50 Chunky Knit cardigans that are perfect for the cold season. Are you looking for an oversized knit cardigan that you can wear not only indoors, but when going to work or enjoying other social activities? Look no further as we gathered top-rated cable knit cardigans for every style and budget to keep you warm and look chic even in the winter.

50 Chunky Knit cardigans that are perfect for the cold season

As the days get shorter and the temperatures drop, a chunky knit cardigan will be one of the most versatile items you can wear to keep you warm and cozy. Whether you need something to pop on yourself quickly when going to the shop or need another layer when making your way to work or enjoying other social activities, a cardigan is a must-have garment that goes well with almost any outfit. Besides, is guaranteed to keep you warm in the cold season.

Cardigans are no longer associated with cups of tea on rainy days; nor are they designed with ugly patterns, or dotted with moth-eaten holes like the ones grandparents used to wear. Nowadays, oversized cardigans have reached star status and made it to the front page of multiple fashion magazines around the globe thanks to famous fashion designers that work hard to reinvent and come up with fresh ideas every year.

50 Chunky Knit cardigans that are perfect for the cold season

Chunky cardigans made a strong comeback because they are comfortable, easy to wear, and easily integrate into an established wardrobe. From the classic v-neck cardigan with different prints to bubble sleeves and hooded jacket cardigans; there are literally multiple choices to suit anyone.

To help you save time, and money and choose a cardigan that you can wear for a casual and elegant look, I put together the following list with 50+ cardigans that are trending right now, are top rated and most of all will keep you warm this winter. Enjoy exploring the following options and have fun shopping!

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1. Chunky Cable Knit Cardigan

A simple cable knit cardigan is a cool option when looking for something to wear as a second layer on top of a white shirt, or need something to replace a chunky jacket, only if the weather is favorable though. Besides, this type of cardigan look super fashionable paired with heeled knee-high boots.

2. Handmade Colorful Short Cardigan

Oversized cardigans with pom poms and bubble sleeves are the rave right now and this cute garment isn’t only pretty, but is high-quality and guaranteed to keep you warm.

3. Hand Knit Super Chunky Cropped Oversized Cardigan

4. Harajuku V Neck Cardigan with sheep pattern

5. 100% Wool Chunky knit cardigan

6. Chic Cardigan with Floral Embroidery pattern

7. Stylish Embellished Cardigan

8. Merino Wool chunky cardigan

9. Beautiful white cable knit cardigan

10. Soft knitted cardigan

11. Oversized Knit Cardigan Jacket

12. Vintage Hand Kitted Cream & Grey Cardigan

13. Front Rib-knit Cardigan

14. Hand knit olive cropped cardigan

15. Oversized Drop Shoulder Knit Cardigan

16. Multicolored hand knit Chunky Cardigan

17. Superdry Textured Knit cardigan with pin in front

18. Dusted pink cardigan jacket with buttons

19. Knitted long cardigan Jumper

20. Hand Knitted Cardigan with Shawl Collar

21. Longline Cable Knit Cardigan

22. Khaki Vintage Knitted Cardigan Sweater

23. V-Neck cropped knitted Cardigan

24. Beautiful vintage knit cardigan

25. Chunky knit colorful cardigan

26. Oversized Boho Knit Cardigan

27. Marilyn Monroe knit Cardigan Sweater

28. Hand Knitted Striped Cardigan

29. Y2K Oversized Cardigan

30. White Crochet Cardigan

31. Chunky handknitted cardigan with Red strawberries to keep you warm in the winter

32. Gorgeous Long Knit Cardigan

33. Chunky Longline Ankle Grazer Cardigan

34. Women’s V-Neck Knit cardigan with buttons

35. Retro Chunky knitted Cardigan

36. Cute knitted cardigan

37. Super Soft Merino Wool Cardigan

38. Ladies Long Sleeve Cable Knit Chunky Cardigan with pockets

39. Black chunky knit cardigan

40. Lilac chunky knit cardigan

41. Pom pom sleeve cardigan

42. Elegant chunky-knit belted cardigan

43. Cream chunky cable-knit wool cardigan

44. Beautiful handmade cropped cardigan with strawberries pattern

45. Large Chunky Mohair knit cardigan

46. Cable knit grey cardigan

47. Korean style cardigan

48. Oversized Bubble Cardigan

49. Cropped Preppy Style Chunky Soft Cardigan

50. Chunky knit cardigan with bubble sleeve

Did you like any chunky cardigans from this list? Have you saved any in your shopping list yet? If you found a cardigan that suits your style, I would appreciate it if you could share this post on social media. I’m sure someone from your friends’ list is looking for an oversized cardigan for women right now.

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