49 Burgundy nails designs for every style. Are you ready to elevate your look with burgundy nails? Classy and sophisticated, the burgundy hue is a shade for bold divas’ who want to set a statement with their personality and look anywhere they go.

49 Burgundy nails designs for every style

A beautiful and impeccable look does not only apply to the glowing face and dressing style. After your face, the first thing that someone sees after meeting up is your nails when someone’s shaking your hands to greet each other.

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Whether you are trying to make a good impression or charm your crush, coffin burgundy nails will work wonders for achieving your plan. This rich and mysterious nail shade isn’t only for the fall season. Burgundy nails are preferred by many brides who want to mix the classic and edgy without following a specific rule for their wedding.

Maroon nails designs are favorites by teenage girls and gothic divas who like to create their own style. Paired with gold and silver accessories and fabulous makeup, acrylic burgundy nails are chic and a forever trend.

Why burgundy nails?

Burgundy nails are an excellent way to make your nails stand out and add a pop of color to your outfit. These nails are dark in color, which can go well with any fall or winter outfit, but not only that. Ombre burgundy nails are sophisticated and will help you look chic without much effort.

What colors go well with burgundy?

Gold – Silver – Pink – Nude – Light yellow

Gold and silver are among the most popular colors that go well with burgundy nails. Gold is often seen as attention-grabbing, sassy, and glamorous. Adding a hint of gold nail polish or gold glitter to your stiletto burgundy nails will make them look fabulous, and you probably won’t even need a ring or other accessories.

Rose gold is another cool option for burgundy nails and the ideas below will surely inspire you to collect some ideas for the next time when you visit the nail spa. If you’re more into DIY, you can buy directly the nails listed below (the link is under each image) and apply them in the comfort of your own home. Change them whenever you like, or mix and match with other nail designs.

49 Burgundy nails designs for every style

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1. Short stiletto burgundy nails

49 Burgundy nails designs for every style. Short stiletto burgundy nails

Command attention with the fierce allure of short stiletto burgundy nails. These chic and daring nails redefine elegance with a touch of edge, showcasing the perfect fusion of sophistication and boldness. The rich burgundy hue adds a timeless charm to the short stiletto shape, creating a powerful yet refined look. Embrace the confidence that comes with this striking nail style, and let your fingertips make a bold statement of style and glamour.

2. Burberry design fake burgundy nails

Burberry design fake burgundy nails. 49 Burgundy nails designs for every style

Embrace the allure of high fashion with Burberry-inspired design fake burgundy nails. Infuse your fingertips with the iconic elegance of the renowned British brand as these meticulously crafted fake nails replicate the sophistication of Burberry’s signature patterns. Adorned in luxurious burgundy hues, these nails offer a stylish homage to timeless fashion.

3. Burgundy Sparkly stiletto nails

Elevate your nail game with the captivating charm of burgundy, sparkly stiletto nails. The combination of deep, sultry burgundy tones and dazzling sparkles creates a mesmerizing fusion of sophistication and glamour.

4. Chic coffin burgundy nails design

Chic coffin burgundy nails design

Elevate your look and capture the essence of chic aesthetic, all within the convenience of your fingertips. Unleash your inner trendsetter with these designer-inspired fake nails, merging fashion-forward flair with the ease of a stunning, on-the-go accessory.

5. Sangria long coffin ballerina stilettos false nails

Experience timeless elegance with classic square burgundy nails. The simplicity of the square shape is seamlessly paired with the richness of a deep burgundy hue, creating a sophisticated and versatile manicure. These nails blend tradition and modernity effortlessly, making them a perfect choice for any occasion.

6. Burgundy V French with Rhinestone Coffin Press on Nails

These coffin V French nails add a touch of daring elegance to your fingertips, catching the light with every movement. Whether you’re heading to a special event or simply craving a dose of luxury, these burgundy sparkly stiletto nails promise to be the perfect statement accessory. Embrace the glitz and glamour, and let your nails shine as brightly as your personality.

7. Chic matte dark burgundy nails

Unveil a touch of mystery and undeniable sophistication with chic matte dark burgundy nails. The velvety allure of the matte finish transforms deep burgundy into a striking, understated elegance. These nails effortlessly blend boldness and refinement, making a statement that is both modern and timeless.

Embrace a sense of confidence and style as your fingertips showcase the allure of dark burgundy in a chic, matte texture. Elevate your manicure game with this understated yet impactful nail trend, exuding confidence and allure with every matte-coated stroke.

