Selfie Leslie review – Is legit or scam? Let’s find out! Are you looking to buy some cute Selfie Leslie dresses and wonder whether the brand is legit? You are not the only one. The good news is that I completed a complete review, and I listed below all you need to know about Selfie Leslie so you can decide whether this store is ideal for your shopping needs or to. So step in and read before making a purchase. It will save you a lot of time and heartache.

Selfie Leslie review - Is legit or scam? Let's find out!

Selfie Leslie is among the brands so heavily advertised on social media that you have probably heard about it even if flirty dresses and rompers are not your thing.

Indeed, it is hard to scrape through your feed without stumbling upon another “viral” dress, overall, or a brand that seems to have been born and exists exclusively in social media and is associated with today`s trendsetters—fashion influencers, YouTubers, and bloggers.

However, we all know that although thousands of truly legit businesses and unique startups begin their path on social media and may flourish because of just one video that gets viral, a fair share of those ads and “honest reviews,” as well as the brands that stand behind them, have little to do with reality, to say the least.

So, what about Selfie Leslie, then? Is it a legit online brand with the cutest dresses, rompers, and tops you may have seen online, or is it just another scam?

Selfie Leslie review – Is legit or scam? Let’s find out!

When you try to look for reviews about Selfie Leslie, you may be surprised by how little information and feedback there is about the brand, even though they seem to be crazy popular among fashionistas. But don`t worry; we conducted a whole investigation for you and can now tell you exactly whether Selfie Leslie is a legit brand and what those dresses are worth.

We were shocked not so much by the results of our investigation as by where we eventually found the information about Selfie Leslie and their products. But first things first…

What is selfieLeslie all about and where is located

Although Selfie Leslie is mainly associated with the post-pandemic era of online marketing and shopping, the brand itself is a bit older than you may imagine.

According to the information on their website as well as several other sources, Selfie Leslie is originally an Australian brand that was founded in 2012. In 2016, however, the company entirely relocated to Los Angeles, California, where it remains to this day.

As they claim on their official LinkedIn page, “We like to think of ourselves as Australian-born, Los Angeles-bred.” From the same profile, you can also learn that the company has fewer than 50 employees. So, we are not talking about some fast-fashion giant like Shein here, which makes the story even more interesting. Does it mean you support a small business by buying from Selfie Leslie? Or is it still another scam?

Before we go any further with the Selfie Leslie review, let us address the elephant in the room and answer the main question: who is Leslie?

I am saddened to tell you that we have no idea. Neither the official website of the brand nor any other available sources reveal who Leslie is or show any of her selfies. Moreover, it is really hard to find any information about who runs Selfie Leslie.

I found only one hint about brand ownership at a pretty unexpected source, but we shall get there later. In the meantime, we have to conclude that as viral as Selfie Leslie is on social media, the brand is incredibly secretive when it comes to any information about its origin, ownership, manufacture, designers, etc.

All you can get from the “About Us” section on the Selfie Leslie website are a few paragraphs about how the brand is all about fun, feminine styles, and those who love them.

They also claim to update their inventory frequently and invite visitors to check out the website often to find the trendiest models and designs. This is a huge red flag for a fast-fashion brand if you are like us, but we are not here to judge.

Another peculiar paragraph is “Ethical Standards,” which is just several lines about how the brand supports the International Labour Organization (ILO) with no specific information about how they do it.

Next come several claims about advocating for fair labor and sourcing sustainable, ethical materials without any actual certification or other proof. So, what is Selfie Leslie after all? A small business that made it, or another fast-fashion e-commerce brand? And considering its outstanding secrecy, does the brand at least exist, or is it another sketchy dropshipping store? The answer may surprise you.

Shopping at Selfie Leslie Is it safe?

Just like most of today`s viral fashion shops, Selfie Leslie is an online store. And we really must pay tribute to the brand`s website. From the main page to checkout, it is nicely made and designed to make your shopping experience as smooth and pleasant as possible.

The neutral theme colors don`t draw attention from the cute dresses, rompers, and tops. Item photos are animated, showing how every piece “works” in motion. When you hover over a photo, you instantly see available sizes and alternative colors.

