Fashionpass vs Nuuly the differences between them and which one is best. Are you looking for a reliable clothing rental shop that offers value for a monthly subscription? We did a deep research to find the pros and cons between Fashionpass and Nuuly and help you decide which clothing subscription is best for you.

Fashionpass vs Nuuly the differences between them and which one is best

Clothing Rental subscriptions are becoming incredibly popular today. On the one hand, the growing concern and awareness about the fashion industry on the environment make many people think twice today before buying another cute top on sale.

On the other hand, we still want to look trendy, try on different styles, and show off a new outfit here and there from time to time. Therefore, we search for affordable yet guilt-free options to freshen our wardrobes. 

Fashionpass vs. Nuuly – we tried both, so you won’t have to

Clothing Rental Subscriptions like Fashionpass and Nuuly are a perfect solution in this case! They are a great source of trendy clothes in various styles and sizes. Their stocks are constantly updating to keep up with the latest trends, and they allow you quickly refresh your wardrobe or try on the latest trend without spending a fortune!

Technically, it is everything we know (and secretly love) about fast fashion brands. But Fashionpass and Nuuly offer a much more eco-friendlier option as those clothes don’t go to a landfill when you are done with them but re-join the rental cycle. Moreover, Fashionpass and Nuuly allow you to lay your hands on some high-quality items and introduce the brands you may consider too expensive for your everyday wardrobe.

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More and more Clothing Rental Subscriptions appear every day. But Fashionpass and Nuuly are the most popular. You probably constantly notice people mentioning them on social media and YouTube or hears about at least one of them from your bestie, who suddenly started to show up with designer clothes and accessories all the time.

However, the wider the choice, the harder it may be to make an informed decision and choose the fashion rental subscription that would fit you perfectly. Yes, both Fashionpass and Nuuly allow you to cancel your plan at any time without any penalties or hidden fees (and we shall talk about it later). But who has the energy today to waste a month and some money and get disappointed?

That is why in this article, we shall try to compare the most popular clothing rental subscriptions, Fashionpass and Nuuly, to tell you everything you need to know about them and similar services so you can make an informed decision and get the most out of this trendy and eco-friendly option to refresh your wardrobe regularly.

How it started, how it’s going

As popular as they are, Fashionpass and Nuuly are not the pioneers of clothing rental subscriptions. The practice has existed for decades. Did you think that those Hollywood stars, It-girls from the 2000s, and fashion influencers owned all those designer clothes, magnificent gowns, and eye-catching outfits, some of which became iconic?

Technically, those are all rentals, which on the way, make great publicity for the brands that “lend” their outfits to celebrities that have just the right audience. However, celebrities and influencers are not the only ones who need chic outfits occasionally. You would also like to look breathtaking at the next corporate dinner or your cousin’s wedding.

Initially, fashion rental services were all about designer clothes, evening or wedding gowns, and other garments and accessories you would only wear once.

But let’s, be fair, how many people need an ever-rotating selection of designer evening gowns and cocktail dresses in their lives? In other words, those businesses were missing out on an extensive auditorium shopping in mass-market brands, contributing to the concern about fashion’s environmental impact.

That is how services like Fashionpass and Nuuly appeared. These fashion rental subscriptions were tailored for regular people who want to look fashionable and trendy in their everyday lives.

Now let’s look at both subscriptions and see what they offer.

Fashionpass vs. Nuuly – how do they work?

Fashionpass vs Nuuly the differences which one is best

The principle of both clothing rental subscriptions is the same. Both websites allow you to rent a certain amount of clothing and accessories and keep or swap them monthly.

These two offer similar styles and brands from the same segment. However, their policies have some significant differences, which can be a huge advantage for one person and a dealbreaker for another. Therefore, let’s look at both subscriptions’ overall clothes rental experience.

Fashionpass – overview and impression

The Fashionpass website generally looks like any modern fashion online marketplace. You can filter all items according to the brand, style, color, size, and other parameters to find exactly what you want. In other words, if you have bought anything online, you will feel at home on the Fashionpass website.

On the front page, you will instantly see the three subscription plans they offer and a convenient table that will help you compare them and choose the one that best fits your needs and expectations.

