Sea moss benefits and how to use to improve your health. After you read this article about Sea moss benefits, you will definitely introduce this superfood into your diet. Discover the amazing sea moss benefits for skin and hair.

Sea moss benefits and how to use to improve your health. Irish Moss algae benefits for women. Sea moss gummies reviews.

Sea moss is also known as Irish Moss, a superfood that grows on rocks near the Caribbean shore. Besides its potent anti-inflammatory effects, these red algae are rich in minerals, fibers, and protein. Let’s elaborate a bit more about sea moss to understand why it is becoming so popular among vegans and people who choose to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Sea moss is an edible North Atlantic seaweed that generates a gummy substance used medicinally to prepare jellies. Small leaves from thin, densely tangled, moss-like clumps are found on the rocky parts of Atlantic coasts in Ireland, Europe, and the United States.

The color of Irish moss ranges from light to dark green, brown, purple, and white. In contrast to other seaweeds, Chondrus crispus is well-investigated scientifically. 

Discover the top ten amazing benefits of sea moss that you didn’t know:

1. Cleanses the respiratory and lymphatic system

Potassium Chloride, Omega-3 fatty acids, and Chlorophyll present in sea moss make it the perfect decongestant. Therefore, its best uses are for dissolving any inflammation or mucus build-up in the respiratory and lymphatic system.

Besides that, red algae contain anti-viral and antimicrobial compounds that can help the body to combat infection and support the immune system. For those who have high vulnerability to allergies or flu, Irish moss is regarded as a “MUST-HAVE” for them. 

You can consume Sea Moss or Irish Moss as gummies which are easier to carry in your bag, and pop one or two gummies every time you feel the need for a snack.

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2. Thyroid Support

Thyroid gland in the human body is responsible for regulating hormones. Any kind of hormonal imbalance can lead to fertility issues, menstrual problems, and/or fibroids. As hormonal imbalance is extremely frequent, traditional medication cannot resolve every health issue sometimes.

If we compare Caribbean females with the rest of the world, we will notice a big difference in their health, especially the thyroid gland.

Did you know that Irish Moss is a part of the local diet in the Caribbean, this explains why fewer women are diagnosed with thyroid issues in the Caribbean.

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10 Amazing benefits of Sea Moss which you don't know about

3. Soothes Digestive Issues

Sea Moss has a comforting effect on the mucous membranes in the body and serves as amazing digestive support. Apart from that, seaweed offers probiotics, vital for gut health. Loaded with fibres, sea moss helps in the regulation of bowel movements and alleviates intestinal gas & GERD.

4. Mood Enhancer

The benefits offered by Irish Moss would not be so far-reaching if it were not for its extraordinary essential mineral content. Potassium helps the human body to maintain healthy emotional and mental functions. 

Inadequate levels of potassium can lead to anxiety and depression. High potassium content makes it a premier food that helps in boosting mental health and uplift mood. 

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5. Supports Reproductive Health

The Caribbean people regard the sea moss as a tonic for men and is promoted as a potent stamina builder. This zinc-rich seaweed makes it ideal for serving hormone balance and performance.

In Bahamas hotel resorts, they have special sea moss treatment to help couples who struggle to conceive. More about this subject can be found in this article of nbcnews.

Before you decide to try other complicated treatments for pregnancy, consider adopting a sea moss diet, or book a holiday to any Bahamas resort. Make sure the Bahamas holiday resort have Irish Moss diet in their package.

6. Weight Management

As recorded in 2016, 650 million adults across the globe are struggling with obesity. Studies have uncovered fucoxanthin, a chemical found in sea moss helps with weight loss. Not just that, the iodine content of Irish moss aids a healthy metabolism.

The gentle laxative effect of these red algae helps with faster body waste processing (detoxification), thereby aids weight management. 

Besides all these minerals and nutrients, Irish moss is low in calories which makes it the perfect food to lose weight and have the energy for the entire day.

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7. A true blend of essential nutrient

Did you know that the human body is made up of 102 essential minerals? Surprisingly, out of these 102, 92 are present in Irish moss. A full pack of proteins and vitamins like sea moss should be consumed every day in order to provide your body with all the healthy nutrients that you need to function properly. 

8. Healthy iron levels 

People suffer from lower hemoglobin levels and decreased count of red blood cells as a result of oxygen shortage in the body. This condition is referred to as anemia.

Sea Moss, rich in iron supports healthy hemoglobin levels and promotes a healthy red blood cell count. The benefits of Sea Moss are endless, fact that we should reconsider how we provide our food on a global scale.

9. Helps to recover faster after surgery 

New research has demonstrated the potency of the Irish Moss to aid connective tissue and reinforce a faster recovery after a surgery procedure. The Sea Moss help in rebuilding and strengthening the body on the account of its rich nutrient profile supplies.

10. Supports Healthy Joints

Sea Moss possesses anti-inflammatory properties, which are assessed to support healthy joints. Athletes, gym enthusiasts, and sportsmen are more prone to joint discomfort. These plants are a perfect remedy to soothe soft tissue and mobility, thanks to potassium and calcium which are essential elements to keep the bones strong.

A human body needs B vitamin when it comes down to capitalizing the energy from food. Irish moss comprises a reasonable amount of riboflavin and folate. The former helps in breaking food carbs, fats, and proteins, whereas the latter helps to create genetic material.

On account of all vitamins and minerals packed in Irish Moss, it is used to soothe several skin issues, psoriasis, eczema, and burns. 

Also, this superfood contains citrulline–arginine, a compound found in sea moss that releases essential proteins needed for collagen synthesis, which helps in promoting healthy hair and smooth skin. 

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The wow benefits of Irish Moss are not only limited to medicinal and therapeutic properties but also for the industrial manufacture of carrageenan, a commonly used thickening agent in processed foods, milk, and meat products. Besides that, sea moss finds its application as a clarifying agent in the process of brewing.

Apart from is use in processed foods, sea moss can be used in smoothies, salad dressings, chocolates, desserts, and more. 

Now that we have learned the wow benefits of the Irish Moss, is time to learn how to prepare it:

Dried form:  The very first step is to soak dried Irish Moss in water for 2-4 hours. Soaking would help to get rid of any sand that may be present in the dried form.

Fresh Form:  thoroughly clean the fresh form of the sea moss, followed by a good water rinse to get rid of any sand. 

Once it has been washed thoroughly and sand has been removed, simmer on low for ten to fifteen minutes. The next step is to let the broth to cool down to reach the room temperature which will enable you to transfer it into a blender.

Spin the content in the blender until it forms a smooth paste, then transfer the paste into an airtight jar which can be stored in the refrigerator for 3 weeks. 

Even celebrities like Kim Kardashian is using sea moss in their diet. The easiest way to consume this superfood is dried powder which can be added to smoothies, milk, and breakfast cereals or protein shake. You can buy sea moss powder on Etsy.

You can buy sea moss online, either in powder, gel, or as flakes.

Use sea moss for beauty treatments:

This hidden treasure is less known for its benefits in cosmetics and homemade beauty products such as body lotion, body wash, face masks, and body scrubs.

Use it as a homemade face mask:

The paste, resulting from the blender mix, can be applied on the face on its own or mixed with argan oil and honey for more beneficial effects. Leave it for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

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Use as homemade body scrub:

For this recipe, you can mix white sugar or Himalayan salt with sea moss paste. The product result can be used only one time to avoid the development of any bacteria.

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