35 Stores Like Zara For Trendy Clothing And Accessories. If you’re a fashion enthusiast looking for trendy clothing and accessories similar to Zara, you’re in luck! After intense research, I brought you the best alternatives to Zara to satisfy your fashion cravings. From hidden gems to well-known fashion brands, these stores like Zara should be on every fashionista’s favorite list!

35 Stores Like Zara For Trendy Clothing And Accessories

Zara has become synonymous with stylish and affordable fashion, but there are many other hidden gems out there that offer equally trendy options. Whether you’re searching for unique statement pieces or everyday essentials, this curated list of stores will provide you with a diverse range of choices.

From well-known brands to emerging designers, these stores offer a variety of styles to suit every taste and budget. Whether you prefer minimalist chic, bohemian vibes, or edgy streetwear, these alternatives to Zara have got you covered.

Due to Zara’s reliability for gorgeous clothing and accessory lines, the brand has made a name as a specialist in fast fashion. The company produces over four-hundred-and-fifty million fashion items annually and consistently sells a good percentage of their products to loyal customers!

35 Stores Like Zara For Trendy Clothing And Accessories

Over the past forty-eight years, the retailer has striven to make women look and feel beautiful. And this hard work isn’t geared only toward people in New York or the United States. No, Zara delivers to people in all countries of the world. With so many boons to enjoy with Zara, it is no surprise that you would like to find similar stores that keep their customers stunning and satisfied!

So, without further ado, let’s reveal my top picks similar to Zara. Be sure to bookmark, share or save this page for future reference. Happy shopping!

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links which means we might receive a commission if you decide to buy something at no extra cost to you.

1. Urban Outfitters

Like Zara, Urban Outfitters is a retailer that proclaims a commitment to inspire their customers’ looks through a collection of stylish products. The retailer does not just provide women’s clothing, they provide women’s fashion. And if you prefer patronizing brands that are just as popular as Zara, then you’ll be very pleased with this retailer.

Buy your rompers, jumpsuits, dresses, tops, graphic tees, jackets, pants, skirts, and jeans from here. Go beyond finding an outfit you like to buy it in the exact color you want! Not every retailer presents outfits in multiple colors; this is one area in which Urban Outfitters stands out.

For lovers of vintage looks, the brand has an entire collection dedicated to vintage shirts, dresses, and skirts. Other than clothes, you can find beauty items in their online store, home décor fixtures, and fun lifestyle products. Urban Outfitters is a one-stop shopping destination for buyers, so be assured that you’ll find everything you need here!

2. Uniqlo

Uniqlo is a Japan-based fashion retailer and manufacturer that offer women, men, and children’s clothing similar to Zara. They also echo the minimalism of Zara with simple and sweet dresses, Nightgowns, skirts, shorts, pants, outerwear, innerwear, and purses.

.With twenty-five Uniqlo stores in Australia, three in Belgium, fourteen in Canada, over eight hundred in China, and more stores in Denmark, France, Germany, India, Netherlands, Philippines, the US, and the UK, chances are that you can visit their physical stores to select clothes in great fits. If you don’t reside in any of these areas, however, you can order online and have the products shipped to you!

3. COS

A must-mention on this list of stores like Zara is COS. If you like contemporary styles, then this amazing fashion brand is a great substitute. With one click on their website, you will find outfits like barrel-leg trousers and baggy denim shirts for the modern audience.

Step out looking like an ornament in checked jacquard-knit two-pieces and tiered dresses. For the warmer months, you’ll find simple unique gowns that will be outstanding in any room. And if denim is your style, you’ll also find them aplenty with suggested looks on COS!


ASOS is an extensive fashion retailer that sells both men and women’s clothing. With their acronym meaning As Seen On Screen, ASOS presents customers with a wonderful online store, just as Zara does.

On their website, you will find endless options to choose from. In fact, it’s not an exaggeration to say that you could spend all day scrolling through the ASOS site and still have more clothes, shoes, and accessories to check out the next day.

