21 Stores Like Mejuri for high-quality gold jewellery. Are you planning to add new additions to your jewellery collection and need some of the best stores to buy high-quality gold jewellery? If so, I’ve got you covered as I did intensive research to find the best stores selling jewelry similar to Mejuri. So, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy exploring these fantastic gold jewelry stores!

21 Stores Like Mejuri for high-quality gold jewellery

Are you really fully dressed without some gorgeous jewelry pieces adorning your skin? We don’t think so. For the ladies who love fine jewelry but never have the huge budget for it, you may or may not have heard of  Mejuri.

Mejuri is a contemporary jewelry brand that has become a force to reckon with because of its sustainable, timeless, and minimal jewelry pieces that are made with top-notch materials. The best part is that their prices are as affordable as can be when it comes to getting such high-end jewelry pieces.

To all the fashionistas who aren’t willing to splurge on expensive jewelry, you can still get great pieces that will give you that luxurious feel and look (that aren’t lacking in quality) at a more affordable price when you shop with Mejuri.

However, you might be looking to explore other brands similar to Mejuri regarding sustainability, style, quality, pricing, and impeccable craftsmanship. We’ve put together 21 stores that have a lot in common with Mejuri that we’re sure you’ll love. Let’s get right into it!

21 Stores Like Mejuri for high-quality gold jewellery

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links, which means we might receive a commission if you decide to buy something at no extra cost to you.

1. Adina Eden

The first jewelry store we have on our list has to be Adina Eden because, like Mejuri, the quality of their pieces and price point are very similar. This jewelry store has more statements and striking pieces that turn your eyes to you instantly. It’s interesting to note that they have gold-plated and fine jewelry, which means that depending on how much you want to spend on yourself, you can find something for any occasion.

Adina Eden is a brand with a wide selection of beaded designs, statement gold pieces, gemstones, pearls, and diamonds. On average, you can get jewelry pieces from $50 to over $150, and then for fine jewelry, the range is between $100 to over $150.

2. Aurate

Quite similar to Mejuri, Aurate has some really gorgeous minimal and timeless designs that you can wear daily or on special occasions, and they never go out of style. Interestingly, their designs are like a level up beside Mejuri because they love to re-imagine and add a modern twist to every single piece.

In addition, Aurate is a brand that also understands the importance of sustainability and following ethical procedures. Enjoy browsing through their impressive collections of unique fine jewelry designs made with gemstones, pearls, and other materials that will surely make you stand out. The average pricing for this brand is around $100 to over $1000. Keep in mind that they run some deals from time to time, so be sure to check them out.

3. Catbird

If you haven’t heard of Catbird and you love your jewelry looking unconventional, then you’re welcome! This jewelry brand has done a great job so far in designing unique pieces that don’t follow the norm. In addition to creating such whimsical designs, they’re also huge on ethical practices and skilled craftsmanship like Mejuri. It’s seen on their website where they state that they make use of recycled 14k gold and diamonds.

Catbird’s price point is also similar to Mejuri, with the same outstanding quality. You can find rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces for under $200 and above. It’s also possible to personalize your jewelry and even shop sets.

4. Edge of Ember

According to Edge of Ember, their jewelry pieces will definitely blow you away, but they won’t blow away your budget! They’re less expensive than Mejuri, and we think that using lab-grown diamonds and recycled metals contributes to that. On their website, you find a lot of contemporary designs that are also unique looking for different parts of the body.

If you love edgy jewelry that makes you look cool and trendy, then you should consider checking them out. They have designs with mixed-colored gemstones, pearls, and diamonds. They’re based in the UK, so on average, you can shop for jewelry for around £100 and above.

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5. Gorjana

Gorjana has a variety of fine jewelry and gold-plated jewelry that are elegant and on-trend. Like Mejuri, we totally adore the almost playfulness of some of the designs, like the multicolored gemstones on their birthstone necklaces. Their pieces are also timeless and perfect for stacking!

The pricing differs a bit; their gold-plated jewelry is around $55, and their fine jewelry pricing is around $150 to over $500. If you’re someone who loves to switch up your jewelry style to pieces with a lot of character, then you should head on over to Gorjana.

