Luxury Promise Review – Legit or Not? Unveiling the Truth. Are you looking for more affordable ways to buy designer bags and clothes but unsure whether Luxury Promise is trustworthy? To help you clear your doubts, I did deep research to bring you the facts about this marketplace. So step in to find out if Luxury Promise is a legitimate luxury goods retailer or just another online scam.

Luxury Promise Review - Legit or Not? Unveiling the Truth

Do you have a handbag from a luxury brand that just does not fit your style anymore but is too valuable to just give away? Or maybe you have always dreamed of a classic Chanel flap bag but just could not justify a price that exceeds your 6-month rent? I know the feeling…. So, to help you make an informed decision, I put together a comprehensive review of LuxuryPromise. A retailer that you probably saw everywhere on Tiktok and social media.

Luxury Promise Review – Legit or Not? Unveiling the Truth

In the world of luxury goods, authenticity is of utmost importance. With the rise of online marketplaces, it has become crucial to differentiate between legitimate sellers and those who may not uphold the same standards. This brings us to Luxury Promise Review – a platform that claims to offer authentic luxury goods.

Luxury Promise (LP): A start-up marketplace for pre-owned luxury bags and accessories can be just the solution for you.

The days when “pre-loved” or “pre-owned” bags and clothes were mainly associated with cluttered thrift stores are far behind. Today, second-hand marketplaces, especially those that deal with luxury brands and items, are equal players in the recently boomed e-commerce market.

So, what is the phenomenon of luxury second-hand marketplaces? Is Luxury Promise legit, and where is the guarantee that you can buy an authentic Hermes Birkin there? And what does AI have to do with all that?

Keep on reading, and maybe, with the help of this article, you will become the proud owner of a Louis Vuitton Speedy by the end of this week. Or not.

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From riches to rags? What is luxury promise all about?

The whole concept of luxury second-hand marketplaces started gaining popularity several years ago. But it actually boomed during the Pandemic crisis, when e-commerce became the main (and sometimes the only possible) way to buy and sell stuff.

On this background, luxury second-hand marketplaces like LP went ahead because, on the one hand, the inevitable economic crisis forced some people to “tighten their belts”, size down, and liquidate some of their valuables, while at the same time, the market for luxury goods, and especially handbags and accessories, was booming as they seemed to be a great investment option.

There are several more reasons why luxury second-hand marketplaces are growing in popularity today:

  • Sustainability and Conscious Consumerism: More people are seeking alternatives to disposable consumerism. Buying second-hand goods reduces waste and extends the lifespan of products. By participating in the second-hand market, consumers can make more conscious and environmentally friendly choices.
  • Access to Exclusive Items: Luxury brands often produce limited-edition products that are not always available in retail stores. Second-hand marketplaces provide a platform for sellers to offer these rare items and allow buyers to lay their hands on exclusive pieces they might not find elsewhere.
  • Cost Savings: Luxury items can be incredibly expensive when purchased new. Second-hand marketplaces offer the opportunity to buy pre-owned luxury goods at significantly lower prices.
  • Authenticity Verification: Let`s admit, buying a pre-owned LV handbag from someone on eBay is a lottery. At the same time, reputable luxury second-hand marketplaces employ authentication processes to ensure the items they sell are genuine. It gives buyers peace of mind, knowing that they are purchasing authentic luxury items.

While the trend is developing, there appears to be a whole culture and even a certain slang associated with the second-hand luxury trade industry. For example, the terms “pre-loved” and “pre-owned”, which used to be entirely interchangeable, are now believed to carry crucial information about the condition of the item.

“Pre-owned” means that the item has been worn or used and is probably not in its original condition anymore, while “pre-loved” is a piece that has been taken good care of by the previous owner and therefore may even pass for new.

In other words, Luxury Promise, the website that seems to be the flagman of this luxury second-hand market, seems to be a cultural phenomenon that may become one of the signs of the times that people will remember our generation. Or maybe it is another overhyped website with shady practices, and their promises are rather empty than luxurious. Let`s take a closer look and see.

A brief overview of Luxury Promise?

Luxury Promise is a second-hand marketplace of luxury handbags and accessories founded by a British layer, Sabrina Sadiq, in January 2017.

As the founder admitted in several interviews, Luxury Promise is an example of a hobby that became a business. Being a successful London-based lawyer, she had a passion for collecting luxury handbags. After several clients complimented her bags and asked if she could help them find and purchase some vintage luxury items, she realized that she enjoyed providing them with this type of service more than her original job as a laywer.

Although it seems to be on everyone’s lips today, luxury Promise is actually not a very big business. According to the company’s profile on LinkedIn, the LP team consists of only 50 people altogether.

