Simba Hybrid mattress review: Honest & Unbiased. Are you thinking of buying a Simba Hybrid mattress? Then here’s my honest review of my Simba Hybrid king-size mattress after trying and testing it. I’ll share what I like and don’t like and what to know before buying one.

Simba Hybrid mattress review: Honest & Unbiased

Simba Hybrid Mattress Review: A Sleep Oasis of Comfort, Support, and Value

When it comes to a good night’s sleep, no other factor is more important than the mattress you sleep on. I know from experience because I have changed at least four expensive mattresses in the last ten years. They can be either too soft, too hard, or somewhere in between, and you wake up in the middle of the night covered in sweat like you run a marathon in your dreams. Yep, that’s exactly what happened to us with our brand-new mattress from a different brand.

As we just moved into our house in August, we purchased a brand-new mattress that cost around £1000, but since we wanted a good mattress that doesn’t cause back pain, we were willing to invest a decent amount of money to get that comfortable mattress. Sadly, things didn’t turn out how we hoped, and even if the mattress was comfortable at first, the sweat at night wasn’t going anywhere.

Thankfully, I was approached by the Simba PR to test one of the Hybrid mattresses, and how could I refuse when I was already planning to look for a new mattress? I accepted straight away, and I’m about to share with you every detail about this mattress because I love it with all my heart, and you deserve to be informed, too, before making a purchase.

You might have noticed the Simba mattress adverts on TV (only if you watch TV); if not, I will share a brief overview of this brand to understand its foundation and what it stands for.

SimbaSleep brief overview

SimbaSleep was founded in 2015 by James Cox and Andrew McClements. The company was established with the goal of revolutionizing the mattress industry by combining the latest sleep technologies to create a comfortable and supportive mattress. Simba Sleep focuses on providing high-quality sleep solutions that cater to individual needs. Their mission revolves around incorporating cutting-edge technology into their products to enhance the overall sleep experience.

The company gained popularity for its hybrid mattresses, which typically combine various materials like memory foam, latex, and pocket springs to provide a balance of comfort and support. The mattresses are designed to adapt to the sleeper’s body shape and promote optimal spinal alignment. Additionally, Simba incorporates breathable materials and temperature-regulating features to enhance sleep quality.

Battling among the high-end mattress providers, Simba Sleep’s popularity can be attributed to its innovative approach to mattress design and its commitment to leveraging technology for better sleep. The company has received positive reviews for its products, praising their comfort, support, and the incorporation of advanced materials.

Furthermore, Simba Sleep has expanded its product range to include pillows, duvets, and other sleep-related accessories, contributing to its widespread appeal. Now, back to my review, as I know many of you want to hear all the details about the Simba Hybrid mattress.

how is The Simba Hybrid Mattress compare with other mattresses

How long does it take to receive the Simba Mattress?

Delivery for the Simba Hybrid mattress was very quick in UK. Once I confirmed the mattress size, I received it within four days, but that’s because we had the weekend in between. It would have been even faster if not for the intervening weekend! Considering that many high-street shops are asking you to wait up to 4 weeks for the delivery, SimbaSleep is a winner.

The box that I received the Simba Hybrid mattress

How much does it cost the Simba Hybrid mattress

The Simba Hybrid king-size mattress costs £1,249, but right now, they have a 40% discount, which means you can get the exact mattress I have for £749.40. That’s a pretty sweet deal you don’t want to miss. If you need a different mattress size, Simba provides a range of mattresses from single to double and super king, which is discounted right now. Check the prices on the Simba website to find the price for your mattress needs.

Unboxing the Simba Hybrid mattress

How the Simba Hybrid mattress looks like when you pull from the box

To my surprise, I never had the chance to buy an air-tight mattress such as Simba, and when I received the box, I was in doubt that such a large king-size mattress would fit into a box. As soon as I opened the mattress from the box, it was wrapped in a vacuum-tight plastic bag, and when I started cutting it ( be careful how you cut the plastic wrap as you don’t want to clip the mattress itself), the air started to fill up the mattress. It was a fun experience for my partner and I, as this was something new for us.

After removing the vacuum air-tight plastic bag the mattress was wrapped in

After removing the vacuum air tight plastic bag from the mattress
Be careful when you cut the plastic wrap of the mattress not to touch the cover of the mattress

Just let the mattress sit for 8 hours; that’s how Simba advises. It will look floppy at first, but slowly, it will fill up with air and take a nice shape within a few hours. To speed up this process, you can lift one side of the mattress and press it toward the other end to force the air to fill up quicker, but that’s not necessary as it will fluff up anyway in around 8 hours.

simba mattress before gets filled with air

After 8 hours, the mattress is filled with air and ready to be used. As you can see, the Simba Hybrid mattress is in its fullest shape and looks very luxurious. With lovely and sturdy corners, it gives you confidence that you won’t roll over when you sit near the edge of the bed.

simba mattress reviews
my honest opinion of The Simba Hybrid Mattress
SimbaSleep hybrid mattress review

Simba Hybrid Mattress features

my honest opinion of The Simba Hybrid Mattress
My honest review for The Simba Hybrid Mattress

Get here your Simba Hybrid Mattress

The Simba Hybrid Mattress boasts a unique combination of pocket springs and memory foam, creating a harmonious blend of support and comfort. The 2,500 conical pocket springs work independently to contour to your body’s shape, providing optimal support and minimizing motion transfer. Meanwhile, the memory foam layer adapts to your sleep style, offering a personalized and luxurious feel.