In other words, the people behind Selfie Leslie understood the potential of online fashion retail, its strengths, and its weaknesses. They did a good job designing a convenient and attractive platform for their customers. Now let`s go over the main points to forge the general idea of Selfie Leslie as a fashion brand.

Selfie Leslie Clothes

As we have already mentioned and as Selfie Leslie emphasizes on their website and in every social media post and press release, the brand is all about feminine, flirty, romantic style. Here you will find dresses, rompers, tops, and bottoms for the perfect first date, girls` night out, or even a wedding.

Yes, Selfie Leslie has a pretty big wedding attire section where you can find everything from wedding guests or bridesmaids` dresses to wedding gowns. They are not as formal and fancy as those you are used to seeing in bridal shops, but most models look incredibly cute and are acceptable for a small backyard wedding or even as a second dress for the reception party.

The sizes vary from XS to XXL. However, XXL is never available for any model. It makes us think that the brand might have to market the size as another marketing move to look more inclusive than it is.

Selfie Leslie dresses

There are unlimited dresses at Selfie Leslie for all kinds of events, so if you need a cute prom dress or a wedding dress, you will surely find something to suit your style. Below I have included a few Selfie Leslie dresses that caught my eye, but that’s just a tiny bit of their broad collections.

Selfie Leslie prices

The price might be one of the most controversial and confusing topics when discussing Selfie Leslie. Generally, the prices vary between $50 and $110 on most items. On the one hand, it is higher than the prices you see at Shein and other similar online stores. On the other hand, if we take the claims about sustainable, ethically sourced materials for granted, these prices may look pretty justified and maybe even a bit low.

The most expensive wedding dress, however, costs $300; judging from the images and videos, it looks much more expensive. Wedding and evening dresses are the exact places where you may start getting suspicious. As you browse them, you often think they are too good to be true.

Does selfie leslie have afterpay

Yes, Selfie Leslie has Afterpay, and is valid only for 18+ and US residents. At the moment, Selfie Leslie looks like it is offering “buy now, pay later” only for US buyers, and they don’t support Klarna or other providers for International customers. You can check the brand website to get updates about their Afterpay program policy.

how long does selfie leslie take to ship

  • Customers from the United States enjoy free shipping within 3-5 business days on orders over $100. If your order is under $100, you will have to pay $12.99 for shipping.
  • International shipping has a flat fee of $39.99 and no definite time frame, which is a lot if you ask anyone who has ever shopped online outside the USA.

Selfie Leslie return policy

Selfie Leslie has many items with “free return” labels. And according to many reviews, this is where the brand is not entirely fair to their customers.

Many reviewers complained that after returning those items, they were refunded $10 less than they had originally paid. The customer service representative replied that $10 is a “processing fee” that applies to all returned items. In other words, there is no free return in Selfie Leslie.

The only time they guarantee free returns is when you choose to get refunded in-store credits rather than demand your money back. Be careful buying items with prices ending with $XX.50, a discount of 40%, or a Final Sale tag. These items cannot be returned, exchanged, or refunded.

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Selfie Leslie Reviews

The reviews section is usually where things get interesting, and Selfie Leslie is no exception. Surprisingly, is that the brand is trying to be as public as possible and carefully collects and displays reviews on its social media as well as on every item`s page. Bad news: all those are exclusively five-star reviews, which smell a bit fishy if you ask us.

Things start to get a bit more clear when you try to check out public review platforms such as Reddit, WorthePenny, or Trustpilot. Here you will find either 5-star or 1-star reviews in almost equal numbers. Which makes you think.

The positive reviews are 100% positive. From the quality of clothes to shipping and communication with customer service, a satisfied Selfie Leslie customer seems to be 100% satisfied.

