34 Stores like Express for chic clothing. Are you looking for trendy and affordable clothes for all types of styles? Look no further, as I did intensive research to bring you the best store alternatives to Express. All the brands from this list are super affordable, providing cute and stylish clothes for men and women of all ages.

34 stores like Express for chic clothing

Are you looking for chic and trendy clothing on a budget that are similar to Express? With its wide range of stylish and affordable clothing, Express has become a go-to store for fashion-conscious consumers who want to look good without breaking the bank. But if you’re looking for alternatives, there are plenty of other stores like Express that offer similar styles at relatively low cost.

What is Express Fashion and Why is it So Popular?

Express is a fashion brand that has become popular for its stylish and modern designs. Founded in 1980, the company has since expanded to over 600 stores in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Express offers a wide range of apparel for both men and women, from casual everyday wear to formal evening wear.

The brand is known for its high-quality materials and attention to detail, making it a go-to choice for fashionistas worldwide. With its unique combination of style and affordability, Express has become one of the leading fashion brands today. But what if you want better alternatives and stores that reward their customers for their loyalty or offer other perks that Express lacks? Well, in that case, you will want to explore the following list of websites like Express.

What type of style is Express?

Express clothing tends to be form-fitting and tailored, focusing on modern silhouettes that flatter the body. The brand often incorporates bold colors, prints, and edgy details like cutouts and asymmetrical hemlines.

In terms of specific styles, Express offers a wide range of clothing, including dresses, tops, blouses, pants, skirts, jackets, and accessories. Some common themes in Express clothing include sleek and sexy designs, sophisticated office wear, and casual yet stylish pieces for weekend wear. Overall, Express’s style could be described as contemporary, trend-focused, and versatile, focusing on form-fitting silhouettes and bold, trendy fashion designs.

Is Express considered fast fashion?

Express is often considered a fast fashion brand. Fast fashion is a term used to describe clothing brands that produce low-cost, trendy clothing in response to the latest fashion trends. These brands are known for their rapid turnover of styles and collections, which are produced quickly and cheaply to keep up with changing consumer demands.

Express fits many of the criteria of a fast fashion brand. The brand produces a large volume of clothing collections each year, emphasizing trendy, fashion-forward styles. The clothing is typically priced at an affordable level, making it accessible to a wide range of consumers. Additionally, Express has a reputation for producing clothing quickly in order to keep up with the latest trends.

Is Express like Zara?

Express and Zara are two fashion retailers that share some similarities but also have distinct differences. While both stores offer a range of stylish clothing options, Express tends to focus on more sophisticated and luxurious pieces. They often feature tailored cuts, refined designs, and a slightly higher price range compared to Zara.

On the other hand, Zara is known for its trendy and fast-fashion approach. Their collections are known for being more youthful and on-trend, with a wider variety of colors, prints, and statement pieces. Zara also has a reputation for constantly refreshing their inventory, introducing new styles regularly, and offering a more affordable price range.

So, while Express and Zara may share some overlapping styles and may be seen as competitors in the market, they cater to different consumer preferences. Express caters to those seeking more refined and higher-end fashion, while Zara appeals to those looking for trendy and budget-friendly clothing options.

34 stores like Express for chic clothing

Now that you have learned a bit more about Express, let’s explore some similar stores that you might like. Have fun, and don’t forget to share this post on social media so your friends can discover more clothing stores.

 1. Banana Republic

Banana Republic is the first store on our list as it is one of the most closest to Express. Their collection of clothing is waste and well-tailored. Even though their base price is a little higher than Express, they compensate for it by having sales all year around.

 2. Ann Taylor

Ann Taylor has been a staple clothing brand for the American modern woman for the last two decades. Their wardrobes with classic tailored suits are attractive and presentable. Also, they too have sales all year around, so keep an eye on upcoming sales to get a good deal.

3. Pacsun

Pacsun (short for Pacific Sunwear) is a retail clothing brand specializing in surf and skate-inspired clothing and accessories for men and women. Pacsun’s clothing is often characterized by its casual, laid-back style, focusing on comfortable, easy-to-wear pieces that are ideal for everyday wear.

In contrast, Express is a fashion brand offering a wider range of clothing styles, including office, party, and casual wear. While Express offers some trendy, fashion-forward clothing styles, the brand is less focused on surf or skate-inspired clothing and more on contemporary, versatile designs.

Overall, while both Pacsun and Express offer trendy, fashion-forward clothing options, they differ in terms of their specific style, target audiences, and price points. Pacsun focuses on surf and skate-inspired clothing for a younger demographic, while Express offers a wider range of contemporary clothing options for a slightly older audience.

