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I am honoured that you visit my website and hope you enjoy reading and getting inspiration from everything I share.
I’m Maria, entrepreneur, blogger, writer, craft and food enthusiast with a passion to inspire people to live a better life.

While surfing through my website, you will notice that I love to tell stories and I call myself an emotional narrator who loves to travel, write and take pictures, try new experiences and add passion in everything I do. 

Writing, is my main hobby, since I was a child, being fascinated by any kind of book that comes in my hands; at that time I knew that one day I have to become a writer myself, so… here I am.

Along my journey, I hope I will inspire many of you to make the best of your life and dare to do things which you never thought you can do.

If I can help you in any way, please do not hesitate to ask. I’m here to build a beautiful community and each one you is very dear to my heart!

Meanwhile, you can check my latest blog posts where you will find fresh recipes, crafts and money tips.