20 Orange puffer jackets to look stylish this winter. Are you looking for a chic orange puffer jacket to keep you warm but want to look fabulous at the same time? Look no further as we round up some of the best orange puffer and coats, long and short to suit every style.

20 Orange puffer jackets to look stylish this winter

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Puffer jackets are a winter staple, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for one style. Whether you’re looking for something to keep you warm on the ski slopes or just want some new outerwear to rock in the city, there’s an orange puffer jacket on the following list to suit everyone.

Why You Should Consider Buying an Orange Puffer Jacket

Some benefits of buying an orange puffer jacket are that they are lightweight, durable, and water-resistant. They will keep you warm in the winter without weighing you down. The only downside is that they can get a little too hot when you wear them indoors, but this is a minor issue if you plan to wear them outdoors most of the time.

How to style an orange puffer jacket

Orange puffers are versatile in particular. They can be easily adjusted for a sporty, casual, or elegant look (mainly for long orange coats). You can get a few ideas from the images listed below, but the easiest way of styling an orange puffer jacket is to pair it with jeans, a cross-body bag, chunky black or white boots, tinted lens glasses, and a beanie hat.

For an elegant look, you can match your long orange down jacket with straight pants and a white top or a plaid mini skirt with a tunic top. Because the puffer jackets are already chunky, you might want to avoid extra accessories like a scarf or oversized handbags.

20 Orange puffer jackets to look stylish this winter

For achieving the best look when wearing an orange jacket, you might want to get some ideas for nails that match your main color. Have a look at these fall nail designs and choose something that relates closely to your desired look. Now without further ado, get ready to explore some of the coolest orange puffers( long and short styles).

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1. Burnt orange Velvet puffer coat

When you mention a puffer coat, the first thing that comes to mind is a chunky polyester orange jacket. Surprisingly, this burnt orange coat is made with velvet material, which somehow gives you the feeling of luxury. Paired with oversized jewelry and a black jumpsuit, it will make you ready for a night out or cocktail party.

2. Lightweight Full-Zip Orange Puffer Jacket Water-Resistant

For a more casual style, this waterproof jacket with a ruched design is perfect for wearing to work, when shopping for groceries, and even when traveling. The above image is a cool example of how to style a padded orange puffer, but the choices are endless. Whether you opt for a unisex aesthetic hoodie, mohair jumper, or a turtle neck tight long sleeve, a boho hat is a must. It will enhance the overall look and will make you stand out.

3.Zip Up Snap Button Puffer Coat

Whether you are looking for something to make you look chic or need a quick dress-up jacket, this colorful coat is perfect for keeping you warm on those gloomy days and for having a trendy garment to match your style without overthinking how to achieve a cool Instagram look.

4. BOGNER FIRE + ICE orange winter jacket top rated

Perfect for winter, rainy days, and the sky, this orange puffer jacket won’t fail to keep you warm and cozy when temperatures drop sharply. Pair it with shiny leather/faux leather gloves, a pair of rainy boots baggy trousers, and you can face the cold season without much trouble.

Best orange puffer coats

The best part of this jacket is that it has zipper pockets, which are essential for keeping your phone and wallet safe when you don’t need/want to carry a bag. Despite its $598, this jacket will be a great investment that will allow you to wear it year after year. Besides, you can pay in a few installments to break down the cost, making it affordable for those looking for a high-quality winter jacket.

5.Orange Teddy Puffer Coat

Chic and trendy, this teddy coat is probably something every teenage girl would love to have in her wardrobe. Matched with white trousers and a short white top, this jacket stands out and drives attention to yourself without even wanting. Don’t forget the tinted lens glasses and some boho jewelry; you are set.

6. Crop orange bubble coat with zipper

For those who want to go the extra mile and look their best while sticking with a simple look, this orange puffer is great for wearing with black colors. Choose trainers or heeled boots and a turtle neck short sleeve and as for hair, go with a feminine hairstyle inspired by Ariana Grande. With such a look, is sure that all eyes will be on you.

