Indoor vertical garden design ideas. Wall garden indoor decor ideas for futuristic homes. Indoor vertical garden planter to grow herbs and eat healthy all year round. Vertical indoor hydroponics garden system.

Indoor vertical garden design ideas

Best indoor vertical garden design ideas and planters

Plants add a distinct touch to any décor. Whether we talking about flowers or vegetables, an indoor vertical garden adds a touch of whim and lively artwork to our homes. Besides, plants have multiple benefits for our health and help us breathe fresh air 24 hours a day.

There are multiple reasons for setting up an indoor vertical garden. Perhaps you want to transform the overall design of your home and create a lovely ambiance surrounded by green-preserved moss walls. Or you simply have no space outdoors and want to eat organic vegetables produced by your own hands.

Either way, you must arm yourself with the best knowledge and tools to create a practical indoor garden. This article will introduce you to some of the best indoor vertical garden design ideas and hydroponics kits to grow your own herbs and enjoy fresh vegetable salads in the middle of the winter.

How to start an indoor garden at home

To start a garden at your home is simpler than you might think. You can experience it first with small herb pots, the easiest and cheapest method. Once you learn the basics of indoor gardening, you can buy a Hydroponics growing system with grow light and enjoy fresh vegetables daily.

A good place to make a vegetable garden indoors is the conservatory, which is very popular in the UK, (see image below), or greenhouse. Still, these are feasible options only if you live in a house with a garden.

English style conservatory for growing plants and creating a relaxing indoor space
English style conservatory for growing plants and for creating a relaxing indoor space

If you live in a house with no garden, the balcony is another option, even for urban apartments. If none of these applies to you, you can make the most of your space and build a vertical wall garden with recycled materials such as wood pallets, floating macrame hanging pots placed in the windows, or hanged from a wooden ladder.

In this article, you will find multiple indoor vertical garden design ideas to make the most out of your space.

Indoor vertical garden design ideas

When deciding to start an indoor garden, you have to consider the most practical options that won’t damage the property in any way. Before you jump to buy any wall planters, you need to know which plants are best suitable to grow indoors.

If you wonder what the best vegetables to grow indoors are, you are lucky, especially if you are a vegetarian.

Best vegetables to grow indoors

You can grow the following vegetables indoors: lettuce, peppers, scallions, peas, radishes, onions, tomatoes, microgreens, mushrooms, carrots, olive trees, basil, parsley, thyme, mint, rosemary, dill, chives, potatoes, spinach.

Best fruits to grow indoors

As for fruits, the list is a bit limited; but still, the joy of producing organic fruits gives you enormous satisfaction and wisdom to become self-sufficient in case of a food shortage might happen.

The best fruits to grow indoors are strawberries, mandarin oranges, lemons, cherries, and nectarine.

Not everyone plans to grow vegetables and fruits indoors, some love a beautiful garden to display their favorite plants. Also, you need to know which plants are suitable for growing indoors before you plan to decorate your home.

Some of the most popular indoor plants are Bromeliad, Pothos, Bonsai, Snake, Jade, Sword Ferns, Dragon Trees, Orchids, and Decorative Moss.

The idea of growing your own fruits and vegetables indoors sounds wonderful, but there are many factors to consider before you dive into this lucrative hobby. Watering the plants and ventilation plays a vital role when starting indoor gardening and the light.

Everyone knows a thing or two about plants, even by watching YouTube videos, you can learn the basics of indoor gardening. Now that you know what plants and vegetables are best to grow indoors, you can explore the following indoor vertical garden design ideas to get some inspiration for how you want your garden to look.

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Two Tier Bamboo Shelf Indoor Garden with LED Grow Lights – Buy it here

two tier bamboo shelf indoor garden with led grow lights

Choosing a bamboo shelf with LED garden incorporated is one of the most practical indoor vertical garden ideas. You not only create a lovely ambiance in the kitchen, but you have the ability to become self-sufficient by growing your own vegetables.