4. American Eagle

We often see that the styles of millennials and Gen Zs are poles apart. But American Eagle is a unique brand as it is popular with millennials and Gen Zs. American Eagle’s collection of clothing is more casual than Express’s. So if you are looking for some casual clothing you can surely check them out.

5. Revolve

Both Revolve and Express offer trendy and stylish clothing options. They differ in terms of their specific style, price point, and target audience. Revolve focuses on high-end, designer clothing for a younger, more fashion-conscious demographic, while Express offers more affordable, versatile clothing for a slightly older, professional audience.

6. H&M

H&M is the king of fast fashion. They are famous for providing attractive clothing at a reasonable price. Their quality might not be the best in town but the prices they offer you can surely work with the quality. But we would suggest you examine the clothes carefully before you make a purchase.

7. Zara

Another clothing brand similar to Express that offers stylish outfits on a budget is Zara. Whenever you have a look at their collection, you’ll find something new. They rapidly change their collection depending on what’s trending in the fashion world. Some people might complain that they don’t have many options for large sizes, but if that’s not an issue for you, Zara can be a really good alternative store to Express.

8. Uniqlo

Uniqlo is a Japanese casual wear designer. They emphasize minimal and simplistic styles of fashion. They do not blindly follow the trends of fashion. Their oversized clothing was quite in demand during the pandemic, and with Japan’s influence growing in the fashion industry, they have a good future ahead.

9. J. Crew Factory

J. Crew Factory is a more casual version of J. Crew, another reasonably priced brand. They offer a great selection of clothing at lower prices. Their collection has a somewhat preppy style and is entirely American. Their comfortable clothing is really great, especially their sweatshirts. Flannel shirts are so cozy you’ll want to stay in them all day.

10. House of CB

House of CB is a fashion brand that specializes in high-end, bodycon dresses and other clothing for women. This fashion brand is known for its well-fitting, sexy styles designed to flatter the figure. House of CB’s clothing tends to be a bit more expensive than Express’s clothing, focusing on luxury fabrics, intricate details, and high-quality construction. The brand caters to a younger audience and mainly relies on social media marketing and influencer collaborations.

On the other hand, Express is a more affordable fashion brand that offers a wider range of clothing and accessories for both men and women. The brand’s style is more contemporary and versatile than House of CB’s, with a focus on clothing that can transition easily from work to casual wear. The brand caters to a slightly older, more professional demographic, with a focus on providing clothing that is appropriate for a variety of occasions.

11. Forever 21

Forever 21, once a major force in the fashion industry, is now finding it difficult to compete with newer brands. Their selection is decent and reasonably priced. There is a great discount going on right now, so check out their website.

12. GAP

Another glorious brand, GAP has gone past its glory days. Still, they have managed to produce quality clothing at a reasonable price range. The materials used for fashion items at GAP will speak for itself, and in some way, I would place Gap and & Other Stories on the same fashion rank.

13. Old Navy

Old Navy started its journey by selling overstock and off-season GAP products at a discount. At present, it has more relevance than GAP in the fast fashion industry and is one of the most popular clothing stores in America and around the world. No wonder Express is having difficulty competing with this giant clothing store.

14.  Steve Madden

Steve Madden is a well-known brand for its trendy shoes. Apart from selling good shoes at an affordable price, their women’s clothing wear is also performing well. You can get a stunning party dress from them at a great price.

15. DKNY

DKNY (Donna Karan New York) is a high-end fashion brand founded in 1984 by Donna Karan. DKNY offers a range of clothing, accessories, and fragrances for both men and women, focusing on luxury and sophisticated style. DKNY’s products are often characterized by their clean lines, neutral colors, and minimalist aesthetic. The brand is known for its high-quality materials, attention to detail, and timeless designs.

On the other hand, Express is a more affordable fashion brand targeting a younger audience. Express was founded in 1980 and offers a range of clothing and accessories for men and women, with a focus on trendy, fashion-forward designs. Express’s products are often characterized by bold colors, prints, and patterns, and the brand is known for its statement pieces and on-trend styles.

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16. Hello Molly

Hello Molly and Express are two of the most popular clothing stores in America and worldwide. While both brands offer a large selection of apparel, Hello Molly features more stylish clothing, cheaper and in various styles and designs. For example, a typical dress at Hello Molly starts at around $53.57 while at Express an average dress starts at $68.5. In other words, Hello Molly is cheaper than Express by about 15% or more! This shows that Hello Molly provides better value for money when you shop online for stylish women’s clothing in America!