7.Michael Kors Women’s Orange Puffer Vest Jacket with Removable Hood

When looking for a versatile vest to keep you warm for the fall and winter season, this lovely piece of garment from Michael Kors will be ideal for anyone who needs an extra layer under their coat. You can wear it with a chunky knitted jumper, a beret or buckle hat, jeans, and winter boots, and the best part of this outfit is that it can be something to wear for more than a day.

8. Asymmetric waterproof orange puffer jacket

If you like a more sophisticated style, this beautiful orange jacket is ideal for ladies who are more into an elegant/casual style. Even a midi or long knitted dress will be excellent to pair this jacket with. As for shoes, you can choose chunky platform boots or even knee-high stiletto-heel winter boots. Of course, you are free to wear it as you like but don’t make the mistake of matching the orange color with too many other colorful items.

9.Winter Lightweight orange Bomber Jacket

Want to highlight your tiny waist and don’t know what jacket to wear? This cropped puffer jacket is fabulous for skinny girls who love to look stylish without much effort. The zipped pockets and waistline elastic makes this puffer super practical, not just aesthetically pleasing.

10. Orange faux leather cropped belted puffer jacket

A faux leather jacket is a great option for someone who wants to be fashionable without paying a fortune. Being made from faux leather, this type of jacket is typically less expensive than the real thing. Besides, it looks expensive and luxurious, and no one would ever know it is faux leather.

11.Orange and Olive green Puffer Jacket

This combination of orange and olive green is a cool option to spice things up in your overall look. You don’t have to wear a jacket with bold colors as it might feel boring after wearing it a few times; therefore, two colors might seem like a good option for those who want an exciting fashion item.

12. Burnt orange puffer jacket

Although this jacket might look similar to the one from no.3, there are many differences between the two items, and best of all, this jacket is designed to fit curvy figures and look their best. This look is another cool example of how to style an orange puffer jacket, yet the white color is the first choice to match this beautiful garment.

13. Hooded Orange Down jacket

As we mentioned earlier, long jackets are perfect for keeping you warm in the winter when wearing a dress or skirt without compromising. The hoodie is an extra bit that will serve well on rainy days, and the color makes this coat blend well with the overall look.

14. Shiny Metallic Quilted Winter Puffer Jacket

Choose a metallic orange jacket to add a bit of wildness to your daily outfit. This beauty will keep rain and wind at bay, and you will enjoy the outdoors without worrying about the weather. For a more sophisticated style, choose snake print trousers paired with stiletto ankle boots, an oversized necklace, a white running cap, and voila…

15. Funnel Neck Down orange Puffer Coat

Not something that you see every day, this unique style jacket is perfect for those who don’t like the cold season too much. Not only that will keep you warm, but the style of this jacket is sophisticated enough to make you feel like a celebrity.

16. Loose Fitting Straight Zipper Down Coat With Pockets

This long orange jacket is one of the most attractive on our list. With its urban design, this puffer jacket is an excellent choice for women’s looking for extra coverage against cold weather. Designed with deep pockets and a hoodie, this piece of garment is hard to come by. So if you want to stay cozy this winter, consider a long padded jacket that is versatile enough to look great, has a decent price tag, and, most of all, keeps you warm in any conditions.

17. Orange Moncler coat

Because the perfect coat will always withstand the test of time, investing in a designer jacket like Moncler is something you might consider if you are someone savvy who likes to wear a fashion item year after year. The burnt orange color makes it perfect for the fall season but also for winter and spring, so much so you can pair it with almost any type of outfit.

18. Orange long puffer coat

A long padded coat like the one listed above will make the winter a joy. Designed carefully to last year’s, and for $183, this Superdry orange jacket is a steal. It comes in 3 different colors with the option to choose from 5 different sizes this simple coat is ideal for women of all ages.

19. Orange sleeveless padded jacket

Are you looking for something simple and minimalist to enhance your look but keep you warm simultaneously? This orange-padded vest is for you. It goes well with a monochrome outfit such as a short bodycon skirt and black or white long sleeves.

20. Padded Long puffer jacket


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