Wood indoor herb planter with led light – Buy it here

wood indoor herb planter with led light

A simple vertical garden idea that can be used indoors and outdoors. The wood creates a warm atmosphere, while your herb will thrive indoors all year round. Place the TV on top of the surface, or, why not, another identical wood herb planter, to double the production of herbs. Perhaps, you can even start selling fresh vegetables to your neighbors.

Indoor vertical garden systems with lights – Buy it here

indoor vertical garden systems with lights

For those who like simple, bold interior decor, this indoor vertical garden with led lights can be a great investment. Seeing your vegetables and flowers growing indoors while you read and do the household work is incredibly satisfying and rewarding.

Hexagon shelves for indoor plants – Buy it here

Hexagon shelves for indoor plants

Vertical gardens come in many different sizes and shapes. Taking advantage of the walls is the priority when starting an indoor garden. Choose the walls where natural light reaches all day long and if necessary, place a few mirrors strategically to reflect the sun rays inside.

Window Plant Shelf – Buy it here

window plant shelf

A simple and minimalist idea to grow herbs and plants indoors is to offer them as much natural light as possible. Placing a plant shelf in the window will speed up the process of plant growth, but a huge disadvantage is that the plant shelves block the light from coming indoors.

Think wisely when opting for this kind of vertical garden, as it will prevent the light from reaching other plants that you have indoors.

Modern apartment vertical garden design

modern apartment vertical garden design
image credit @rpguimaraes.fotografia

You can request a custom-made order from this Etsy US seller to have it done with a similar room divider. Save this picture and show it to the seller to create something according to your size.

Careful consideration of materials and their placement for a vertical indoor garden can transform your space into something truly amazing. The warm customized wood panel is a clever room divider for separating the lounge area from the rest of the home, while the space in between is serving as plant pots without cluttering the room in any way.

Kitchen wall mounted herbs growing pots – Buy it here

kitchen wall mounted herbs growing pots

Possible one of the easiest DIY indoor vertical garden design ideas for a small budget. Gather a few empty jars, buy mini metal buckets and timber planks, plant the seeds, and watch your herbs thrive. This idea is lovely for rustic farmhouse decor and will look fabulous for outdoor gardens too.

Rattan plant hanger – Buy it here

Rattan plant hanger

Place a few rattan plant hangers around and let the plants do their magic to make a spectacular view right at the entrance. The vibrant green plants will create a welcoming ambiance without being necessary to place any other wall decorations or clutter the space with furniture pieces.

Vertical Hydroponic indoor herbs growing system – Buy it here

vertical hydroponic indoor herbs growing system

Hydroponic gardens are a type of hydroculture that implies growing plants and crops without soil. The hydroponic gardens use mineral nutrient solutions in an aqueous solvent. Source: wikipedia

Vertical Hydroponic indoor herbs growing system is a smart way to grow your favorite flowers, plants, and vegetables indoors with minimal work. Great for small apartments, vertical hydroponic garden systems come in various sizes and designs and allow you to grow fresh vegetables without dealing with soil and dirt material.

Preserved Moss Wall Artwork with LED lights – Buy it here

Preserved moss wall artwork with led lights

Moss is a prehistoric plant at the border between water and land. Strangely mosses are undervalued even though they are the first plant spread across dry land. Moss grows worldwide and is one of the few plants that can bounce back from any calamity.

You probably noticed small patches of green moss growing sparingly around the windows, abandoned buildings, trees, and even car windows. Interestingly the moss is not reproducing by flowering like other plants but by spreading its spores, a process called Bryophytes.

The best thing about mosses is that once removed from their original place, they can thrive again anywhere as long as is shadow and water. Recently moss has been introduced into the interior design world, and decorating the walls entirely with live moss is the ultimate interior trend.

