The best blankets to keep you warm during the cold season. These thick heavy warm blankets are the best to keep you cosy during the winter. Cold weather blankets and stuffed toys that will make you sleep like a baby.

We all know how important is a nice and fluffy blanket for winter. Whether you snuggle on the sofa with a cup of tea in your hand and watch TV or need an extra layer to keep you warm at night, the following selection of blankets is from the top-rated sellers.

What’s nicer than snuggling up in front of the tv wrapped in a warm blanket at the end of a hard day? What about hopping into a toasty bed that stays perfectly snug throughout the night? Maybe you just want to wear a blanket around the house for added comfort and warmth – nobody’s judging.

Either way, the right blanket can help you do just that by acting as a barrier against you and the biting cold outside! Even during warmer months, a good blanket can steady our body temperature and help us to sleep better. But blankets aren’t only for keeping you warm and cozy, but are great as a decor element for the cold season.

So, the perfect blanket is worth splurging on. You don’t want to be layering blankets or shivering because it can’t effectively keep the heat in. You deserve to get lost in a world of comfort and warmth without worrying about the cold getting in!

If you are like me with bad circulation and always have cold feet, even in the summer, wrapping up your legs with a wool blanket will indeed adjust the body temperature gradually. Take a look below at some of the top-pick and most highly-reviewed blankets of the year – they won’t let you down!

The best blankets to keep you warm during the cold season:

Luxury merino giant knitted blanket – Buy it here

Stop the cold from creeping in with this lavish chunky knit throw blanket. Made 100% from Merino wool and crafted with “high-quality” in mind, you can be sure you’ll receive the optimal blanket experience – no holds barred (literally.) 

Better yet, its modern boho look is in style at the moment, often starring in top designers’ winter collections this year. So, snap it up and rest easy!

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Rustic basket for blanket storage

This dark-hued basket is made to limit stress and clutter. Just fold up any stray blankets and stack them in here when not in use – voila, a clean house once more!

Arm knitted giant merino blanket Buy it here

Arm knitted giant merino blanket

If you’re prone to cold toes, hands, or any other parts because you can never keep everything inside the blanket – don’t fret. This chunky handmade blanket has got you covered. First of all, it’s larger than most blankets. Check this post for full-length mirrors with led lights.

 Second, it’s especially knitted with 18 Microns wool yarn thread making it warmer and simply better than most other blankets on offer. Plus, its luxurious makeup is designed to work with any interior design look, adding a touch of warmth to any home.

If blankets usually make you itch or cause skin discomfort, you might be pleasantly surprised to discover that this high-end blanket is 100% hypoallergenic!

Crochet macrame blanket Buy it here

Beige crochet blanket. creamy beige afghan - blanket with tassels

It doesn’t get more traditional or reliable than a crocheted afghan throw with tassels to boot. However, did you know that the blankets we might associate with our grandparent’s house are making a comeback? 

Yes, that’s right! Guaranteed warmth never goes out of style. Made with premium acrylic yarn to give it that desirable chunky and substantial feel, this blanket doesn’t lack in any domain. Its milky latte coloring makes for a delightful creamy-beige effect that complements any color it’s paired with!

Pom Pom Blanket – Buy it here

Pom Pom Blanket, Chunky Blanket, Chunky Knit Blanket, Arm Knit Blanket, Pom Pom Throw, Wool Blanket, Merino Wool Blanket, Wool Throw Blanket

Fall in love with this cuddly, fun, and snuggly blanket this year. Seriously, just one look at the chunky layers of this blanket has me wanting to dive in and wrap up!

This wonderful blanket, natural merino wool is carefully weaved to create a silky yet substantial feel. The pompoms are a nice touch, adding a fun and carefree accent to the loveable blanket – precisely what you need for winddown time.

Soft and fluffy alpaca toy – Buy it here

Soft and fluffy alpaca toy

If this fluffy alpaca toy doesn’t keep you warm while sleeping, I don’t know what else can. Whether as a gift or just for ourselves (let’s be real,) this charming young Alpaca is the perfect house guest. Its coat is made 100% from natural wool, obviously picked for its exquisite puffiness.

Soft, fluffy, fun, and unbearably cute – what more could you want!? There’s no gaudiness or cheap look for this cool Alpaca, so snap them up and take them home!

Cold weather blanket – Buy it here

Cold weather blanket

Handmade from top-quality polyester, this blanket just “feels” right. Its lightweight design is crafted with those “not too cold but still cold” days in mind. That’s why its high-fashion look is essential – this blanket will be found in every room of your house on beds, couches, and floors! Get some inspiration for cozy bedroom decors for a good night’s sleep.

Boho Turkish design blanket Buy it here

throw blanket, blanket, handwoven blanket, turkish blanket, throw blanket, red blanket, sofa blanket, throw pillow, boho blanket,boho design

You know that blanket that seems to be in every interior design Pinterest pin? Here it is. This gorgeous blanket is traditionally handwoven using Turkish expertise handed down from generation to generation. 

Whether you opt for the black or red color scheme, one thing is sure – this blanket is made to look gorgeous and would be an asset to any home’s décor.

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Moroccan Pom Pom Bedspread Coverlet – Buy it here

Wool Blanket Throw Pom Pom, Moroccan Pom Pom Bedspread Coverlet, Hand Loomed Bed Cover, Hand Woven by Berber Artisans on Wooden Looms.

