DIY father’s Day gift bag – Paper shirt bag. Looking for father’s day gift ideas but want to create something authentic so your dad can remember it forever? Look no further as this DIY paper gift bag is perfect for wrapping your dad’s present for any occasion, not just on father’s day, but on Christmas and birthdays too.

DIY father's Day gift bag - Paper shirt bag

Fathers are the first guardian of a child. They sacrifice just as much as mothers and they deserve love and gratitude not just for special days like birthdays, or Father’s Day, but every single day. You don’t need a reason to show your dad how much you love and care for him. Surprise him from time to time with a small gift, it will make him feel appreciated and important just like your mother.

If buying a gift for your father is out of the question, then you can choose to make something yourself. The following paper gift bag is a good idea to start with, but we have many other craft tutorials to choose from the links below.

DIY father’s Day gift bag – Paper shirt bag

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This Father’s Day gift bag is great for using as a gift hamper and you can fill it with whatever you like. Perhaps a bottle of wine or a beard grooming set, or simply a book. After all the intention matters.

The process of making this gift paper bag is very easy. I’ve used blue and black colors but can choose anything else for making this gift bag. If you find it easier to watch the video tutorial, check it out here and make sure to subscribe to CreativeGiantHands channel for more craft and recipe videos. So let’s get started!

Supplies Needed for making the paper shirt bag:

  • Paper (Blue and Black)
  • Scissor
  • Glue

Step 1 for father’s day gift bag

first step for making the fathers day gift bag

Take a blue color paper of 9×12 inches. The larger the paper the bigger the bag will be.

Step 2.

Easy fathers day gift bag tutorial

Put the paper on a table in the landscape position and bring the right side of the paper towards the left side leaving a 1cm gap on the left side and then fold the paper making a crease as shown below.

Step 3.

gift bag for fathers day tutorial

Unfold the paper and then fold inwards the 1cm space we left before. After folding the paper apply glue on the entire fold. Then again take the right side of the paper towards the left side and stick them together.

simple gift paper bag for fathers day

Step 4.

easy gift paper bag step by step

Now fold the bottom part of the paper upwards about 2 inches. Then bring the right and left corners towards the bottom edge as demonstrated below.

fathers day paper bag step by step

Undo both corners and open the bottom paper fold. Then flatten both sides creating two triangles. After that, fold the bottom edge upwards and a little beyond the middle. Then fold the top part downwards a little beyond the middle.

How to make a father’s Day gift bag

origami fathers day gift bag tutorial

Now unfold the paper as shown below and then apply glue on the bottom right and left corners, then again fold upwards.

origami fathers day gift bag tutorial

Apply glue on the top right and left corners including the top edge. Then fold downwards and stick them together.

how to make a gift paper bag tutorial

Step 5.

simple gift paper bag

Fold the right and left sides of the bag inwards in a way that the points of the base meet as shown below.

Step 6.

fathers day paper shirt bag tutorial

Now unfold your gift bag and open it out. Place your hand into the bag, gently open it up and define the edges.

origami gift bag tutorial

Step 7.

fathers day gift ideas

Place your gift inside the bag then cut two slits on each side at the top of the bag. Then fold down both flaps to form a shirt collar shape and use glue to stick them nicely in a shirt design.

fathers day paper shirt gift bag step by step

Step 8.

how to make a paper shirt gift bag for fathers day

Draw a tie shape on a black piece of paper and cut it out, then use glue to attach it in the middle of the paper bag.

diy fathers day gift bag step by step

And the project is finally complete.

DIY father's Day gift bag step by step with pictures

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