From commercial premises like coffee shops, restaurants, or spas, to personal homes, mosses are slowly getting recognition. Interior designers have turned live moss into authentic pieces of art. Following this trend are the small artisans who quickly started to materialize this unusual wall gallery by creating small or large framed wall art for decorating your home.

Taking care of a live moss wall is relatively simple. You need to spray it with water and keep it out of direct sunlight, which will do exceptionally well as an indoor vertical garden.

Rustic distressed wall mounted ladder with shelves – Buy it here

rustic distressed wall mounted ladder with shelves

Have a small space but want to grow a few plants to envigorate the space? Try a wooded ladder with shelves and place a few ceramic vases and decorative candles to create a stylish retro decor.

Handmade indoor vertical herbs planter

handmade indoor vertical herbs planter

Making your own indoor herb garden is a cool idea to save money and spoil your creative side. With a black-painted wood panel and two steel gutters, you can create a practical farmhouse vertical garden without having special skills.

Simple herbs garden for balcony – Click here for hanging chairs for indoor and outdoor

simple herbs garden for balcony

Don’t waste space on the balcony by keeping the walls empty. The above image is a great example of a vertical garden that many don’t take advantage of and are wasting precious space without knowing.

The green plants add a livable vibe to any space. Plant some aromatic herbs like basil, peppermint, or even flowers to enjoy the earthy smell while lounging in your swing chair while reading a book.

Simple indoor vertical garden idea for growing herbs all year round

simple indoor vertical garden idea for growing herbs all year round

Another beautiful wooded ladder that has been repurposed into a vertical garden. Whether you make the wooden ladder yourself or buy it directly, choose metal tin planters to add a special charm to this garden setup.

One of the main advantages of this indoor farmhouse vertical garden is that it can be mobile and effortlessly moved in any part of the house. Place it on the balcony, entrance, or patio, and the overall decor will transform dramatically.

DIY indoor wall vertical garden

diy indoor wall vertical garden
image credit

Getting serious about starting indoor gardening can be challenging and a project that sometimes requires some investment. To avoid making mistakes that have consequences on your budget and the overall project is best to hire a carpentry company specializing in bespoke wooden furniture.

It might cost you from a few hundred to a few thousand, but fixing wooden plant shelves like those in the above image is well worth it. Nonetheless, if you are highly ambitious and want to carry on this project yourself, measure everything properly and secure the wooden vertical garden properly to avoid incidents.

Urban Indoor tower garden for apartments

Urban Indoor tower garden for apartments

Yet another smart tower garden that can be placed almost anywhere. The futuristic shape of this urban garden seems unusual, but it carries a system that minimizes the mess plants can create.

Indoor Vertical garden idea for balcony

vertical garden idea for balcony
image source

An elegant garden for the balcony makes this tiny space urban space look and feels ultra-modern. Green plants placed against the off-black wall color, making them pop and adding a unique nordic design.

Indoor vertical garden wall mounted made with wood pallets – Buy here wood pallets

indoor vertical garden wall mounted made with wood pallets

One of the best budget-friendly indoor garden ideas is to upcycle wood pallets. You can find wood pallets at any local recycling point, or you can buy directly from bespoke furniture artisans. Al, you have to do is fix them against the wall and plant the seeds for your crops.

Wall-mounted metal ladder indoor vertical garden idea – Available on etsy

Wall mounted metal ladder indoor vertical garden idea

Simple, minimalist vertical garden, but versatile enough to hang multiple macrame planters. Mix short and tall plants to maximize the efficiency of this metal ladder, but also to create an aesthetic wall decor.

Indoor Hydroponic herbs growing system with LED light started kit – Buy it here

indoor hydroponic herbs growing system with led light started kit

These lovely Hydroponic herbs growing systems with LED light are the future of urban gardening. They can be placed directly on the kitchen counter or windows, and the system will do its job while you enjoy fresh vegetables in the middle of the winter.

