the stress out of tabletop decorating and adorn your table with this beautiful centrepiece this Christmas! If anything, it’ll at least get the conversation flowing.

Woodwick Trilogy Cafe Sweets Jar candle – Buy it here

Woodwick Trilogy Cafe Sweets Jar candle

This candle has deftly found a way around “smell fatigue.” By incorporating three candles into one, as this candle’s wax melts, new fragrances are emitted with each layer.

The natural wooden wick also mimics the crackling of a soothing fire while producing a true-to-life scent that fills the room.

Recreate this beautiful coffee table decor with a wood white tray – Buy it here

beautiful coffee table decor with a wood white tray

Who says only coffee tables and mantelpieces can be festively decorated? With this elegant ottoman serving tray, you can essentially decorate any area it’ll balance on – notably futons. 

However, place this glossy white tray on any surface, and you’ve essentially set up an easel. All that’s left to do is paint (arrange) your vision.

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Gingerbread Christmas scented candle – Buy it here

Gingerbread Christmas scented candle

This candle is a classic. Its warm, rich ginger scent mixed with a hint of close and topped off with sugar and spice (and all things nice) perfectly simulates the smell of fresh-baked Christmas cookies.

Not to mention its wood-wick that brings soothing fires to mind.

Large Scented Soy WoodWick Candle – Buy it here

Large Scented Soy WoodWick Candle

This candle is an aromatherapeutic dream. Its creamy soy wax is so packed with minerals and vitamins it can even be used as skin-friendly moisturize (as long as it’s unscented.) 

However, for the scented candles, the fragrance is strong, unique, and decidedly delightful. Made entirely out of consciously sourced materials, you can have a guilt-free Christmas with this modern candle! Plus, its wide circular container works wonders for most festive arrangements.

Traditional Christmas table centrepiece – Buy it here

Traditional Christmas table centrepiece. Christmas table decorations

Now we’re entering truly traditional territory. This buffalo plaid centrepiece is what we see when we image the quintessential Christmas table. It’s warm, soft, celebratory, and even comforting.

This centrepiece is what Christmas décor is all about and is made to suit absolutely any home or setting.

Christmas Woodwick candle Reedwood – Buy it here


Do you know the feeling of sitting next to a cosy, comforting fire? This candle can bring that feeling into every room in your house. A refreshing blend of sweet currants with a hint of juicy tangerine, with this candle, you’ll be bathing in traditional festivity. 

Its paraffin-soy mix wax also means that you won’t have to deal with any messy residue or worry about glass burn.

Berry and Pine Christmas Centerpiece – Buy it here

Berry and Pine Christmas Centerpiece

It’s always too cold to drink in the beauty of nature in Winter as much as we’d desire. And that’s exactly why these traditional centrepieces have been central in homes worldwide since time immemorial. There’s nothing that says “Christmas” more than conifer branches topped with pinecones and sprinkled with cherries.

So, if you’re thinking classic, familiar, and nostalgia this year, look no further.

Christmas candle set of 5 – Buy it here

Christmas candle set of 5

Can never make up your mind about what scent you’re after? Or, looking for an assortment of festive scents? With this set of 5 candles, you don’t have to pick just one or two. Moreover, there’s an endless list of unique fragrances to choose from – all listed A to Z. 

Some more notable “Christmassy scents” listed are “Home for Christmas,” “Sugar Plum Fairy,” “Sugar Cookies,” and “Winter Wonderland.” Everything you could ever want and much more, really.

Christmas flowers and pine cones wreath with 3 natural beeswax candles – Buy it here

Christmas flowers and pine cones wreath with 3 natural beeswax candles

This centrepiece with real pinecones, bark, twig, and artificial cherries will complete your Christmas. Pick between golden or red wreaths to match your décor and kick back, knowing that the organic beeswax is kind to the earth.

Winter Spice Berry Soy candle – Buy it here

Winter Spice Berry Soy candle. decorative christmas pillar candles.

Three wick candles are “en vogue” at the moment, and why shouldn’t they be? More warmth, light, and glow – just what you want for the winter season. 

Plus, the power of three wood wicks only works to enhance the Cypress, plum, and saffron blend that emanates from this delightful berry candle.

Christmas centerpice decor – Buy it here

Christmas centerpice decor

This colourful DIY winter wreath is the perfect festive project for you and the family to get your teeth into! Set the mood with coloured pinecones, faux cherries, and other bits to set a winter wonderland theme. A mini Christmas wreath can help you achieve similar look. Click here for more Christmas door wreaths for every budget.

Place the wreath on a coffee table or centre table with a candle in the middle, and voila – you’ve achieved perfection!

