Easy methods to make extra cash for Christmas.

Easy methods to make extra cash for Christmas

With Christmas just a few months away, there is no better time to start making some extra cash to cover all the spendings that occur during the holiday season.

Just when you think about how many things are listed on the wish list, it gives you some kind of stress, but also motivation to find new methods to make extra cash for Christmas.

Even though we are in September, rather than procrastinating until the last moment, it might be wise to try these methods and boost your bank account as soon as possible.

Every year things change and new opportunities arise, therefore, making some extra cash for Christmas can be an easy goal to achieve.

Let’s have a look at the best methods to make extra money for Christmas:

Pet sitter

If you love any kind of pet, this job shouldn’t be hard for you, in fact, it might be a pleasure to walk puppies a few times a day and get paid for doing so. Social media is a good place to start looking for pet-sitting jobs.

There are numerous people looking for trustworthy pet sitters to leave their pets with while they are off attending parties or traveling for a few days, or off to work.

The best part about being a pet sitter lies in the fact that you can choose the working hours, rates, and types of services as per your convenience and resultantly, earn up to $1,000 or even more than that every month.

Start endorsing products on social media

Promoting products on social media is by far the most popular method to make extra money while studying or in the spare hours after your day job.

While this sounds great in theory, making money by endorsing products on social media won’t happen overnight. There are some factors to consider when starting to promote brands on your social media pages.

First of all, you need to have some decent content and followers, then you need to join a few platforms to apply for paid jobs.

These are the most trusted influencer platforms that bring me a few hundred dollars every month:


Rewardstyle ( only accepted by invitation, please contact me if you want me to refer you to Rewardstyle)



Sway Group ( mostly campaigns for the US and Canada)

Facebook groups

Being an influencer and a blogger is the job of the century. The big money won’t come to you quickly, you must be dedicated, hard-working, and creative in order to stand out from the competition.

Perhaps finding a marketing agency to manage your talent and guide you to make a successful career as an influencer is what you need.

Doing a quick search with the phrase ” paid blogger jobs” or “marketing agencies for talent management” will bring some results that not many people know how to search online.

Make extra cash for Christmas with these easy methods. Make extra money for Christmas with these easy jobs

Be a ghostwriter

If I didn’t have my blog to take care of and create content, I would definitely sell my services as a ghostwriter. Being a ghostwriter means that you write articles for other blogs, companies, or even eBooks. To find jobs as a ghostwriter, you can register on Fiverr, Freelancer, ProBlogger, and even on job websites like Indeed.

Develop a digital product and sell with the help of ads and influencers

You’ve seen them on any social media platform. Yes, they are online course ads and once you interact with only one of them, you will get your newsfeed with such ads.

The new algorithm of social media is created to serve you content based on what you interact with. If you planning to create an online course and sell it yourself, that’s a good thing, because social media is where you should promote your digital products.

Whether you make online courses, printables, eBooks, social media templates, or digital canvas, once you create these products, they will always bring you income, even while you sleep.

Making and selling digital products is not a source of income just for Christmas. By promoting your products on your personal blog, social media pages, and with the help of influencers, you make a good fortune if your product is great and people will recommend it.

Work in a retail store

The trend of applying for a temporary job that opens around the holiday season is nothing new. Because the number of customers visiting the retail stores rapidly increases during this time of the year, the latter is always on the lookout for hiring candidates who can support their existing team temporarily and manage the shoppers.

Therefore, if you try to be an early bird and apply for these jobs as soon as they open up, you are likely to increase your chances of getting selected for the opening as there will inevitably be a lot of other people looking forward to making the most out of the seasonal jobs.

Another great thing about these part-time jobs is that you can make a network that might help in the coming years with your professional endeavors.

Let’s not forget that besides being paid for the job, you can also get amazing discounts at the store – which implies that if you shop from there itself, you’ll be saving more which is quite like having more cash in hand.

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Plan your Christmas budget easily with these methods

Become an Uber driver

You already know this option and how easy is to become an Uber driver. The only difference that will make in earning a considerable amount of money, is how much time you dedicate to this job.

Register as a food driver for Deliveroo and Just Eat

Just like Uber, these two companies have different paying rates for you as a driver. While you can deliver food by cycling and keeping yourself fit, in the winter the conditions are a bit harsh and can really put your health in danger.

Calculate the cost of petrol, your time, and insurance before you decide to become a food delivery driver.

Answer online surveys

Honestly, the recourse of answering online surveys is still one of the most underrated Christmas money-making ideas. What you will have to do on your part is, send out applications to reliable companies requesting them to accept you as a part of their review team.

Once this stage is achieved, it will not take you any longer than a month to get your hands on a hefty paycheck.

To ensure that you are fully capitalizing on this opportunity, join survey companies that provide free entry and are also free to use. Apart from getting paid for sharing your honest opinion, you will also have a lot of test products delivered to your doorstep, some of which can be even used later as presents for your friends and family for Christmas.

If you have enough time in hand, it would be wise to sign up for multiple surveys as it would automatically increase your probability of augmenting your income.

Some of the best-Paid Surveys for Money are:




Pinecone Research




Rent out a room in your apartment

If you live in an apartment that is comparatively large and has one or two rooms that are occupied only by your family during Christmas, start advertising and collecting rent without doing any work.

For sure, you will not end up making too much money before Christmas, but this is the best you can do if you are a student or, have a regular job that demands most of your time in a day.

You can spread the word locally by advertising in a newspaper, putting up a sign on your lawn, or posting about it on your social media sites. Or, you might consider renting out your room on sites that are specifically targeted to magnetize customers for homes or rooms that are released on a short-term basis.

In order to attract more customers and ensure that they are responding to your offers, be honest and credible about your listing. Publish the pictures of the room too, if necessary, and mention its attributes including the size, whether or not it will have a separate entrance and washroom, and other details.

Start answering academic questions online

There are multiple websites that recruit students with the scope of earning money whenever they are comfortable, just by answering a few academic questions posted by other students.

Do some research and find out which platforms have the courses that you specialized in. If there are multiple of them, compare the rates proposed by each for answering one question and accordingly, make an informed decision.

Before you can begin writing the answers and earning money, you will have to submit a few answers for which you won’t be paid. That’s a way to verify that you are suitable for the subject matter.

Thereby, if you still are a student, signing up for this job can abet you in achieving two things

a) you can make some extra money around the holiday season

b) you can brush up your knowledge in the stream you are pursuing and get to learn new things.

Start selling on Etsy

If you love art, Etsy is the best platform to start selling crafts and handmade goods.

At the moment printable and digital products are extremely popular on Etsy. This business requires no capital investment whatsoever and you don’t have to deal with making and shipping products. When you start a digital business, the products that you create will always be available for purchase.

Just imagine endless downloads and see your bank account growing.

For more chances to speed up the process of making money for Christmas, you can create beautiful crafts such as wreaths, wall decor, scented candles, calendars, you name it.

As a matter of fact, you can take the shortcut and buy handmade items in bulk and sell them individually. Or choose the other way around. Find manufacturers and buy large quantities of goods and sell them on Etsy as bulk orders.

If you go with the last option, you might have just a few orders per month, but the cost of shipping will vanish, not to mention the returns.

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Easy methods to make extra cash for Christmas. Make money for Christmas

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