What are the Highest Paying Affiliate Programs

What are the Highest Paying Affiliate Programs. Most of the people around the world are looking for some magical solutions to boost their financial status. However, one of the most trustworthy way to achieve more financial freedom is affiliate marketing. High paying affiliate programs to make money with little traffic on your blog.

What are the Highest Paying Affiliate Programs. High paying affiliate programs to make money with little traffic on your blog.

If you looking for some of the best affiliate networks to earn commission with your travel blog and want to promote value to your audience read the full article and choose the best platform that has long-time cookies and convert sales easily.

Discover what are the highest paying affiliate networks and how to make money while you sleep

These programs can help you to boost your income by a great extent. And the best news is that affiliate programs can generate passive income for you. It means, even when you are enjoying vacations with your family, the system can keep on multiplying money in your account.

Best high paying affiliate programs to make money:

Right now the market is loaded with many affiliate programs, but not all of them are equally reliable. If you are planning to achieve financial freedom through affiliate marketing, is wise to choose the highest paid network. Below I have listed some of the top paying affiliate programs to ease your selection:

Wealthy Affiliate:

Wealthy affiliate can help you learn the concepts of affiliate marketing while building your own business. These professionals provide detailed training through live seminars, e-books and many more. This platform will help you find the best solutions to your pain points.

You can register for their premium program and sell a product for them. The estimated commission for every sign-up is somewhere around $121 or even more.

Not many people know about iTunes affiliate program

iTunes Affiliates:

Another popular name in the list is iTunes Affiliate that can help you boost your earning by considerable level with every commission. There are so many ways to earn on this platform. Along with media and music, the affiliate commissions also count for in-app purchases and app sales as well.

Some of the best niches that convert well are wellness and coaching, fitness and yoga apps. With a bit of effort and imagination, you can make a handsome income from iTunes affiliate program. Although I haven’t joined this network yet, looks promising, since you will promote a reputable company that takes seriously both, customers and it’s affiliates.

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Make your blogging business easy and join reputable affiliate programs


One of the highest paying affiliate program is Clickbank, a reputable and well-trusted network to generate monthly income. This platform allows millions of companies to promote their products online, some of which are mainly digital courses, eBooks and apps.

On Clickbank, you can choose to promote a large selection of digital goods and my advice is to promote those products with the highest commission and longer period of tracking cookies.

Another way to make money with Clickbank is to list your own digital products and let other people promote them for you. Once you register on this network, you will have a detailed guide of how the system works, how much commission are you willing to give away and set the price for your eBooks, online courses, presets,  software and other assets.

With so many people promoting affiliate programs every day on Clickbank, is almost impossible not to succeed in selling your digital products.

High-ticket affiliate programs that pay cost per action

Max Bounty:

When you are interested in getting fast commissions for selling a few products online, Max Bounty can serve your needs better.

What is MaxBounty and how you make money with on their platform?

MaxBounty is the number one highest paying affiliate program where many marketers receive monthly commissions by advertising premium products and drive leads.

MaxBounty uses CPA or cost per action affiliate model, which means the affiliate will earn income by referring visitors to a landing page, earning commission when someone performs a simple action such as registering for newsletter, a membership website, enrol in a free online course, download or install an app, or software, or even if purchase something.

Once decide to give MaxBounty ago, you need to fill a simple form on their website, with details about your website and how you will promote the affiliate products. Following this process, you will receive a phone call from your manager who will interview you to understand what level of affiliate marketer you are.  

After passing that the interview, you can start promoting products on your blog, website or app and earn money even while you sleep.

Just as ClickBank, you can make money with MaxBounty by selling your own products on the platform. For more details, you can register and get customized with the features of MaxBounty.


Here is a famous affiliate program that is launched by SEMrush and has gained huge popularity worldwide. With this, you can earn almost 40% of commissions with subscription purchases. Furthermore, you can multiply your income with referral pays per month. This platform works in five different languages; the list includes English, Russian, German, French and Spanish.

The best part of BeRush is that has a low payment threshold of 50$ via PayPal or 1000$ via bank deposit. Cookies last for 10 years which is very rare these days among affiliate programs and you are free to promote the products on social media too, giving you the opportunity to maximize your earnings.

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This affiliate marketing program is designed to provide reliable solutions for creating sales funnels and landing pages. In today’s super-advanced generation, everyone is looking to start an online business and ClickFunels can help you do that, even if you haven’t got your own blog or website.

In short, ClickFunel is a software that allows you to build an email list ( the system basically offers you a pre-designed template to make a landing page where you can share it on social media and ask your followers o subscribe for new blog posts, to be notified or to sign up for a pre-sale digital course, eBooks, maybe an app, or anything else).

The beautiful part of ClickFunels is that you can sell even physical products, more or less this landing page system is a real time saver for people who are serious about making money with their blog.

Speaking from an affiliate direction, earning commission from ClickFunel sales is not that hard if you explain in details everything it does this platform. The commission you will earn from ClickFunels is 40% – pretty high yeah I know, and cookies last for 30 days which makes it extremely convertible, compared with large marketplaces like Amazon and eBay which is only 24 hours.

An individual will make a purchase after 7 days or more after seeing an actual advert or a sponsored post, buying something takes time to calculate and research, therefore 30 days is enough to track any sale is made from your affiliate link.

The best affiliate network to promote products that you use daily


Awin is one of the most professional networks that allow you to promote merchants that pay the highest commissions in the market. Brands like M&S, Asos, Boohoo, hotels like Travelodge, Booking.com, lastminute.com and many other companies can be found on Awin and each one of these merchants offers a different commission for every sale you generate from your affiliate link. 

I personally just applied for Awin network and that’s because I get fed up promoting Amazon products on my blog that doesn’t convert sales( so far my amazon affiliate links receive traffic but no conversion, and one of the reasons that traffic does not generate sales in my Amazon account, is because cookies last for only 24 hours compared with other networks). 

If you live in UK and have British audience on your blog, you should definitely join this platform and one of the reason is because you might already use the products and services from merchants that promote their business on Awin, so every time you use one of those brands products and services, you can create more in detail blog posts to promote your affiliate links and generate sales. 

As a resume, I want to note that either affiliate program can earn you a solid income if you have good marketing skills and creativity and of course if you collaborate with other bloggers.

Many people earn a side income from their blog by promoting affiliate networks, it’s totally up to you to experiment and choose the right one that converts well for your niche. 

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