Their primary audience is young adults, but they also have clothing and accessories for older customers. The retailer is based in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe, but ships products to over one hundred and ninety countries. Turn heads today in their lacy dresses, summery clothes, sportswear, sunglasses, belts, caps, and many more!

5. Pull and Bear

Pull and Bear is one underrated, fabulous fashion store. For the summer months, check out the special category curated to make you modish and up-to-date. Buy the adjustable cargo pants and pair them with cute crop tops for casual outings this season.

Their collection of tie-dye tulle dresses is also so unique that the dresses are bound to stand apart, out on the beach or at parties. And if bandeau tops are your favorites, you will find a wealth of them here! The tops are, without a doubt, one of the reasons we recommend this store for Zara lovers. While browsing through their products, you will get a sense of how modish and contemporary the store owners are. Denims, midi skirts, rustic dresses, and crochet two pieces, you’ll find here at fair prices! 

6. Massimo Dutti

Another store for anyone eagerly seeking a store that is similar in quality and taste to Zara is Massimo Dutti. The brand is urbane, classy, and sober—basically, everything you want in a high-end brand. As a specialist in premium Spanish clothing, their specialty is in wool and cashmere, amongst other fabrics. These are used to create lovely pieces that you won’t be able to say no to.

Scroll through their website for shirts, polo shirts, t-shirts, sweaters, cardigans, jumpers, blazers, leather jackets, trousers, jeans, and shoes. Massimo Dutti also sells accessories such as bags for multiple purposes–bowling bags, brief bags, pouch bags, toiletry bags–and shoes. Need perfumes and body care items while shopping? The site has a link, especially for those!


For a clothing store that is more focused on sustainable fashion than Zara, ARKET is a splendid store to look at. Its vibe combines eco-friendliness and panache, striving to provide its customers with timeless clothing in monochrome and print. Shop for a night out with the girls from the mini dress options or for work attire in the maxi dress collection.

ARKET also offers baggy shirts in denim, stripes, and a range of other designs that look great with all types of bottoms. It is important to note, however, that this brand doesn’t ship to the US. You can check out their social media pages for more updates on areas they ship to!

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8. Stradivarius 

The brand name might have you feeling a bit skeptical about its theme, but trust us when we say that as a Zara lover, you are sure to love Stradivarius’ offerings. The fashion retailer’s fervent goal is to keep women pretty with each season’s hottest trends. Their style is modern, sultry, and dainty, and their prices fall within a similar range to Zara’s.

Stradivarius plays a lot with tulle, so you can find slinky tulle gowns, band tops, t-shirts, and bodysuits here. Their clothes are also in modern colors, such as nude and monotone. Step out looking delicate and dazzling in Stradivarius clothing! 

9. Bershka

Similar to Zara, Bershka is an online store that offers outfits with top-notch style and quality. If you like the kind of outfits you can put together after shopping at Zara, then you’ll be satisfied with this company’s gatherings! For date night, you can find strappy metallic dresses or bandeau denim dresses that are as unique as they come.

Also, if you’re a big TikTok fan and adore your idols’ looks, Bershka tags similar outfits on their website. This way, you can easily recognize them! They have feminine dresses, skirts, and blouses for the girly girls and baggy outfits for the tomboys. Stop by here to shop for outfits for yourself, your partner, and your teenagers. And if you’re on a budget, there are many sales for you to enjoy!

10. H&M

H&M is a great substitute for Zara as they hone in on fast-fashion attires and accessories for people of all ages. From t-shirts, to weave jackets to twill pants, and modern sweaters, they have it all. For seventy-six years, the retailer has collaborated with designers worldwide, such as Versace, Balmain, Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, Simone Rocha, and Roberto Cavalli, to launch beautiful collections.

They’ve also gone beyond the typical to launch Avant Garde pieces with Maison Margiela and accessories with Anna Dello Russo, a Vogue Japan editor. In 2022, the brand officially opened over four thousand stores in seventy-five geographical markets! This means you likely have an H&M just around the corner to suit your fashion needs. The brand also puts good effort toward sustainability through the H&M foundation and clothing rentals!