6. Jenny Bird

Jenny Bird is most definitely not new when it comes to the fine jewelry world. They have minimal, modern, and lightweight pieces like Mejuri. On the Jenny Bird website, you get to see a lot of irregular shapes and mixed metals that are so hard to ignore. The brand has been complimented for adding contemporary twists that are sleek and will appeal to you, whatever your budget is.

Most jewelry pieces here are minimal enough for daily wear but so gorgeous that people just have to compliment you. Apart from the usual jewelry, you can also find sunglasses, anklets, super solvers like chain extenders, earring backs, and so on. The average price for jenny bird pieces is around $100, similar to Mejuri.

7. Kinn Studio

Kinn Studio is another brand that puts out gorgeous jewelry with modern designs that you can’t really find anywhere else. Like Mejuri, Kinn Studio emphasizes offering such premium quality jewelry pieces without being overpriced. You find a lot of jewelry designs for women of any age that will make you look and feel luxurious.

You can wear Kinn pieces daily without feeling like you’re doing too much, but you’re sure to get some admirable stares from people. To us, it’s just the perfect balance every jewelry lover needs. Their pricing is around $100 and above.

8. Mateo

Mateo has a wide variety of modern fine jewelry that won’t ruin your bank account, much like Mejuri. This brand offers you more than just women’s jewelry and men’s jewelry and bags.

Whatever mood you’re feeling, you can find one or more options from the Mateo website. There are a lot of bold and unique pieces made with pearls, diamonds, gold, and so on. We love how they have something for any style, from bold to minimal and dainty. Their pieces are priced around $200 and above.

9. Stone and Strand

Where are all the dainty jewelry lovers? We have a brand like Mejuri that you’ll absolutely love! Stone and Strand has a fantastic collection of dainty, modern, and versatile jewelry pieces perfect for layering. They’re also conscious of the environment, which makes them use lab-created diamonds and ethically sourced materials.

You find a lot of diamond-themed designs that are just so hard to resist; we have to say that they’re one of our absolute favorites. Regarding pricing, they are similar to Mejuri, being around $150 and above.

10. Tarin Thomas

And we have another fine jewelry brand that brings the best of both worlds to edgy, modern, and versatile jewelry like Mejuri. This jewelry store has vintage accessories and sterling silver pieces for both men and women.  Tarin Thomas brings you jewelry that is not like what you see elsewhere. You also find that the designs with semi-precious and precious stones are limited, which we believe helps them to be affordable.

Jewelry styles for any kind of aesthetic can be found on their website, and if you feel like you need something more in tune with your personality, you can request a custom order. If you’re really on a tight budget, you can browse through so many stunning pieces for under $100.

11. Vrai

Right off the bat, we’ll mention that Vrai is a bit more expensive than Mejuri, but not in an outrageous way. This jewelry brand has a vast variety of designs that will instantly catch your eye because of how elegant, modern, and capsule-worthy they are. They have a lot of bling and unusual shapes that will make you stand out on any occasion.

If you’ve been looking for a perfect place to find vintage designs with a contemporary touch, then Vrai is the place to go. For pricing, it’s around $400 and above for unmatched quality.

12. Wolf Circus

Wolf Circus is a demi-fine jewelry brand that’s definitely more affordable than Mejuri. You find a lot of sterling silver, gold, and mixed gemstone colors. One look through the site, and you’ll find that their designs are simple and perfect for daily wear but still have a lot of character.

Their focus on jewelry designs and not much on expensive materials makes it possible to get awe-worthy pieces below $100 for both men and women.

13. Linjer

Apart from Mejuri, Linjer is another jewelry brand that has made a name for itself in the jewelry world by using premium quality materials to create intricate designs that fashion lovers all over the world admire. You find a lot of solid gold pieces and sterling silver, which is a good option for sensitive skin. Just like Mejuri, Linjer also practices sustainability by using recycled gold and making other eco-friendly decisions.

