Last-minute DIY Christmas gifts ideas

Last-Minute DIY Christmas Gifts ideas. If you find yourself tight on budget and couldn’t manage to buy Christmas gifts for everyone, try these creative ideas and you will surely put a smile on every family member face.

Last-minute DIY Christmas gifts ideas

There is less than a week to the Christmas and if you didn’t buy already Christmas gifts for your loved ones, you still have a chance to impress them. I actually write this article to show you some cool ideas of DIY gifts that can save you lots of money and time( because shopping means time-consuming).

If you are a student and you are tight on budget, or someone who wants to save money on Christmas, you can to impress your friends with homemade gifts, like outfits if you have some skills in this field, or you can watch some youtube videos and take some inspiration. 

Diy Christmas phone case

Everyone likes accessories and you can easily DIY a phone case with a little imagination.

Diy Christmas phone case

DIY Sugar Body scrub

You can create some cool body scrub with just sugar, honey, olive oil, scented oil, or a little bit of vanilla bean. Mix all ingredients, add that mix into a glass jar and decorate with anything you find in your house.

DIY Sugar Body scrub for Christmas gift ideas

DIY biscuits and cookies

DIY Christmas cookies and biscuits gift idea

If you’re skilful at cooking, you can bake cinnamon biscuits or cookies, pack them nice and you will have the best DIY Christmas gift.

Photo frame/ Wall Canvas

DIY photo frame for Christmas gift ideas

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Plan your Christmas budget easily with these methods

Draw something cute on a tea cup

Draw something cute on a tea cup to offer as a DIY Christmas gift

Write a beautiful message or draw a Christmas symbol on a tea cup or a plate. Use acrylic paint for this, which can be found in any office shop.

DIY cosmetic organizer

diy cosmetic organiser for christmas gifts

Handmade scented candle

Handmade scented candle for Christmas gift ideas

A handmade decorated scented candle will melt the heart of anyone.

DIY Cute assorted sweets for kids

For kids, you can buy some jelly and other kinds of sweets, put them in a cute decorated jar and….. voila.


DIY Christmas wreath

DIY Christmas wreath gift ideas

You can create an amazing Christmas wreath that your friends will love it.

If you guys have some other cool ideas about DIY Christmas gifts, just leave a comment below. I’m sure many people want to hear your opinion.

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