Comparing the quality, buyers at Hello Molly are 10% more satisfied with their purchase than at Express. This means that Hello Molly provides better quality when it comes to stylish women’s clothing. There is no greater indicator of a retailer’s quality than the number of reviews it has on the site! Hello Molly has 860 reviews on its site, while Express Fashion only has 764 reviews. Consequently, Hello Molly provides better customer service and better value for money in this category!

17. Abercrombie & Fitch

In the early 2000s, Abercrombie & Fitch was a popular brand among teenagers. With those teenagers, the brand has also grown. Their new collection of apparel is more subtle and elegant. They are known for their basics, loungewear, and jackets without logos. From gym attire to party wear, you’ll find everything at their store!

18. Reiss 

Reiss and Express are two leading fashion retailers in the UK. Reiss, a London-based clothing store established in the 70s, has earned a reputation for creating stunning clothing pieces that beautifully blend modernity with timeless elegance. Their clothing range encompasses a wide variety of options, including dresses, shirts, skirts, shoes, jewelry, and more, showcasing the latest fashion trends.

Notably, Reiss also offers a range of beautiful business casual clothes, perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to any professional wardrobe.

 In comparison, Express delivers trend-driven pieces to cater to the fashion-forward crowd. While Reiss emphasizes a sophisticated aesthetic, Express offers a range of stylish and fashionable clothing for men, women, and children. Both brands boast an impressive selection of denim options, making finding the perfect fit and style easy.

Additionally, Reiss stands out with its luxury items that add a touch of exclusivity to their collection, setting them apart from other retailers. When it comes to pricing, Reiss tends to be slightly more on the expensive side, reflecting the quality and craftsmanship of their garments.

However, the investment is well worth it for those seeking unique and exceptional pieces, and here I would like to point out this article for how to build a capsule wardrobe where I explain pretty much everything you need to start one, which includes the reasons to invest in quality fashion items.

Ultimately, the choice between Reiss and Express depends on personal preference and individual style, as both brands strive to help you look and feel your best. It is worth noting that Reiss’s international presence allows customers worldwide to enjoy their exquisite clothing. So, whether you’re in London or any other part of the world, Reiss ensures that their fashion-forward offerings are accessible to fashion enthusiasts everywhere.

19. BoohooMAN

BoohooMAN has brought trend-reliant shopping to Meanswear. Their trendy clothing has been pretty popular among fashionable men. Their clothing prices are too good to be true. With less than $5 clothing they have taken men’s fast fashion to a new stage.

20. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters has become a popular brand in the eyes of Gen Z. So if you are a Gen Z or shopping for a Gen Z this could the brand of your choice. Apart from clothing, you’ll find home goods in Urban Outfitters too. When you visit them, you never leave empty-handed because they have everything you could possibly need for your home.

21. Levi’s

We all know Levi’s for their incredible jeans. Their women’s wear is also pretty good. They offer a large selection of apparel, including dresses, tops, and even loungewear. You might like their stuff if you enjoy their jeans. Besides this, a Presidents Day Discount is currently running. So don’t pass up this chance to buy their stuff at a discount!

22. Aeropostale

Aeropostale has a wide selection of clothing at affordable prices. They have pretty good reviews as well. You can get free shipping on Canadian orders if your order is more than $100. More importantly, it is a brand currently having the biggest sale on our list—up to 70%.

23. Everlane

Everlane offers you clothing with a perfect mix of modern and vintage elements. They use quality materials while keeping the price affordable. One of their most popular items is their amazing jeans.

24.& Other Stories?

& Other Stories is a unique and captivating brand that specializes in designing exquisite clothing and accessories. With locations in various cities such as Paris, Stockholm, and Los Angeles, this brand offers a diverse range of designs inspired by the distinct personalities of these vibrant cities.

The collections of & Other Stories share a common thread of beauty and timelessness, but they also reflect subtle differences based on their city of origin. For instance, the Paris collection showcases soft and feminine aesthetics, while the Los Angeles designs embody a carefree spirit synonymous with the city’s lifestyle.

Versatility is a key aspect of their apparel, as their pieces are meticulously crafted to cater to a myriad of occasions. The brand’s commitment to using high-quality materials ensures that their creations are made to be cherished for years to come.