The subscription plans have cute titles such as Socialite (2 items of clothing and one accessory for $89.00 per month), Trendsetter (three items of clothing and two accessories for $119.00 per month), and Wanderlust (four items of clothing and three accessories for $139.00 per month). In other words, if you choose the least expensive plan, you are not “Basic” like they would call you on similar websites, but a Socialite. A cute detail.

Every plan has about a 50% discount for the first month. Shipping is free (or, let’s be fair, included in the subscription fee) every month. The good news is that you don’t have to do the laundry before you return the items. Another exciting option is buying it if you fall in love with something while renting it. It makes Fashionpass a big online Thrift Store as well.

You can get unlimited swaps during the month and refresh your wardrobe weekly. However, pay attention; if one item does not fit, you can only exchange it for the correct size if you return everything else (or buy it) and wait for another package. This is a common logistic issue with most rental services, so choose wisely.

By the way, you can browse the whole stock on their website immediately, but you can only create your set after you provide your complete payment information. It is something like shopping in reverse.

Another controversial detail is that every package has to include accessories, which can be an issue since only some people wear accessories. However, Fashionpass has recently added the “Swap 2 accessories for one clothing item” option for Trendesser and Wanderlust plans. 

Bottom line, Fashionpass is a clothing rental service with an enormous choice of items, styles, and brands that offers perfectly customizable subscriptions for any taste, lifestyle, and wallet. It is an excellent option for those who enjoy going out but don’t feel like spending much money on clothes they probably wear once. 

Nuuly – fast, simple, eco-friendly

Nuuly is a website with a great selection of brands for any lifestyle and occasion. Here you can find cute velvet joggers that remind you of 2000s glamour and a perfect suit for a formal business meeting. This subscription website is also a perfect place to look for ultimate statement pieces, such as eye-catching faux fur coats or accessories that will “make” your wardrobe!

Nuuly clothing rental service emphasizes its environmental awareness and does its best to provide customers with the most “guilt-free” modern fashion experience. They send their packages in reusable bags that don’t contain plastics, cut down packaging and paper use, and have a considerable segment about sustainable consumption on their website. You can learn several tips about being trendy yet eco-friendly today.

Another distinctive feature of Nuuly is that this rental service is highly inclusive, offering items in a wide range of sizes from 00 to 40W. They also have a “Petite” section and “Maternity” clothing, which is an ultimate salvation for any pregnant woman who wants to look cute and fashionable instead of wearing her partner lose t-shirts for several months but is concerned that there will be no use for all that maternity clothing in several months.

Unlike Fashionpass, Nuuly has a pretty straightforward subscription policy. On the one hand, navigating their terms and fees is much easier. But at the same time, here you are getting fewer customization options for your subscription.

Once you subscribe, you can get 6 for $88. The subscription fee includes shipping and returns. Moreover, in case of an emergency like a wine stain on a designer blouse or your kid suddenly getting creative with crayons on a white blazer, you won’t have to pay any penalty or take the item to dry cleaning yourself!

So, with Nuuly, you pay about $14,5 for an item every month, no matter how much the piece initially costs. You can add up to 8 items to your package for $18 each.

Nuuly is a perfect clothing rental service for those who want to add excitement, a splash of color, or statement items to their wardrobe. These are the kind of clothes and accessories many people consider “risky” as they do the job, but tend to become familiar to the eye pretty fast and therefore end up in landfills or at the back of our wardrobes. Nuuly allows you to enjoy these fun and trendy items without wasting your money or causing harm to the environment.

Final thoughts

Which one is better? The final decision is up to you. With Fashionpass, you can lay your hand on exclusive and even “niche” brands and the trendiest items that are not easy to get in everyday life. It is a service for fashionistas who want to stay on the cutting edge of modern fashion without the risk of falling into a debt pit of becoming a shopaholic. It offers an entirely customizable experience, allowing you to get what you want and create a unique style. 

Nuuly is where you will find fun, wearable, and eye-catching items from recognizable brands like Antorpoligie, Urban Outfitters, and such. In other words, they easily fit into any wardrobe and lifestyle. Their subscription policy is simple, entirely understandable, and transparent. If you want to be trendy and keep your closet neat and minimal, Nuuly might be your best option.

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