The best aromatherapy candles for stress relief and anxiety. Do you feel anxious or stressed and need help managing or removing these toxic emotions? We have a solution for you. I researched the best-scented candles for anxiety and stress relief to help you cope with your feelings easily and by healing naturally.

The best aromatherapy candles for stress relief. The best scented candles for meditation and anxiety relief. Meditation candles and crystals.

Stress has always been the main factor for all health problems. Certain situations in life can affect you emotionally, a fact that can lead to depression and anxiety.

The way people respond to stress is very different. Others are turning to addictions such as smoking, pills, and alcohol, while others are dealing with eating disorders, struggling to sleep at night, isolate themselves from family and friends. In the worst cases, some individuals have suicidal thoughts.

There is another group of people who choose to fight stress with natural methods, and one of the best options is aromatherapy.

The best aromatherapy candles for stress relief

Aromatherapy is very popular when it comes to dealing with stress. You can learn more about how aromatherapy will improve your health from this gov article.

There are multiple strategies to help you manage stress, and some of them are listed below:

  • Learn to say no
  • Avoid people that stress you
  • Avoid setting extreme goals
  • Learn to express your feelings, verbal and physical ( don’t be afraid to hug someone you care about)
  • Create a pleasant environment, around the house and at your job
  • Try not to have high expectations from others
  • Free yourself from negative energy by forgiving and moving on
  • Make time for relaxation and fun. Nurture yourself by doing something that you enjoy. Listen your favorite music and light some aromatherapy candles.

Music is believed to have a profound effect on your body and psyche. Music therapy is used to help with pain management and depression, promote movement and calmness, and ease muscle tension. On the other hand, aromatherapy candles are also beneficial by helping you alleviate different health issues like sinus infections, colds, and nausea.

Scented candles make a great addition to the interior decor and will create a warm and inviting atmosphere anywhere you place them. Check this post for decorative candles for housewarming. You will find many varieties, from Nordic candles to boho, rustic, and traditional beeswax tapered candles.

I strongly suggest trying some of the candles listed further in this article, and I’m sure they will give you a wonderful feeling the minute you start to smell the scent. Remember not to continuously burn the candle for more than 4 hours and keep it out of reach from pets, kids, and other things that can cause a hazardous situation.

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Lavender scented candle – Buy it here


Lavender is the queen of plants that helps to relax and improve your sleep. Fatigue, depression, and even headache are believed to be relieved by using lavender essential oils. You can use lavender either in bath salt or lit a candle for a few minutes. Some people even like keeping a lavender-scented candle beside the bed stand. The fragrance will spread across the room, making it easier to fall asleep in a relaxing ambiance.

Eucalyptus scented candle – Buy it here

Eucalyptus scented candle for anxiety

People use eucalyptus oil to relieve colds, sinus infections, or allergies. Many people use eucalyptus essential oil as a decongestant, and some believe it has energizing effects. When so many vouches for the properties of this fragrance, is hard to argue that it has healing properties. Therefore, you might want to add it to your favorite scented candle list next time when you shopping.

Chamomile scented candle – Buy it here

camomile scented candle for stress relief

Camomile essential oil helps soothe and relax when feeling stressed. For a good night’s sleep and to reduce stress, you can light a camomile-scented candle for a few minutes and play some relaxing music in the background. Create your own sanctuary!

Organic coconut candle for relaxing meditation – Buy here

Organic coconut candle for relaxing meditation

Although the coconut scent is not well known for easing stress and anxiety, the coconut fragrance, in general, is sweet and delicious and will surely make you feel better after a few minutes of burning the candle.

Bergamot scented candle – Buy it here

Vanilla and bergamot aromatherapy candle for meditation. Calming candles for meditation

Bergamot is known for its antidepressant and calming effects. If you struggle with insomnia, burn this candle before bedtime and make sure you blow it off before you fall asleep. Smell has magical powers that can change the mood instantly, so why not fall asleep surrounded by a delicious fragrance.

