DIY Easter bunny treats bag step by step. Creative ways to recycle newspapers and create beautiful crafts for Easter and any other celebration. Cute Easter bunny butt bag made with brown paper.

DIY Easter bunny treats bag tutorial

This cute Easter Bunny Gift bag is one of the easiest crafts that will surprise anyone. Whether you make this adorable for Easter gifts or to sell it on Etsy, there is no doubt that anyone will love to receive it as a gift.

It takes only a few minutes to make this Easter bunny treats bag, but the end product is absolutely adorable.

Let’s start the project

Follow these steps to make your own Easter  Goodie Bags!

 Supplies needed :

Brown Paper

Glue / Hot Glue Gun


Pom Pom

Cardboard tag


DIY Easter bunny treats bag step by step

If you prefer to watch the video tutorial, just help yourself by pausing every time you complete one step. Here is the YouTube video tutorial for this cute Easter Bunny treats bag.

Step 1

Step one to make Easter treats bag

Brown Paper – 22 inche width, 14 inche  length

Step 2

DIY Easter treats bags

Fold it, leaving 1 inch

Easy brown paper treats bag Easter craft

Add glue on the folded part

Brown paper crafts for kids

Step 3

Connect both sides of brown paper

diy bunny butt bag tutorial

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Step 4

DIY Easter Bunny treat bags

1.5 “fold from both sides

DIY Easter party favor

After turning 1.5” from one side then turning  again 1.5” from other side also.

Handmade Easter treats bag

Step 5

Now turn inward from this mark.

Brown paper gift bags

Brown paper Easter treats bag

Do the same from both sides

Easter bunny treats bag with brown paper

Step 13 to make brown paper Easter treats bag

Step 6

2″ fold upwards . After this, turn again and  fold 2″

Step14 to make Easter bunny treats bag

Fold the corners just as you see in the image above.

Step 7

Open the bag and adjust the folded corners to match the line marks.

Kids crafts for Easter

How to make Easter bunny treats bag step by step

It will be easy to turn on the mark

Easy Easter crafts to make and sell on Etsy

Step 8

Now glue the folded corners of the bag ( which is basically the bottom of the bag).

Easter crafts to make and sell for profit
Handmade Easter gift

Step by step tutorial to make Easter bunny treats bag
DIY Easter gifts ideas

Well, the brown paper bag is ready. It will be easier if you already have a ready-made brown paper bag.

Step 9

Brown paper Easter crafts

Cut “bunny ears” by cutting a deep “V” shape  at the top of the paper bag, like this.

Step 10

Our Easter bunny bag is almost ready

Now fill your bag with Easter goodies like candies, chocolate Easter eggs, or mini toys. Then tie your bag at the base of the bunny ears with ribbon/thread and Easter tag. You can tie in a different little tag with a message also.

Bunny butt treats bag
DIY Easter bunny buttbag
Tie the bag with a ribbon and you good to go

Step 11

Add a bit of glue in the middle of the bag so you can glue the pom pom. Some people do call this craft Easter bunny butt treats bag.

Add the bunny tail by applying glue
Bunny butt Easter treats bag tutorial

Stick the pom pom towards the bottom of the  bag to make a bunny tail. You can choose any different colour for pom pom. The bag will look very cute either way.

Finally, the Easter Bunny treats bag is ready.

I choose brown paper, but you can choose any pattern you like, such as the following suggestions. Feel free to pin any image to remember this tutorial for later.

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