If chic and savvy was a blanket, it would look like this. Expert craftsmanship and know-how go into each blanket, showcasing exactly what luxurious Moroccan wool is capable of.

This creamy, minimalistic blanket gives warmth, style, and comfort. Oh, and you’re guaranteed satisfaction from the incredible makers every time!

This wood ladder is the hottest decor for keeping blankets organized. Buy it here

Decorative ladder for blankets. Blankets ladder

Let this Llama Baby Toy keep you warm at night – Buy it here

Llamacorn- Stuffed Llama, Plush Llama, Llama Stuffie, Llama Baby Toy

This happy little “llamacorn” could melt even the hardest of hearts. Handmade by a mama in Washington who wants to keep the world warm and snug, we just can’t leave this llamacorn behind!

The blue-cream plushie brings love and coziness wherever it goes, so why not treat yourself to some toasty cuddles and adopt a llamacorn!

Velvet Blanket – Buy it here

Wheat pattern Lamb velvet Blanket Soft Flannel Sofa wool Fleece Warm Throws

When it’s made from Cashmere, you just know it’s going to be superb. These ultra-comfy cable knit blankets are blessed with practicality and finesse. Seriously, they look so good anywhere that you’d almost be reluctant to use them in case you disturbed the perfect aesthetic.

Despite looking light, these wonderful blankets have a heavy feel creating a somewhat armor effect around anyone who wraps up in one – just dreamy! Oh, and did I mention that they feel irresistibly silky and soft? They are high-quality velvet, after all!

Snuggle up with this adorable llama stuffed toy – Buy it here

Alpaca plush toy for boho nursery decor

A lot of love goes into every yarn loop that makes these charming llama toys, and it shows! They’re clearly shown a lot of care (look at that wonderful detail!) before being shipped off to be cared for by you. Of course, they’ll thank you with plenty of warmth, snuggles, and by simply being incredibly cute.

Throw blanket – Buy it here

Invite warmth into your home and add a touch of elegance to your décor by picking up one of these practical delights.

Offered in a range of blue hues and striking white, this handwoven Turkish blanket is decidedly boho yet high-fashion. And if the reviews are right, it’s also incredibly soft to the touch, silky, and oh-so-perfectly warm. Is it on your “must-have” list now? Mine too!

Pure Wool Blanket – Buy it here

Pure Wool Blanket Wool Throw Natural Sheep Wool Warm Blanket Wool Plaid Woolen Blanket Living Area Rug

This gorgeous wool blanket says, “sitting next to the fire in a rustic log cabin after a long day of skiing.” It brings yule logs, cinnamon, and other wintery delights to mind.

Made 100% from sheep wool sourced from free-roaming sheep in the Carpathian mountains, this blanket is weaved to be durable, lightweight, breathable, and warm with just that extra hint of special. Oh, and don’t worry! The sheep are well taken care of.

White fluffy blanket – Buy it here

white fluffy blanket for cold season. The best blankets to keep you warm during the cold season

Perfect for keeping you warm by the fire on those freezing cold nights, this blanket is entirely plush, soft, and delightfully comfortable. Its vast size makes it perfect for fitting more than one person under it, so huddle up and get toasty together!

When not in use, simply throw it over the couch or bed and watch it blend effortlessly into its surroundings – it’s an asset to every room’s décor.

Crochet giraffe large stuffed toy – Buy it here

Crochet giraffe Amigurumi toy large stuffed animal Plush giraffe Nursery decor for baby boy girl children personalized

This handsome guy is made cruelty-free and in a toxin-free environment. Moreover, they’re entirely handmade and personalized.

Naturally, their adorableness is due to the fact that their design is perfectly executed every time and their organic materials! So, why not snap one up and have the most comfortable and cuddly night’s sleep imaginable?

Chunky Crochet Throw Blanket – Buy it here


Whether just for decoration or for wrapping up against the biting cold, this chunky crochet blanket has you covered. Its made-with-care look adds to its already luxurious accent and irresistible softness.

In short, this blanket is every home bug’s dream come true. Also, its minimalistic look paired with high-quality materials makes it the perfect snug gift for anyone in your life this year!

Complete the decor with a decorative farmhouse Rustic ladder for blankets – Buy it here

Decorative farmhouse Rustic ladder for blankets

Now that you’ve either bought or thought of buying every blanket on this list – you’re going to need somewhere to put them. Luckily for you, this handmade pinewood ladder is sturdy enough to hold fast against any heavy weights placed on it! You might like to check out these bar cart styling ideas.

Moreover, its weathered and natural look gives a rustic feel to any room. Perfect for toning down ultra-modern rooms by adding a touch of the outdoors or enhancing farmhouse décor – this ladder has range! 

Fluffy blanket for sofa – Buy it here

Fluffy blanket for sofa

Some might argue that this lavish Merino wool blanket is oversized; I say it’s perfect for those freezing days when you need to wraparounds! Seriously, this blanket is so thick, chunky, and “full” that you’ll never need to layer.

Also, it looks fantastic. Its soft accent blends effortlessly into any surrounding décor and even enhances it with a touch of all things boho.

The best blankets to keep you warm during the cold season

This year, when hunting down the best blanket for you, be sure to treat yourself. You deserve to enjoy the finer things in life and not have to waste time layering or buying new blankets every few months.

By splurging just once, you can be guaranteed to receive a blanket that’ll go the distance. And a blanket is a life, not just for winter, after all! So, be nice to you this cold season and give yourself the gift of limitless warmth!

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