Healing Candles – Buy it here

mood changing candle. healing candles

Ylang Ylang – Buy it here

Calming candles for meditation.

 Ylang Ylang essential oil soothes the mind, calms the nervous system, and reduces mental fatigue. This aromatic oil is perfect for lifting up the senses with its relaxing aroma. In Europe and worldwide, psychotherapists use ylang-ylang oil to cure insomnia, nervous tension, and depression.

Ylang Ylang perfume spreads a positive vibe and inspires both genders, women and men, and is proven to have aphrodisiac effects. Next time you plan a romantic night, light a few perfumed candles to help improve the mood for you and your partner.

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Relax with blackcurrant and rose fragranced candle – Buy it here

blackcurrant and rose fragranced candle from melton brown london

This luxuriant single-wick scented candle has intriguing notes of sweet blackcurrant, deep rose, and black patchouli. These classic scents are renowned for their relaxing properties but also for giving a positive vibe.

Sandalwood aromatherapy candle – Buy it here

sandalwood and amber aromatherapy candle

After a hard day, all you need sometimes is to relax. Therefore, a sandalwood candle is a great option to create your home spa. The rustic design of this scented candle will add a warm and cozy vibe to your home, no matter where you place it. It makes beautiful decor on any farmhouse kitchen counter. Besides, it helps to remove the cooking smell if burned for a few hours.

Frankincense and scented myrrh candle for anxiety relief – Buy it here

Frankincense and myrrh scented candle

The oldest fragrances in history are frankincense and myrrh. This candle has been created to help you relax and banish stress. The combination of frankincense and myrrh ensures ultimate relaxation, while the soy candle can burn for up to 50 hours.

Vanilla and cardamom scented candle for stress relief – Buy it here

Vanilla and cardamom scented candle for anxiety and stress

Vanilla fragrance has superb effects when you struggle with stress. When you feel anxious or have a low mood try to alleviate all these symptoms naturally. Essential oils like vanilla and Cardamom are known for their uplifting and energizing properties. I personally love the vanilla-scented candles that make my home smell delicious. If you are still in doubt, you have to try them.

Go for a pack of four aromatherapy candles – Buy it here

pack of four candles that comes with fragrances like Rose, Lavender, Lemon and fresh Mediterranean.

If you like trying different fragrances, choose this four-pack with Rose, Lavender, Lemon, and fresh Mediterranean aromas. The design and scent of these beautiful candles make them perfect for when you practice mindfulness and yoga. Fragranced candles are perfect for creating a spa ambiance at home. Besides, they make a stunning décor that spreads perfume in every room you place them.

Warm spices scented candle – Buy it here

Warm spices scented candle

Aromatherapy candles, when correctly selected, add fragrance to the room and help ease and uplift a person’s spirit immediately.

Choose your scent from 5 different fragrance candles for stress and anxiety relief – Buy it here

Choose your scent from 5 different fragrance candles for stress and anxiety relief

When you cannot decide which aromatherapy candle to buy, go for a bundle of five, such as the one listed above. Not only will you have the chance to test each scented candle, but you can use them as decor accessories on the coffee table, on the kitchen counter, or bathroom.

Patchouli & Bergamot Ceramic Jar 3-Wick Candle – Buy it here

Debossed Ceramic Jar 3-Wick Candle

Candles have been used since the Roman Times as a torch in principle. The scented candles found their uses by the Chinese when they started the experiment with incense sticks dipped into the wax to add a lovely aroma. Later on, particular fragrances were used in religious rituals, and in the last two decades, scented candles have become widely spread, more like a fashion trend.

Final words

Aromatherapy has been used for healing for many years. The outcome is the same whether you play with scents using only fragrance oils or candles. Still, the extra feature of aromatherapy candles is that they make a beautiful and relaxing decor when placed in your meditation space.

I hope you like these aromatherapy candles for stress relief, and if you enjoyed this post, please share it on social media for future reference. You never know when you will need this list again.

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