Emery Rose review – legit or scam? Let’s find out. Wondering if Emery Rose is a legit online store? Don’t worry, we will try to cover all the details and answer all your questions in this post. Plus, we will unveil some things no one else talks about because we want to ensure you can shop safely without being scammed.

Emery Rose review - legit or scam? Let's find out.

You have probably heard about Emery Rose. If you haven’t, just like with everything else, you can Google it, of course. And here is a weird thing. As soon as you start typing “Emery Rose” in the search bar, the engine will start suggesting requests like “Emery Rose is a scam” or “Emery Rose honest reviews.” These are the ultimate red flags for anyone who has ever shopped or researched something online!

If you decide to jump down the rabbit hole and start reading all those reviews, you may get confused entirely. For example, Quora will introduce you to someone who wrote how “Emery Rose” had submitted a charge for $288″, although they haven’t made any order like this. Looks like something scammy-ish, right?

At the same time, you may notice many users admitting that they order from “Emery Rose” a lot since their size chart is much more inclusive than other similar online stores offer. Some say this site is a great opportunity to buy quality trendy clothes and accessories cheaply, and who doesn’t want cheap affordable clothes?

Some users will directly warn you against ordering from Emery Rose, describing their sad experience with “getting sucked into a scam,” seduced by low prices and pretty photos, and wasting hundreds and sometimes thousands on cheap, poorly-made items.

So, is Emery Rose a legit online brand or a scam, after all? Can you trust every review you see, or should you take every word carefully and consider people’s tendency to project their poor experience on the whole brand? I shall try to answer these and some other questions in this article, describe the concept and history of Emery Rose and explain what you really can and should not expect from this and other similar online stores.

Emery Rose review – legit or scam Let’s find out

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What is Emery Rose?

Let’s make it clear from the beginning; it is not entirely correct to call Emery Rose a brand. After all, being a “brand” means that a company creates and develops its own designs, has its manufacture, supply chain, etc.

Emery Rose is a so-called “B2C e-commerce company”. The acronym “B2C” means Business to Client. In other words, Emery Rose acts as a link between thousands of overseas (mainly Chinese) clothes and accessories manufacturers and the end customers.

If you look at their website, you will notice that they choose trendy and timeless designs, mainly basic models, emphasizing neutral and boho-inspired colors. Not only are those all pretty trendy items, but they are also easy to combine. It allows you to easily collect a total outfit on the website or even a whole wardrobe of stylish combinable clothes and accessories.

Especially since the prices on Emery Rose’s website are more than affordable, which leads us to another important feature of Emery Rose, it is a mass market store.

Yes, we all know the impact of fast fashion and mass-market brands and how they make us overconsume and contribute to the growing landfills worldwide. We sincerely want to make more sustainable choices and buy from ethical brands. But when you see such a cute trendy top, just like that flicker all over social media, for only $7,49, environmental awareness may fall by the wayside a bit, making the road to fantasies of how cool you will look in this top and how many trendy outfits you can style it into.

So, at the end of the day, Emery Rose is a mass-market e-commerce website aimed at women who want to look stylish and trendy without spending a fortune on their wardrobe.

In other words, it seems like Emery Rose embodies fast fashion and everything it stands for. Trendy items, constantly updating collections, and low prices.

At this point, it may seem that the negative commentary mainly comes from people misunderstanding the whole concept. Let’s be fair; you cannot expect sustainable materials and high-quality manufacture from a 10-dollar dress.

Buying from an e-commerce brand, you cut costs greatly. There are no offline stores, staff, and logistics you inevitably pay for. But simultaneously, it means you will need some patience and should not expect your purchase to arrive the next day. Now that we have set our expectations, let’s explore the website and overall experience.

Emery Rose’s website – is not what you are used to

The website of Emery Rose may look pretty confusing at first glance. There are tons of photos, very good quality photos that make every item look great. And very low prices, which make them look even greater.

It is pretty easy to get overwhelmed with their fashion catalog, special offers, and discount code banners that constantly pop here and there as you browse the website. At the same time, you can hardly find any customers` photos of the purchased items, and the reviews displayed on the website are all 99% positive.