Modern slatted planter for indoor and outdoor vertical gardens – Buy it here

modern slatted planter for indoor and outdoor vertical gardens

Creating an indoor garden doesn’t have to compromise the overall decor. Choosing the plant stands carefully, can upgrade the space, while green plants can make you feel relaxed and re-energized at the same time.

Indoor garden wall planter for small spaces – Buy it here

indoor garden wall planter for small spaces

For tenants, having a small indoor garden can only be a dream. However, indoor gardens are not necessarily requiring large spaces. Even a tiny corner in the kitchen or living room can allow you to grow fresh parsley or bell peppers.

Another solution is to use the ceiling and attach the wooden planters with secure hooks. Some homes are built with high ceilings, therefore is a cool idea to use that extra space and produce your own vegetables. Most likely, your landlord won’t be bothered if you make a few tweaks and changes in the property, but ask for permission first.

Living room indoor garden ideas

living room indoor garden ideas

For those who love everything luxury, you can choose a tropical indoor garden for your living room. Boston fern is a cool plant for recreating the walled garden illustrated above.  The main important thing when having an indoor garden is to check humidity and temperature level, but that won’t be an issue with smart technology control nowadays.

Small wall-mounted indoor planter – Buy it here

small wall mounted indoor planter

A simple Scandinavian wall planter that will brighten up the entire room. The green plants sitting pretty in the white pots give you the feeling that they are smiling. Without looking a second time, it urges you to start gardening immediately. With such a beautiful indoor vertical garden design idea is almost impossible to fail in your gardening adventure.

6 Tier Wooden Plant Stand indoor garden – Buy it here

6 tier wooden plant stand indoor garden

Wood plant stands are cheap and easy to place around the house. A more traditional way to start a gardening adventure without diving into expensive herb-growing kits or wall-mounted shelves.

Farmhouse ceiling hanging ladder for attaching plant pots indoor and outdoor – Buy it here

farmhouse ceiling hanging ladder for attaching plant pots indoor and outdoor

A wooden ladder can serve multiple purposes, but from this article, you already saw a few ideas for indoor gardening. What you haven’t seen yet is this cool idea to maximize the length of a ladder by hanging it on the ceiling along with plant pots.

Attaching the ladder from the ceiling will give you plenty of space to grow enough flowers and vegetables indoors, more than you need.


This indoor gardening idea will work perfectly in the loft/attic. Don’t let that space sit stuffed with items you barely use; turn it into a self-sustaining vegetable garden.

Seed Pantry Grow Pod with grow Pack – Buy it here

seed pantry grow pod two with grow pack

Click and grow is not a Sci-fi story. The technology to grow fresh herbs is right here and is just starting to become popular, especially now when inflation is historically high, and food prices are increasing every month.

Growing your own herbs and vegetables does not serve only vegan people but those who want to take action and calculate their options in food shortage.

Indoor vertical garden design ideas

The garden herbs growing kit listed above is viable for planting and growing the herbs and then moving the plants into large pots. Even though the kit comes with an app and wi-fi connection to your phone, is not enable you to turn the led light on and off or water the plants with a button.

Perhaps in the near future, these features will be implemented in the click-and-grow smart garden pods; meanwhile, enjoy experimenting with this device until you perfect the art of gardening. If you decide to capture pictures for your gardening blog, you may need to contact a photo editing company to enhance them before uploading them online.

Small indoor vegetable garden idea

Small indoor vegetable garden idea

Combining wall-mounted wood planters with potted trees creates a harmonious Southern Californian-style decor. Flowers or herbs can be planted on the vertical wall garden, while a potted olive tree will add a neat and relaxing boho style to the overall room.

Handcrafted felt planter – Buy it here

handcrafted felt planter

When starting indoor gardening, you have to consider options where your pet won’t be able to reach the plant shelves. Leaving 1,5 meters from the floor should keep your furry from reaching your crops.

Having a cat is a different scenario, and most likely, you won’t be able to grow herbs or plants indoors without your cat climbing around and ruining your plants. Consider a particular room dedicated especially to indoor gardening if you have a cat; otherwise is not worth investing in this hobby. Follow these effective tips to stop your cat from destroying your plants.