11. Mango

Just like Zara, Mango is another Spanish cloth designer and retailer. Founded in Barcelona thirty-nine years ago, Mango has since spread beyond its borders to cloth people in Africa, the Americas, Asia, and Oceania.

The brand also includes Violeta by Mango, focusing on styling plus-sized women. With over sixteen thousand employees, the company strives to have women and men kitted with dresses, shirts, t-shirts, wedding attires, skirts, shoes, jeans, and many more.

Also, like Zara, the Mango website holds fabulous sales, so customers can shop to their hearts’ content! To stay on top of trends, you can visit their bestseller page to see which outfits are taking the world by storm.

12. & Other Stories

& Other Stories takes after Zara with their similarly chic style. Visit this store to find artful floral dresses and blouses for the summery months. If you love encapsulating yourself with cottage-core aesthetics while Taylor Swift plays in the background, you are sure to fall head-over-heels with the summer collection! But there’s much more!

This brand also collates a list of all their newest arrivals, helping you stay atop of new trends and to purchase them before they sell out. Save money by frequently checking out their sales, and get inspired by the chic looks displayed on the site. The brand also sells fun accessories such as hoop earrings made of recycled brass and chunky sandals!

13. Zalando

Zalando is a fashion retailer founded in 2008, and since then, they have amassed millions of buyers in Europe! What better evidence could show they are a trusted brand that Zara customers will love? Their style is mostly street fashion, so if that is your look, you have to check them out. Whether you’re looking for party clothes, beach wear, or minimalist outfits, the retailers stay updated to keep their customers in vogue. They also have collections to inspire your look!

14. Madewell

Looking for denim as good as the products at Zara? Meet Madewell, a reliable retailer that designs fantastic jeans for women and men. As a brand that stays focused on denim, you can be reassured that they will keep you abreast with all the rising jean trends.

Are you a gorgeously curvy woman? You’ll find all the best fits for you here. Do you want wide-leg pants? They have the fits just waiting for you in this store. Are vintage jeans your style? You’re in luck! Madewell also has them. Honestly, it is a denim wonderland out here and you will enjoy browsing through their denim collections every second.

15. Revolve

Similar to Zara, Revolve has an expansive online store that caters to people in various parts of the world. When we say expansive, we actually mean it since you can find almost everything here. Another reason Revolve is a wonderful Zara substitute is because it efficiently follows fashion trends, keeping its store and customers hooked up with the latest.

Head on over to the store and find gowns, accessories, and beauty items. Their dress collection is a beautiful mix of textures, colors, and fabrics. From the modern nude tones to vibrant red dresses that dazzle like fire. From chic floral dresses to sophisticated black gowns that will channel your inner Audrey Hepburn. You’ll find hair clips, belts, hats, and sleek sunglasses in the accessories session! Also, if you looking for similar stores like Revolve, this page is for you!

16. Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova is one of the biggest online stores in the world, presenting attires in different price ranges to suit your specific budgets. Apart from being an online store, they also have brick-and-mortar stores to meet the needs of customers who prefer physical shopping. For decades, the brand has had a steady following of celebrities, from Kylie Jenner to Hailey Bieber, joining trends and leading them. While their headquarters is in Los Angeles, they ship goods to buyers worldwide.

17. Frank and Oak

Frank and Oak is another company similar to Zara that gives their customers the convenient choice of either shopping in person or simply getting on the internet to update their wardrobe. If this is one reason you love Zara, then Frank and Oak will quickly become another favorite. The store’s theme is simple and classy, so the minimalists out there will definitely love scanning through their goods. For your tops, blazers, skirts, shorts, dresses, pants, and jackets, you should visit Frank and Oak today!

18. Amour Vert

Amour Vert might not be a Spanish brand like Zara, but they echo the bold femininity of Zara clothes. Their clothes are inspired by the freedom and vibrancy of California, with beautifully patterned attires that will also fill your day with light.

Step out looking like a burst of sunshine in outfits from this brand. And if you’re not sure how to style your looks, all you have to do is scan through their website for appealing inspirations. The brand is also dedicated to sustainability, from the supply chains, to the packaging. Patronizing them will make the earth very happy.