On the one hand, it does look pretty suspicious and even screams “SCAM!” out loud to some experienced online shoppers. But let’s remember that the Company is relatively new and may simply not have enough client base yet.

The main difficulty and downside people are talking about in the reviews is that it may often be hard to make the final check-out. The difficulty once again comes from the fact that you are not actually buying from the brand “Emery Rose” but from numerous overseas brands united at this e-commerce platform under the name “Emery Rose.”

That is why their check-out is still a bit sloppy. You need to ensure that your shipping and billing addresses are the same and jump through several other hoops to finalize your offer. Friendly tip, PayPal is the safest and the easiest way to pay on Emery Rose and other online stores.

Delivery is another controversial topic, usually discussed in the “Emery Rose” reviews. Some say that their package arrived within one week. Others complained that they had to wait for over a month. Once again, we are talking about collecting and shipping items from several overseas suppliers. And, to be fair, the website offers different delivery plans, including the “Express” one, for an additional fee, of course.

Is Emery Rose SHEIN?

The biggest surprise people talk about upon receiving their packages is that some (ok, most) items usually come in SHEIN packages. If you probably had to Google what Emery Rose is, there is no need to introduce you to SHEIN. This e-commerce fast fashion brand might be the “mothership” of online shopping!

Since it was founded in China in 2008, SHEIN has gained massive and sometimes controversial fame. People love it for the opportunity to stay trendy without going broke. Others condemn it for mainly synthetic materials and unethical practices that have been publicized several times during the brand’s existence. But SHEIN’s marketing team does its job, and hardly anyone has ever heard about the brand or would not recognize its signature script.

That is why so many people are surprised when they find SHEIN items in their Emery Rose orders. So, are the two the same thing that goes under different names? Let’s get into it.

Several users of Quora held their own investigation. And here is what they found. Both SHEIN and Emery Rose websites belong to the same hosting platform.

If you have a good photographic memory, you will instantly notice that items often repeat on the Emery Rose and SHEIN websites and sometimes even use the same photos. And, yes, if ordering from Emery Rose, there is a big chance that you will receive a SHEIN item in the signature plastic bag with the famous logo on the tags.

Right now, Emery Rose and SHEIN don’t officially recognize that they are related. Some suspect that Emery Rose and other similar online stores you may see here and there is SHEIN’s attempt to escape bad publicity that has recently accumulated around the brand.

Another opinion is that Emery Rose is a sort of drop-shipping Company that collects images of certain products on their website, then buys them for you and ships them to your house when you make an order.

Final thoughts

Studying reviews is a great way to make informed decisions about your online shopping. However, I noticed that review platforms, such as Sitejabber and Trustpilot, are a powerful tool that helps to manipulate customers’ behavior. That is why so many “pre-paid” reviews on different platforms are meant to improve one brand’s reputation and take another down.

Is it the case with Emery Rose reviews? Could be. After all, the Company is relatively new, and, mathematically speaking, there is not enough data to give any conclusive answers. Let’s say every positive or negative review should be taken with a grain of salt with a consideration of personal experience and expectations that may not have too much with reality.

As for the Emery Rose brand itself, as we have already mentioned, it is a mass-market fast fashion online store with everything that comes with this definition. From the online reviews, it is not one of those websites where you pay and don’t receive anything in the end, which is good news.

Your shopping experience with Emery Rose will probably be the same as with SHEIN and other popular online stores since it looks like they all come from the same mothership.

Emery Rose is a legit online store with real merchandise. The Company’s model is not new and popular among entrepreneurs and customers. And at the end of the day, it is up to you whether to give them a chance. It is the best thing about our modern consumer society.

Another tip to ensure that you will have a pleasant experience when ordering online is to choose a location drop-off is possible. Lately, there have been tens of thousands of customers ripped off by delivery companies. One of them is Evry, aka Hermes. The point is, it is not always the shop’s fault. It can be the shipping company.

I hope this review will help you measure your options better and answer all your questions regarding Emery Rose. If I missed something, please comment below and let us know about your experience.

Emery Rose Reviews What to Know Before Buying

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