Best indoor house plants for stress & anxiety relief. Plants are very important in Feng Shui and are proven to impact your mood more than you might think. Discover the best plants for mental health and stress relief.

Best indoor house plants for stress & anxiety relief

Not many plant-buyers would readily admit that they bought their plant for its health benefits. The aesthetic, scent, and even “vibe” usually come first and foremost.

But more than ever, houseplants are becoming known as in-house therapists for both the body and mind. A whole range of unsuspecting plants has been recognized for their ability as air purifiers, mood boosters, and all-around well-being enhancers.

Some say that it’s the process of caring for a plant that does them good, others say it’s the fresh air they provide, and some even just gain satisfaction from being surrounded by them.

Best indoor house plants for stress & anxiety relief

Either way, air pollution is believed to be 3 times higher indoors than outdoors, and stress levels are higher than ever. We need plants! So, welcome less stressful, down, or gloomy days into your life and invite a helpful houseplant into your home. Here you can discover some awesome ways to create an indoor garden and upgrade your space while enjoying the healthy benefits of indoor plants.

Not sure which ones are the best? Don’t fret, we’ve got them listed for you below! Let’s take a look.

Aloe Vera plant for stress & anxiety relief

Aloe vera benefits for mental health

You’ve very likely heard about this 2 for 1 deal plant before. Many of its most therapeutic components are used in ointments or medicinal creams used to soothe rashes, cuts, and other skin ailments. You’ve probably even seen it used in moisture-locking shampoos.

However, despite any substantial scientific evidence for Aloe Vera’s healing properties, the plant has been used as a remedy for thousands of years. There are even claims that Chronic and uncurable skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema have been remedied by applying Aloe Vera to the skin.

While calming bodily inflammation, it’s also believed that Aloe Vera is capable of soothing any inflammation of the mind as well. Aloe Vera owner often claims that they feel calmer, less stressed, and anxious due to their new house guest!

It’s the clear, gel-like gooey substance in the plant’s interior that’s extracted for its medicinal properties. This is also where the second part of the deal lies. It’s here on the inside of the plant that the gel absorbs formaldehyde – that pesky stuff that floats about in our homes and damages our airways.

Despite being an air-purifying powerhouse and in-house doctor, Aloe Vera is remarkably low maintenance. All it requires is to be kept in a sunny location (window sill) and to be watered every three weeks – simple.

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Golden Pothos plant for mental health

Golden Pothos plant for mental health

Pothos plants are well-known fighters. In fact, many green thumbs refer to them as immortal plant. Light or dark, well-watered or dry – this plant will survive.

Don’t worry about placing it in a dark corner; if you’re in an apartment or have a window sill that barely gets any sun, your Pothos will do just fine. All it needs is watering once its soil dries up again (every two weeks or so), and it’s ready to work!

And it certainly works. While not great at filtering formaldehyde from the air like Aloe Vera, the Golden Pothos purifies the air of practically every other toxic chemical. Benzene and trichloromethyl are two of their favorites. And, get this, it even has the seal of approval from NASA, who have verified its cleansing properties in their ‘Clean Air Report.’

And when we’re surrounded by clean, fresh air, we tend to feel reenergized and revitalized – we feel more like ourselves. So, believe it or not, this gold-lined houseplant can give you a new lease on life!

Warning: the Golden Pothos contains a toxic compound that’s harmless to humans but can prove dangerous to cats and dogs. Keep the plant well out of reach.

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Garden Mums indoor plants for stress relief

Garden Mums indoor plants for stress relief

If you’re looking to add a splash of color to your abode alongside fresher air – Garden mums are for you. This flowering plant blossoms with fiery red and soft orange flowers whose petals rarely wilt. Plus, all they demand is that they are placed near a window and watered when their soil is dry to the touch – easy.

And they’re all business when it comes to purifying your home’s air. They deftly remove ammonia, formaldehyde, benzene, and xylene (the stuff in the paint stripper) from the air. This barely leaves anything behind, but fresh, clean O2 and nitrogen – all your lungs need to thrive!

And when our lungs thrive, we tend to thrive overall too. There’s just something about fresher air that gives us that much-needed pick-me-up! And when our surroundings look greener – all the better. Bringing a little nature indoors can go a long way. Besides, it helps us live a more eco-conscious life at home.

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Spider Plant

Spider plant benefits for dealing with anxiety and stress

The Spider Plant has a habit of looking good no matter how hard it’s working behind the scenes to make your home a safer place to live. It’s one of those plants that you see in those perfect home décor images from interior design magazines. It’s beyond trendy – it’s stylish.

So, by introducing one of these plants to the sunnier parts of your home, you’re guaranteed a picture-perfect finish. And they’re not a thirsty plant either; you can forget about them for a whole week before they need any hydration.

If you struggle with staying indoors for long days, this plant brings the outside to you! So, just take a look at it, water it gently, and feel that wave of relief and calm wash over you.

