DIY pom pom wreath step by step. If you always wanted to create your very own pom pom wreath this tutorial is fairly easy to execute. You will learn to make pom poms with different techniques and attach them to the wreath.

DIY pom pom Wreath step by step. How to make a pom pom wreath with cardboard

I have recently fallen in love with Pom Poms and with this wreath that you are about to make. The pompoms that you will learn to make will come up fluffy and in perfect shape if you follow the tutorial accordingly.

DIY pom pom wreath step by step

Once the pom pom wreath is ready you can place it in any room and will instantly brighten up the decor. This pom pom wreath is best to keep indoors or out of sunlight and wet conditions to avoid deterioration.

Let’s start to make this fluffy pompom wreath

Keep in mind that this tutorial is quite long because we will make the pom pom wreath from scratch, but you will also learn how to make pom poms in two simple ways.

What you need to make a pom pom wreath from scratch:

Lots of yarn in your favourite colour combination /Hot glue gun/ Glue/ Scissors / Burlap Ribbon or Jute Ribbon / Cardboard/ News Paper/Papers/ White paper tape

If you already know how to use a plastic PomPom Maker, you can do so, but for newbies, I will teach you two methods, one by using cardboard discs and the other by using your hand.

Step one to make a pom pom wreath from scratch

Feel free to use a Styrofoam wreath, but I prefer to save money and use cardboard and recycled newspapers. Watch and learn because you might even sell these pompom wreaths on Etsy and make extra money. Also, if you need other ideas to make and sell for profit, check this post for how to upcycle old wine bottles into home decor accessories and art.

Step one to make a pom pom wreath from scratch
How to make a pom pom wreath for Christmas

You can give a round shape of cardboard according to the size that you want your wreath. Prepare lots of papers or newspapers. Just as shown in the above image, roll the paper and wrap the cardboard while glueing small patches.

Pom pom wreath with cardboard and yarn

Wrap the paper all around until all the cardboard is covered properly.

How to make a pom pom wreath from cardboard and yarn

Once the cardboard is wrapped with paper it will look chunky. After we wrap the wreath with masking tape, fabric or burlap to make the surface even and easy to attach the pom poms.

Step 2

Pom pom wreath making kit

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DIY pom pom wreath tutorial

At your choice, you can use colourful masking tape or leave it white just as we did in this tutorial.

Easy Yarn Pom Pom Wreath

Attach a twine/string so you can hang the wreath easily. Make sure this string is enough sturdy to hold the wreath (once we attach the pompoms, it will become a bit heavier).

If decorating your home with self-made items is something you love and planning to save money on, then you might enjoy downloading and printing trendy designs and placing them on beautiful frames.

To add a little personality and humour to your bathroom, download Bathroom SVG online for the price of a coffee.

Learn how to make a custom pom-pom wreath the easy way

Step 3 we prepare the pom poms for our wreath:

How to make a felt pom pom wreath. Step 3 we prepare the pom poms for our wreath

You can use any type of yarn for this wreath.  Lots of yarn in your favourite colour combination.

Pom pom tutorial made with fingers

This is how you can make a pom pom just by using yarn, scissors, and your hand. Making  Pom poms with the hand is pretty easy and fun.

easy way to make a pom pom

Using 2-3 fingers will give you a good enough normal size pom pom. So before you get started first decide how big you want your pom pom. You can wrap 2, 3, or 4 fingers. You could also wrap your whole hand if you want a big size pompom.

Making handmade pompoms is a low-cost project and can be used to create many other crafts

DIY pompom wreath step by step

Carefully remove the yarn that is wrapped on your finger and take another piece of yarn to wrap it around and finally tie a tight knot. Tighten the knot 2-3 times, to make sure it won’t open.

Just like this pretty pompom wreath, you can make some cute crafts and sell them online or at craft fairs. Kids crafts are very popular and with a fingertip, you can download already-made designs and print them for personal or commercial use.

Take a look at these adorable Tooth SVG; they are simply irresistible. If you are planning to use them for print on demand, contact the seller and ask for details about the licence.

DIY cardboard pom pom maker
How do you make a simple pom pom with your hand?

After tying the yarn, hold it with two fingers placed right in the middle of the yarn and cut it around until it takes a beautiful rounded shape.

How do you make a pom pom out of wool?

The more you trim it in a circular shape, the better pom pom will be prepared.

Now let’s share how to make pom poms with cardboard discs

How do you make a pom pom out of cardboard

To make a pom pom you do not necessarily need to have a plastic pompom maker. All you need is 2 pieces of cardboard in the shape of two discs ( use a cup or a glass to draw the shape on the cardboard and then cut just as shown in the picture).

Once you have the cardboard discs, wrap yarn on the discs according to how dense you want the pom pom to be. (You can watch here the video tutorial again to learn this pom pom technique).

How to Make fluffy Pom Poms Using Cardboard Discs

Cut the yarn with scissors between the two discs and be careful so that no short yarn comes out.

How to Make Yarn Pom Poms fast

Take a long piece of yarn and wrap it in the middle of the cardboard disc and tie a knot as tight as possible. Tie 2-3 times the yarn to make sure is fully secured and won’t open.

How to make a pom pom instructions

Take 2 pieces of circular cardboard and hold them on the top and bottom of the pompom so you can cut evenly a perfectly rounded shape.

How do you make a pom-pom step by step?

Shape round from each side so that lovely soft fluffy and squishy Yarn Pom Poms get ready.

How do you make fluffy pom poms step by step

We will need lots of pom poms in different sizes to cover the whole wreath. Depending on what style you want to make your wreath, you can make the all pom poms in the same size, or add a few larger ones just as we did with this craft.

Step 4:

How do you make wool felt pom poms. We start to glue the pom poms on the cardboard wreath

Now start attaching the pom poms to the wreath by using the glue gun.

DIY winter pompom wreath
Pom pom wreath Anthropologie tutorial

Now we make ready the burlap ribbon

Handmade pom pom wreath with burlap ribbon

Please watch the YouTube video to learn how to make this burlap ribbon

DIY burlap ribbon step by step

This will give a great look to the wreath.

Pompom Christmas wreath ideas

Burlap ribbon can be applied anywhere on the wreath. I added it on the bottom and it looks fabulous. This will give a very unique and rustic look to the wreath.

 diy pom pom wreath step by step with pictures

Now, if you see some spots that are not properly covered on the wreath, you can add pom poms here and there to make it full. I hope you enjoy making this beautiful colourful Pom Pom Wreath and I would love to know your opinions and suggestions.

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Handmade pom pom wreath tutorial.
Easy method to make fluffy pom poms
DIY Pom Pom wreath
DIY Pom Pom with cardboard discs
Make a perfect pom pom with your own fingers
DIY pom pom wreath from scratch

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