However, despite the company`s relatively young age, Sabrina insists that her startup offers customers over 15 years of expertise in the field of researching, appraising, and selling luxury handbags and accessories. Probably because the business is still a one-woman show built entirely around Sabrina, her passion, and her experience.

By the way, although Luxury Promise is claimed to be a British company with headquarters in London, in 2018 Sabrina and, therefore, the lion’s share of the company’s operations relocated to Dubai.

Luxury promise address

At the moment, it seems that Luxury.promise has 3 locations listed on their website. These are the following:

United Kingdom, LONDON 
28 Cavendish Square,
London W1G 0DB, Opening hours:Monday – Sunday (10AM – 6PM) and only visiting by appointment

United Arab Emirates DUBAI
Building 4,
Dubai Design District,
Unit 303,3rd floor, +97 (1) 585 878 950  Opening hours: Monday – Friday (10AM – 6PM) and only by appointment

435 Orchard Road,
#11-00 Wisma Atria,
Singapore 238877 +658733 3797

In an interview with A&E Magazine, the founder and CEO of Luxury Promise explains relocation with a significantly high demand from customers from the Middle East as well as the fact that Dubai is a perfect hub that gives easier access to the market in the Asia-Pacific region.

According to Forbes Magazine, it is the largest consumer of personal luxury goods in the world, with a market volume of over $150 billion. In other words, it is a go-to place for someone who wants to buy and sell pre-owned luxury items.

Luxury Promises or guarantees?

You may say that the idea of buying and reselling luxury bags and accessories is probably as old as time. We have already mentioned eBay, which, with all its risk factors, has been the shopping destination for pre-owned luxury for decades.

However, it looks like the market for luxury secondhand is trying to become a separate segment of the fashion retail industry. So, let`s see how LP works and what it offers buyers and sellers.

Buying an item through Luxury Promise

First of all, let us mention that LP recently expanded its inventory and now also offers pre-owned shoes, jewelry, and even clothing from luxury brands.

The website’s main idea and selling point is its team of highly trained authenticators, professionals who dedicate their lives to researching and establishing whether an item really came from a luxury brand or is a fake.

In one of the interviews, Sabrina gives an example of how her team knows such nuances as particular colors that certain items had in certain years and uses this knowledge in the authentication process. For example, if Hermes introduced Rose Pourpre in 2018 and a seller claims that their bag is from 2005, it is definitely a fake.

It sounds pretty reassuring, doesn’t it? And according to numerous reviews about Luxury Promise online, their system works. At least, we haven`t found any evidence that someone bought a fake item through this marketplace until now.

The company seems to be particularly passionate about fighting the notorious market for counterfeit goods. For example, Sabrina claims that they offer authentication and valuation services even to customers who are not planning to buy from them. She does not go into detail about this service and its accessibility but says that if someone is about to purchase a fake item, they will definitely warn them.

Another attractive feature of shopping through LP is their famous live shows, which give you an immersive experience of luxury shopping in New York, London, or Singapore from anywhere in the world. Customers can communicate with the host, ask questions about a product, and see it “in action” before making a purchase. In a way, it reminds me of the good old “armchair shopping” concept with the flavor of luxury.

However, even the Sun has stains, and when we are talking about Luxury Promise, the pitfalls you may face in your purchasing experience through the website may become real deal breakers.

Luxury Promise Customer service and reviews

The main complaint about the work of Luxury Promise is the poor and inconsistent customer service. This is fairly weird as customer service is probably the whole reason why we want to buy luxury goods in the first place. Don’t get me wrong, but when you are paying a car-worthy price for a handbag (after the discount), you still expect to be treated with more care and attention than when you buy through a regular mass-market brand website.

However, it looks like the luxury promise is not really the case. According to numerous reviews, their customer service either ignores emails and requests or takes its time answering and providing the information. For example, one customer complained that she waited for over 3 months to receive an authenticity card for her Chanel bag. Another said that the questions she had been asking during the Live Show were simply ignored by customer service.

Another big problem with LV seems to be the fact that the marketplace is sometimes not entirely honest about the true condition of the items that they sell. Many customers complain about defective zippers on handbags and wallets, signs of wear and tear that were not noticeable on the items’ pictures, spots on the lining, and even strong cigarette smells.

At the same time, the company strongly emphasizes that all orders are final sales and cannot be returned under any circumstances. In addition, they seem to always point out that each item was in perfect condition at the time of the live show and upon dispatch, and every flaw that may appear later on is probably the fault of the delivery company or the customer itself. In other words, the loaders and delivery people seem to meddle with luxury bags a lot, smoke around them, and play with zippers.

