105 Unique business ideas for women with low investment. Are you looking for small business ideas for women? You come to the right place because we listed some of the best entrepreneur ideas for women and side hustles that you can start from home with little to almost no investment. Step in to discover new business ideas for women that you won’t find elsewhere.

105 Unique business ideas for women with low investment

Did you always want to start your own business but couldn’t find the right idea? Making such an important step can be life-changing and possible will open up multiple opportunities along the way. Nonetheless to say, running a business is not an easy task, but requires investment capital, creativity, a bit of experience, and most importantly, a strong rational mind.

105 Unique business Ideas for women with low investment

If the investment is what holding you not to start a business, search for finance and support from your local government. Depending on which state you reside in, you can get up to £25000 in the UK and similar or more in the USA and other countries. There are crowdfunding platforms too which can fuel your business and secure funds for paying salary to yourself and the people who will work for you.

Without further ado, start exploring some of the best business ideas for women. Take notes and build connections. A good way to start networking is to search on google for the Female Entrepreneur association, Women Helping Women network, and similar keyphrases.

1.Start a printable business

Start a printable business perfect for stay at home women. 105 Unique Business Ideas for Women with low investment

Printables are by far the easiest and most lucrative home based business for women. Without exaggerating you can start this business from home with little to no investment. If you have a computer and know a little about Canva, you can design pretty much anything, from stickers to planners, calendars, and wallpapers, where you can sell them on your own website, Etsy, Redbubble, and many other platforms.

The pros of starting a printable business:

  • You can start from your own bedroom with just a laptop and internet connection
  • You don’t have inventory or need to track sales
  • Is a great business for ladies sitting at home. Moms in general, are students who need to start a side hustle and make extra money online, but this business is not only for women but for men also. Anyone with a creative mind can start a printable business.
  • Once you create one design, it will bring revenue over and over again, without running out of stock
  • Is easy to scale if you invest in social media ads
  • After you create 50 or more printables and planners, the business will run on its own. If you list your designs on Etsy you don’t even need to run ads since the platform itself will bring you, customers.

Cons of running a printable business:

  • It can be time consuming
  • There is no certainty that you will be successful unless you take a printable course that will teach you step by step all the details that you need to become successful
  • Your designs can be replicated by others
  • You need to create fresh designs on a regular basis (this shouldn’t be an issue if you love this type of business)
  • Very competitive niche (in order to run a successful printable business, you have to prepare a small budget for advertising your work. Be it working with influencers, running social media ads, Pinterest ads, or using the Etsy ads feature, you need to invest some money to bring eyeballs to your designs).

2. Artisan chocolate and sweet treats perfect business for ladies sitting at home

Artisan chocolate and sweet treats perfect business for ladies sitting at home

Artisan chocolate is a small scale business for women passionate about desserts, and bakeries and who love decorating them with pretty designs. This can be a very lucrative business if you target the right audience. For example, last year for my birthday, I ordered these beautiful and aesthetic chocolate from this Etsy seller and took these amazing pictures right before me and my partner start decorating it.

The cost for a box of artisan chocolate is not cheap and the profit is quite healthy, therefore, this can be a fantastic business for ladies with low investment.

3. Personal shopper

Are you a shopping addict who spends hours in the mall searching for a cute outfit without getting bored? If that sound like you, then you should consider starting a side hustle by shopping outfits for others. All you need is to start with a few customers and once the business grows, you can even start your own agency by employing people to do this task. All you have to do is to find people who hate spending time searching for an outfit, or those who have limited time but want to look top-notch at the upcoming event.

4. Investing and trading in cryptocurrency

Investing and trading in cryptocurrency

This is my favorite business idea which is perfect for women and men. I have invested in cryptocurrency since 2017 and I’ve made 4x profit. The key point with cryptocurrency is to buy when Bitcoin and altcoins like Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and others are low( now is the perfect moment to buy) if you look at the charts. Then sell when you double your money.

Because cryptocurrency is extremely volatile, is best to sell when you double your money and don’t wait to make 100x. Chances are the market will drop and you will lose the chance of cashing out the profit at the right time. I made this mistake myself and after I’ve done some research, I come to the conclusion that is best to sell once you reach 2x the money you invested.

5. Crafts supplier – Buy and sell in bulk

With a simple search on Etsy, you will discover so many crafts supply listings. Some of them are sold in retail, others in bulk. While both are lucrative business ideas for women, selling in bulk has a big advantage in that you don’t have to deal with small orders which bring extra work by handling deliveries. When selling in bulk, you only deal with fewer customers and make a big profit.