Best-selling country indoor wall planter – Buy it here

best selling country indoor wall planter

We’ve listed above a similar garden with a different layout. The more indoor gardening ideas you have, the better the chances to create your own.

Beautiful vertical garden for balcony

Beautiful vertical garden for balcony

Turning your balcony into a small urban jungle can add a refreshing ambiance without much effort. Paired with natural wood floor and wall planters, it highlights the power of plants in interior decor. The plants will be a blessing when chilling on the balcony on hot summer days.

Indoor garden self-watering wall frame planter – Buy it here

indoor garden self watering wall frame planter

Don’t want to get your hands dirty but want to keep a few plants here and there for a cozy ambiance? These self-watering wall frame planters are a cool option for bringing a bit of outside indoors. A few canvases placed geometrically between the wall planters will make the space look even more elegant.

Indoor gardening for a small space apartment

indoor gardening for a small space apartment
Buy the rattan papasan chair from Target ($279)

Starting an indoor garden project in a small apartment can be tricky. Rather than filling the space with extra furniture, think of ideas for both storage for your stuff and placing a few plant pots. Bamboo rack storages are spacious enough to keep the plants out of your way.

The study room is the perfect place to keep the plants, as they always help you improve productivity and focus.

Wood indoor wall vertical garden decor

wood indoor wall vertical garden decor

Every home is different regardless of design, space, and location. Chances are you have extra space sitting around and don’t even realize that. Those awkward walls in the middle of the living room could become a stylish vertical garden with a bit of creativity and work.

Draw the design of the wood rack first and then contact a carpentry company to do the job for you, or try it yourself. There are plenty of YouTube videos to learn how to do this job.

Aerogarden farm portable hydroponic vegetable growing system – Buy it here

aerogarden farm portable hydroponic vegetable grow system

Another portable Hydroponic grow system to help you save money on groceries. Are you annoyed by how often you throw away vegetables because their life shelf is so short? This hydroponic system will allow you to grow your own spinach, lettuce, and other vegetables and serve them straight away.

Multi-layered solid wood rack for indoor and outdoor vertical gardens – Buy it here

multi-layered solid wood rack for indoor and outdoor vertical gardens

A solid wood rack is the simplest way to set up an indoor vertical garden for beginners. Choose what plants you want to keep, vegetables or flowers, buy the seeds, potting compost, and a few ceramic pots, and start gardening. Another solution is making a shoe rack similar to the above image, which will be more than enough to create a mini vertical garden indoors.

Fabulous indoor garden idea

Fabulous indoor garden idea

Having a spacious dining room is a blessing for many. Some choose to keep books or other decorative accessories, while others combine practicals with necessities.

Plants are necessary for keeping the indoor air fresh, while vegetables make a few good meals that save you a lot of cash. Overall, keeping the plants indoors will only have advantages if you properly care for them.

Modern plant stand for apartment vertical gardens – Buy it here

modern plant stand for apartment vertical gardens

Perfect for small balconies, entryways, or lounges, this modern plant stand will bring life into your home. Keep a diary of the days you trimmed the leaves, so you will know the next follow-up. Buy here some pretty Diary for 2022-2023.

Wall mount steel flower pot holder – Buy it here

wall mount steel flower pot holder

Classical minimalist steel wall planter for small and large spaces. It can be moved around and customized as per your needs. This beautiful metal plant hanger will suit perfectly outdoors and balcony too. Imagine having one side of the house covered with this vertical garden-style… Sounds pretty inspiring, right?

DIY vertical garden for balcony with wooden crates

Wooden crates are extremely versatile pieces. With a bit of creativity, you can make almost any furniture out of them, and the image above illustrates perfectly how you can use them as a plant stand. Check this post for more ideas to use wooden crates for indoor and outdoor décor.

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