Shein Return Policy: Everything You Need To Know For A Smooth Experience. Are you looking to return items to Shein but cannot find a step-by-step process or don’t know what items can be returned? Don’t worry; I got you covered. By following the guideline listed in this post, you will have a pleasant experience when returning items to Shein. Besides, I will share how Shein let me keep a decent item. So step in to arm yourself with knowledge for a stress-free shopping experience at Shein.

Shein Return Policy: Everything You Need To Know For A Smooth Experience

When it comes to online shopping, having a clear understanding of the return policy is crucial for a smooth and hassle-free experience. Shein, a popular fashion retailer known for its trendy and affordable clothing, understands the importance of customer satisfaction.

Shein Return Policy: Everything You Need To Know For A Smooth Experience

As one of the biggest fast-fashion retailers in the industry, virtually everyone and their pets know about Shein! The retailer manufactures hundreds of clothes and accessories at an impressive speed that leads fashion trends, selling almost as quickly.

Shein had a net worth of one hundred billion dollars as of last year. And the fact that they continue to retain and draw in customers is proof that they also provide good customer service with open lines that allow communication between the consumers and the Shein staff.

If you’ve purchased anything from Shein and wish to return an item to them, we will walk you through the details of their return policy. Here is everything you need to know for a smooth experience!

Is it possible to return a product to Shein?

Yes, it is possible to return unsuitable items back to the retailer! Despite being a big organization that caters to hundreds of customers, Shein has put measures in place that allow individuals smoothly make returns.

What is the timeline within which you can return an item?

For every purchase you make, you have thirty-five (35) days to make a return. The thirty-five days begin its count from the date of the transaction. Therefore, before you proceed further with the return process, check your online receipt to make certain of the purchase date. Even if you feel it’s not been up to thirty-five days, it doesn’t hurt to confirm! Making a return after those thirty-five days will only waste your time and energy because the product won’t be accepted anymore.

Why does Shein have a return timeline?

Shein, like many other big and small companies, has a return timeframe to maintain an organized structure. Without a fixed timeline on returns, customers may choose to send in purchases many months after purchase and this will put the store’s procedures in disarray.

With a fixed and fairly close timeframe, the retailer can easily communicate with the customer to solve issues of unsuitable purchases. Another reason is for accountability on the side of the buyers. It is a measure to ensure that goods are returned without being used.

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How can one make a return through the Shein website?

1Log in to your account: To make a return, go to the Shein webpage and log into your account. If you have multiple accounts, or perhaps you and your roommate are logged into different accounts on your laptop, make sure you log into the account where you made the purchase. Logging into an account separate from the one used to make your purchase, will distort any chances of a return!

Type in your email and password, and you’ll be welcomed in. If peradventure, you have forgotten your password, as long as you have your email correct, you can easily click on ‘forgot your password’. You will be guided on pithy steps to get a new password that helps you log into your page. Note that other ways to log into your account are through your Apple ID, Google, and Facebook.

2. Select the message icon: Once you are logged in, you will see a message icon on the top part of your screen, right above the search bar and next to the SHEIN logo. Click on it.

3. Choose ‘Orders’: The message icon will show you options, and one of these is titled ‘Orders’. Tap on this to get an overview of all your Shein orders. Now, choose the order for the product you wish to return. Once you do this, the details on the order (written as ‘Order Detail’) will unfurl on the screen for you. This page should display the date of the product delivery, your name and address, and the payment detail.

4. Select ‘Return item’: At the bottom of the ‘Order Detail’ page, you will spot the option to ‘Return item’. Click on it.

5. Give reason for returning the item: Once you have chosen the items you would like to return within the thirty-five-day timeframe, indicate your reason for sending back the product. Some reasons for returning Shein products include damaged or defective items, size too big, and so on. There is also an option to upload a photo showcasing the fault in your purchase. For certain reasons for return, uploading a photo is mandatory. For others, you can choose to upload a photo or not.

6. Choose refund method: Once you’ve finished filling in the return details, you will be taken to a page to choose the method to receive a refund. You can receive your money through Shein Wallet, which takes approximately twenty-four hours for you to receive your money. Note that this money can only be utilized to purchase other products from the Shein website. It can’t be sent back to your bank account. The other option is the Original Payment Account. Selecting this will see your money refunded to your bank account.

