Easy Halloween crafts for kids and adults. Are you looking for some of the most creepy but cute Halloween crafts to decorate your home or to sell on etsy? We gathered some of the best Halloween craft ideas to recreate at home within minutes.

Easy Halloween crafts for kids and adults

Kids and adults love Halloween and is one of the most entertaining events where you can challenge your creativity by making Halloween decorations or Halloween costumes. The primary reason why kids love Halloween is that they get the chance of displaying their fun costumes and collect yummy candies.

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Halloween is an event that promotes creativity and a reason for kids and adults to look forward to. Whether you are DIY your own Halloween outfit or making some gifts for your friends the craft ideas that we listed in this post will surely spark your creativity.

The following DIY Halloween crafts will delight, entertain and also inspire children of all ages and skill levels. The kids will also have a lot of fun making a puppet, scary mason jar, or a Halloween garland.

Not only children, but even adults are also fond of Halloween. You can create a great entrance with some homemade Halloween decorations some of which are traditional carved pumpkins.

Easy Halloween crafts for kids and adults

DIY Halloween crafts are authentic and will also impress your party guests. Halloween crafts for adults might include various home décor crafts, outdoor and indoor ideas that feature pumpkins, monsters, goblins, and many more. Wreaths, dinner table designs, and wall decors are just a few Halloween crafts for adults that you can find listed below.

Every year we try to include fresh Halloween craft ideas in this post, so make sure to save this post on social media for future reference. Now get ready to explore some of the best and most creative Halloween crafts for kids and adults.

1. DIY fabric Pumpkins

diy fabric pumpkins crafts for halloween

Making a fabric pumpkin is literally simple. For this Halloween craft, you can use some old t-shirts in orange color. Fill the fabric with rice, and polyester filing ( from an old cushion), and cross the jute stitch around to create the shape of a pumpkin. This is by far the easiest Halloween craft for adults and is pretty enough for decorating on a budget this Halloween. Click here for more Halloween pumpkin decorating ideas.

2. Creepy Halloween painted bottles with string lights

Got some empty wine glass bottles laying around and want to give them a good use? Try turning them into fabulous Halloween decorative pieces within minutes. All you need is to clean the bottles properly, spray paint them with your color choice, and draw the scary characters. If drawing is not your super skill, then buy stickers to apply to each bottle. It will save you time and will be minimal chances of ruining the craft.

3. Black cat cross stitch Halloween craft

This Halloween craft is a bit more challenging, but the end result is absolutely fabulous. I would recommend this craft for adults, or kids supervised by a parent. One of the cool things about this easy Halloween craft is that you can make multiple pieces and sell them online for a bit of extra cash.

4. DIY Halloween front door wreath

Making this Halloween door wreath requires a bit of time and some materials. You will first have to gather some old clothes, or fabric that you don’t need and cut multiple strips 20cm long and tie them on a metal hoop until you cover the whole area.

This Halloween decoration is pretty simple. Time is what you need, but once you get it done, you can move forward to make some more wreaths for your friends too. Perhaps you can list them for sale on Etsy and Facebook marketplace.

5. Felt fabric ghosts Halloween garland

I only have two words for this craft. Too adorable. If you DIY you can make it in any size you like and as many as you like, but if you prefer, you can buy it directly from the link above to support artisans and creators.

6. Painted pumpkins for Halloween decor

Painted pumpkins for Halloween decor

The little ones will really like the idea of spray painting mini pumpkins. Gold pumpkins look very elegant and they can be placed in the middle of the dining table for Halloween, and Thanksgiving too.

7. DIY crescent flower wreath for front door

You can hang this floral arrangement on your front door, wall, or kitchen cabinets and it will surely be a pretty element for decorating your home for Halloween.

To speed up the process of making this beautiful wreath, you can use a metal hoop and artificial or dried flowers for filling the hoop entirely. Mix lots of greenery, and flowers, and if you light strings. Just make sure to fill the wreath evenly so there won’t be left any empty space.

Additionally, you can add a ribbon, but that might be too much, so keep it simple and use it all year round to dress the front door.

8. DIY macrame ghosts Halloween craft for kids and adults

With this, you will be able to take the macrame skills to the next level.  Firstly you need to draw this ghost shape on a piece of paper and then use a white cord to glue it exactly in the same shape on the paper and let it dry. Once is completely dry, remove the paper and your Halloween macrame ghost is done.

9. Halloween tombstone chair covers craft idea

Although these chairs have the Halloween theme, they can obviously be used all year round. This Halloween project is a bit more complicated than what you’ve seen by now. You will need to take the desired design to a printing press and transfer it into the fabric that you want. You can create your own design, or use Canva to find some cool Halloween graphics that you can use freely.

10. DIY chicken wire pumpkin Halloween craft

11. DIY Polymer spooky Halloween ghost

I bet your kid will enjoy so much playing with polymer and making these Halloween ghosts. Feel free to experiment by making Halloween polymer ghosts in different shapes and sizes. They are really cute and have a minimalist way of decorating this fall season.

12.DIY origami fox Halloween craft

13. Handmade blood drip candles

14. Felt fabric pumpkins wreath for Halloween decor

15. Skeleton face kinder egg painted treats packaging

Skeleton face kinder egg painted treats packaging

Each of your guests can go back with one of these boxes. You can fill them with candy or any other treat to create a party favor. Spray paint all the egg boxes, inside out, and let them dry completely. After that, use a waterproof pen to draw the skeleton face on each egg. Before you jump to drawing directly on the eggs, practice a few times on a piece of paper to warm up your drawing skills.

16. Skeleton hand wall décor

This Halloween decorative item is fun and a way of creating a creepy atmosphere around. You can choose to draw the skeleton hand yourself or download the PDF format from the Etsy seller listed above.

17. Creative carved pumpkin with candy treats

Creative carved pumpkin with candy treats

This easy Halloween craft is a cool method of displaying the treats for a party, or even at your own home. Mix and match different colors of candies if you like to create a more effective decor.

18. DIY scary Halloween mason jar lanterns

Probably one of the most loved Halloween crafts. Scary Halloween mason jars are really popular this season. Place them indoors or outdoors, on the porch to light up the night, or even on the balcony.

19. Spider web drink umbrellas

You can use a Cricut machine and a 12×12 black craft paper to cut out a spider web umbrella template. You can use a bone folder and score the straight lines that are leading to the center to make it easier for you to fold them to give a 3D look to the spider web. Fold the straight lines lightly to give it the shape of an umbrella.

20. Felt witch hat

Felt witch hat

21. Cute toilet roll bats

cute toilet roll bats

22. DIY felt ghosts Halloween craft

DIY felt ghosts Halloween craft

23. Mason jars Halloween party display

24. DIY Halloween candle holder

DIY Halloween candle holder

25. DIY Toilet roll monster Halloween craft for kids

25. Halloween meringue ghosts

Halloween meringue ghosts

26. Halloween decorative bottles

You saw above another idea for painting wine bottles, but there are some more cool crafts you can try to make with glass bottles. Take a look at this post for more wine bottle craft ideas.

27. DIY Paper pumpkin Halloween craft for kids

28. Halloween bats hanging decoration

Halloween bats hanging decoration

These crafts are exceptionally good and you can certainly try making them for Halloween. Your kids can also assist you while creating these simple Halloween crafts and it will be a great opportunity of spending some quality time together, as a family.

I hope you enjoyed these Halloween craft ideas and if you did so, please share this post with your friends or pin any image you like.

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