Is Nordstrom Rack legit or a scam? Must read before buying. Are you a savvy shopper looking for premium clothing and accessories at a discounted price, and Nordstrom Rack pops up your way? When you see cheap designer items, it makes sense to wonder whether Nordstrom Rack is authentic or a scam. Therefore, I’ve put together a complete review to answer all your questions regarding this online store. So step in to learn more about this store! You won’t regret it!

Is Nordstrom Rack legit or a scam? Must read before buying

Nordstrom Rack is definitely not foreign to those who love all things fashion and style but are only willing to spend a decent amount of money on fashion products. You’ve probably guessed that this retailer has a relationship with the famous high-end store Nordstrom. Well, it’s a subsidiary of the company. Nordstrom Rack has a wide range of stylish and trendy products, including designer clothes, accessories, shoes, and so many more at discounted prices.

That being said, it’s only normal to get curious about how Nordstrom Rack can sell such designer items so cheaply. Just like most people, you might even begin to suspect if this popular retail destination is legit or a scam coupled with the low reviews and feedback they received from customers. Well, let’s get right into it!

Is Nordstrom Rack legit or a scam? Must read before buying

Nordstrom rack reviews

What is Nordstrom Rack?

Nordstrom Rack was established in 1973, and just like we mentioned earlier, it’s a subsidiary of Nordstrom, Inc. It has been a haven for fashion lovers on a budget to buy fashionable items without wiping their credit cards. For over 50 years and counting, Nordstrom Rack has gained so much popularity and has more than 250 stores across the United States.

As a company owned by Nordstrom, you might assume they’re the same, but that’s not true because of the apparent pricing difference. You should also note that the company was created to serve as a clearance center for Nordstrom, so you get to find a lot of fashionable product offerings available. The company’s popularity certainly increased over the years because who wouldn’t want to slay on a budget?

As the trends for each season change, Nordstrom Rack displays designs from previous seasons and sells them at discounts as high as 70%. Walking into the store, it doesn’t matter what you’re looking to get. They have a vast collection of designer products that can meet the style of fashion lovers across the US.

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Is Nordstrom Rack A Scam?

Despite the unbelievably discounted prices and impressive product offerings, many people can’t help but ask if Nordstrom Rack is a scam.

The first point of suspicion for some individuals is the company’s price point. Compared to other retailers who sell such designer items, how are their prices so low? Well, as I mentioned earlier, Nordstrom Rack displays unsold Nordstrom products and sells them at very low prices.

We can understand that instead of disposing of products that didn’t sell at the high-end store, they can drop the prices so that fashion lovers can take advantage, which also helps them not to face complete loss and also reduce their inventory.

Another thing I’d like to mention is that as a well-known store, they have to stay on trend with each season. They frequently change their collections to make space for new ones. These factors contribute to how Nordstrom Rack can sell designer or branded items at low prices.

However, this is not to say that all the product offerings at Nordstrom Rack are ridiculously discounted. Nordstrom Rack carries products from other luxury brands, so you might see several items with prices similar to those in other retailers.

Secondly, there have been complaints from customers who claim that they purchased luxury items from Nordstrom Rack only to realize that the quality of the product is very different from the original product. From my research, Nordstrom Rack sells their own products and many other sought fashion brands. Few cases where an item looks fake and cheap might occur, but it doesn’t mean that all their product offerings from other brands are low-quality.

It is however important for the company to carry out quality checks on all products that are brought into the store.

Lastly, some buyers complain that the huge discounts displayed in advertisements are quite different from the actual prices of their product offerings. Well, this form of adverts is used by many retailers to attract customers to check out what they offer. Nordstrom Rack certainly has affordable products, but maybe the discounts promised aren’t as high as some budget lovers would prefer.

Overall, Nordstrom Rack can easily justify how they can sell products at such discounted prices but for other issues regarding quality or false advertisement, they should do better.

Should You Shop From Nordstrom Rack?

Before shopping from any fashion retailer, both online and at physical stores, you should do your research regarding their services. A company might not be labeled as a scam, but their services might just frustrate you so much that you regret having anything to do with them. There are three factors you should consider before shopping at Nordstrom Rack.

Customer Service

Mistakes and misunderstandings are inevitable in any retail establishment. Still, it’s up to the company’s customer service to effectively resolve any issue whilst ensuring that the customer is satisfied.

Nordstrom Rack has gotten a lot of unpleasant reviews from customers who say that it’s almost impossible to reach their customer service even after experiencing issues like wrong orders or orders taking too long to arrive. There are also cases of customers who claim to have received the wrong items more than three times.

On the flip side, a few people have said they are okay with the company’s customer service, but it should be improved overall. Having customer service that is available to respond to customers would help to build loyalty with Nordstrom Rack. Having an unattended order dispute can cause people to believe the company is a scam.

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Return Policy

Nordstrom Rack’s return policy is pretty impressive at first glance, but there are some complaints that customers have had regarding it. The company says that customers have 45 days to make a return, but there’s also a hidden policy of 30 days which is written on receipts making it very easy to miss.

Apart from returns, Nordstrom Rack doesn’t allow for items to be exchanged because we believe there might be a shortage of many products, so they only refund. Whilst some customers are perfectly fine with getting a refund, others might be in situations where getting an exchange would be better than getting cash back.

One thing you need to note is that this retailer charges customers for picking up from the store when they place an order online. $9.95 is charged for this, and customers hate it a lot. With an unresponsive customer service support line or email, it’s hard to blame a customer for wanting to pick up after there have been complaints about lost orders.

This could be different if more attention is given to providing top-notch customer service to customers. Also, prioritizing the safety and delivery of orders on time and in good condition would improve customer trust and loyalty.

Customer Reviews

Good or bad reviews from other people can affect the purchase decision of a potential customer. The number of negative reviews about Nordstrom will make you wonder if they are legit. Going through review sites, you find people complaining about product quality, defective items, failure to return items successfully, and even the attitude of their customer service representative.

Reviews like this would scare anyone away from shopping at Nordstrom Rack. But then, of course, few people have complimented their pricing, employees, and the quality of their products. A total re-evaluation of their services would be ideal to improve their reputation online.


In conclusion, I believe that high-quality products and excellent customer experience are important for any retailer. Nordstrom Rack might not be a scam according to the reviews we all know, but customer service is definitely below expectations.

You might want to give them a try. Who knows, you might get a better experience but ensure that you make no assumptions and do your research. I hope this Nordstrom Rack review has been very informative for you, so if you find it helpful, please share it on social media to spread the word about this company. Till next time!

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