But here’s the kicker. If you or any of your family suffer from asthma or other lung issues, the Spider Plant is here to help. After putting the Spider Plant’s abilities to the test, NASA verified that it can remove 95% of formaldehyde from a formaldehyde-filled room in 24 hours.

That’s incredibly impressive. In fact, they even won out in front of multiple other houseplants that had been tested. In short – they are the champion houseplant. And we all know that when we’re sure of our health, we’re a lot less stressed!

Lavender one of the best indoor plants for anxiety relief

Lavender one of the best indoor plants for anxiety relief

For thousands of years now, the soothing scents emitted by Lavender have been used in aromatherapy. Old wives’ tales about Lavender sprigs under pillows curing insomnia or Lavender plants reducing stress and frustration has been passed down from generation to generation.

The gentle and pleasant aroma has scientifically proven stress-relieving mental benefits that can even improve bodily pains. So much so that you’ll find it used in several calming spa products or therapeutic creams.

Placing a lavender plant in your bedroom, even just catching a whiff of it before bed, could send you straight to sleep. Or, in any room where you’d like to soothe your restlessness, anxiety, or stress – that’s where Lavender belongs. It even helps repel mosquitos and other bugs.

And don’t worry, all this comforting plant needs is some sun and watering when dry.

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English Ivy is one of the best indoor plants for mental health

English Ivy one of the best indoor plants for mental health

Asthma, Bronchitis, inflammation, and arthritis are just some of the conditions that English Ivy is known to treat. In fact, the Huffington Post even has it down as the superior houseplant that trumps the others due to its deep-reaching health benefits.

They even tout the English Ivy’s ability to maintain zen within a room that leads to peaceful and soothing vibes – exactly what we want.

To achieve it, all the English Ivy has to do is suck in toxic compounds (notably the dreaded formaldehyde) from its surroundings – something it’s very good at. Plus, it’s believed to be one of the best houseplants for those sensitive to smoke and other particles In the air.

And here’s the best part, if you’re worried about mold, it’s time to forget about it. English Ivy has been proven to remove 94% of mold particles from its surrounding air that can trigger allergies and lead to devastating respiratory conditions – things that can stress us out beyond belief!

This health-boosting plant is strong. Able to survive in cold or warm climates, sunny or dark places, and even without water for a week – they’re the ideal house guest.

Boston Fern another houseplant for stress and anxiety relief

Boston Fern

Did you know that dry air can worsen a range of health issues such as respiratory conditions, sore throats, dry eyes, and skin problems? It can even just make your lips chap or speed up the skin aging process. Plus, it can leave us feeling groggy, stressed, and bunged down.

Well, the Boston Fern (and all Ferns) are here to save you from that nightmare! With their unparalleled ability to retain moisture, ferns have one of the highest moisture contents of any houseplant.

By slowly emitting water particles into the air, ferns can give your air the humidifying boost it needs! Better yet, they do it all without dampening furniture or walls, which could lead to mold.

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Peace lily plants for stress relief

Peace lily plants for stress relief

Peace Lilies are gorgeous. There’s no denying that. Before they’ve even had a chance to freshen your air, they’ve already spruced up the room. And they’re one of the only plants that are not afraid to bloom indoors. So, you’ll get to see it in all of its seasonal glory.

If you’re worried about the chemicals or toxic compounds you’re regularly burning in your home, fret no more! The peace lily can effectively wick benzene, formaldehyde, and other harsh chemicals from the air. Whether it be cleaning, hair, skin, or any other chemical-based product, this house plant will neutralize them naturally.

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Peace Lilies are true to their name. They offer the peace of mind that good health brings with it and help to reduce anxious or stressful thoughts. Also, it’s certainly worth noting that this powerful houseplant will prevent mold from forming around the home due to its moisture-wicking abilities.

The Peace Lily feels its best when it’s placed in indirect light near a window. It’s recommended that you water its soil only when dry and avoid any over-watering.

Philodendron for anxiety relief

Philodendron for anxiety relief

These giant, glossy leaves act as a vacuum, sucking pollutants from the air and increasing a room’s oxygen levels. What this means is that you can wave goodbye to any lingering coughs, sneeze attacks, or aggravate respiratory conditions.

Moreover, increased oxygen levels can even lead to a boost in mental functionality, which can help stave off stress, anxiety, and frustration while boosting energy levels!

Plus, it’s also been noted that Philodendrons are adept at capturing dust from their environment on their leaves. This might mean you need to give them a slight dusting or wipe down every now and then, but at least that gunk isn’t in your lungs or messing up your zen.

Since Philodendrons are epiphytes, plants that mainly extract nutrients from the air and not soil, all you need to do is keep their soil moist. It should suffice to lightly water them every one-two weeks while keeping them in indirect sun. A shaded spot in a sunny room is where they’re at their best.

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Final words

So, why not welcome one of these mighty green guests into your home and feel the positive mental health effects? They can help us to steadily improve our well-being over time just by being there and doing what they do. They look good, clear our air, and need us to care for them. In short, we all need a houseplant!

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Best plants for mental health
Best indoor plants for stress and anxiety
Lavender one of the best indoor plants for stress relief

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