Selling crafts suppliers in bulk is great because it will always be in demand on the market. Make sure to open a Shopify store too so you don’t put all your eggs in one basket, since Etsy can shut down your shop at any time. Take advantage of social media too and if possible collaborate with other businesses to recommend your business while you do the same if they are active in a different business sector.

6. Blogging

Blogging is another ideal business for women who want to build their brand, share their expertise, or just love creating recipe content. You can actually blog about anything but I don’t recommend starting a blog without doing proper research and making an action plan.

Making money with a blog requires many hours of work, patience, and a budget, just as any other business. Having no budget for buying the necessary tools to write great content it will be a long process before you can cash in that monthly check.

Because blogging is a complex business model which includes keyword research, writing content, web design, plugins for speeding up the time load of your website, marketing, and SEO, is necessary a separate article in which I can write in detail everything I use for my blog and my journey with ups and downs.

7. Events services manager

8. Furniture flipping business from home for housewives

Furniture flipping business from home for housewife's
image source pexels Olya Kobruseva

This business has been in my mind for a while. In my twenties, I used to work in a furniture production company and I kinda liked that job. The downside was the low pay which made me change the job as soon as I found something better.

Overall, if you have some extra space in your home, a garage, or a medium to a large garden, you can buy pre-owned furniture from Facebook marketplace, eBay, local charity shops, or even the scrap yard and refurbish or change the colors and repair the necessary bits.

There are even Facebook groups where people are sharing their furniture flipping tips and inspiration. This Furniture Flipping Destiny Facebook group is very popular and you will find plenty of ideas and advice from the members to help you start furniture flipping from home.

9. Flower arrangements and flower delivery service

Flower arrangements and flower delivery service

Starting a flower arrangement business is a beautiful start-up for those passionate about flowers. This type of business can be monetized in multiple ways. Apart from selling and delivering luxury flower bouquets, you can also create tutorials of flower arrangements and posting on YouTube and social media and also. Courses and subscriptions is another method of making money from teaching people flower arrangements.

10. Portable swimming pool for rent

By doing a quick search you will realize that there are very few results which means this business type hasn’t been explored yet. Birthday parties and events are the primary target audience for such business, followed by regular people who want to relax in a pool for a weekend.

11. Start a marketplace for artisans

You have probably seen some search results with Etsy suggestions and wondered how can you compete with this giant marketplace. Well, Etsy is becoming more and more demanding and bossing artisans pushing them to find alternatives.

The downside of Etsy is they have very high fees which seems unfair for small artisans, but they also shut down your store if some buyers decide to report your listings for any given reason. There are other marketplaces like Amazon handmade ( not many people know about it yet), Folksy, Bigcarte, Bonanza, and Facebook marketplace. All these platforms have their pros and cons. You have to research and come up with a better marketplace or app if you want to start a successful business as a woman.

12. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to make money online even if you don’t have your own blog or website. With affiliate marketing, you make money once someone is buying an item through your referral link. Once the sale is completed, you get paid a percentage of the sale ( commission).

There are many affiliate marketing platforms where you can sign up and promote different products, either on your website or on social media. Rewardstyle, Shareasale, Awin, Amazon affiliate, and others have multiple merchants to choose from. All you need is to establish which niche you want to promote. Maybe you are passionate about fashion, skincare, gadgets and electronics, and home decor. Whatever niche you go for, stick with it and partner with influencers to speed up your business growth.

13. Start a recruitment agency

14. Real estate agency

15. podcast is another great online business idea for women sitting at home

16. Become a Dj

17. Enroll in a referral MLM program

18. Start a cleaning business

19. Proofreading one of the most profitable businesses for ladies

20. Freelance home business for women

There are many jobs that can be included in the freelancer niche. From journalists to content writing, actors, marketing research, and project manager, you can perform multiple services as a freelancer. Being a freelancer is allowing you to set your own working hours, work online, travel around the world, and charge whatever you want for your services.

In case you wonder why companies are hiring freelancers, is because they don’t want to deal with the bureaucracy of employing people, but rather hire a professional for a limited-time contract. Some platforms to find freelancer jobs are toptal.com, Flexjobs, AngelList, People per hour, Upwork, and Linkedin.

21. Lawyer firm

Starting a law firm requires nothing but a bit of capital. You don’t actually have to be a lawyer yourself; just as with any other business, you can hire lawyers to take care of the jobs. You will need a secretary to answer phone calls, schedule appointments, and manage tasks. Your job will be to find partners to expand your law company and build a good reputation.

A law firm is great because it will generate tremendous profit, opens up opportunities, and allows you to get contracts with the government directly. Once you establish your name and run this business for a few years, you can even sell it for millions of dollars.

