Genius ideas to make money before Christmas – Christmas money making ideas

So probably I should write this article a little early and not leave it so late until Christmas is a footstep away.
I know many of you might struggle to find the money for all those Christmas presents, Christmas dinner, and New Year’s Eve dresses. But worry not, as there are plenty of methods to make money for Christmas.
I will unveil some quick ways to get your hands on some money so you can be able to make this Christmas as Merry as you like.

When was the last time you checked your bank overdraft limit?

This article is not about getting rich quick, or some kind of strategy to make thousands overnight, this article is about a realistic way to get money in your bank account just before the festive season.

I don’t know how good is your credit scoring, but to my surprise, I was totally shocked to see that my bank has allowed me to set up an arranged overdraft, and guess what amount of money?? well, 5000£, yes it is true, I was so happy to see that the bank I have my account with has allowed me to use such an amount of money.

This might not be a surprise for many of you, but I had pretty bad credit scoring and my bank didn’t even approve me for a credit card indeed now they allowed me to use such a large amount.

Many of you guys maybe didn’t even know about arranged overdrafts, that’s why, go to your bank account and click overdraft and start applying, fill in all details you are asked and you will have the money straight away in your bank account.

My arranged overdraft limit was 5000£ and I did apply for all of that and now I’m more relaxed knowing that my ass is covered in case a financial emergency is happening.
Of course, this money will have interest if I do not make the payment on time, but I wouldn’t borrow the money if I couldn’t afford to pay them back.

Credit cards might be your Christmas hero if you find the right one

I will unveil some quick ways to get your hands on some money so you can be able to make this Christmas as Merry as you like. Capital One is the best company to get a credit card if you have a bad credit scoring.

The next way to make money before Christmas is to apply for a credit card I know this might sound like the first thing somebody will do to raise money, but some of my friends probably do not know yet about this method so guys, go ahead and apply for Capital One, one of the easiest credit card issuer that will more likely approve you. In fact, Capital One is the best company to get a credit card if you have a bad credit score.

Depending on your salary, you might receive a credit limit from 50-250 to more than that, which is not much but at least will save those days when you so desperately need money for various things.
Although Capital One is a quick credit card issue approver, APR is very high, that’s why you always should make the payment on time to avoid being charged interest rates.

Credit cards can be a risky way to get some money for Christmas, but as long as you make the payment on time, you will fall in love with it.

Sell your unwanted items to raise money for Christmas

Another way to raise money quickly is to sell stuff from around your home

Who doesn’t like bargains? We all love bargains and you should be the one selling your unwanted items if you want to make money quickly. One of the hot-selling goods is gadgets, so eBay is the way to go if you want to make money for Christmas.

Well, girls, believe me, or not I have purchased many beautiful clothes from eBay, some clothes that are half-price from retailers or the ones advertised by Instagram shops.
Selling things on eBay is pretty simple, if you are lucky enough you can sell an item the same day you listed it, with a bit of advertising on social media, the sky is the limit.

You can also sell on Facebook marketplace and groups, but usually, people buy from eBay because of the Nectar card points collection, I do the same, is a cashback card that can save you a few hundred pounds a year. I will write another article about Nectar Card to explain how I save money with this cashback card.

Become an Uber or Lyft driver to make money for Christmas

Become an Uber or Lyft driver to make money for Christmas

You know Taxi cost double on Christmas and New Year evenings, so why not grab this opportunity to drive your friends around when they need to?
There are Facebook groups where you can enroll to drive people in your area or on Airport journeys.

If you want to do it the professional way you can become an Uber or Lyft driver, depending on your city, if there are none of these opportunities in your town, just stick with Facebook groups where you can get plenty of jobs, just make sure you calculate your petrol and your time so you can make a profit out of this deal.

You can cook Christmas dinner for your friends and make cash for the festive season

You can cook Christmas dinner for your friends and make cash for the festive season.

Yeah my cooking skills suck sometimes, is like a lottery with me, sometimes I cook delicious meals and sometimes I waste so many ingredients that I feel so embarrassed to put that meal on the table :))) Likely there are very talented people who love cooking and I can order for Christmas some traditional Romanian food from an independent chef in Milton Keynes.

There are some professional chefs who announce their Christmas menu on Facebook groups every month and we are able to pay upfront for our food delivery. 
If you like cooking and you got skills for that, you can do the same. Make sure you check the ingredients properly and follow safety and hygiene, and cooking standards to avoid being sued by someone who might feel sick after they consume your food.

You can even go to people’s houses to cook their Christmas dinner and make quick cash.

Private parties can make you big money if you calculate everything wisely

And last option to make money before the festive season is to organize a private party, it can be at your own home or a rented location
Do you have any idea how many single people are on Christmas day and wondering what they can do, other than eat, drink, and watch tv? Well way too many. You need to grab this opportunity and materialize it asap; your money will be secured with so many folks that want to have some fun on Christmas day.

Do you remember that sisterhood or brotherhood American party houses that charge people an X amount of money as an entrance fee? You can do the same, you don’t even have to own a place to organize such a party, you can rent a place just after you have sold enough tickets to cover all expenses and to make a profit. If explode creativity, you can offer a large variety of competitions during that Christmas party which can help you to make extra profit.

In the end, the best way to make money before Christmas is not to spend money at all :))) just stick with basics, shop at Poundland, Lidl and find some cool clothes at charity shops. To sort presents for friends and family, check out my other article where you can create something cool with your own imagination. 

Christmas money making ideas

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