No-carve pumpkin decorating ideas

No-carve pumpkin decorating ideas. This fall gather all your family members and have fun while painting bulky pumpkins. Your kids will love to try no-carve pumpkin ideas since it stimulates their imagination better than any other craft project.

Now that Halloween and Thanksgiving are just around the corner, you’ll notice many homes being decorated with all kind of spooky figures.

The tradition to decorate the front porch with scary elements it keeps going, but if you are more after a glam autumn décor, these beautiful painted pumpkins will surely give your home a cosy and positive vibe.

Pumpkin carving can be a very fun DIY project, but not everyone has got the right skills to create some masterpiece decoration, not to mention, that ruining a pumpkin can feel really disappointing. If you like to avoid these situations, you can skip pumpkin carving and learn how to paint a Halloween pumpkin this year instead.

Your kids will love to get their hand dirty with paint but hold on, this project is not only for kids; for seniors, painting pumpkins might be great fun to get creative and gather for socialising.

If you aren’t sure what exactly to paint on a pumpkin, the following ideas will definitely brighten up your mind.

Let’s share some good reasons why you should paint a pumpkin this year instead of carving it:

  • Pumpkin painting is really easy to learn
  • Pumpkin painting is safe with no knives or sharp cutting tools
  • Less mess. No pumpkin guts splattered everywhere
  • Your painted pumpkins will outlast a carved pumpkin by many weeks
  • Pumpkin painting is really fun, for any age
  • Painted pumpkins make a lovely autumn décor
  • You can even turn a painting pumpkin into a business (paint beautiful pumpkins and sell them on Etsy)

If we convinced you, now is time to explore no carving pumpkin decorating ideas


no carve pumpkin decorating ideas
image by Instagram @tealishtea


unicorn pumpkin craft idea. painted pumpkin ideas
image by Instagram @thespruceofficial


glam pumpkin decorating ideas. craft for kids and adults
image by Instagram @a.true.jem


polka dot painted pumpkin ideas
image by Instagram @karla_cola


kids no carve pumpkin ideas for painting
image by Instagram


rustic fall pumpkin decor
image by Instagram @wildhartpaper


glam pumpkin decor ideas. No carve pumpkin decor ideas
image by Instagram @dolcemag

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happy colourful pumpkin ideas craft for kids
image by Instagram @hellohappyhq


 scary character painted pumpkin ideas
image by Instagram @bayridgefams


pretty unicorn pumpkin decor ideas
image by Instagram @dreamhousebuys


no carving painted pumpkin
image by Instagram @sugaredfigpaperie


No carve halloween pumpkin paint
image by Instagram @kvdesignlove


rustic decor with painted pumpkins


glitter pumpkin ideas for halloween
image by Instagram @claudia_magazyn


designer painted pumpkin for fall decor
photo credit: Instagram @cupcakelivv


halloween ideas for pumpkin decor
image source: pinterest


image by Instagram @katieandhercanines


disney character painted on pumpkin no carve
image by Instagram @stephwhiteart


black and white painted pumpkin decor ideas
image by Instagram @hgtv_diy_designer_k


happy fall painted pumpkins decor ideas. no carve pumpkin fall decor ideas
image by Instagram @artbyhearthercutts

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