Linjer Review: Is It A Scam Or Legit? The answer might surprise you. Are you considering purchasing a product from Linjer but unsure if it’s a scam or legit? Well, you’re in the right place! In this comprehensive Linjer review, we will uncover the truth behind this brand and reveal whether it lives up to its promises so you can shop without worrying. Step in and take a few minutes to read this review entirely, which will save you precious time!

Linjer Review: Is It A Scam Or Legit? The answer might surprise you

With the ever-changing nature of the fashion world, we can all agree that trends will surely come and go. However, the strong allure of timeless and minimalist designs by fashion lovers worldwide will never go away. There’s just something appealing about high-quality and simplistic designs that also exude elegance. A brand that has successfully captured the qualities of such designs and has steadily gained recognition within the fashion world is Linjer.

Linjer Review: Is It A Scam Or Legit? The answer might surprise you

Linjer has captivated the hearts of fashion lovers all over the world who adore pieces that can stand the test of time. We see supermodels like Gigi Hadid and Hailey Bieber looking gorgeous in their Linjer jewelry pieces and actresses Brie Larson and Olivia Culpo. This brand must do something right for A-list celebrities like these to style pieces from them.

That said, we’ll now delve deeper to bring you a comprehensive review of Linjer and all there is to know about the brand itself. Should you give in to their gorgeous designs and check out items on your cart? You can decide after learning more about the brand.

What is Linjer?

Linjer is a brand that specializes in making jewelry, bags and watches with luxury-grade materials but without the hefty price attached. Luxury materials, intricate designs, and impeccable craftsmanship are usually the reasons for the high prices of most traditional luxury brands, but Linjer decided to come into the industry to bridge the gap between luxury standard products and affordability.

The company has been able to use recycled solid gold and sterling silver, lab-grown diamonds, recycled packaging, and even go the extra mile to offset carbon emissions during shipping. All of these efforts are to promote sustainability from the sourcing to production and shipment to customers.

The brand claims that they use recycled sterling silver, gold vermeil, and 14k solid gold to skillfully craft minimal and timeless jewelry with intricate details that are captivating. Linjer sources premium Italian leather from tanneries that prioritize ethical practices as well as being skilled in crafting. The leathers sourced are used in making watch straps, wallets, handbags, and briefcases.

All of these steps are taken by the company to bring top-notch quality accessories that are timeless without breaking the bank, and it’s safe to say that many people, including celebrities, are loving it.

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The Story Behind Linjer

Jennifer Chong and Roman Khan created Linjer in 2014 with sustainability as one of its core values. The first push to start the brand was due to the hard-to-miss, wasteful nature of many fast fashion brands. The pair decided to start a brand that makes use of eco-friendly materials and methods to create pieces with amazing craftsmanship.

The second prompt to create Linjer came from the hard decision every fashion lover makes to either wreck their bank account just to get high-quality luxury items or settle for the cheaper ones that are not durable. Just like we mentioned earlier, the brand wanted to close the gap between premium quality materials and affordability as much as possible, especially in the accessories industry.

One of the ways this Hong Kong-based brand could really reduce its prices was to sell its products directly to customers online instead of through supply chains.

Is Linjer legit or A Scam?

For a brand that doesn’t have any physical stores and operates online only, it’s normal to get curious about its legitimacy. Well, in short, Linjer is not a scam. In our opinion, a scam brand is one that;

  • Showcases a product on their site and delivers something completely different.
  • Ghost customers after making payment for a product or ships incredibly late.
  • Delivering defective products to customers or products of much lower quality than advertised and many more.

Although Linjer doesn’t have all perfect stars, overall, it definitely isn’t a scam e-commerce brand. They’ve been featured on CNN’s 10 best and most affordable tarnish-proof jewelry brands, Harper’s Bazaar, New York Magazine, etc. As we mentioned earlier, the brand is a favorite among many top celebrities.

Jinjer products quality

There have been praises from customers talking about how customer-centric the brand is, always willing and able to assist with complaints. One customer shared that after purchasing an earring two years ago, one piece got defective, and even though she was willing to pay for just one piece to replace the spoiled one, they sent her a new pair for free. Another customer praised the brand for how long-lasting their pieces are even after wearing them in the shower, and promised to come back for more. Pretty impressive if you ask me!

Linjer return policy

Linjer like any other online store accepts returns within 30 days, only if the time is undamaged and unworn. Returns are free for all orders and can be refunded to the original form of payment. Despite of that, shipping fees are not refundable.

Once the items are inspected by their staff, a refund will be made, or if the item is damaged or has signs of being worn, it will be returned to the customer, and no refund will be made. Here I want to point out that there have been some reviews where some buyers claim that they returned the item accordingly to the conditions imposed by Linjer and they refused to refund the buyer. The reason for that was that the item had been damaged or had signs of being worn without showing any proof of such.

Now, I understand that there are people who often buy and wear the items and then return them to the stores ( I personally know a few people who do this practice, and it is not nice, and it hurts businesses). However once there is more than one person claiming the same accusations, it leaves a bad impression about Linjer’s customer service.