8. Ghotic dark red coffin nails art

Dive into the enigmatic world of Gothic allure with dark red coffin nail art. The moody sophistication of deep, dark red hues meets the sleek and dramatic coffin shape, creating a mesmerizing fusion of edgy and elegant. Each nail is a canvas for intricate Gothic-inspired designs, ranging from mystical symbols to ornate patterns, adding an extra layer of mystery to your manicure. Make a bold and daring statement with this unique blend of darkness and sophistication, as your coffin-shaped nails showcase Gothic beauty and individuality.

9. Classy medium length burgundy nails

Classy medium length burgundy nails

Simple and classy is the definition of perfect nails, and the above design is something you should consider if you want to create a lasting impression when revealing your beautiful nails.

10. Coffin rose gold burgundy nails

Another gorgeous nails design that will steal your heart. Paired with the right hues, these burgundy nails balance chic and edging perfectly.

11. French burgundy press on nails

This nail shape and design is really popular and for good reasons. The design is simple to recreate and goes well with any color you like. The French tip can be in different colors or a mix and match of hues to add a bit of fun to your manicure.

12. Long stiletto burgundy nails design

Embrace the epitome of glamour with long stiletto burgundy nail design. The elongated, pointed tips exude confidence and allure, while the rich burgundy hue adds a touch of timeless sophistication. These nails become a canvas for intricate designs, from delicate patterns to bold statements, creating a captivating and individualized expression of style.

With the perfect fusion of length, shape, and color, your long stiletto burgundy nails are a striking accessory that demands attention and showcases a fierce and fashionable edge. Step into a world of chic elegance with this powerful and eye-catching nail design.

13. Glitter french burgundy nails

Elevate the classic French manicure to new heights with glitter French burgundy nails. This modern twist combines the French tip’s timeless elegance with the burgundy’s opulent charm and a touch of sparkling glamour.

Each nail is adorned with a delicate line of glitter, adding a dazzling dimension to the traditional design. The result is a captivating and sophisticated look that effortlessly balances sophistication and playfulness. Embrace the fusion of classic and contemporary as your fingertips shimmer with the enchantment of glitter French burgundy nails, making a chic and utterly glamorous statement.

14. Short burgundy nails

Short burgundy nails are the epitome of versatility, effortlessly transitioning from casual to formal occasions easily. This chic and minimalist nail style allows you to embrace the beauty of simplicity while making a subtle yet impactful statement. With short burgundy nails, you can enjoy a polished and refined look that complements any outfit, ensuring your fingertips exude a sense of effortless elegance.

15. Long almond burgundy nails

Capture understated sophistication with short burgundy nails. The abbreviated length adds a touch of practicality to your manicure, while the rich burgundy hue infuses your fingertips with a timeless charm. Pair it with a gold ring, pearl bracelet, and a satin dress, and you will shine like a goddess.

16. Rose gold burgundy nails

Rose gold burgundy nails

Indulge in the perfect blend of romance and opulence with rose gold burgundy nails. This enchanting nail combination marries the deep allure of burgundy with the lustrous elegance of rose gold, creating a mesmerizing fusion that’s both sophisticated and trendy.

17. Long burgundy nails art

Whether you’re aiming for a romantic evening or a stylish day out, rose gold burgundy nails promise to elevate your manicure game with a captivating allure. Embrace the union of warmth and luxury as your fingertips showcase this harmonious marriage of colors, making a statement that’s as chic as it is distinctive.

18. Twister burgundy acrylic nails

Introduce a whirlwind of style to your fingertips with twister burgundy acrylic nails. This unique and playful nail art takes the rich depth of burgundy and twists it into a mesmerizing acrylic design. The twister pattern adds a dynamic and eye-catching element, turning your nails into a modern art canvas.

Embrace the fusion of bold color and creative flair as each acrylic nail showcases a captivating twist, creating a daring and sophisticated look. Elevate your manicure to new heights with twister burgundy acrylic nails, making a statement that captures attention and adds a twist of excitement to your personal style.

19. Press on burgundy fake nails

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21. marble rose gold burgundy coffin nails

22. Long coffin matte burgundy nails design

23. Red wine glitter prom nails

24. Silver and gold glitter burgundy nails

Silver and gold glitter burgundy nails
image source @riyasnails

Indulge in opulence with silver and gold glitter-adorned burgundy nails, a dazzling manifestation of sophistication and luxury. Elevate your style with this glamorous nail art that effortlessly combines the richness of burgundy with the shimmering allure of precious metals. Each stroke of silver and gold evokes a sense of elegance, turning your fingertips into a statement of refined taste. Embrace the luxury of these radiant, glittering nails and step into a world where glamour meets sophistication.

