Are you looking for a Barefoot Dreams blanket dupe that looks and feels like the real thing but at a fraction of the price? If so, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve compiled a comprehensive guide of 12+ best Barefoot Dreams blanket dupes and where to find them. With our guide, you can enjoy the comfort and coziness of a Barefoot Dreams blanket without breaking your budget.

12 Best Barefoot Dreams Blanket Dupes  
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Barefoot Dreams Blanket is all the rave right now. You’ve probably seen these luxury blankets everywhere, from the average influencer to Kardashians. These blankets are not only trendy but also great for keeping you cozy in the cold season. Their fantastic quality makes them ideal for adding a touch of luxurious sheer to your home.

Origin Story of Barefoot Dreams

 Barefoot Dreams started its journey back in the 1990s, 1994. Annette Cook, the founder of Barefoot Dreams, was inspired by her three sons, Grayson, Chase, and Preston, to make a line of products for kids that came in various soothing colors. Tragically Annette died in 2012 after a brave fight against cancer. Stan, her husband, to preserve the dream of her beloved wife, worked day and night and built Barefoot Dreams into the brand it is today.

Barefoot Dreams blankets are not your typical blankets. These are top-of-the-line luxury blankets meticulously crafted to provide you with the warmest feeling possible. You’ll realize they are worth every penny the moment you touch their fiber.  

Barefoot Dreams Dupe

Barefoot Dreams have plenty of options so that it can fulfill the needs of everyone. But they’re too costly to buy. Spending $180 for a blanket is like breaking the bank for many people. If the price has already put you off, rest assured that there is always a way around it to find some great dupes and feel luxurious at a minimal price.

How Do You Find a Good Barefoot Dreams Dupe?

To choose your favorite blanket, you have to know the basics first. The first you need to make clear is what you need to use the blanket for. There are throws for covering the couch, decorating the bed, or covering yourself when watching tv.

Secondly, the material that the blanket is made of. Barefoot Dreams blankets are usually made of microfiber; therefore, to help you find the best quality dupes, you might also look for those branded as “sherpa blankets.”

While the blankets listed below are great, they might not resemble 100% the original Barefoot dupes. However, they will be a great addition to your home, a budget-friendly housewarming gift, or an opportunity to feel the coziness and comfort of premium blankets.

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Best Barefoot Dreams Blanket Dupes For You

From the variety of blanket dupes available online, we have shortlisted 12 best choices that can be perfect for you; we are confident that you will love these throws since they are the closes alternatives to Barefoot Dreams.

1. Leopard Buttery Blanket

The mesmerizing Leopard Buttery Blanket is now in hot demand. Made of 100% Microfiber Polyester mix. The only drawback of these blankets is that they are so fluffy and soft that you will find it difficult to leave their warmth. So get your leopard buttery blanket before the stock runs out! 

2. Cozy Leopard Print Fleece Blanket

If you are looking for something a little more feminine and make you look apart, this leopard print fleece blanket is the perfect dupe for you.  This blanket can be the real deal you have been searching for all this time. 

3. Bearberry Fuzzy Leopard Knitted Throw Blanket Soft Cozy Warm Microfiber Blanket

The Bearberry Fuzzy Leopard is nearly as good as the genuine Barefoot Dreams Blankets. The resemblance with the original is remarkable, but don’t worry; the only difference between the two is that you can have this beauty for a very reasonable price.

4. GY Luxury Cream Throw Blanket

If you’re shopping on Amazon for a plush throw blanket, consider the GY Luxury Cream Throw Blanket. It’s made from the same ultra-plush polyester microfiber as the rest of the blankets and is available in six distinct colors. You can get four of these at the price of one Barefoot Dreams Blanket. If this isn’t affordable, I don’t know what it will be.

5. Walmart Barefoot Dreams Blanket Dupe

Are you a regular buyer at Walmart/ If so, we have great news: we found a cute plush blanket similar to Barefoot Dreams. The material is, you know, 100 percent polyester like the rest of the blankets.  While it’s not identical to Barefoot Dreams Blankets, it comes with a decent price tag that anyone can afford this rainbow fuff.

6. Soft Sherpa Throw Blanket

This luxury throw is an excellent alternative to the pricey Barefoot Dreams Blankets. Made from faux fur polyester and is offered in a rainbow of five different colors.  Another big plus is that it can be washed in the washing machine at 40°c. This is a fantastic option if you need a range of sizes, as there are two of them available.

7. Teddy Sherpa Barefoot Dreams dupe

This one is a favorite for its thickness yet soft nature. When you use it, you will feel like a fluffy cloud wraps you up. Its size is super generous, made of fleece, and will make a great addition to cover the couch or cover yourself while reading a book or watching tv.

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8. JOOJA Knit Throw Blanket

This blanket is an affordable and great alternative to Barefoot Dreams and shares the same color palette. It’s an excellent choice if you need something cheap that will last a long time. The similarities between this blanket and the Barefoot Dreams are uncanny.

9. Large Barefoot Dreams Blanket Dupe

One of the most affordable yet gorgeous blanket on our list is the. Regarding quality, it might be slightly behind the other mentioned blankets. But this is an excellent option if you are on a tight budget. You can pick the one that suits you from their ten colors. 

10. Cream & Beige High-Quality Soft Tasselled Throw

If you need a simple decor accessory to add a nice touch to any room, this tassel throw will immediately warm the space. It comes with a decent price tag, and the quality is remarkable. Perfect for yourself or a gift, these days when everyone is stretching their budget, you are about to buy a real gem.

11. Sherpa Throw Blanket 

If you’re looking for an equivalent blanket to the Barefoot Dreams brand, this is the closest option. It’s crafted from microfiber cashmere and synthetic sheepskin. These fluffy blankets are reversible and super easy to care for and wash. Available in three different colors, it gives you the freedom to choose a beautiful blanket to match your overall decor.

12.  Threshold Cozy Knit Throw 

Can I tell you a secret? Target might have the blanket that you desire!  Threshold Cozy Knit Throw is available in all targets in eight colors, and customers love it. So, if you’re looking for something luxurious yet reasonably priced, and you don’t mind that it’s a single color without any pattern, this is an excellent option!

Final Thoughts 

I’m not saying the above blankets are better than the Barefoot Dream Blankets. Barefoot Dream is a brand that has been in the game for a long time and has made a good position in the industry. Their blanket quality is top-notch, and meeting the standards is challenging.

However, you can still buy a good quality blanket from a lesser-known brand. We created this list to help individuals searching for a high-quality, reasonably priced blanket. Some wouldn’t think twice about dropping two hundred bucks on a blanket, but most of us search for more cost-effective solutions. Each individual deserves our respect.

Now that you know so much about Barefoot Dreams Brand and the affordable dupes readily available online, choose one. Get a blanket from the list and put one on your sofa to change how it looks!

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