19. Article&

Another fashion store that will meet the high standards of Zara fans is Article&. They are a boutique dedicated to bringing customers outfits from contemporary designers and independent labels. Their selection of clothes is unique, with comfort also prioritized. So be confident that the clothes you buy here won’t be worn only once and discarded in your wardrobe. No, you can make the outfits your day-to-day wear look absolutely beautiful.

20. River Island

If you have ever stepped foot in a River Island store, you will know how much the design and styles of their clothes assemble with Zara. Although the quality of clothes at River Island might be slightly better, the price tag can sometimes put you off… Lately, River Island price increased dramatically, and if they carry on in this way, they might soon be classified as a luxury clothing brand, but not because their clothes are unique or have a great resell value, but because of the price they charge.

Still, this wasn’t the subject, but I just want you to be aware of the price difference between R Island and Zara. Overall, I would leave River Island as a last resort if you cannot find the outfits that you need at the other stores listed on this page.

21. Primark

Primark is another fashion brand with clothes that won’t break the bank. If you like vibrant clothes that pop in a throng, you’ll find more than enough options here. And if you want to try something new and different from your regular black and white, we highly recommend checking out this store. Find bright orange button-down shirts for casual or formal events and blue seam-free unitards for your workouts. They also have nice denim designs such as mom jeans, jackets, skinny jeans, and miniskirts.

22. New Look

New Look is an online shop with the latest women’s clothing and outfits for men and young girls. Apart from timely and cute outfits, they also have fantastic sales on a regular! They have inclusive attires and accessories for curvy women, tall women, and pregnant women. So you can hop up on the New Look store, confident that they have something for almost everyone. You can also find a range of shoes, including heels, flats, slippers, wedges, trainers, and boots in several types of fit.

23. Pixie Market

Be inspired weekly with new and chic looks by visiting the Pixie Market online store. Like Zara, this retailer displays trendy materials like knit body-con dresses, wire bustiers, and solid maxi skirts. If you want to update your knitwear collection, Pixie Market is the best place to go. Their knitwear is elegant and alluring, fitting for night and day events.

One of the best parts about knitted looks is that you can wear them all season long. You can wear a knit body-con dress in warmer months and head out. And in the cooler month, you can layer them with coats from the store’s collection. They also tailor their clothes with lovely structures to create an effortlessly gorgeous look.

24. Everlane

Everlane echoes the modern aspect of Zara. They present potential buyers with beautiful women’s essentials made of good quality. Accessories and dresses can be found in their store, ranging from dresses to denim pants and shoes. Their theme is modern and casual, so if you need outfit inspiration, you will benefit more than new clothes on their website! 

25. Free People

Free People is a great clothing brand with a stylish, bohemian, laid-back aesthetic. Their clothing tends to have a more relaxed and romantic vibe, often incorporating flowy silhouettes, prints, and intricate details. Free People is all about embracing individuality and expressing your unique sense of style, with a focus on comfort and effortless elegance.

Unlike Zara, which is driven by mass-market and mass-produced clothing, at FreePeople, you are guaranteed to find high-quality clothing with unique designs, and the brand does not hold back when it comes to premium materials. That’s one of the greatest points of their success, making it a serious competitor to Zara.

26. Express

Express embodies their motto ‘made to express you’ with up-to-the-minute dresses, sweaters, suits, and coats for you to pick from. Whatever theme, color, or idea is trending, you can find fitting outfits at this store. For instance, after the Barbie movie featuring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling dropped this summer, the store put out cute pink clothes for women to get into the Barbie vibe. Girls all over slayed in their pink dresses in various shades, looking like queens in their own right.

Who doesn’t love a timely and fun fashion brand? We sure do! It is important to note, however, that Express is not accessible everywhere. Therefore, make sure to check and confirm access!

