Is Romwe legit or a scam? Full review that might surprise you. Wondering if romwe is safer than Shein and whether you should order from them or not? To help you decide, I compiled a complete review of what to expect from this store. We included details of why is so cheap, if is ethical or not, and much more. Get ready to unveil precious information about Romwe and their relationship with Shein.

Is Romwe legit or a scam? Full review that might surprise you

Online shopping has become an integral part of our lives. Back in the day, we could spend the whole weekend in the mall window shopping, trying clothes you could never afford, or wiping off the shelves during seasonal sales. Just like this, today, we browse social media and online marketplaces for new fashion trends, haul videos, and reviews. And Romwe is the name you probably stumble on pretty often.

New names appear in the online shopping industry almost weekly. Some have already deserved certain reputations and have fans, followers, and haters. Others seem to be on everyone’s lips, but it is still hard to say how legit they are due to their varying reviews and comments. Romwe definitely belongs to the second group.

Is Romwe legit or a scam? Full review that might surprise you

Some Romwe reviewers claim that it is the best online shopping experience they have ever had, and they’ve been waiting their whole lives for an online fashion brand like Romwe. Others complain about horrible customer service, unclear return policies, and poor quality of clothes and accessories. And, of course, all of them claim to be the most honest Romwe reviews on the whole Internet.

So, what is Romwe really all about, and how legit is the brand? We have studied tons of Romwe reviews for you, browsed the website, and went through their claims and policies to help you answer the main question: “Is Romwe legit?” The answer may surprise you!

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What is Romwe? A short overview about this fashion store

Every brand starts somewhere. The origin of any e-market or clothing company will instantly tell a lot about their policies and what you should and should not expect from them.

Romwe was founded in 2010 in Jiangsu, China. Throughout a decade, it has developed into a global online store with warehouses in the USA, China, Dubai, and Europe. You can find Romwe haul videos and various reviews on any online platform. Hardly is there an influencer or a fashion blog that has never mentioned Romwe. So, if you are asking whether Romwe is a legit shop or just another flash in the pan that will take your money and disappear the next day, it is entirely legit.

On most review platforms, Romwe has a rate over three stars, which means customers are usually satisfied with their purchases. However, there are horses in Heaven, and it looks like with Romwe, you will probably have to ride several wild ones. Let’s see, what does Romwe offer their customers, and who actually are those customers?

You will love Romwe if…

Romwe’s website is really remarkable compared to most online stores you see today. Many people described Romwe in their reviews like “Hot Topic went online.” Indeed, you will see photos of models with pretty “loud” Makeup and hairstyles wearing edgy clothes with bright prints, chains, lace, and spikes. It takes you back to the early ’00s if you know what we say. If not, ask your older sibling, and you will probably hear a heartbreaking story about a shop that your mother has never let them enter.

Although there are thousands of items in the Romwe online shop, and the choice is fairly overwhelming, the website is surprisingly organized. Except for the traditional classifications as “Girls” and “Guys,” Romwe classifies its products by “Aesthetics.”

Here you will find such sections as Academia, Goth, Kawaii, Fairycore, Grunge Punk, etc. The good news, unlike most online stores that originate from China, Romwe offers “Plus Size” clothing up to US20. Besides clothes and accessories, here you will also find home décor, clothes for pets, removable tattoos, and Makeup. By the way, all the Makeup on the Romwe website is from SHEGLAM. Do you already understand where we are going with it? Continue reading, and you will.

Shopping, Shipping, and Return

The shopping experience on the Romwe website is fairly the same as on any of the similar mass-market online shops. At the first site, it is definitely not where you would go for a basic cotton tee, but believe us, they have all sorts of clothes, including basic models. 

Just like with most of those brands that come from China, it feels like shipping takes forever! Although Romwe claims to have warehouses worldwide, including US and Europe. However, the company’s logistics are incredibly complicated, and it takes weeks to assemble and ship every order. Despite that, there is some good news, Romwe provides free shipping for every order over $20, which is pretty low compared to other online stores today.