Additionally, & Other Stories places great emphasis on ethical processes and utilizes sustainable fabrics, showcasing their dedication to responsible and conscious fashion practices. Whether you are seeking elegant and delicate Parisian-inspired pieces or the laid-back appeal of Los Angeles fashion, & Other Stories offers a captivating variety of high-quality, timeless designs that are both ethically produced and fashionably remarkable.

24. Madewell

The best thing you can purchase for Madewell is their jeans. It’s super comfy and stretchy. Also, you can check out their T-shirts and jewelry items too.

 25. Reformation

Both Reformation and Express share similarities in terms of their design elements. The key difference between these two clothing brands lies in the way they are produced; Reformation focuses on creating timeless pieces with low environmental impact, while Express provides customers with the latest styles and designs at an affordable price point.

Both are important for modern shoppers who want to look stylish without sacrificing quality or spending too much money. The choice is yours as you have to compare the discounts and benefits of shopping at each of these stores.

25. AllSaints

AllSaints and Express are two popular fashion retailers making waves in the fashion industry. Both brands offer clothing for men and women but have different target markets. At the same time, AllSaints is aimed at a younger audience with an edgy streetwear style, while Express has more of a classic-professional look that appeals to a more mature customer.

Regarding pricing, AllSaints tends to be slightly more expensive with higher quality materials and craftsmanship. While Express offers great value for money, it offers fewer design options than AllSaints. To sum up the comparison between these two retailers, AllSaints is better suited for those looking for trendier designs at a higher price point, whereas Express caters to customers who want stylish yet affordable clothing.

26. Asos

Asos is an online-only retailer that offers a wide range of clothing and accessories from a variety of brands, as well as its own line of products. Asos is known for its affordable prices, fast shipping, and a large selection of items. They offer a range of styles from casual to formal and cater to a broad range of sizes, including petite and plus-size.

On the other hand, Express is a brick-and-mortar retailer with physical stores and an online presence. They offer a smaller selection of clothing and accessories, focusing on trendy, youthful styles. Express is known for its more sophisticated styles that are suitable for work and special occasions.

Regarding pricing, Express is generally more expensive than Asos, but their clothing tends to be of higher quality. On the other hand, Asos offers lower prices but may sacrifice some quality to keep costs down.

Overall, both Asos and Express are great options for fashion-conscious shoppers, but they cater to slightly different audiences. If you’re looking for a wide selection of affordable clothing and are willing to take a chance on different brands and styles, Asos is a great option. If you’re looking for high-quality, trendy clothing that’s appropriate for work and special occasions, Express may be a better fit.

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27. Bershka

Bershka and Express are great options for fashion-conscious shoppers, but they cater to slightly different audiences. If you’re looking for trendy, affordable clothing with a younger vibe, Bershka is a great option. If you’re looking for high-quality, sophisticated clothing appropriate for work and special occasions, Express may be a better fit.

28. Hollister.Co

Hollister.Co and Express are two big and heavily marketed clothing retailers in the United States. Both cater to a wide variety of customers. However, there are some notable differences between the two that set them apart from each other.

Hollister focuses on providing trendy and casual apparel for teenagers and younger individuals, while Express collections are geared towards more formal attire for business professionals. Additionally, Hollister is a part of the Abercrombie & Fitch family, while Express is an independent company. Understanding these differences can help customers decide which retailer is right for them when shopping for clothing.

29. Shein

We all know what Shein is. Is clearly a fast-fashion brand that offers cute outfits for cheap prices. Although the brand made a name for its affordable clothing, something you can find absolutely irresistible and really well-made pieces.

30. Nasty Gal

There is no need for a real comparison between Nasty Gal and Express fashion. After checking both stores, you can quickly notice that Nasty Gal only offers clothing to women, while at Express, you can find outfits for both women and men. Another difference is that Express has brick-and-mortar stores, while Nasty Gal operates only as an e-commerce shop.

31. Massimo Dutti

Massimo Dutti and Express are both fashion retailers, each with their own unique offerings and target audience. Massimo Dutti is renowned for its classic and timeless designs, appealing to those who appreciate elegance and quality. Their pieces feature classic silhouettes in neutral hues, perfect for creating a subtle and classy look.

Additionally, Massimo Dutti also offers stunning statement dresses with daring prints and vivid colors, allowing individuals to make a bold fashion statement. Their versatile pieces can effortlessly transition from work to day-to-day wear. To complete the look, Massimo Dutti provides a range of luxurious shoes and jewelry options that add an extra touch of sophistication.

On the other hand, Express takes a different approach, specializing in fast-fashion pieces that cater to a younger demographic. Their garments are trendy and affordable, appealing to those who seek the latest fashion trends without compromising their budget.

