No-carve pumpkin decorating ideas

No-carve pumpkin decorating ideas. This fall gather all your family members and have fun while painting bulky pumpkins. Your kids will love to try no-carve pumpkin ideas since it stimulates their imagination better than any other craft project.

No-carve pumpkin decorating ideas

Now that Halloween and Thanksgiving are just around the corner, you’ll notice many homes being decorated with all kind of spooky figures.

The tradition to decorate the front porch with scary elements it keeps going, but if you are more after a glam autumn décor, these beautiful painted pumpkins will surely give your home a cosy and positive vibe.

Pumpkin carving can be a very fun DIY project, but not everyone has got the right skills to create some masterpiece decoration, not to mention, that ruining a pumpkin can feel really disappointing.

If you like to avoid these situations, you can skip pumpkin carving and learn how to paint a Halloween pumpkin this year instead.

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No-carve pumpkin decorating ideas

Your kids will love to get their hand dirty with paint but hold on, this project is not only for kids; for seniors, painting pumpkins might be great fun to get creative and gather for socialising.

If you aren’t sure what exactly to paint on a pumpkin, the following ideas will definitely brighten up your mind.

Let’s share some good reasons why you should paint a pumpkin this year instead of carving it:

  • Pumpkin painting is really easy to learn
  • Pumpkin painting is safe with no knives or sharp cutting tools
  • Less mess. No pumpkin guts splattered everywhere
  • Your painted pumpkins will outlast a carved pumpkin by many weeks
  • Pumpkin painting is really fun, for any age
  • Painted pumpkins make a lovely autumn décor
  • You can even turn a painting pumpkin into a business (paint beautiful pumpkins and sell them on Etsy)

If we convinced you, now is time to explore no carving pumpkin decorating ideas

1.Blue hues and gorgeous flowery prints

no carve pumpkin decorating ideas
image by Instagram @tealishtea

Think boho, hippy, and carefree with a touch of style. That’s precisely what these ornate pumpkins are. Their soft blue hues and welcoming designs wouldn’t look out of place in an interior design magazine.

These pumpkins feed into the minimalistic yet artful aesthetic that’s everywhere these days. While these pumpkins would be a delightful asset to any front door set up, there’s no denying that they’re more “indoor” pumpkins. They mimic lavish vases and other such decorative furniture pieces.

It’s worth noting that these designs are rather ambitious and only really worth trying if you have some prior art experience. Otherwise, it’s easy to grow disheartened with pumpkin-painting if your pumpkin doesn’t look like the picture.

2. An adorable unicorn to win over every hearts

unicorn pumpkin craft idea. painted pumpkin ideas
image by Instagram @thespruceofficial

This pumpkin is what you might call a “smile encouraging” pumpkin. Why? It’s almost physically impossible not to immediately feel happy while looking at it. It’s cute, loveable, and oh-so-wonderful!

Kids will just love making the adorable ears and glittery unicorn horn for this cheerful pumpkin. Watch them laugh and play as their pumpkin creation comes to life; there’s really no better way to encourage their imaginations.

Of course, this unicorn-pumpkin will receive a name, personality and might even be brought on thanksgiving trips.

But watch out, you might just fall for its charms and want to keep it forever! Luckily, pumpkin-painting is acceptable at any time of year!

3.Add a touch of finesse to Fall

glam pumpkin decorating ideas. craft for kids and adults
image by Instagram @a.true.jem

When you think elegant, sophisticated, and high-class, pumpkins rarely come to mind. Well, this ingenious pumpkin design shakes things up a little. With its airy white exterior studded with graceful pearls, this is undeniably a classy pumpkin.

Its white-collar effect is only bolstered by its beautifully painted stem, almost bringing winter weddings and other beautiful scenarios to mind.

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4.Smart polka dots and lines for any and all home decors 

polka dot painted pumpkin ideas
image by Instagram @karla_cola

We’re bringing back the 60s with this art-pop pumpkin. Doesn’t it just leap out at you? With its groovy lines and fun dots, this is an easy pumpkin for beginners.

Also, there’s room for artistic freedom with this pumpkin. So, why not let your imagination soar by mix and matching colors or even exchanging dots for squares – it’s up to you!

5.Add some goofy fun to your home with this simple design

kids no carve pumpkin ideas for painting
image by Instagram

You just know that this cartoonish pumpkin is going to be a hoot to paint. And not just for kids; for anyone! Plus, with so few design elements, this is a quick and easy design that can be perfectly executed within 10 minutes at most.

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6.The “all eyes on me” pumpkin

rustic fall pumpkin decor
image by Instagram @wildhartpaper

Perfect for halls, landings, and dining rooms, this beautiful pumpkin is an eye-catcher. However, it’s not a loud eye-catcher, rather a subtle attention-hogger due to its exquisite artistry that is enhanced by its simplicity.

Don’t be surprised if your guests stand and stare for a while; they’re just admiring a work of art. Also, you’ll get to reap the praise while keeping the secret of how easy and rather soothing this design was to complete.

7.Sticking to traditional spooks with orange, black and white

glam pumpkin decor ideas. No carve pumpkin decor ideas
image by Instagram @dolcemag

It’s easy to forget that pumpkins are a Halloween decoration when there’s so much room for creative freedom while painting them. This design brings us back to traditional roots by incorporating black and white alongside the pumpkin’s natural orange – the perfect Halloween color scheme.

Not to mention that it looks delightful with the clear, light, and brown hues of fall décor.

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8.Pick & Mix Pumpkins

happy colourful pumpkin ideas craft for kids
image by Instagram @hellohappyhq

Here we have a mixture of contemporary, pop art, color-block, and many more art styles coming together to create the most fun pumpkins imaginably. These pic & mix pumpkins are perfect for kids due to their simplistic design. However, some of the more intricate designs might be more suited for grown-ups.

