Best Masculine scented candles that every man will love. Are you looking for manly scented candles but don’t know much about them? In this post, we cover fragrances specific to men and some of the best manly candles that can make the perfect gift for the man in your life. So get ready to learn a thing or two about masculine scents and shop for budget-friendly gifts for men.

Best Masculine scented candles that every man will love

Browsing for men’s gifts can sometimes be challenging but not impossible. With so many options, you don’t even know what to choose for the man in your life. Besides, you have to debate whether you want to buy a luxury gift for men or something cheaper that won’t affect your budget too much. One item that not many will consider is masculine-scented candles.

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Best Masculine scented candles that every man will love

Scented candles are preferred mostly by women, but this trend has not grown in recent years; therefore, men love candles just as much as women do, especially if the candles are designed with manly scents. But what’s the difference between feminine and masculine candles?

Typically a fragrance is considered manly when it delivers an aroma of spice, wood, or herbaceous. Preference for fragrance is quite a subjective matter. Usually, it can depend on your society or way of living. As in the US, strongly sweet and fruity aromas are not given priority in manly-scented candles. Instead, scents linked with traditionally “manly” activities—like being outdoors, smoking a pipe, or savoring a fine whiskey—are given greater importance.

Some Popular Examples of Masculine Scents


Sandalwood is described as sensual, velvety, rich, and slightly woodsy. Because sandalwood smells like the hormone androsterone, a substance produced by men, people believe it to be masculine. According to a study, the aromas of androsterone and sandalwood are comparable.


Musk is a scent many individuals believe to be animalistic. This would make sense, given that musk oil was initially obtained from the glands of musk deer. Nowadays, people employ a variety of synthetic musk oils with varying aromas. Musk has a sensuous, vibrant, and fittingly masculine aroma.


Patchouli some people even describe the smell of patchouli as slightly therapeutic. It has a pungent, earthy perfume. It blends well with other masculine scents like vetiver, musk, and sandalwood.


Tobacco has a pleasant, hay-like aroma with traces of whisky. This scent could bring back lovely images of your grandfather unwinding in his vintage leather recliner while puffing on a large cigar. The opulent Speakeasy and Langston candles include tobacco.


Cinnamon’s alluring aroma strikes the ideal spice, sweetness, and earthiness harmony. Any man would love the stylish, refined, gentlemanly feel this spicy and fresh scent exudes.

There are a ton of candles with masculine scents available today. Sometimes having lots of choices might be overwhelming. To make it easier to find the top candles with masculine scents, I have devoted countless hours to finding the greatest manly candles available that will impress the man in your life. Happy shopping and don’t forget to share this post on social media for future reference.

1. A Glass of Red – Bergamot Soy Candle

The distinct scent of blackberries combines the time-honored aromas of sweet pear and sensual plum in this Glass of Red bergamot candle. To produce a rich bouquet that is quietly seductive, fruity smells are balanced out by elegant bergamot and fresh, fluffy musk. You may understand how A Glass of Red will make you feel—without the hangover—by imagining a deep sip of a rich Shiraz and translating that into an aromatic sensation.

2. Black Currant Absinthe Soy Candle

This alluring and seductive scent comes from black currant absinthe. It starts with faint apple undertones and fine saffron threads. Rich anise and amber foundation with sweet black currants and blackberries. The firm, woodsy, masculine touch of patchouli and cedarwood heightens the richness of this dark fruit perfume. Don’t be put off by the absinthe; this smells great and is enjoyable in the fall and winter. Patchouli and cedarwood are two natural essential oils used to black currant absinthe.

3. MADE Candle

This lovely hand-poured candle has a slightly masculine perfume and includes elements of leather, tobacco, and bay leaves for extra freshness.

4. APOTIKOLOGY – Tobacco + Vanilla Scented Candle

APOTIKOLOGY scented candles are hand poured in Manchester. This Tobacco plus Vanilla fragrance candle is the newest addition to their line. This candle creates a sweet and sour smell.

5. Savage Men’s Aftershave Scented Candle

It’s a candle made with environmentally friendly soy wax in a home studio. It is even more enticing because of the lovely hexagonal glass that it is packaged in. This candle can do the job of elevating the room’s ambiance.

6. Guinness Candle – manly scented candles

This candle is for those who lead an environment-friendly life. This candle has one of the least amounts of carbon footprint as the vax they use is sourced locally. Contrary to store-bought candles, THE WAX, AND THE SCENT extend to the very bottom of the container. Its vegetable wax burns at a lower temperature and emits less hazardous compounds than normal paraffin.

7. HIGHLAND WOODLAND WHISPERS masculine scented candle

Another environmentally friendly candle is on the list, and this one is specifically for adventure lovers. The aroma of this candle is fresh and energizing pine with traces of thyme, cedar, and fir needle. One will feel like being in the wild after using this handmade Scottish candle created with natural soy wax and a fragrance inspired by the outdoors.

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8. Cuban Tobacco and Oak scented soy candle

Another amazing masculine candle is vegan, lovingly crafted, and poured. Rich sweet tobacco, spices, and a hint of citrus are found at the core of this aromatic scent making it one of the most favorite among our list of masculine-scented candles.

9. Myrrh & Tonka Oxford Home Candle

Myrrh & Tonka Tin Candle has a fresh, invigorating smell that will awaken your senses of well-being and health. It improves your mood and gives a calm foundation of comfort. With Myrrh and Tonka notes, Instill feelings of ease, confidence, happiness, joy, love, mindfulness, and serenity. Hand-poured into Black Matt Glass with care. A warm powdery rich scent with earthy, smokey tonka bean, lavender, and almond notes. An oriental with a silky amber base that is well-balanced. Consider yourself a part of a sensual, engulfing hug.

10. Wax & Wit – Single Barrel Kentucky Bourbon + Vanilla

This hand-poured candle is made in Portland Oregon. Its unique French Vanilla Beans and a rich, time-tested Bourbon matured for ten years in rustic hardwood oak barrels create a nostalgic, traditional smell that has been given a touch of modernity.

11. Luxury Natural Soy Wax Candle

London is where Waxaroma LDN candles are hand poured. These candles meet the requirements for being vegan-friendly since they are created with soy wax and paraben-free oils. The candle uses the highest concentration of scent to provide a long burn life and fragrance to the entire home. 

 12. Smoky Jazz Club manly scented candle

This soy candle was created to bring the lively, cozy, smokey jazz venue right into your house with its earthy, delicate smells of tobacco and honey, emphasized by the dull flame. Every time you burn the Smoky Jazz Club fragrance candle, they want you to be taken into this candle-lit jazz club, picturing the superb musicians playing at each table, the clink of the beer and wine glasses, and the merry banter of the patrons. caught up in the air filled with fragrant, smokey tobacco. A natural soy wax candle with a deep, smokey scent that is so jazz!

Manly scented candles


For years scented candles were considered a feminine product. Men could not connect with the idea of using a scented candle. But times have changed so does the varieties of scented candles. Although men frequently resemble with the smell of cologne, some gentlemen love flowery scents too. Whether for burning or keeping the candle as a decorative piece, one way or another, I think a masculine candle is a great option that will complement a gift for the man in your life. For another unique gift idea, I suggest this DIY gift bag that will surely impress someone you love.

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