Excuse my sarcasm. But would you expect this type of treatment after paying a few hundred and sometimes thousands of hard-earned dollars for a wallet or a handbag?

Last but not least, a common complaint about Luxury Promise is the information about the availability of items on their website. Some people complain that they received a message telling them that the item they ordered has already been sold out only after making the payment.

Considering the prices on the website, they hardly count on the fact that someone would not bother asking where their package is after waiting for it for over a month. So, it is probably just the good old “human factor” and neglect from a company that still somehow persistently classifies itself as “luxury.”

However, if buying through Luxury Promise starts to seem like a gamble by now, try selling through them.

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Selling your pre-owned luxury bag through Luxury Promise

LP actually offers three ways of liquidating your luxury pieces.

  • Swapping with another customer or the shop;
  • Selling to another customer;
  • Selling to the shop.

To put it simple, LP acts as a middleman, helping appreciators of luxury goods worldwide connect or as a buyer. Of course, appraisal is an integral part of the process and one of the company`s core functions. So, let`s dwell in more detail here.

Luxury Promise seems to take extra pride in its AI-powered appraisal service, which is supposed to tell a customer exactly how much they should expect to get. The founder of the company mentions this innovative feature in every interview, and the website emphasizes how much it helps people make sure that they are getting the most fair prices.

In fact, LuxuryPromise appraisal AI tool works exactly like the good old Google Lens, analyzing product images and providing you with average pricing information. In other words, a convenient but definitely not revolutionary feature.

We already mentioned how LP has a team of experts giving the most detailed evaluation of every item. So, let`s proceed to the selling procedure and experience itself. Here you have 2 options: either list an item for sale and keep it until LP finds the buyer, or send it to the company right away and not bother about the listing and shipping anymore.

Based on customers` reviews, we would strongly recommend the first option. Some people complain that the items they trusted the company were not handled with enough care and therefore came damaged to the final buyer when they requested them back after several months of no success in selling them.

Another suspicious trend is that sellers sometimes claim that they see their items listed after they refused to sell or swap them for some reason, or even find out that an item was sold several months ago. However, they did not receive any notification or money for their item.

And, of course, it is very unpleasant to see that after you receive a certain amount for your item from the company, they put an incomparably higher price on it later on. However, this is generally how the resale market works. You either sell expensively or fast.

However, most customers still claim that they received perfectly fair prices for their items. It is usually logistics that cause all the trouble. And here we would like to emphasize the fact that Luxury Promise expertly disclaims almost any responsibility for the handling process and condition of the item that you sell or buy through them. All the deals are final. After all, the company was founded by a lawyer.

Promises, promises, promises

Luxury brands are doing a great job of attracting and keeping our attention, persuading us that the items they offer somehow change our status, nature, how we feel about ourselves, and how other people see us. In a way, it is true; otherwise, how do you explain that warm, fussy feeling that rises deep inside when you lay your hands on another luxury handbag or put on a pair of legendary pumps?

And this is exactly why the market for luxury resale is flourishing, and companies like Luxury Promise will keep appearing, giving us a chance to purchase a legendary vintage bag that was discontinued or an accessory that will instantly upgrade any look.

In a way, Luxury Promise seems to be doing a great job in this matter. After all, the ratings and customer reviews about the company are mainly positive, and the whole idea of giving pre-owned items a new life is pretty noble, especially when we are talking about iconic brands and items.

However, the company`s operation seems to leave a lot to be desired. It looks a bit sloppy, inconsistent, and ill-conceived. LP holds occasional raffles and mystery box sales, which collect mainly disappointed reviews due to poor logistics and unclear conditions. The company is set up perfectly, which safeguards them from lawsuits and complaints, but the customers often feel left out at the end of the day.

It looks like if your experience with Luxury Promise is good, it would be great in any aspect. But once you have any issue or special request, the company will find 1000+1 reasons not to go the extra mile to help you resolve it.

In other words, a business that started as the founder`s hobby seems to stay on the same level. It supports and expresses Sabrina’s passion and the things she really enjoys doing but does not acknowledge that customers and their satisfaction have always been and will remain the main driving force for any enterprise.

Luxury Promise Review A complete review of this luxury retailer plus more


Luxury Promise seems to be a legitimate thing, but it still has a lot of room for improvement and unrealized potential, which, we hope, will come into action as soon as the market for luxury second-hand goods becomes more competitive.

So, have you ever bought anything from Luxury.promise or are you planning to? If you did and wanted to share your opinion, please use the contact page and send me a message with your story. I’m sure many will appreciate your insight and will help them make a better decision whether to buy from Luxury Promise or not.

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