20 Stores Like Natural Life for Bohemian Clothing And Accessories. Looking for bohemian clothing brands to find clothes that align with your free soul? I have just the right list for you. 20+ Boho clothing stores like Natural Life, each one of them has unique offerings to elevate your fashion style. Get ready to unleash your inner goddess with these popular bohemian clothing brands.

20 Stores Like Natural Life for Bohemian Clothing And Accessories

Natural Life is the epitome of bohemian fashion, with their clothes and accessories embodying the vibrancy and harmony of boho. The online store has rustic hues, floral patterns, and fluid clothing that allow self-expression.

This boho store also sells lovely accessories such as knitted gloves, slippers, beads, clips, tote bags, mugs, and many more. This range of artsy items has made the store a big favorite for bohemian lovers. Shopping at Natural Life, a store passionate about providing customers with a memorable shopping experience, is also fun.

With all of these boons you enjoy as a patron of Natural Life, you’ll understandably want more stores like it to suit your bohemian tastes. We’ve got you covered with this list of 20 stores like Natural Life Bohemian Clothing and Accessories!

20 Stores Like Natural Life for Bohemian Clothing And Accessories

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links, which means we might receive a commission if you decide to buy something at no extra cost to you.

1. Show Me Your Mumu

Did someone say bohemian clothing and accessories? Well then, say hello to your new best friend, Show Me Your Mumu! This lush and vibrant store can give Natural Life a run for their money, no jokes! Show Me Your Mumu caters to women of all shapes, from lithe to curvy, keeping you kitted in the trendiest styles in the industry. From the Loretta Maxi Dress to the Jasmine Halter Mini Dress, this store knows its boho chic to the letter. Show Me Your Mumu also sells gorgeous accessories such as hats and underwear.

If you are planning a rustic-style wedding, you’ll be ecstatic to know this site specifically has boho wedding clothes for brides, bridesmaids, and guests. Have you heard of such a beautiful thing before? You’re welcome. The site also offers an exciting amount of sales and discounts, especially for new customers, so open an account to enjoy them!

2. Anthropologie

Anthropologie makes it onto our list because, like Natural Life, their clothes and accessories promote arty self-expression. Amongst the Anthropologie collection, you will find floral print dresses like the Cecily Sweetheart Dress seen in the image above and richly patterned outfits like the Bettina Tiered Shirt Dress. These attires and more display the flowing, captivating, and free-spirited nature of bohemian clothes.

Like Natural Life, the Anthropologie online store also has accessories such as shoes and bags, home and furniture items, and gifts, all for bohemian tastes! The webpage is super easy to navigate, and once you log into the website, you can tackle your search by product type, style, length, neckline, and other specifics. The website is also curated based on the seasons, so you can start shopping for the coming winter and Christmas months!

3. Zara

The great thing about the Zara store is that it caters to different kinds of fashion tastes, including bohemian tastes. Bohemian clothes are eclectic, and through this link we’ve provided, you will find all of their boho chic options. Printed mini dresses for hangouts with friends, tulle midi dresses for date nights, and crochet dresses for girls who are boho to the core.

Zara also provides a range of textures, from linen blends to poplin, cotton, chiffon, and crochet. You get to choose which is most favorable for your skin type. Lastly, the designs include beautiful embroideries and tie-dye that are absolutely to die for.

Zara is known for great quality so while shopping here, you can be rest assured that every item you pick will be durable and gorgeous!

4. Cleobella

Cleobella at heart is a combination of cultures on fabrics that presents an artistic expression to the wearer. If what you love about Natural Life is this feature, then you will adore Cleobella’s clothes and accessories. With Cleobella, you don’t have to worry about optimizing clothes to highlight your bohemian spirit.

Any item you choose has that quality, hence will keep you coming back for more. Everything from dresses to leather jackets is extraordinary and absolutely dynamic. For instance, you can pair the Alicia Magnolia Blouse with the Palena Hobo Bag for both casual and formal events.

Their clothing collections include linen items, swimwear, and more. They also have a newsletter that will keep you updated on their newest products and discounts!

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5. The Stone Cold Fox

The Stone Cold Fox is a chic online store with vintage-inspired outfits and accessories. The clothes at this store are made with quality materials which are all ethically produced. While the store’s name brings certain imagery, we assure you that the store itself is full of warm tones and lively designs.