Linjer’s designs and attention to detail make them stand out, but selling such amazing jewelry at a fraction of the price you’ll get from luxury brands makes them shine even more. You can get beautiful pieces at an average of $40 and above. To learn more, you can check a full review of Linjer here.

14. Missoma

When we talk about fine jewelry brands like Mejuri, it’s only expected that we mention Missoma. This jewelry brand has a gorgeous variety of transitional demi-fine jewelry that can be worn daily and enhance your outfit. You see A-listers like Margot Robbie, Gigi Hadid, and so on putting on some of their designs and feeling beautiful.

Putting on a piece or two of Missoma’s designs makes you exude so much class and confidence anywhere you find yourself. The pricing for this brand is $120 and above, which is similar to Mejuri.

15. Maison Miru

Maison Miru has some amazing product offerings for you to choose from, but their earrings and ear cuff options are absolutely hard to resist. If you love adorning your ears with different types of dainty cuffs and hoops, you need to check out this brand.

Most of their pieces are transitional made with 14k solid gold, titanium, gold vermeil, sterling silver, gold plated, and stainless steel. On average, you can get jewelry pieces for around $90.

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16. Bonheur

If you’re looking for more than just a jewelry piece but something that you can pass on to those you care about that, even in decades, still looks cool and elegant, then Bonheur is glad to meet you! Each jewelry piece is a work of art made with a lot of focus and expertise.

They have a good number of collections for you to choose from that would fall in line with any aesthetic you’re currently leaning toward. They also use recycled materials ethically sourced gemstones, and stick to sustainable practices. Price-wise, you can get beautiful jewelry from around $100 and above, like Mejuri.

17. Electric Picks

Find jewelry that tells your story or inspires a new one with Electric picks. Just like the name implies, every piece you choose to add to your collection tends to spark your creativity and help you express yourself to the fullest.

We absolutely love how chic and timeless each piece is with a trendy touch. They are less expensive than Mejuri, with some beautiful pieces for around $60.

18. Etsy

Ok Etsy is not an individual jewellery store, but you can find high-quality gold jewels that are unique in style and design, and the price is relatively low. I personally bought gold jewellery from Etsy, and the quality is far better than the high street stores. After more than 5 years, the Evil Eye pendant that I bought from this Etsy shop, it looks brand new with no scratch.

19. By Alona

Ladies, if you’re on the lookout for something bold and a bit different from the usual, then you should check out Alona. They have a gorgeous collection of earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets made with colorful pearls, stones, and gold materials.

Some of their product offerings are similar to Mejuri, and even when it comes to pricing, you can get beautiful jewelry pieces for around $150 and above. Check Alona out to get some unique jewelry for important occasions or to give as a gift to those you love.

20. V.Bellan

V.bellan gives you a wide range of jewelry designs that aren’t just classy but cool and intriguing. We have to say that one look at their website makes you crave a piece or seven because they’re like nothing you’ve ever seen before. The attention to detail and textures are gorgeous and hard to resist.

Easily navigate the website through categories of fine jewelry and regular jewelry also made with long-lasting materials. When it comes to prices, fine jewelry is around $200, and for other materials, you can get earrings for around $100.

21. Monica Vinader

Lastly, we have Monica Vinader, a brand that is well known for offering affordable luxury with designs that are timeless and easy to personalize, like Mejuri. They’re also a sustainable brand that never gambles with the quality of their pieces. A visit to their website would reveal not just elegant and staple jewelry designs but also some bold, colorful, and unique styles.

The most common materials used are solid gold, gems, diamond, vermeil, pearls, and sterling silver. It’s also interesting to know that when you shop with them, you can have the jewelry you get fixed anytime, no matter how long it’s been since your purchase. For their solid gold options, the price is around £150 and above.

Gold jewellery stores like Mejuri

Final words

We’d love to believe that you now have more than enough options to choose from the next time you need to get some new fine jewelry. Whatever your preference is, from bold and statement to dainty and minimal designs, you will find what you need from these brands listed. Always look out for discounts and coupon codes to save even more on your purchase. Until next time girls!

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