25. Matte short burgundy nails design

Embrace a chic and modern aesthetic with a matte, short, burgundy nail design. The understated elegance of the short length meets the velvety sophistication of matte burgundy, creating a sleek and versatile manicure.

This muted yet impactful style effortlessly transitions from casual to formal, making it an ideal choice for any occasion. The matte finish adds a contemporary edge to the classic burgundy hue, elevating the overall look with a touch of refinement. With matte, short, burgundy nails, you can achieve a minimalist yet striking appearance, showcasing your fashion-forward sensibility in a subtle and stylish manner.

26. Long coffin burgundy nails design

Long coffin burgundy nails design

27. Acrylic long burgundy nails design for classy divas

Acrylic long burgundy nails design for classy divas

These acrylic nails exude glamour, allowing you to express your style with confidence. Whether adorned with intricate patterns, elegant detailing, or a simple, bold finish, the acrylic long burgundy nails are a statement of refined taste. Elevate your manicure game and embrace the allure of sophistication as your fingertips showcase the perfect fusion of length, color, and high-end design tailored for the most discerning and classy divas.

28. Simple short burgundy nails design

29. Maroon burgundy nails art – press on

30. False nails matte dark red and black ombre

Step into the realm of edgy sophistication with false nails featuring a matte dark red and black ombre. This dynamic combination merges the sultry allure of dark red with the boldness of black, creating a striking gradient that captivates attention. The matte finish adds a touch of contemporary chic, providing an elegant twist to this dramatic ombre design.

31. Black and red wine nails with silver glitter

Whether you’re attending a formal event or embracing everyday chic, these short, classic burgundy nails exude a refined charm that never goes out of style. Combined with sparkly black hue and marble design, it creates the perfect combination of grace and sophistication at your fingertips.

32. False burgundy press on nails

33. Prom burgundy nails

34. Burgundy leather effect press-on nails

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36. Burgundy Matte Gold Chrome nails design

37. French nude and Burgundy nails

 French nude and Burgundy nails

38. chrome pointy burgundy nails

chrome pointy burgundy nails

Make a bold and futuristic statement with chrome pointy burgundy nails. The sleek and pointed shape of these nails adds a touch of drama, while the chrome finish infuses a modern and high-tech allure. The deep burgundy hue grounds the look in sophistication, creating a harmonious blend of edginess and elegance.

Each nail becomes a reflective masterpiece, capturing the light and attention with its chrome brilliance. Elevate your nail game with this avant-garde combination, showcasing a perfect fusion of sharp points, rich burgundy, and the futuristic sheen of chrome, embodying a daring and chic aesthetic at your fingertips.

39. Classy gold burgundy nails design

Classy gold burgundy nails design
image credit @paula.nailsart

40. Glitter Galaxy burgundy nail designs

Glitter Galaxy burgundy nail designs

41. Halloween dream catcher burgundy nail art

42. Almond-shaped black and burgundy nails

43. Dark Red and Black Spider Web Press On Nails

Channel your inner mystique with dark red and black spider web press-on nails. These bewitching nails showcase a captivating fusion of deep, velvety red and bold black, creating a spellbinding canvas for a spider web design.

The intricate pattern adds an element of intrigue, making your fingertips a work of art. The press-on convenience ensures an effortless transformation, allowing you to effortlessly embrace an edgy and mysterious aesthetic. Whether you’re attending a costume party or simply aiming to make a statement, these dark red and black spider web press-on nails are the perfect accessory to weave an enchanting allure into your look.

44. Maroon gel nails design

45. Cute burgundy polka dot nails design

46. Glitter press on wine nails

47. Coffin gold glitter burgundy nails design

48. Wine Berry Gold Press on Nails

49. Luxury burgundy and rhinestone nails design

Luxury burgundy and rhinestone nails design

This exquisite nail art seamlessly blends the rich allure of burgundy with the dazzling sophistication of rhinestones, creating a manicure that radiates glamour. Each nail becomes a canvas for intricate designs, adorned with strategically placed rhinestones that catch the light and add a touch of extravagance.

The result is a mesmerizing fusion of deep, luxurious burgundy and sparkling embellishments, transforming your fingertips into a true work of art. Elevate your style with this high-end combination, making a statement that is both lavish and utterly chic.

Final words

We hope you enjoy exploring these beautiful matte burgundy nails, and if you do so, share this post on social media or pin any image you like. You never know when you might need inspiration for these beautiful nail designs.

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