Get artsy robes with lacy necklines and ruffle waists like the Watson Robe and colorful bandeau tops like the Slater Bandeau. For lovers of long skirts, you will find a slew of them in this shop, from striped designs to floral designs, and these will beautify your entire look.

The site also has a lookbook that gives you ideas for vintage styles for different occasions. Stone Cold Fox is a fashion store that, like Natural Life, idealizes not just the clothes but also the shopping experience!

6. Lucky Brand

Lucky Brand is full of high-quality shirts, denim, jackets, and accessories that cater to both women and men. For an eclectic look, you will find a lot of chiffon and knitwear here. Shop for jackets, outerwear, sweatshirts, blouses, graphic tees, skirts, jumpsuits, overalls, pants, and activewear to your heart’s content. The brand also has a special section called ‘Lucky Boho’ that boho lovers are sure to fall in love with!

The website has an area designated to sales, so if you are shopping on a budget, check out the sales price ranges for a smooth and easy shopping experience.

7. Free People

Free People is a clothing store similar to NaturalLife where its collections often emphasize the boho vibe, but not only. Their clothes are chic, trendy, and affordable which is why FreePeople brand is one of the biggest retailers worldwide. Simply browse their menu by specifying the style/design of the garment, and you’ll be thrown into a world of printed midi dresses, pleated maxi dresses, patchwork gowns with angel sleeves, unique floral patterns, and parsley prints.

Another reason why we highly recommend FreePeople is the variety of sizes. Tall, short, slim, or curvy, you’ll find beautiful options waiting here for you! They also have accessories like scarves, sunglasses, belts, and beanies, so you can stock up your closet with just one shopping trip!

8. Lulus

As a boho lover, chances are that you already have a strong sense of personal style. All you need is to have options presented before you, and you’ll know exactly what fits into your wardrobe. Lulus is that store that presents beautiful options you are sure to find good fits in. One of the reasons we recommend it as an alternative to Natural Life is because every item is carefully categorized.

If midi dresses are your style, you can go right to the mini dress section. If you love one-shoulder dresses, those have been categorized for you. If you want sequins, knit, velvet, pleated, etc., they have been joined in categories. Just select a category and enjoy a quick and easy shopping experience!

9. Susamusa 

Susamusa is a fantastic store for attires with timeless silhouettes – and, of course, boho clothing and accessories! Their style is eclectic at its richest, with tops, bottoms, and dresses that highlight your femininity. If you like sheer dresses, the Cyra Dress is an example of the delicate, sheer goodness you can find on Susamusa. All of their outfits have a vintage feel, which is another feature of bohemian fashion, so plan a shopping visit. Rest assured that you will find items you like from the store!

10. Spell

Spell is the perfect substitute for Natural Life because every single item in the store is tailored for the boho girlies. From the Sienna Bambi Gown to the Salina Crotchet Mini Dress, it is a mini boho paradise. For your beach vacations, there are lovely tunics to be found in Spell. For the cooler months, beautifully knitted cardigans in warm tones are also available. 

And one of the best parts about Spell is the colors. The online store is a virtual rainbow with clothes spotting bright and lively hues and prints that will throw sunlight onto your day. From pink, to blue, to white, and purple, their colors fit with every skin tone. You can sort your search by colors, fabrics, and sizes for a convenient shopping experience!

11. Shopbop

Shopbop has an excellent offering of tie-dye clothes that will take your bohemian look to another level. Tie-dye is super eclectic and a print that stands out in every room. So, if your new resolution is to quit blending into the background, you will absolutely adore the tie-dye dresses in this shop.

Other than tie-dye, Shopbop also has interesting bracelet collections like the Shashi Bracelet Set that will jingle and tinkle and draw positive attention. Our goal is to help women look and feel their best, so trust us when we tell you that Shopbop should be on your list of Natural Life substitutes!

12. Reformation

Reformation is a store for the hot boho ladies—the women who love to combine elegance with expressiveness. Find your vintage dresses, two-pieces, blouses, jumpsuits, and skirts for date night here. The velvet attires are beautiful and rustic, giving a unique look that will put the spotlight on you.

The floral ensembles also aren’t ordinary or items you will find in a dozen other shops. No, Reformation picks and displays clothes that are distinctive. If you are attending a big occasion, whether weddings or sophisticated dinners, we highly recommend Reformation for a shopping trip. Really, who said boho can’t be sexy? Reformation stands to prove them wrong!