7. Select your return method: The next step is to choose the most suitable method through which you can return the product. The first option is the Post Office, and the second is the UPS Store. Make sure to check out what each entails so you can be sure of which works best for you.

8Submit: When you choose to submit, the return process will begin. Before tapping on submit, however, crosscheck your choices to be sure that everything is correct. After clicking submit, a confirmation of return will be sent to your email address. If you don’t get this email, reach out to customer service or try the process again!

Do I require a return shipping label to return items to Shein?

Yes, to return any product from Shein back, you are required to get a return shipping label. It is what allows you to send back the item within the thirty-five days limit and receive your refund. The best part about the return label is that it allows you to conduct the exchange process with the company without stress.

The physical label will be printed so that you can attach it by tape or stapling to the exterior of the item’s packaging. Accessing your return shipping label is quite simple. 

  1. Log into your account and go once again to ‘Orders’.
  2. Once on orders, tap on ‘Order Details’.
  3. On that page, select ‘Return and Refund Record’.
  4. Click on the ‘View’ option. 
  5. Finally, download and then print out the return shipping label.

Attach it to your return parcel firmly and ensure it won’t fall off. While you can staple it on, the most advisable way is to tape it to the box. Ensure the label is covered entirely with clear tape to avoid being ripped during transit. Next, carry it over to your post office, or you can have a service pick it up from you.

What are some conditions for returning Shein products?

While the Shein return policy ensures that customers feel reassured that Shein is a dependable retailer, the company also takes steps to keep their customers dependable in turn. This ensures that the goods returned are indeed purchased from Shein and are brought back in the same condition that they were bought. So to return your Shein product follow this guideline to ensure the items will be accepted without any problems:

  1. Don’t launder it: It is best not to wash an item until you’re certain it’s perfect for you or that you will keep it. If you launder a Shein product without following the care guidelines and damage the product in the process, it won’t be eligible for return. Instead of laundering it, after you try it on and notice it does not fit for whatever reason, fold it up neatly and work on returning it soon.
  2. Don’t remove the tag or the hygiene sticker: This is very important. Always make sure a purchase is precisely what you want before ripping off the tag. While you can still return items without tags, it is better that you leave the company’s tag on for a smooth return process. Tags, along with hygiene stickers, prove that the product indisputably comes from a company and leaves no need for further confirmation.
  3. Don’t send back well-worn items: This probably goes without saying, but the products that you are sending back in should not be worn due to usage by you. Don’t use a cloth for thirty days out of the thirty-five day timeframe, and then return it to the store creased and faded. This will make it unsellable by Shein and be a loss to the retailer. Please, make sure you don’t inflict any tears or stains on an item you plan to return. There will also be strains on areas such as elbows, elbows, butt, and knees if you’ve utilized an outfit, making it hard to return an item.

What is the return policy concerning Shein human hair wigs?

For Shein a wig, you cannot return it if the condition has deteriorated in any form from the condition it was shipped to you in. If you have trimmed the length of the wig, you cannot return it. If the lace of the wig has been sniped or changed from the original lace, you’ll have to keep it. A damaged hairnet also means that you can’t transport it back to Shein. Other factors that make the wigs ineligible for return are washing, restyling, and dyeing. 

If you notice immediately that a Shein wig is not what you envisioned, however, and set it aside without any alterations, then you can return it and have your money refunded without any hassle!

Are Shein returns free? Or will I pay for them?

This question is frequently asked and might appear a bit unclear on the site. Let us clarify for you. As for the first question ‘Are Shein returns free?’ the answer is that it depends. Returning multiple items back to the retailer is not free, but you are provided a free return per order. This means that if you order five dresses and want to return them all, you will get one free return for one of those dresses. However, if you only intend to send back one dress because the others are good fits, that one dress can be returned for free.

Whenever you return multiple items, the rest of them will be transported back in for an estimated eight dollars. Note that the retailer also provides an option for you to use your preferred shipping method at a cost that is convenient for you. Unfortunately, since Shein is an online store, you cannot reach out to customer service to know if you can bring the product in by yourself.