 27. Aritzia 

Discover the latest women’s accessories and clothing from Aritzia. We’ve added this awesome brand to the list because of the similarity between their style and value, and Zara’s. So for fans of Zara clothing and accessory, you will fall in love with Aritzia after a few swipes. Find classy dresses, pants, blouses, and skirts that will turn heads.

For sleek looks, you’ll also encounter contoured bodysuits, bike shorts, and jumpsuits in various designs. If you are preparing for a new job, a job interview, or, say, a meeting with your fiancé’s parents and are eager to leave a good impression, the clothes and accessories in this store are so elegant that you won’t miss your goal. Visit the store today and step out looking like you just stepped off the runway

28. Bloomchic

Although Bloomchic is a brand with a target audience mainly of plus-size ladies, their clothing is similar to those at Zara. Therefore it can make it a good competitor in terms of fashion choices. If you like to learn more about Bloomchic, check out this comprehensive review.

29. Nasty Gal

Can a list of stores like Zara be complete without Nasty Gal? Nasty Gal is one of the top retailers in the fashion industry, leading trends and selling thousands of attires a year. Nasty Gal is a store guaranteed to make you look sexy and stunning. They have everything, and yes, we do mean everything from slinky satin dresses to exquisite dinner gowns.

Be it concerts or swimwear for poolside hangouts; you can find them all at NastyGal. This brand is also inclusive with beautiful apparel for plus-sized women. Find shoes so full of character that eyes will literally follow your feet when you step into a room and shop to your heart’s content. While their primary target audience is young adults, all women can find something for themselves in this store. After seventeen years in the business, the brand has won customers’ hearts from over sixty countries. 

30. Boohoo

Oh, ignore the name; Boohoo will surely leave a smile on your face after a shopping session! They are a nice shop that offers as high as thirty percent sales off everything you purchase. Their specialty includes dresses, tops, denim, accessories, and shoes. Are you attending a special occasion? A baby shower, a wedding, your prom, or a graduation? Check out the store’s ‘Occasion Shop’ category to get a fab attire!

31. Missguided

Are you a beautifully curvy lady who wants a store overflowing with options for you? Then Missguided is the perfect Zara substitute to check out. The encompassing brand allows customers to discover women’s suits and tailoring that elevates their looks. Here, you’ll find fabulous suits and blazers in captivating colors that range from black to soft pink. They also have a swimwear collection you are sure to love!

32. Shein

Shein is one of the best alternatives for Zara, especially with their exclusive discounts and unique looks. Every item your wardrobe needs can be found in their online store, from bikinis for the warmer months to sweaters for the cool seasons.

33. Zaful

Like Zara, Zaful has pretty clothing and presents an array of accessories to its consumers. You can get a Zaful coupon to save money while shopping for their women’s wear, swimwear, bikinis, jewelry, and accessories. The store keeps up with all the trends in various styles, including cottage-core, boho chic, elegant, and many more. So whatever your preferences are, you can find the trendiest attires waiting here.

34. Chicwish

Chicwish caters mainly to the younger generation, bringing a tried-and-true theme of comfort and style. Step out looking exquisite in clothing from this brand–which has been approved by over a million customers and bloggers. They have vivacious hues for the sunshine girlies and muted tones for beauties who love dark colors. Chicwish’s taste is so distinctive that you’re sure to stand out.

35. J Crew

J Crew is known for its classic and preppy style, offering high-quality wardrobe staples and timeless pieces. Their clothing tends to be more traditional and sophisticated, with a focus on clean lines and refined designs. J Crew also emphasizes the use of premium materials, which can result in slightly higher prices compared to some other retailers.

So, if you prefer classic, timeless pieces and are willing to invest a bit more for higher-quality items, J Crew might be a good alternative to Zara. However, if you enjoy staying on top of the latest fashion trends and prefer a more budget-friendly approach, then Zara might be a better fit for you.

Clothing stores like zara but cheaper

Final words

Each of these stores is a commendable alternative for Zara. So choose the one which fits your style best and start shopping! But don’t forget to use all the discount codes from influencers, welcome newsletter coupon codes,s and any other perks these stores offer. Every little count, so make the most out of your budget by applying all the discount coupons available.

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