How to make paper flower bouquet step by step tutorial

How to make paper flower bouquet step by step tutorial. A step by step tutorial to make origami paper flower bouquet for mother’s day. Make paper flowers at home and sell them on Etsy.

How to make paper flower bouquet step by step tutorial

This Beautiful Flower Bouquet is made of Kusudama origami flower, a kind of origami which is made of several identically folded pieces that are glued together to make a spherical shape. This flower bouquet is comparatively simple to make, but sure to impress all of your family and friends.

Whether you have a passion for craft or a school project and you want to impress your teachers or want to offer this flower bouquet to someone you love, it will surely surprise anyone who will receive it.

If you prefer you can watch the video tutorial:

How to make paper flower bouquet step by step tutorial

Another reason for learning how to make a paper flower bouquet might be that you want to sell them on Etsy. With a beauty like this prepare to work hard to make plenty of paper flower bouquets because they will sell like fresh bread.

The following origami paper flower bouquet is easy and a real pleasure to make, so gather a piece of paper and write down all the tools that you need and pin any image you like to remember this project easily.

 Let’s start the tutorial.

Materials needed to make the paper flower bouquet

Materials needed to make the paper flower bouquet

Step One for making paper flower bouquet

To make origami flower you will need five separate sheets of  7.5cm x 7.5cm square paper. You can use origami paper, scrapbook paper, or any kind of paper, just cut the size you prefer. Bigger size paper will result in bigger petals and vice versa.

Step one of making the paper flower bouquet

Step Two

Fold the paper diagonally to make a triangle. Make sure you crease it well.

Second step to make colour paper flower

Step Three

Now take each of the bottom corners and fold to the top corner as demonstrated below.

Step three. paper flower bouquet craft

Step Four

Then fold the left and right corners down to meet the edge of the paper.

Step four for paper craft flower

Step Five

Unfold the flap you created before and make a squash fold and squash that flat and then crease it.

Step five for flower making
Step five for flower making

Step Six

Fold down the top triangles of both sides.

Step Seven

Fold the left corner on itself so it meets the first side crease. Repeat with the right corner.

Step seven for colour paper flower craft

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Step Eight

Now glue your flower petal together. Repeat until you have a total of five flower petals.

Step eight paper flower

Step eight for paper craft tutorial

Step Nine

Now take any kind of glue and apply a thin layer at the top edge of the piece about half a centimetre to a centimetre wide.

Step nine

Step Ten

Start assembling all the petals, line up the edges and press them together.

We have finished making a single paper flower.

We have finished making a single paper flower

Your beautiful Kusudama Flower is ready!

Now make nine blue flowers and nine white flowers. The more flowers you make the bigger will be the bouquet, it’s completely up to you that how many flowers you want in your bouquet.

Pack of individual paper flowers

Step Eleven

Now use hot glue and glue the pearls in the center of all the flowers.

Almost finished the paper flower

Step Twelve

Take the straws and make three cuts in the opening of straws around 0.5cm long as shown below.

I have used white straws for white flowers and blue for blue flowers.

Step Thirteen

Now put some glue at the top of the straw and at the bottom of the flower and glue them together.

After gluing them together hold steady for few seconds.

step thirteen of making paper flowers at home

step by step paper flower tutorial

a full paper flower is ready

Now the paper flowers are ready and we must arrange them nicely to create the bouquet

Step Fourteen

Now start arranging the flowers in order to form the shape of a bouquet.

Step fourteen for paper flowers

You can also use wooden skewers instead of straws but the best thing about straws is that you can easily bend them to shape the bouquet.

extra advice for making paper flowers at home

Cut extra length.

Shorten the paper flower handler

Step Fifteen

Now take clear tape and wrap around the straws.

Use tape to tape together the flowers handlers

Paper flowers handlers are sealed together

Step Sixteen

Now wrap the white ribbon around the straws and then take a blue ribbon to make a bow on the top.

Start wrapping the flower handlers with white ribbon

Wrap around the paper flowers handlers with the white ribbon until is fully covered.

Wrap around the paper flowers handlers with the white ribbon until is fully covered.

Beautifully covered all bouquet handle with white ribbon.

Beautifully covered all bouquet handle with white ribbon

Tie up the top of bouquet with blue ribbon and make a cute bow.

Tie up the top of bouquet with blue ribbon and make a cute bow

Beautifully finish at the top with the blue bow

And your beautiful flower bouquet is ready!

The end result of paper flower bouquet tutorial

Origami paper flower bouquet for Mother's day

I hope you enjoy making this beautiful origami paper flower bouquet and I would love to know your opinions and suggestions.

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DIY paper flower bouquet step by step
Easy handmade paper flower bouquet tutorial for mothers day
Handmade paper flower bouquet tutorial

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