In general, however, don’t expect to have all your items transported back to the company without cost every time you decide to make a return!

What items cannot be returned to Shein?

No, you can’t return every product you buy from Shein. There are a few of them that the company won’t accept back after they have shipped them to you. Not even if you send them back within the thirty-five days deadline. Therefore, you need to make sure you properly inspect the items before you click on the purchase option. These products are:

– Lingerie: These can’t be returned as they are intimates that might’ve come in contact with parts of a person’s body that makes them unusable for another customer, and unsanitary for the staff to handle. This is understandable, as you also wouldn’t appreciate buying or handling lingerie that someone unknown has worn and returned. 

– Bodysuit: Similar to lingerie, bodysuits can’t be returned for hygienic reasons. Therefore, make sure you purchase them in the best fit!

– Jewelry: The no return on jewelry policy is to protect the retailer’s jewelers. For this reason, if you want to buy jewelry that is size-specific, such as rings, it might be best to go into a brick and mortar store to be on the safe side. Because if you buy a ring that is too big or too small from Shein, sorry but you have no other option but to deal with it yourself!

– Cosmetics: Cosmetics such as lipsticks and eyeliners can’t be returned to the store. Once more, this is because cosmetic products make direct contact with the skin, and it is not advisable that they are given to someone else to use. The last thing you want is to apply your lipstick, uncertain if someone else has pressed up against their lips and returned it!

– Pet products: Don’t purchase pet products from Shein presuming they will collect it back if your pet doesn’t enjoy it! It is in their policy that won’t take it.

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What if I ripped off the tag before I realized the item is not suitable?

Shein specifies on their website that a product must have both the original tag and hygiene sticker on the items as you send it back in. The reason this is important is so that it will prove that the item is a Shein product. Without this measure taken, people can fold up random outfits and send them to Shein, asking for a refund.

So be careful not to lose your tag before affirming you want to keep the product. If you’ve have torn off the tag, but you still have it, you can tuck it into the item as you return it, and they will likely accept it back. If you don’t have the tag, then you have to make do with the product you purchased!

Is the exchange process the same as the return process?

The answer to this is no. Firstly, there is a difference between returning and exchanging. A return is when you don’t like a product and decide to send it back so that you can use your money for something else.

An exchange is when you don’t like that particular product, perhaps because it is a shade too light for your skin tone, and you want to get another similar product from Shein but in a darker shade. Due to this difference in intention, the process of exchanging a product is different from the return.

Customers have admitted that the exchange process takes a bit longer than the return process. While you don’t need to personally contact a Shein staff for a return, you have to do so for an exchange!

Can ‘Sale’ items be returned to Shein?

Yes! You can return items that you purchased during a clearance sale back to the retailer. Sale or not, Shein promises high quality, and if for some reason you are shipped an article that has poor quality, you can also send it back and get your money refunded to you.

Note that sometimes, however, during sales, some articles are tagged as ‘Non-returnable’. In this instance, you can’t make a return.

The Shein return policy includes rules that create clear boundaries and highlights the precise terms of returning goods. It also keeps the procedure organized. This way, you can be certain that you and other customers are receiving the same treatment on your purchase and return!

Does Shein let you keep items that you want to return?

It depends. I had a great experience once when I wanted to return a cute blouse back to Shein. They let me keep it, and I still don’t know why. Perhaps because it was a fairly cheap item and was costing more to ship it back, or not… What I know for a fact is that I am not the only one Shein allowed to keep an item that I wanted to return.

My sister and a few friends had a similar experience too. But that doesn’t mean you have to abuse their goodwill. For us, it was a genuine shopping experience, and I just wanted to return the item because it wasn’t fitting me the way I hope for.

Shein Return policy Check what and how to return items to Shein without any problems

Final words

In conclusion, understanding Shein’s return policy is crucial to ensure a seamless shopping experience. By familiarizing yourself with the process outlined in this blog post, you can confidently shop on Shein, knowing that you have all the necessary information to make returns or exchanges if needed. Happy shopping!

Did we answer all your questions regarding Shein’s return policy, or did we miss anything? If you have something else to add to this page, I would love to hear your opinions, and please use the contact page to send me a message. I will do my best to update this page with the latest news from Shein’s return policy.

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