The secret of how bloggers can afford designer clothes. A very hot topic, that many of you want to know, is how bloggers and influencers can afford designer clothes and accessories. Read on to find out…

In 2020 is not anymore a secret of how bloggers can afford designer clothes, shoes and bags. There are many option of how to own designer outfits, some bloggers receive them for free, others have rich family and some of them are sponsored by a sugar daddy.

We all love designer clothes and bags, but how can we afford to own such expensive items with a minimum wage salary?

I know how you feel when you see a Louis Vuitton handbag or Christian Louboutin high heels, you admire and start to dream for the moment when you will own such luxurious fashion items.

The secret of how bloggers can afford designer clothes

Being a woman is inevitable to join social media, read a blog, and go out for a party or event without noticing a designer outfit or handbag, especially these days when luxury is promoted everywhere, online and offline.

We all deserve luxury clothes, but the price tag will instantly put you off if you work for a minimum wage.

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Society is constantly changing, and so are the habits of people to shop and spend their money. You probably want to figure out how to get your hands on designer outfits to feel proud wearing luxury brands, so here is how many bloggers can afford to wear expensive outfits. Keep reading to find out how bloggers and influencers can afford luxury items.

There is a catch of how bloggers and influencers can afford designer clothes and bags and we reveal every secret in this article.
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1. Many bloggers are very popular, so they are approached by different brands to promote their items. Either they receive free items or, in exchange for a discount, they also receive a referral code to share with their followers.

Other than the gifted item, the influencer gets a commission from every sale made from their referral code.

2. Another way bloggers can afford designer items is simply because they can afford to buy them. Let’s be honest. Many influencers come from rich families. Instagram is taken over by rich kids from around the world who show off wearing Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, and other brands.

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These people are simply lucky to be born in wealthy families, so they take this opportunity to create a name for themselves.

3. Many bloggers receive designer items for photo shoots. Once the content is created they have to return the items back to the brands. ( it’s a win-win situation for both the brands and the blogger/influencer)

4. Many bloggers and influencers are buying designer outfits, they take photos and post them on social media or blogs, and after they return the items back to the shop. ( this trend was exposed in 2017 by many newspapers)

5. Another practice many bloggers are doing is, exchanging designer items with each other. They probably often see different influencers collaborating, doing shoutouts, or recommending each other on their social media pages and YouTube.

6. A cheaper option to buy designer items is eBay. Many influencers are selling unwanted luxury clothes, bags, shoes, and watches for half price of what they value. They have too many items and want to clear off or renew their wardrobe.

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How fashion bloggers and influencers can afford designer clothes, bags and shoes.

7. Recently on Instagram I saw many pages where people are selling fake designer items, most of which are shipped from China. Although these items look authentic in the photos, they are fake designer items that are hard to tell when looking at the images.

Most of the time, these influencers know how to pose, so they can hide the facts that can reveal the authenticity of that item. When you play around with the camera every day, you will start to learn the tricks after a while.

Now, these fake designer items are not coming cheap, either. I know someone close to me who bought a Louise Vuitton handbag for £150. The bag was very nicely wrapped, just like an original one, but there was no serial number. This is just one thing that reveals the authenticity of a designer item.

After seeing how much someone is willing to pay for a fake designer handbag, it had me thinking for a while. Is it really worth paying a premium price for a fake Louise Vuitton or choosing to buy a less expensive brand from a small boutique where creators are building their name and selling high-quality leather bags?  

8. Now, this might not surprise you, but not everyone knows about fake designer items that can be found at Camden town.

I have to admit, I was very close to buying something while I visited Camden Town, but I quickly realized that those items were poor quality, so I skipped this temptation, and I saved money to buy something else.

My shopping habits have changed in the last few years, and now I calculate better when I decide to buy a designer item, I’m asking myself: is really necessary to wear luxury items? Fashion is not about the price tag, is about how you wear an outfit if you have an excellent style, anything will look good on you. 

9. Some of the influencers are married to someone rich already, and of course, they can afford designer items. On top of that, they have money to promote their Instagram to become even more popular and show off their luxury lifestyle.

To be a professional blogger requires discipline and dedication

10. There are specific shops where you can buy and sell designer items, from eBay to Timpanys, High Society, Rewind Vintage, and Rebelle, to name just a few. In these shops, you can choose from a large variety of pre-owned luxury designer items.

On the Rebelle store, you can even find Instagram influencers selling their pre-owned luxury items, prices vary, so make your research, and you can find designer clothes for half price or less.

11. Often, influencers are very professional in what they do. They create quality content and simply know how to brand themselves. Some bloggers are represented by an agency that takes care of finding makes high-paid jobs and collaborations with luxury brands.

12. Some bloggers have well-paid jobs and a business on the side. Recently I came across a Facebook group where influencers have detailed their jobs and side businesses. Businesses that some bloggers own or own a share in our online stores, aesthetic beauty clinics, and estate agencies, others even write books or create apps and make money from royalties, one of the coolest passive income.

I don’t mind what brand I wear, even if is a plastic bag, or an item from the charity shop, is important how you style that outfit.  

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You don’t have to wear designer clothes to look chic

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