Having said that, buy from Linjer only if you are entirely sure that you will keep the product and buy a product that doesn’t require a specific size or fit. For example, bags, necklaces, and earrings shouldn’t require special sizing. As for hand watches and bracelets, it can be tricky to pick the right size, and sometimes, it might require an exchange or refund if they don’t fit properly.

For custom orders and products under the category of Final Sale are not eligible for returns, and if you insist on returning them, the item will be returned to you, and you have to cover any extra cost. All other information about Partial returns, the process, and the exchange policy can be found on their website.

Does Linjer have any Physical Stores?

No, Linjer does not have any physical stores. It is expected for a fast-rising brand like this to have a couple of physical stores, but that’s not the case with Linjer, and it’s for a very good reason. We mentioned earlier that one of the ways that

Linjer competes with other traditional luxury brands by selling luxury-grade products at lower prices by selling directly to their customers online. It’s important to note that many luxury brands have such high price points because their products go through a supply chain before they get to the customers.

Because the brand understands how valuable the experience of seeing an item in person and even feeling the textures, they have done their best to make product pages very comprehensive. They also have more videos and images on their social media platforms that will allow you to see the products better. In addition, with the #linjerco, you can see different people and even influencers style their pieces.

What payment methods does Linjer accept?

For a smooth shopping experience, Linjer accepts various and most popular payment methods on its website. Visa, Mastercard, and American credit and debit cards are acceptable to check out with. Secondly, they accept PayPal, which includes eCheck, and Discover credit cards. Lastly, you can checkout using Google Pay, Shopify Pay, and Apple Pay. These methods are the most used for online payments, so we give them a thumbs up for this.

Not that your personal details and card information are secured, which is very important for one to have trust in any online shopping platform.

Is it possible to share payment for one product on different credit cards?

For both questions, the answer is negative. Linjer does not allow customers to split one payment with different debit or credit cards. Payment by installment is also not available at the moment, but who knows, they might make it an option in the future.

Is shopping on Linjer hassle-free?

In our honest opinion, shopping on the Linjer website is straightforward. As soon as you open the website on your device, you land on its well-organized and visually appealing homepage.

The website is easy to navigate, with its product offerings listed in the sidebar. You can also narrow down what you want to buy under each section. For example, if you’re looking to buy jewelry, you see a list of the types of pieces they have and the materials available, and if you don’t really know what you want to shop for, they have some categories you can pick from. For watches, you can narrow down your search for women’s or men’s watches and browse through their impressive range of styles.

After deciding on what you want to purchase, you just add it to your cart, choose your payment option, and initiate payment.

What kind of leather does Linjer use for their bags?

Linjer has 6 different bag designs, which include the Doctors bag, the Tulip bag, the Mini, the Lana bag, the Sofia bag, and the Bowler bag in small. For each bag, vegetable-tanned leather, vegetable-tanned vacchetta leather, and Chrome-tanned leather are used to make them. As we mentioned earlier, all the leathers used for production are tanned in Italy and are up to environmental standards.

Where does Linjer ship to and how many days does shipping take?

First of all, Linjer ships to North America, Europe, Oceania, Asia, and the Middle East. The orders are dispatched within a day in normal conditions, and delivery might take 1-10 business days, depending on your location.

Their shipping fees differ depending on the country, and for orders surpassing a particular amount, shipping is free. It will interest you to know that as a customer, you don’t have to pay duties or taxes for your item!

Where are Linjer products made of?

Linjer products were previously manufactured in Italy, but due to inconsistency in the production quality, they moved to Turkey and China. Their product offerings that are made with leather, including their watches and bags, are made there. As for the jewelry, they are manufactured in China and Thailand.

Is Linjer jewelry a good brand?

After analyzing multiple reviews and opinions from buyers, it seems that Linjer is a good brand. Not the best, as there are many alternatives out there, but for decent pieces of gold jewelry, bags, and accessories is a pretty good brand that offers affordable pieces for every budget.

How ethical are Linjer labor practices?

Linjer cares a lot about sustainability and overall ethical practices. This value extends to the suppliers that they choose to work with long-term. According to the brand, before they decide to work with any supplier, they visit and observe the working culture of the factories and how they treat their employees.

This gets a thumbs up from us because it’s no news that many factories don’t treat their workers fairly. However, when a factory provides a respectful and safe working environment, the employees are more dedicated to consistently producing high-quality products.

However, there is no proof that they actually do this kind of scrutiny and provide a safe environment for their workers. To get such a deep analysis of a company you have to actually visit the factories or interview actual workers to understand the other side of the story.

What does Linjer mean by recycled gold?

Recycled gold is just as the name implies; it’s old solid gold jewelry that is melted and refined to create a new design. This kind of recycled gold is ethical and sustainable, which aligns with the brand’s core values.

Best selling From Linjer

Now onto the fun part! Since we’ve established the legitimacy of Linjer, here are our top 7 favorite products from the brand.