Either way, paint them up and artfully pile them up to create a gorgeous pumpkin corner!

9.A frightful pumpkin that kids will love

 scary character painted pumpkin ideas
image by Instagram @bayridgefams

If you wanted menacing and spooky, you’ve just certainly found it. Who knew a pumpkin could look so funnily intimidating? Plus, this is a deceptively intricate design; its cartoonishly big features may look difficult to pain, but they’re really not.

It’s a simple drawing with long, sweeping strokes and staying within the lines. And with only five colors to use in all, it won’t take long!

10.The ethereal unicorn pumpkin – oh so dreamy

pretty unicorn pumpkin decor ideas
image by Instagram @dreamhousebuys

This soft pumpkin will bring a touch of fun-glam to any room while lightening the mood. Despite its strikingly colorful (and beautiful) flower headpieces paired with a detailed horn, there’s something rather “at peace” about this unicorn pumpkin design.

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11.Art museum-grade pumpkins to take your décor to the next level

no carving painted pumpkin
image by Instagram @sugaredfigpaperie

There’s no denying that these alluring pumpkins wouldn’t look out of place in a museum. Our eyes are immediately drawn to the elaborate flowers before finding their way to the deceptively simplistic faux-rock effect of the marbled pumpkin.

Painting these beauties won’t be easy, but it’s certainly worth it. Consider these pumpkins a design project if you really want to perfect them. Who knows, you could spend the whole of thanksgiving and Halloween gleefully painting away!

12. A well-wishing pumpkin

No carve halloween pumpkin paint
image by Instagram @kvdesignlove

Wish every passerby or visitor a happy Halloween with this good-tidings pumpkin. To achieve this design, all you’ll need to do is paint a quick layer of glossy black paint and add some spooky gold bats to the mix.

Following on, good penmanship is in order as you deftly draw “happy Halloween” in a striking white. Any marker will do, but a sharpie is recommended.

13.Regal and elegant – fit for a king (or queen)

rustic decor with painted pumpkins

Impressionism is alive and well in these delightfully old-fashioned pumpkins. Bring quaint and high-fashion together by painting all of your pumpkins snow white before adding endlessly intricate blue designs.

Attention to detail is the key to success when it comes to these elaborately beautiful pumpkins, so get your focus on!

14.The go-to Halloween pumpkins with a decorative twist

glitter pumpkin ideas for halloween
image by Instagram @claudia_magazyn

These pumpkins add a touch of artful spookiness and fall delights to any surface or nook and cranny within the home. A mix of striking golds with zany oranges and black is tied together with good-ole reliable white.

So, these pumpkins band together to create a whole interior design segment that could decorate an entire room (or home!)

15.Haute Couture Pumpkins

designer painted pumpkin for fall decor
photo credit: Instagram @cupcakelivv

Who says pumpkins can’t be designer? High-fashion is alive and well in these simplistic pumpkins, emblazoned with a dramatic Gucci symbol. A nice touch is the pastel blue pumpkin adorned with a silk ribbon that brings a Tiffany & Co jewellery box to mind.

Leave no one in doubt that a high-class fashionista lives within with these stylish decorative pumpkins.

16.Gift-giving pumpkins

halloween ideas for pumpkin decor
image source: pinterest

These seasonally-appropriate pumpkins may be gorgeous, but they’re also delightfully easy to make. You don’t even need paint if you’d rather just let the pumpkin stay bare! Just add some ribbon and decorative mesh to the stem, and voila – you’ve got yourself the perfect pumpkin.

Better yet, they’re perfect for gifting since they’re already wrapped up!

17.The ideal modern pumpkin assortment

image by Instagram @katieandhercanines

Stay on trend this year by adding some fun leopard print to your pumpkin collection. Of course, to offset the flashiness of the leopard print, muted tones are needed. However, on closer inspection, you’ll realize that some of the smaller pumpkins aren’t painted, rather wrapped up in light-coloured material.

So, instead of throwing out that old top or dress, why not turn it into a fashionable pumpkin decoration!? It’s well worth it for the softer and more unique effect that fabrics bring to the table.

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18.Peep this cute pumpkin design

disney character painted on pumpkin no carve
image by Instagram @stephwhiteart

This little critter will bring some fun and excitement to your home this year! Entirely adorable and easy to make, you couldn’t go far wrong by trying out this cool pumpkin design.

Oh, and don’t forget to add the gold dots! They certainly add a unique touch if the peering eyes weren’t enough.

19.Minimalistic yet beautiful fall pumpkin design

black and white painted pumpkin decor ideas
image by Instagram @hgtv_diy_designer_k

If you’re not fond of painting but don’t mind drawing, here’s the design for you. These understated yet trendy pumpkins only require a quick lick of black or white paint before being left to dry.

Following on, it’s up to you to decide how you’d like your delicate lines to look or what details to add. All in all, these are highly-personalized and highly-fashionable designs.

20.Remind yourself if things worth remembering with these delightful pumpkins

happy fall painted pumpkins decor ideas. no carve pumpkin fall decor ideas
image by Instagram @artbyhearthercutts

Get in the mood for the chilly fall season with these delightful pumpkins that also work as convenient reminders that it’s “sweater weather.” Also, you can never go wrong with black and white. The simplistic colors blend effortlessly with all background colors meaning that your décor won’t be disturbed or “thrown off.”

Let yourself have a little bit of fun this year without the added hassle of pumpkin guts, sharp knives, and wonky finishes. Non-carve pumpkin designs are taking over, it’s time to get on trend and spice things up this fall!

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