22. Food delivery driver

23. Translating business

24. Clothing and wall painting

25. Tattoo and laser hair removal specialist

Do you have any idea how much it cost a session of tattoo and laser hair removal? A lot… At the moment I’m going through the process of eyebrows tattoo removal and each session cost me here in the UK £80, equivalent to $93. But hold on a minute. One session of tattoo removal is taking about 10 minutes and you need at least 5 or 10 sessions to completely remove the eyebrows tattoo.

If you are fully booked in one hour you can make at least $500, depending on the service that you provide. This is just one example of how high is the earning potential for this business. The best part is, that you don’t even need to do this service yourself. You can open an aesthetic clinic and hire beauticians to perform the service for you.

26. Bookkeeping

Are good with numbers and looking for a way to make money with this skill? From self-employed individuals to limited companies, everyone needs someone to take care of their financial books. Once you establish your name and people are starting to recommend your services, this business won’t even need a budget for advertising. Work when you want and from anywhere you want.

27. Plant nursery and plants for sale

28. Become an after-school teacher

29. Photographer – personal photographer

Photography is a lovely business that can easily be scalable to something bigger than you might think. Many people require photographers for weddings, birthday parties, and events. A new demand for photographers is among influencers who are requesting a photographer for a few hours or even a full day. If you have video shooting and editing expertise, then you can charge even more per hour.

Some platforms where photographers can find jobs are Freelancer, Bark.com, Behance, talenthouse.com, Purpleport, odelfol.io, Facebook groups, Ello, People per hour, Upwork, your personal blog and website, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and many others. I suggest not sharing your photos on free platforms like unsplash, pexels, and others since you won’t gain any value for your work what’s worst is that these giant publications are making millions from advertising while photographers don’t receive any kind of incentive.

30. Collecting art and reselling it

31. Food truck business idea for women

32. Physical sewing business + sell sewing patterns online

33. Pet Sitting

34. Waste/rubbish removal

35. Jewelry e-commerce

36. Personal fitness trainer

37. Crocket business for clothes – sell downloadable crocket patterns online

38. Interior designer

39. Buy and sell collectible toys

40. Weight loss coach and nutrition instructor

41. Social media Influencer

42. Become an aesthetic/cosmetic nurse

43. Niche interior decor accessories with high-profit


I love this type of business and I currently have a small online shop selling just 3 different decor accessories. I wanted to limit the number of items so that I can focus on targeting a specific audience. This way is easier to find customers and being a product that has high margins is allowing me to manage easily the logistics. Once I will identify other products that can be sold for a good profit, I will expand the shop products, meanwhile, I focus on bringing customers through SEO and social media.

44. Social media manager

45. Bowling and fun games business

46. Start a graphic designer business from home

If you looking for online business ideas for women, becoming a graphic designer is something you should seriously consider. A graphic designer is someone who creates business cards, website logo, t-shirt designs, and many others. Some platforms where you can find jobs as a graphic designer are Dribble, DesignerNews, Freelancer, Fiverr, Linkedin, The-dots.com, Behance, People per hour, and word of mouth.

47. Domains flipping

Domain flipping is something I recently tried. My favorite platform for buying good domains with high domain authority is GoDaddy. Once you acquire domains that have powerful backlinks, you can sell them for four digits or more. Make sure to check the domain backlinks before you bid. You don’t want to end up with a domain that has thousands of toxic backlinks that no one will want to buy.

48. Face painting and belly painting pregnant women

49. Selling on Amazon

Amazon is heaven for entrepreneurs dreaming of starting their online business from home. All you need is to identify which products you want to sell and enroll in the Amazon Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program. For becoming successful with FBA, you need to do proper research, make a business plan, have a budget for buying the goods, and register a limited company. Also, taking an Amazon FBA course might not be a bad idea if you looking for a step-by-step process to teach you everything you need in order to build a sustainable business.

50. Virtual assistant perfect home business for women

51. Develop a Software program or an app

52. Buy and refurbish laptops and mobile phones

For starting a laptop refurbishing business you need to have some knowledge about laptops and computers. You cannot actually dip your roes into this niche if you don’t know what you are doing. To my surprise, I actually did this with my partner. He has good computer skills and together we opened and changed the keyboard, inserted a new hard drive for speeding up the laptops, and then we sold them on eBay.

You can hire someone to do this job for you, but I’m not quite sure if you will make any profit after paying the laptop repair technician. Better stick with what you know, or choose a much easier business idea for women.

53. Ebook and book writing

54. Website developer

55. Start a print on demand business

56. Motorcycle track day

57. SEO and Link building specialist

If you’re familiar with SEO and link building then you know how much it costs to build high-quality backlinks to your website. SEO agencies are charging a minimum of $700 for acquiring a backlink from a website with a DR of 50. For example, link-building specialists are charging four to five figures for mentioning your business in publications like Forbes, Vogue, and others.