Tennis Bracelet

The Linjer tennis bracelet is perfect everyday wear that adds just the right amount of sophistication without being too bold. Where other traditional luxury tennis bracelets are made with real diamonds, this piece is made with the next best thing: cubic zirconia stones that get the work done perfectly. It’s made with gold vermeil and can be adjusted up to 7 inches.

Customers praise the bracelet for being perfectly minimal and long-lasting, plus the international shipping was quick, according to them. It’s certainly a favorite on our list!

Mother of Pearl Ring

The Mother of Pearl Ring is a popular pick among many fashion lovers because of its intricate details and the beautiful glow it adds to your fingers. This piece is made with natural gemstones, gold vermeil and silver. The ring measures 12mm by 10mm.

Some reviews about the piece gosh about how delicate the details are, the dainty yet eye-catching gemstone, the affordable price, and impeccable quality. If you’ve been wanting to invest in an elegant statement jewelry piece, then you should really consider getting this.

Pearl Drop Earrings – Mathilde

Pearl Drop Earrings - Mathilde

Every lady needs freshwater pearl earrings to add to their collection and this might just be the perfect one. These statement and yet timeless drop earrings are gorgeous and perfect for special occasions. As expected, it’s made with recycled gold, silver, and freshwater pearls.

Some of the most memorable reviews from ladies state how the earrings made them feel so confident, and we love to see it! The drop earrings are also complimented for having an edge without losing its elegance. We can agree because one look at the earrings will make you want a pair immediately.

The Tulip Bag

The Tulip bag is both functional and gorgeous thanks to its tan and yellow base. It’s a bag that surprisingly goes well with many outfits and brings on so many compliments. It is made with buttery Italian linen and Vacchetta leather. This bag can easily fit your mini makeup pouch, wallet, keys, and mobile phone. The Tulip bag has a Natural/Yellow tone,  Natural/Blush tone, and a special edition Rose/Blush tone.

Many ladies love the bag for the superior quality of the leather, its uniqueness, and how perfect the size is. *Adds to cart*

The Mini

Every lady needs that mini bag that’s so charming, perfect for daily use, and timeless of course. It is made with Italian vegetable-tanned leather with a cotton lining. The shoulder strap is adjustable and it carries an interior pocket big enough for your mobile phone for extra security. As a mini bag, it can only contain your lipgloss, keys, and a smart wallet. Right now, it seems to only come in navy color, but that might change in the future.

The Mini is loved for its size, quality, design, and top-notch craftsmanship. The Linjer Mini is also versatile and luxurious looking, plus getting it will not wreck your bank account.

The Classic Watch

The Classic Linjer wristwatch for men is an understated and elegant timepiece. The attention to detail on this wristwatch and craftsmanship are impressive, and it’s a favorite amongst their customers. It’s a limited edition piece made with full-grain vegetable-tanned leather, 316L stainless steel, and other premium materials. Ladies, if you’re looking for the right gift for the men in your life, then this is the right one.

The Petit Watch

The last but certainly not the least accessory on our list from Linhjer is the female Petite watch that exudes so much elegance. This luxury-grade timepiece is available in Rose Gold/Tan tones, Rose Gold/Navy tones, and Gold/Mocha tones.

The Petite watch is praised for going well with every outfit, its size, perfect finishing, and classiness. Men, you can add this to your cart right away for the women in your life.

To say we had fun introducing Linjer to you is an understatement. This brand has opened the eyes of many fashion enthusiasts to the fact that luxury doesn’t have to be excessive; it can also be minimal and sustainable. We see the brand growing steadily in the future thanks to its commitment to putting out timeless designs, sustainable practices, and providing people with premium quality pieces.

Alternative brands to Linjer

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Everlane: Everlane is known for its transparency in pricing and sustainable practices. They offer a variety of minimalist clothing and accessories, including leather goods like bags and wallets.

Mansur Gavriel: This brand is known for its sleek, minimalist handbags and footwear, often featuring a simple silhouette and high-quality leather.

A.P.C.: A.P.C. is a French brand known for its understated and minimalist designs in clothing, footwear, and accessories.

COS: While COS primarily focuses on clothing, they offer a range of minimalist accessories, including bags and wallets, that align with their clean and modern aesthetic.

Minor History: This brand offers a selection of minimalist bags and accessories, often characterized by clean lines and quality materials.

Able: Able is a brand that specializes in ethical fashion and offers a range of minimalist leather goods, including bags, wallets, and accessories.

MATT & NAT: Known for its sustainable and vegan leather options, MATT & NAT offers a variety of minimalist bags and accessories.

Mansur Scott: A smaller brand with a focus on sustainability, Mansur Scott offers minimalist leather bags and accessories with a commitment to ethical production.

Kika NY: Kika NY is known for its handmade leather goods, including bags and wallets, with a focus on craftsmanship and minimalist design.

Final words

So did you find this Linjer review helpful? Have I answered all your questions or did I miss anything? If so, use the contact form at the end of Missmv and send me a message with your experience and I will do my best to update this page acordingly. Thanks

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