Bloomchic review: legit or a scam? Must read before buying. Are you looking for stylish plus-size dresses and don’t know many stores for this niche? Did Blmoomchic catch your eye and want to purchase a few cute dresses but aren’t entirely sure if it is safe? Rest assured, as we did extensive research to find everything you need to know, plus Bloomchic reviews, so you can understand exactly what this store is about. Step in and read the entire Bloomchic review before committing to buy from this brand!

Bloomchic review: legit or a scam? Must read before buying. Bloomchic reviews

Internet shopping is booming today! Do you remember the last time you bought clothing, electronics, or home décor in a physical shop? Waiting in lines to the fitting room, pushing a heavy shopping cart, and loading the purchases into the car trunk are becoming “affairs of the bygone days.” But unfortunately, where there is a rise in a new trend, there are opportunities for various scams and frauds too.

At first, we did not trust online shopping much, but then we got used to it and relaxed. Today, we are suspicious since almost everyone has at least one story of a credit card number stolen through a sketchy marketplace. No wonder, every time you see a new name like the Bloomchic, that seems to advertise all over the Internet today and, fairly, looks a bit too good to be true… Well, you get suspicious until you read the reviews from verified buyers.

Bloomchic review: legit or a scam? Must read before buying

The ads say that Bloomchic is the only online fashion store that you will ever need. It offers the trendiest designs in various colors and prints and focuses on plus-size clothing. In other words, it looks like the fashion industry has finally figured out that curvy girls also want and deserve to look fashionable and follow the hottest trends rather than hide under shapeless clothing and filters.

But is Bloomchic legit? Is it another cousin of Shein? Or is it really the next big name in the online fashion market? We studied all the ins and outs, went through hundreds of Bloomchic reviews, and here is what we have to say…

What is Bloomchic all about?

bloomchic fashion reviews

Technically, Bloomchic is another exclusively online retailer. It means that Bloomchic does not have any offline shops like H&M, Zara, and other fast fashion brands, which are now following their customers from malls to the Internet as well.

Yes, Bloomchic is a classic fast-fashion brand, despite some of the indistinct sustainability claims not supported by any certificates that they have on their website. There are also some signs that this plus-size clothing shop is related to the notorious Shein. But we shall elaborate more on that a bit later.

The first thing that you see when you visit Bloomchic’s website is that this brand focuses on plus-size fashion, sizes 10–30 (M-6XL). And when you see how many cute clothes of all sorts, from dresses to activewear, this brand offers, you realize that girls who are blessed with curvy shapes finally have a place to shop for fashionable yet affordable clothing.

Seriously, this hypocrisy in the fashion industry has become notorious. They use the narrative of body positivity and inclusivity to draw more attention to their shows and marketing campaigns, and then they release collections with maximum XL sizing.

Therefore, Bloomchic deserves all the hype that is revealed around it since it seems to be the first online plus-size fashion store of its kind. However, when you start digging a bit deeper, you may realize that Bloomchic may not be as inclusive and innovative as it claims to be, and there are a bit more controversies about this brand than you may expect.

Bloomchic is probably the most controversial brand ever!

Starting to research the Bloomchic brand, you instantly come across numerous mentions and publications about this plus-size clothing company in such reputable media as Forbes, Cosmopolitan, Women`s Health, etc.

In a way, it is definitely proof that Bloomchic is not a scam, as such magazines would hardly risk their reputation for advertising a sketchy brand. However, it is worth mentioning that Bloomchic is mainly featured in articles like “Best Gifts for Your Mother-in-Law” or “Plus-size Resort Wear Picks Perfect for Your Next Vacation.”

This kind of article mainly consists of sponsored information. In other words, it is another sort of advertising, aka an infomercial. However, advertising or not, references in Cosmo, WH, and such still have to mean something.

The biggest controversy comes up when we talk about the origin of Bloomchic as a company. In most online publications about the brand, you will see mentions that it is a “women’s exclusive clothing online store in the United States” or “an LA-based brand.” Still, its legal domicile, Shine Yee Technology Hongkong Limited, clearly points to a location in China.

The fact that Bloomchic does not provide next-day shipping in the US and, according to the reviews, American customers wait on average 10–15 days to receive their packages also indicates that the company and its warehouses are probably located in China.

Is Bloomchic owned by Shein?

And here comes the usual question: is Bloomchic another incarnation of Shein? Fairly speaking, there is no publicly available information that indicates that Bloomchic and Shein are somehow related. However, customers` reviews and assumptions provide some food for thought.

Many Reddit users mentioned in their reviews that a fair amount of the models that you see on the Bloomchic website are plus-size versions of designs they saw in Shein before. However, there is a big difference. Almost a 100% difference in most cases. I mean that the same-looking top on Shein and Bloomchic can cost twice as much in the plus-size clothing marketplace.

Remember how the odious founder and former CEO of Lululemon, Chip Wilson, said in an interview with the Calgary Herald in 2005 that plus-size clothing is a “money loser” since it takes at least 30% more fabric to produce an item size ten and above? It looks like Bloomchic simply did it without emphasizing the price formation or making any related claims.

In any case, we do not want to say that curvy women do not deserve trendy, fashionable clothes, but let`s be fair, Bloomchic is not an original, American-based brand as it tries to advertise. It is another Chinese fast-fashion company that has discovered a lucrative and surprisingly unclaimed market segment of trendy plus-size clothing. Well, at least someone finally has!

Is Bloomchic sustainable?