13. Everlane

Everlane is a great alternative for Natural Life because it echoes the bucolic coziness of Natural Life. Buy your beautiful knit sweaters for the cool days, made with soft fabrics that feel like wearing a cloud. High-quality wool, corduroy, cashmere, and denim are fabrics you will find in the cozy store. The outfits are also well structured and durable; they won’t grow slack any time soon. 

The Everlane website puts together collections with the best fabrics for each season. Besides, Everlane jeans are super trendy right now for various reasons, so you might want to spend a bit of time on that store section.

14. Fillyboo

Fillyboo has lovely and vibrant outfits that will make your skin twitch to try them on. They are known for pretty ruffles and luxurious textures that can make your wardrobe matchless. One major reason Fillyboo is beloved is that it suits the Taylor Swift all-American-girl-type aesthetic!

If you are a Swiftie, you will surely appreciate pieces like the Folk Gingham Cut-Out Kini swimwear and the Angel Flowerbomb Lilac Maxi Dress. Also, if you like embroidered clothes, you will find more than enough available here.

We cannot recommend Fillyboo enough to lovers of bohemian clothing and accessories! Their clothes are beautifully feminine and flawlessly dramatic.

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15. ThredUp

If you like Natural Life but are more of a luxurious shopper, you’ll be pleased to know that ThredUp partners with luxurious designers to give you deluxe boho clothing! The store has partnered with brands like Gucci, Giorgio Armani, Burberry, Tory Burch, Theory, and more to provide blouses, bottoms, dresses, and accessories to fit your eclectic tastes. 

For anyone shopping on a budget, however, the brand also has items below $10 with decent quality. If comfy is your style, you’ll find a world of comfy fashion awaiting you in the cozy category. ThredUp also curates collections for each season.

If you don’t have hours to peruse for clothes, simply check, for instance, the Fall/Winter collection. Their best offerings will be presented for your selection. ThredUp also has fascinating sales and discounts you don’t want to miss! You can download the store’s app for a chance to win five hundred dollars in credit.

16. Francesca

Francesca could be Natural Life’s twin. That is how similar many of their sweaters and tops are. Natural Life is known for lovely, heartfelt embroideries on their pieces, and the sweaters at Francesca’s also have these floral embroideries.

Other than sweaters, you can purchase cute dresses, jewelry, and bottoms. The bottoms are super appealing with floral patterns, thigh-high slits, plaid mesh miniskirts, midi skirts, and corduroy. There are also party dresses that are unique to the boho lover and will make you feel gorgeous. For your first purchase, you get a 20% off, so start buying!

17. Boho Beach Hut

Boho Beach Hut is a clothes and accessories store made for the boho audience. This means you will find what you like when you visit the store. You can find your boho sweater, boho tops, jackets, dresses, bottoms, and rompers for both casual and formal occasions.

There are also lovely boho swimwear and cover-ups that will accentuate your feminine side and make you feel sizzling. Now, one of the best parts of Boho Beach Hut is the jewelry pieces. These are top-tier bohemian with turquoise stones and arty metalwork. Boho Beach Hut is so rich with fashionable items that you will keep going back for high-quality apparel!

18. Victoria Emerson

Victoria Emerson is an accessory shop that provides one very important element of boho fashion: jewelry. Really, can a boho look be complete without some arty jewelry to cap the ensemble? Find your cuff bracelets that are eye-catching and stylish yet also easy to wear here. If wrap bracelets are your style, you will find a good number to add to your jewelry collection! The jewelry pieces are ornamented with beads, leather, turquoise, and pearls to create an earthy vibe.

19. ModCloth

If you especially love vintage clothing, ModCloth has to be your next junction in your search for stores like Natural Life! Their clothes boast whimsical patterns and vintage prints that will make your fingers twitch to try them on. Their prices are affordable, so you can shop to your heart’s content!

20. We Are Kindred

Founded by two boho-loving sisters, We Are Kindred is a store that brings a contemporary side to bohemian fashion. All the textiles used for the clothes are lush with careful detailing and unforgettable prints. The theme of this shop is unique, providing pieces that are sensory, unrestricted, and functional. You should definitely stop by here!

Bohemian clothing is timeless and inspiring. To keep displaying these qualities in your wardrobe, check out any of these stores today!

Stores Like Natural Life for Bohemian Clothing And Accessories

Final words

So, did you like these stores like Natural Life? Are you satisfied with this list, or do you still debate between the above options? Whatever the answer, remember to buy only what you need and when you need it. Don’t fill your wardrobe with pieces that you will never wear. Happy shopping!

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