At the same time, Selfie Leslie negative reviews reveal a certain pattern:

  • Labelling: many customers who ordered from Selfie Leslie were surprised to receive items either without label tags at all or with labels of other unknown brands;
  • Quality: Poor quality seems to be the main problem with Selfie Leslie`s products, which is pretty upsetting if you keep in mind that the average price for a dress is $90. Some people complained that dresses and tops lost their shape and colors after just one wash; others even said that they received dresses with different sleeves.
  • Return policy: as we have already mentioned, Selfie Leslie`s return policy can get pretty tricky, and you never know for sure how much or whether you will be refunded at all unless you read their terms and conditions very, very carefully. Many reviewers claimed that the brand also does not mark final sale items clearly and often changes the rules, making returns almost impossible.
  • Origin: Selfie Leslie positions itself as an Australian brand that is currently based in the United States. However, all their items are made in China. Of course, most fashion brands manufacture their products in China to cut costs; however, according to most reviews, Selfie Leslie seems to simply buy their items from Chinese brands and resell them as their own. Sometimes they don’t even change the tags.

Is Selfie Leslie a legit brand?

In the meantime, Selfie Leslie looks like another online store that sells fast fashion items made in China after wrapping them into the more attractive and glamorous package of an elaborate social media marketing campaign.

However, looking for reviews and opinions about the company, we stumbled upon a pretty unusual source of information: Glassdoor. It is an online job platform where you can not only look for jobs at various companies worldwide but also read reviews about those employers from people who have worked there before.

And Selfie Leslie has a pretty curious page dedicated to the brand. Those who claim to have experience working with the brand openly claim that the company does not actually develop any designs but simply sells clothing from China for unreasonable prices.

One of the reviewers claims that the brand is owned by a Chinese family. However, they don`t provide any proof, and therefore the ownership of Selfie Leslie remains a mystery to this day.

Another former employee claims to have been the exact person who was “cleaning” reviews and making sure that only 5-star feedback reaches the public.

It would be fair to assume that all those former employees may simply hold a grudge, but an overall 2.1 rating is pretty unusual for Glassdoor, which makes us think that not everything is as smooth, clean, and girly with Selfie Leslie as the brand tries to show us.

Selfie Leslie is a legit company in the sense that if you place an order, they will send you something and will not disappear into thin air with your credit card details like other clothing stores.

However, shopping at Selfie Leslie can be a real lottery, and the outcome in many ways depends on your expectations. You may end up with a pretty party dress that may not stand several washes, but you probably don`t even expect it from a fast fashion brand.

At the same time, it looks like there is a big chance of receiving a piece that may look nothing like its image on the website. And when you try to return and exchange it, be prepared for an ultimate quest and surprising fees.

Nonetheless, talking about all those pros and cons and the seemingly average and therefore acceptable flaws of another fast fashion brand, it is essential to keep in mind that those items are marketed as Australian designs, ethically manufactured from sustainable materials, and therefore the above-average prices are supposed to be justified.

At the same time, in the description, we see that every item, from a casual tank top to a wedding gown, is made from polyester and spandex. And reviews left on independent platforms—the ones that cannot be “brushed up” by the brand`s marketing team—are not that different from feedback about any other online fast fashion brand, including the notorious Shein.

After all, it is up to you whether to shop at Selfie Leslie or not. If you place an order hoping that you support a small business, an Australian-American company that stands for sustainability, ethical sourcing, and fair trade, that may not be the case.

Selfie Leslie discount code

To get the Selfie Leslie discount code, you can go directly to their website and use the 20% OFF with the code SLDEAL. There are other coupon sites that offer discount codes for Selfie Leslie, but they might or might not work. To save time is best to go directly to their store and use all their deals first and then try to add extra discount codes at the checkout, just to test if they working or not for even more savings. Some sites that have Selfie Leslie discount code are wethrift, dealspotr, and others, but as I said, there is no guarantee that the coupon codes will work.

Selfie Leslie reviews. Selfie Leslie review - Is legit or scam? Let's find out!

Final words

Did you find this Selfie Leslie review helpful? Have you ever purchased anything from their store, or are you planning to buy some cute dresses that you feel you must have? Whatever your options are, remember to compare your options, analyze how you will style the outfit, and if you cannot find any ideas, is best to postpone the shopping session.

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