After everything we said above, it may look like an irrelevant question. Too much has been said and written about environmental concerns caused by Shein and other Asia-based manufacturers and the fast fashion industry in general. And we would not waste your and our time beating around the bush if Bloomchic hadn`t rolled out a whole “Sustainability” section on their website.

According to this article, Bloomchic “manufactures clothes in small batches that are as small as several items.” Ironically, on the very same website, Bloomchic boasts an extensive collection of over 2,500 items in its best-selling collection alone. So, good for them, of course, but we probably have different ideas of “small batches” and “limited inventory.”

Why do we nitpick at all when there is finally a brand that is ready to offer a variety of trendy and cute styles that were previously only available in smaller sizes? Only because we promised you full disclosure. It is your right as a conscious consumer to have complete information before deciding whether a certain brand or manufacturer deserves your hard-earned money.

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Is Bloomchic legit?

That said, let`s evaluate Bloomchic according to the common parameters most people check before shopping at a new online store.

The website

Bloomchic’s website is nicely-made and easy to navigate. Although the brand offers thousands of different items, you probably won`t get lost as all models are sorted. You can set up various filters such as color, cut, price, and even occasion.

It is important to note that the website is secured with SSL encryption. It means that online payments through the Bloomchic website are safe, your credit card information is not exposed to third parties, and there is a very low risk of leaks.

In other words, Bloomchic is a convenient modern website that represents a real plus-size clothing brand. It will not take your credit card number and roll off into the fog. You will receive your package.

Now we only have to talk about what and when you receive it, how much you will pay for it, and what you should do if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

The prices

It looks like Bloomchic has a very stable and fixed pricing policy. Here you can buy a dress for $35–$40, tees and blouses start at $20; a pair of jeans would cost you about $35, and a cute swimsuit – around $30.

As soon as you get on the main page, the website will offer you a 15% discount on your first order in exchange for your e-mail address, of course. Bloomchic offers free returns and free shipping for orders over $69.The brand also holds regular sales with discounts of up to 40% on selected items.

Shipping and returns

Bloomchic is a Hong Kong-based company with all the attendant advantages and disadvantages when it comes to shipping and returns.

As we have already mentioned, shipping to the United States and Europe takes about 10-15 days. According to the reviews, some customers got lucky to receive their packages after only a week, others waited for over a month, and, of course, there are those who never received their items.

If your order exceeds $69, shipping will be free. In other cases, you will be charged an additional $7. You can pay $17 for an express delivery option, but practice shows that just like with Shein and many other China-based marketplaces, there is no guarantee that you will receive your items within the promised 5–9-day period.

As for returns, you have 45 days after receiving the package to decide whether you are satisfied with the purchase. If not, Bloomchic suggests that you print the return label from their website, pack the “unwanted” items, and simply drop them off at the nearest post office.

Important note, although the main page of the Bloomchic website claims that returns are free, the fine print points out that it is relevant for your first returning package only.

However, you are supposed to be fully refunded within 5 days after Bloomchic receives your package through the original payment method. Of course, there are no specifications or guarantees on how long the return journey will take.

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Quality and materials

You can instantly say that Bloomchic works hard on its website and online presentation. Sometimes, even too hard. All their photos are carefully photoshopped, and every model looks perfectly fitted and cute. Unfortunately, there are not so many “live” photos in customers` reviews on the website, so it is pretty hard to tell how the items actually look and fit.

The good thing is that they provide measurements of their models, so you can estimate how the same dress or blouse will look on you. As for materials, most models are made from polyester, elastane, or spandex. You can find rayon and cotton fabrics here, but the brand does not offer organic and GOTS-certified materials.

According to reviews, the quality also varies from one item to another. Some swear that Bloomchic dresses are “immortal” and don`t lose their shape and color after multiple washes.

Others are disappointed with the quality of the items they received from the very first day. It is also important to mention that in many cases, seemingly similar items of different colors turned out to be made from different fabrics and even have different labels.

So, here we probably have the same case of a business that does not actually have its own manufacturing but works with various suppliers. It probably explains why Bloomchic models are often so similar to those sold by Shein and other Hong Kong-based stores.

Final thoughts.

Bloomchic is probably one of the most peculiar and controversial names in the modern online fashion market. On the one hand, it is not something new—an Asia-based store selling affordable plus size clothes.

However, the fact that Bloomchic focuses on plus-size models makes it stand out among similar retailers, as many of us know how clothes from Asian brands tend to run smaller than the standard American or European sizing. That is why here we may see an ultimate phenomenon.

Although Bloomchic seems to build its image and marketing around body positivity and inclusivity, it is not the only brand offering trendy, fashionable clothing for curvy people today.

Bloomchic is a great choice if you are deliberately shopping for fast fashion, with all its benefits and downfalls. It has a safely encrypted, easy-to-navigate website with a wide choice of clothes for every style and occasion.

Stores like Bloomchic are actually a positive sign that the fashion industry has finally figured out that everybody wants and deserves to look stylish and trendy. And now there is a wide choice of plus-size shopping options, from mass-market brands like Bloomchic to slow-fashion manufacturers. The choice, as always, is up to you, and it is great that this choice is getting wider for each of us!

Bloomchic reviews

Did you find this Bloomchic review helpful? Have I answered all your questions, or are you still in doubt whether you should buy from this store or not? I think the choice is entirely yours, given the fact that you know what garments you actually need and if you prioritize your budget over the quality of the clothing.

So, my advice is to just try Bloomchic by buying just one item, and if you like it, you can buy again when you are 100% sure that this brand is what you need. Happy shopping!

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