Another standout feature of the Simba Hybrid is its impressive edge support. Unlike some mattresses that tend to sag at the edges, the Simba Hybrid maintains its structure, providing a consistent level of comfort across the entire surface. This means you can maximize your sleeping space without sacrificing support.

Additionally, the Simba mattress comes with a zip cover that can be removed to clean it, which is another feature not many brands offer. This allows you to keep the mattress clean and fresh for longer periods or refresh it whenever needed.

The Simba Hybrid Mattress Trial and Warranty

comfort and support of Simba Hybrid Mattress

Simba offers a risk-free 200-night trial, allowing you to truly test the mattress in the comfort of your own home. If, for any reason, you’re not completely satisfied, Simba provides a hassle-free return process. Additionally, the 10-year warranty speaks to the brand’s confidence in the durability and quality of their product.

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How did I find sleeping on the Simba Hybrid Mattress

The first night on the Simba Hybrid was nothing short of transformative. The top layer of breathable Simbatex foam gave a soft, airy feel, in short, a sense of comfort. As I mentioned previously, our old mattress was ok, but for whatever reason, I was sweating at night no matter what duvet I used. Waking up at night to change my pajamas was very inconvenient, which disturbed my sleep, causing restless nights.

That’s where The Simba Hybrid Mattress comes into play, and I’m thrilled I discovered this brand. The mattress effectively regulates the temperature, keeping me cool during warm nights and cozy during colder ones. This balance is a game-changer for anyone who struggles with temperature regulation while sleeping.

Also, both my partner and I have chronic back pain and are side sleeping and finding the right mattress to tackle our problem isn’t fun at all. But since we tried the Simba Hybrid mattress, the back pain has not been as common as it was with our old mattress. Besides, the middle of the mattress isn’t sinking either but stays flat, which is a nice feeling when you share the bed with someone else.

Does SimbaSleep offer financing?

simba mattress review with pictures
simba mattress uk review

Yes, SimbaSleep offers the option to spread the cost of buying a mattress over 12 monthly installments, interest-free. This comes in handy for someone tight on a budget who wants to invest in a premium mattress. More about the Simba Finance options can be found on their website.

The Simba Hybrid mattress pros and cons


  • Hybrid Construction: Hybrid mattresses typically combine the benefits of memory foam and innerspring coils, providing a balance of support and comfort.
  • Motion Isolation: If the Simba Hybrid mattress has memory foam layers, it may excel in isolating motion, which can be beneficial for couples.
  • Breathability: Hybrid mattresses often have good airflow due to the innerspring coils, which can help regulate temperature during sleep.
  • Edge Support: Hybrid mattresses can have reinforced edges, making them more supportive when sitting or sleeping near the edge.
  • Comfort Layers: Depending on the specifics of the Simba Hybrid, it may have multiple layers designed for comfort and pressure relief.
  • Finance options are available to spread the cost over 12 months.


  • Price: Hybrid mattresses can be more expensive than other types due to their construction.
  • Softness: Overall, the Simba Hybrid mattress provides comfort, but as I have chronic shoulder pain and I’m a side sleep person, I would have loved it if the mattress was a bit less firm. But that shouldn’t be an issue if you sleep on your back.

And a few pictures of my bedroom for inspiration

Is it worth buying a Simba mattress

Just ignore the ugly bed frame, as it is an old one, and we will replace it soon. Now, I will invest in some high-quality linen bedsheets, and I think I’m done with the bedroom. Will have to focus on the other rooms, but that’s a different story.

Simba mattress reviews Reddit
A complete view of my bedroom woth ther Simba Hybrid mattress
The Simba Hybrid Mattress review with pros and cons
honest review for simba hybrid mattress

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Conclusion – Do I recommend the Simba Hybrid Mattress?

In conclusion, the Simba Hybrid Mattress is a triumph of comfort, innovation, and affordability. From the moment you lay down, its luxurious feel will embrace you, and the nights of tossing and turning will become a distant memory. With its cooling technology, edge support, and cost-effective pricing, the Simba Hybrid Mattress earns its place among the top choices for those seeking a restful and rejuvenating sleep experience.

 So, if you’re in the market for a mattress upgrade that promises a restful night’s sleep, the Simba Hybrid is undoubtedly worth considering. It’s not just a mattress; it’s a ticket to dreamland where comfort reigns supreme. Say goodbye to restless nights and hello to the transformative sleep experience that the Simba Hybrid Mattress offers. Sweet dreams await!

Did I forget to mention anything in this review? If so, comment below, and I will update this page promptly. Also, please share this post on social media for future reference. Thank you!

Disclaimer: The mattress was gifted by SimbaSleep, but the overall review is based on my personal experience and honest opinion. Do your own research before making a purchase.

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