Handmade Decorative Christmas candle – Buy it here

Handmade Decorative Christmas candle

It’s hard to believe these majestic, ornate candles are handmade. A white base rimmed with green, white, and red lulls down the candle in a series of carefully-crafted folds. 

There are even decorative knots and other stylish trinkets to be found. Not only will you (and your guests) not be able to take your eyes off these candles, you won’t want to even light them rather keep them forever!

Christmas Flower Arrangement -Real touch red Magnolia flower – Buy it here

Christmas Flower Arrangement -Real touch red Magnolia flower

This flower arrangement is certainly a bountiful and eye-capturing display, perfect for topping off any classy surface or decorated room. The deep red magnolias are perfectly arranged and held in place by acrylic (faux) water to maintain position.

The gold flower vase and platter add a touch of finesse to the final product.

Merry Christmas Vanilla & Cinnamon candle – Buy it here

Merry Christmas Vanilla & Cinnamon candle

This candle is a Christmas must-have. Freshly roasted chestnuts and walnuts are combined with soft, spicy nuances of white ginger. Added to this is cinnamon and clove nestled among a dash of fresh coffee and whipped vanilla. So, it packs a fragrant punch.

Moreover, the glass container is festively designed, meaning that it can be repurposed!

Rustic Centerpiece – Buy it here

Rustic Centerpiece. christmas candle holder centerpieces

Carved from Aspen wood, these whimsical candle holders are breath-taking. They’ll steal the show of any table and create a real traditional Christmas atmosphere.

Depending on what season you order your centrepiece, you’ll receive different seasonally-appropriate extras. For Christmas, it’s festive adornments! Plus, no matter what, you’ll receive three simple tealights to bring life to your stunning centrepiece.

Dublin Dusk Smoked Oud and Ozone Accords Luxury Candle – Buy it here

Dublin Dusk Smoked Oud and Ozone Accords Luxury Candle

This luxurious candle is the product of 500 years of tradition and expertise coming together to create perfection. Only using beeswax, essential oils, and hand-poured techniques, the makers of this candle have infused it with notes of aromatic wood, cedar, and smoked oud.

This has been achieved through using the typical Christmas fragrances of spicy ginger, pepper, and anise.

Farmhouse Christmas candle arrangement – Buy it here

Farmhouse Christmas candle  arrangement

At the same time, this centrepiece manages to be simple while making a statement. It says fashionable, sophisticated, and laid-back Christmas while incorporating all of the die-hard traditional Christmas trappings. 

In essence, this beautiful conifer wreath lined with three white candles is a people pleaser.

Premium Luxury Candle – Make your home smell Christmassy – Buy it here

Premium Luxury Candle - Make your home smell Christmassy

Welcome this unique audio and visual experience centrepiece into your home this Christmas and experience a sensory wonder. Not only is this luxurious candle easy on the eye and made from sustainable resources – it’s a delightful journey. 

From the first light of the three wooden wicks, you’ll be treated to a light crackling “fireside” sound followed by all of the scents of Christmas – perfect.

Rustic centerpiece tray – Buy it here

Rustic centerpiece tray. Ideas for christmas centerpieces with candles

This eco-friendly centrepiece tray is perfect for not only adding its own personal flair to your décor but also hosting many other decorative trinkets. 

Made from reclaimed pallets, this tray is finished in a provincial stain. That means that your product won’t arrive perfect, but it will arrive with a life-story written into its design – just like any reclaimed wood.

Woodstar centerpiece for coffee table – Buy here woodstar tray

Wood star centerpiece for coffee table
image source: pinterest

Make this star-shaped centrepiece the talking point of your coffee table. Its wood base is somewhat roughly painted with white to create a more authentic, handmade visual that’s perfect for any rustic Christmas décor.

Moreover, it’s big! That means you can fit several candles, baubles, pinecones, tinsel, or anything else that fulfils your Christmas décor needs.

Frosted Berry Centerpiece – Buy it here

Frosted Berry Centerpiece

Bring the cold, blustery and beautiful wintery outdoors to your dining table this Christmas without any of the hassles! This frosted conifer centrepiece is adorned with faux pinecones and berries that make Christmas special. 

So, brighten up your Christmas décor with this traditional and authentic centrepiece by placing it proudly at the centre of your table arrangement. Your guests will be sure to comment on its beauty while clinking glasses just above it!

Don’t be without the perfect centrepiece this winter, treat yourself to an early Christmas present and give yourself the gift of beautiful décor!

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links which means I will receive a commission if you decide to buy from my referral links, at no extra cost to you.

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