Every review about Romwe, whether positive or negative, will emphasize that you need to read the product description and check the customer’s real photos very carefully. And it is because if you are unsatisfied with your purchase, there is a big chance you will be stuck with it anyway.

However, Romwe claims that they do refunds. And those refunds are real, not some lousy store credits like many brands offer today. Anyway, please take a minute and read through their return policies carefully. You will find out that they don’t provide refunds on bodysuits, swimwear, jewelry, personal and health care items, lingerie, accessories other than scarves, mermaid blankets, and… handbags.

Also, if you are willing to return your purchase, you cannot simply send it to the address it came from. Romwe warns that the return will not get processed properly in this case, and your parcel will probably be lost forever. 

All the returns should be done through the Romwe website and the return addresses it provides for every item. The money is supposed to be back in your bank account five days after Romwe receives and processes your return. In other words, please, take time to study every item, its description, and real reviews carefully before making a purchase!

So what is Romwe all about?

Romwe everything you need to know before shopping at this store. Is Romwe legit or a scam? Full review that might surprise you

At first sight, you understand that this brand is aimed at the young auditorium, mainly teenagers or those who associate themselves with certain subcultures. In other words, it is not a place where a suburban mom would go shopping unless she has a kinky side.

Many signs show that Romwe and SHEIN are somehow related. Not only are their websites probably made by the same teams, and their pricing is very similar, but if you are an experienced online shopaholic, you will instantly notice that both sites sell the same items with the sell photos sometimes. Moreover, some Romwe reviewers claimed that their clothes and accessories came in SHEIN packages.

Remember how we pointed out that Makeup they sell on Romwe is SHEGLAM? It is also evidence that we are dealing with another “relative” of SHEIN here that is targeted at a specific auditorium for easier marketing.

Both brands probably have the same suppliers and manufacturers, meaning the same materials, quality, and policies. So, if you are comfortable with SHEIN’s reputation and fast fashion concept, Romwe can be a real discovery for you and your inner rebel.

If you find all the exposure and rumors regarding SHEIN’s labor policy, materials` origin, and quality quite disturbing, don’t think that shopping with Romwe will take your money away from SHEIN. It probably goes to the same pocket in the end.

Bonus – Tips for having a good shopping experience with Romwe

We have studied lots of Romwe reviews and come up with several tips for successful Romwe shopping to save you some time and money:

  • Plan your shopping – Romwe often launches sales on Wednesdays and Thursdays. And, of course, there will be discounts and coupons on every major holiday;
  • Check the sizing – Chinese M is very different from American, so make sure to check out all the measurements carefully before making a purchase;
  • Read the return policy – there is a big chance that the item you are buying simply cannot be returned;
  • Check out the real Romwe reviews – don’t even bother to browse the perfectly photoshopped pictures. Go directly to real photos of an item from people who actually bought it. If there are no, don’t even bother to make an order;
  • Avoid impulse shopping – websites like Romwe are designed to encourage impulse shopping. With all those coupons, special offers, discounts, and low prices, you may not even notice how you spend hundreds of dollars in a couple of clicks.

Final words

Romwe is another fast fashion online shop, and your shopping experience will probably be the same as with SHEIN or other fashion stores. Suppose you know what you are dealing with and what to expect from a Chinese mass-market brand. In that case, you will probably be satisfied with your shopping, especially since here you can find some edgy and provocative items that are not easy to see in most similar online stores.

Romwe is a brand for those who like to stand out and make a statement with their looks without spending a fortune on their wardrobe or getting upset if something gets torn, stained, or spoiled. After all, that is exactly why we have that “love-hate” relationship with Romwe and its brethren. 

Did you enjoy this review? Have you bought anything from Romwe already and want to share your opinion? If so, comment below and let us know how it went. Also, don’t forget to share this post on social media if you find it helpful. Thank you!

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