While both brands offer stylish and high-quality clothing, Massimo Dutti’s focus on classic and elegant designs sets it apart, making it an ideal choice for those who value timeless fashion and impeccable craftsmanship.

32. Lulus 

Lulus is another store similar to Express that offers a more variety of clothes, mainly for women. They have a feminine vibe that reflects in the items they sell. From prom dresses to cocktail and beach wear, you can find something for every fashionista.

Lulus offers a wider range of sizes, including plus sizes, while Express primarily offers standard sizes. Another thing that contributed to Lulus becoming a top brand in the US and worldwide is because of the social media marketing campaigns and influencers. There is no single day popping a social media post without promoting clothes from Lulus. Whether they are paid campaigns or not, this proves that this brand does care about its image.

33. Mango

Mango is known for its classic and timeless designs, while Express offers more fast-fashion pieces. Both brands offer stylish and high-quality clothing, but they have different approaches to style, pricing, and target audience. Mango, a well-known and popular fashion brand, hails from Spain and is widely recognized for its high-end apparel and accessories.

With a wide selection of styles to choose from, Mango caters to various fashion preferences, whether you’re seeking classic and comfortable casual wear or business chic looks. From cozy sweaters to lovely jewelry and fancy shoes, Mango offers a range of items at a great price point.

What sets Mango apart is its commitment to sustainability in the fashion world. The brand puts in efforts to minimize its environmental impact, making it a socially responsible choice. While comparing Mango to Express, it’s worth noting that Mango’s superior quality is widely acknowledged. Despite matching collections, sizes, and prices, Mango stands out for its impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail.

So, if you’re looking for a brand that combines classic and elegant designs with a focus on quality, Massimo Dutti may be your best bet. However, for those who prefer trendy and affordable garments catered to younger buyers, Express could be a better fit. Nonetheless, Mango shines as a brand that not only offers stylish and high-quality clothing but also prioritizes sustainability, making it a top choice for fashion-conscious individuals.

34. Fashion Nova

Yet another store similar to Express fashion where you can find affordable and stylish outfits. Fashion Nova is one of the leading clothing brands in the United States that promotes mainly sexy and sophisticated garments that are in some way provocative. At the same time, Express offers more conservative clothing geared toward a mature audience.

Fashion Nova has promoted their brand intensively through social media, and they tend to offer exclusive partnerships with popular influencers, which made them one of the most southed clothing brands in the USA. The only downside of Fashion Nova is that they don’t offer international shipping, unlike Express. So, if you live outside of America, you might have to reconsider the store before ordering clothes online.

How to Choose the Right Clothing Store for Your Style

Choosing the right clothing store for your style can be a daunting task. With so many stores available, knowing which one is the best fit for you can be difficult. The key is to do your research and find a store that offers clothes that fit your style and budget. Here are some tips on how to choose the right clothing store for your style:

1. Consider Your Style

Before you start shopping, consider what clothes you like to wear. Do you prefer a casual or stylish look? Are there specific colors or patterns that you favor? Knowing what kind of clothes suit your taste will help narrow down your search for the perfect clothing store.

2. Check Out Reviews

Reading reviews from other customers can give you an idea of what other people think about different stores in terms of customer service, quality of products, and selection of styles and sizes. This will help make sure that you are choosing a store with good ratings from people who have already shopped there.

3. Consider the Store’s Location

Shopping locally can be convenient and quick, and you can try the clothes before buying it. But if you live in a more remote area or haven’t many options available, your only choice is buying clothing online.

We know how anxious can be when buying clothes and shoes online, as you don’t know for sure what the quality is or what to expect. However, when placing the order, choose to have the parcel insured and delivered to a local drop-off store. By following this, you will know that you will be compensated for the loss of the package, and you can collect it from the local store whenever is convenient for you.

4. Avoid Sales

While sales help reduces prices of already discounted items, they can also lead people into thinking they could find good deals on items they won’t wear or need later down the road. This is because sales lead to the inventory being depleted and make it harder to find items you might actually need.

5. Take a Closer Look

If you are buying a present for someone, consider taking the item with you to get a closer look at how it is made before purchasing, as this will help ensure that the product meets your expectations regarding quality and performance.


And that is that! You have so many other alternative clothing stores like Express that each has competitive prices and different clothing styles. In the end, the choice is yours, depending on what you are looking for and what you prioritize when shopping for clothes. I hope you enjoy this post, and I would appreciate it if you could take a second to share it on social media. Thank you!

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