Now you don’t actually have to be an expert for providing link building service. All you need is to know how to pitch a story to top tier publication and I have a great solution to make this job easier for you to make money from home.

Small business ideas from home for ladies

For creating powerful backlinks, you need to find customers willing to pay for having their business mentioned in premium news. You can register on Fiverr, Freelancer, People per hour, and Upwork and advertise your link-building service there. Then go to Twitter and search for hashtag #journorequest or #journorequests and you will discover all the journalists who require pitches from individuals and experts to add in their pieces of content.

Then, there is HARO (help a reporter) which works the same way as Twitter. Once you make yourself familiar with these requests, find clients willing to pay you to pitch for their business. Depending on how many pitches you will do, you can create different packages that your clients can choose from.

You can work for 2-3 different clients at the same time and pitch their stories to journalists which can land powerful links to your client’s websites. The process is quite simple but time-consuming, that’s why link building is expensive.

58. Start a membership site

59. Dance teacher

60. Property rental

61. Buy and sell cars

62. Create and sell online courses

63. Social media manager

64. Become a massage therapist small scale business for women

Become a massage therapist small scale business for women

65. Electric scooter rental

66. Make and sell Crafts Online

Make and sell Crafts Online. 105 Unique business ideas for women with low investment

There are endless ideas of which crafts you can make and sell online. The key to building a successful craft business from home is to create products that sell for a good profit. Jewelry is the most popular item on Etsy, but art is also in high demand, so look out for ceramic crafts, wall decorations, and wreaths.

For example, a small African Juju Hat sells for a minimum of $100 on Etsy. I’ve made 3 with less than $20. Take a look at the tutorial to see how easy is to make this item and then search for Juju hat online to understand how much profit you can make if you decide to turn this craft into a business. For inspiration, check out these Juju hat decor ideas to spike your creativity.

67. Buy grow and re-sell YouTube channels

68. Virtual assistant

69. Music teacher

70. Properties flipping – buy at auction renovate and sell for profit

71. Organic groceries delivery service directly from farmers

72. Open a gym

73. Dating agency

74. Car washing business in one or more locations

75. Ice cream van business

image source depositphotos.com

76. Make and sell decorative and scented candles

Make and sell decorative and scented candles

77. Catering business for women

78. Event outfits renting business

79. House sitter one of the easiest business for women

80. Organize a clothing swap event

A clothing swap event or swishing party is popular among those looking for sustainable fashion or for methods to find unique outfits that aren’t available anymore on the market. To understand a bit about how this type of business works, check this swishing party post that I’ve written a while ago.

81. Buy and sell designer bags

82. Greeting cards – side business idea for women sitting at home

Greeting cards - side business idea for women sitting at home

83. Daycare

84. Buy and sell blogs and websites

85. Event planner

86. Start an onlyfans page

87. Automated laundry

88. Car rental business

89. Exotic dancer

90. Tourist guide

91. Dry cleaning

92. Travel agent/agency

93. Subcontractor

94. Fashion store – Clothing business ideas for housewives

95. Invest in stock market

96. Rent a room in your home

97. Organize a relaxing retreat local or abroad

98. Open a pawn shop

99. Billboard advertising on cars or buildings

100. Buy and sell land

101. Start a construction development business and build houses and apartments

102. Healthy snacks and protein bars home business for women

A very trendy and in-demand product that can be consumed not only by bodybuilders but by any individuals. To make protein bars, you need just a few ingredients and cool packaging. Check these protein bite recipes to see how easy is to make them.

103. Become an Uber or Lift driver

104. Vegan milk business

105. Become a psychologist or open a private clinic

With so many people suffering from mental health problems, becoming a psychologist is one of the best business for women. In recent years more and more people are opening up about mental health issues. From marriage counseling to teenagers and stressed professionals, at some point in life, a psychologist is needed for helping these people deal with trauma.

If you are someone who likes listening to others and have good advice when someone feels low, this type of business can be perfect for you.

For becoming a certified psychologist, you will need professional training and qualifications, but once you complete the necessary training, you can start working as a self-employed, or through an agency. Bare in mind that you shouldn’t choose this type of business just for making money. Having compassion and a calm personality is key to becoming a successful psychologist. More research is needed for starting this business, so go ahead and take notes. It might be something you always wanted, but didn’t consider.

Final words

That’s pretty much it. Now that you discovered this awesome list of home business for women, pick the one that suits you best according to your lifestyle, budget, and the location where you live, and after creating a business plan go ahead and make your dream come true. It might or might not work, but at least you try and the best part of everything, is that you will learn something new.

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