Home décor tips for your new build home. Are you looking for ideas to decorate a new build house? Want to add character to a new construction house and are stuck for ideas? Look no further as we lined up some of the best ideas to decorate a new build house without stretching your budget.

Home décor tips for your new build home

Have you just purchased a new home and feel overwhelmed with the thought of decorating it? I’m sure you do and is absolutely normal to feel that way, especially when you have so many options. Whether you bought an apartment or a house, the tips that you will find in this post can be applied to either property.

There is often a misconception that new build homes lack character and are all identical. Whilst they may look the same from the outside, they can be far from it on the inside. If you have just bought, or are planning to buy a new home, here are some top tips on how you decorate:

Home décor tips for your new build home

Planning is key

With any home, planning is always going to be a key step in the decorating process. Not only will planning save you time, but it will also save you money. It is wise to first start off by creating a vision board; this can feature all the different styles of décor you like.

Once you have created this you can begin to refine your style and establish how you really want to decorate your new build home. This process doesn’t need to be done over time. Take some time to live in the home first to gauge how certain rooms feel; your opinion on décor may change once you see how light shines within the home throughout the day, or how much time you spend in different rooms.

Once you have a plan in place, create a master list of everything you are going to need to purchase from tools to furniture. That way you can keep your eye out for any deals and find out whether any of the tools needed for decorating can be borrowed from family and friends rather than purchasing new ones.

Aim for cohesion

Aim for cohesion when decorating your new build home

Something that can be really daunting when decorating a property is how to bring a cohesive design together throughout your home. Whilst rooms don’t need to match entirely, you don’t want it to feel like every room belongs to a different home.

The best way to create a sense of cohesion is to choose one style; for example, modern or country-chic and then incorporate that theme somewhat throughout the entire home. A nice way to do this is by selecting a complementary colour palette to use in your home. These colours can be used not only on the walls but in the soft furnishings too.

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Don’t be afraid of change

For many, whilst buying a new build home is a fantastic opportunity, the thought of changing anything in a house that has just been built can seem intimidating. If this is how you feel, try to put these thoughts to the back of your mind and focus on imagining your future in your home.

Although the home is new, nothing is stopping you from changing things that don’t work for you or that aren’t to your taste. Ultimately it is your home so should reflect you, rather than the developer. Whether you planning a kitchen extension, building a backyard pool or converting the loft into a bedroom, these are choices that can help you personalize your home according to your style and needs.

Texture is crucial

It is no secret that texture is crucial in the world of interior design. Adding different textures to any room adds depth and creates a cosy environment, perfect for enjoying.

Consider including textured art pieces like macrame wall hangings, family photo frame collages, soft furnishings such as blankets, pillows, as well as decorative objects such as candles or ornaments. While these should vary in texture, as discussed above they should all be within a cohesive colour palette. Don’t feel the need to rush when adding in texture, it is nice to include items you collect over time for a more personal touch.

Add in greenery

Add in greenery to your new build home to create a cohesive decor
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Greenery is the perfect addition to any home. Coming with a range of health benefits including air purification and reduced stress, house plants are also fantastic purely for decorative purposes too. If you aren’t a natural (don’t worry I am not either) when it comes to taking care of plants, opt for a low-maintenance succulent, to begin with, and palm reed for adding a bit of character to an empty corner.

Don’t be swayed by trends

With constant social media scrolling and an abundance of interiors programmes on TV, it is very easy to get pulled into different home trends. Whilst this can be fun for a time, there often isn’t much longevity in this if you make your décor choices purely based on what is currently trending.

Try to think about what type of style you are still going to like in years to come. If this seems challenging, choose a classic colour scheme and timeless pieces of large furniture and then go for more trendy lead decorative pieces.

Decorating your home should be an enjoyable experience so try and have fun with it and don’t take it too seriously. Remember, almost any decorative choice can be changed at a later date should you change your mind. Happy decorating!

Final words

Decorating your new home is a dream that for many might seem impossible, but nothing is impossible until you make the first steps toward reaching that goal. Taking smart decisions, saving a bit more and spending less, plus educating yourself financially will help you achieve your goal of buying a home for yourself and your family.

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