How to refine your interior style before moving into a new home. Discover the best tips for making your new home comfortable, and practical and how to choose timeless decor furniture and accessories that will serve you for many years.

How to refine your interior style before moving into a new home

Are you currently looking for a new home? Whether you have already secured somewhere and are just waiting to collect the keys, or you’ve only just started your search, here are some top tips on how to refine your interior style before making the big move.

How to refine your interior style before moving into a new home

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Create a mood board

Create a mood board for your new home

One of the best ways to cultivate a great interior style within your home is to start by creating a mood board. This will allow you to experiment with different colors and textures before making purchases.

Separate mood boards for different rooms are a good way to compartmentalize your different ideas and ensure each room has a unique personality. Although this is important, it is also then good to view all your mood boards together to ensure your design choices will work cohesively throughout your home.

Whilst rooms don’t need to be completely matchy to one another, it is often nice to have certain tones that run through the entirety of your home. Deciding on an interior style early on, such as Scandinavian or boho is an effective way to ensure interior consistency.

Consider timelessness

Once you have done your initial planning phase, gaining inspiration from Pinterest and the like, it is now time to refine this further. Take a look at the mood boards you have created and consider whether these choices will see you through years of enjoying your home.

Although is fine to incorporate some trend-driven decorative pieces, it is wise to opt for more timeless options when it comes to wall colors and large furniture pieces. Doing so will mean you spend less money replacing these pieces in the future.  To help with this, think about how your interior style has evolved over the years, are there any elements that have not changed at all? If so, continue to incorporate these into your new home.

Do an audit

When decorating any home, it is very tempting to hit the shops straight away and start spending. Whilst this can be fun, it can also be very costly and mean you end up purchasing things you don’t really need.

If this isn’t your first time moving out and you are going to be bringing existing interior pieces with you, do an audit of everything you already have to help determine what you still need to buy. Anything that no longer aligns with your style could be sold to generate some extra cash or donated to a local charity shop.

This audit shouldn’t only consist of physical items but should also include existing features within your new home. If you are looking to buy a new home then you will be starting with a relatively blank canvas in terms of existing interior design, making it far easy to add your own stamp.

If you are purchasing an older property, it will already have design features that you may or may not like. Make note of whether you intend on repainting any rooms or removing any current features such as coving, restoring hardwood floors, or fireplaces.

Use smart tech

Within the interior design and home improvement market, technology has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years. This doesn’t only benefit professionals within the sector but is also great news for homeowners.

There are now websites and software available that allow you to create full digital mock-ups of rooms in your home. This means you can play around with different layouts before making any purchases or moving anything in. It also means you can get a good understanding of whether you have enough furniture and accessories to fill the room.

Make sure to optimize rooms by having furniture of varying heights and decorative pieces that vary in texture.

Don’t forget practicality

Don’t forget practicality and that includes an old fireplace that might be replaced or restored

Instagram and Pinterest are great places to gleam inspiration for your interior style but don’t be fooled into thinking that everything you see on there works in reality. It is crucial that you consider the practicality as well as the aesthetics of design.

Think about how you are going to be using your home every day. Do you require lots of storage? What items do you need to be easily accessible? Which rooms are going to be used the most?

The most important thing when defining your interior style is to stay true to your own taste and enjoy the process of experimenting.

Did you like these interior style tips? Have something to share with us? Just drop a comment below and let us know your tips and ideas for how to refine your interior style before moving into a new home.

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