Grown Brilliance review: Must read before buying. Are you looking for a diamond engagement ring or want to invest in diamond jewelry and wonder if Grown Brilliance is legit? To help you clear all your questions, we will reveal everything you need to know about natural diamonds and how they are created vs. lab-grown ones so that you can understand better the process of diamond jewelry making. So step in and read everything about Grown Brilliance! You will thank me later…

Grown Brilliance review: Must read before buying

If you love online shopping as much as we do, you have probably already heard of Grown Brilliance, the online company that sells loose lab-grown diamonds and jewelry made with lab-grown diamonds. The company claims that the main benefits of buying lab-grown diamonds are sustainability, a much wider choice of options, and significantly lower prices.

Grown Brilliance review: Must read before buying

These statements raise more questions than they are supposed to answer. Are those real diamonds or practically the same fake bling you can buy from any mass-market retailer? And if so, why do they still cost so much?

Can you buy a legit diamond ring online today like you would order a pair of sneakers or food for your pet? And what are the risks and terms of such online shopping? And finally, what does Grown Brilliance mean when they claim that they sell “sustainable, conflict-free” diamonds?

Keep on reading, and we shall try to answer all these and some other questions about Grown Brilliance and other similar companies to hopefully help you make an informed decision.

Are lab-grown diamonds real?

The first thing that you will probably notice when you visit the Grown Brilliance website is that their prices are much higher than what you probably expected for artificial bling. So, what makes them so special? Or is it just good old marketing meant to boost the hype?

So, let`s dive deeper into where the diamonds come from because this mysterious process makes up probably 90% of their price and value.

how natural minted diamond looks like found under the earth crust
image source wikipedia

Natural diamonds are formed from the process of enormous pressure and heat which happens under the Earth`s crust. This slow process takes thousands or even million years, which is why diamonds are so rare. Once they are mined, they look nothing like those magnificent jewelry stones you see in shops and museums. They still need to be cut and polished, which are also insanely complex procedures that require special equipment, knowledge, and skill.

The process of growing diamonds in a lab cuts a lot of corners in this way. Technically, a lab setting allows the creation of the same circumstances that lead to the formation of a natural diamond, but in just a couple of months instead of whole millennia.

There are two ways to create a lab-grown diamond like the one you see on the Grown Brilliance website:

  • High-Pressure, High-Temperature (HPHT) – this process technically replicates the natural process of diamond formation. A special machine creates enormous pressure and temperature that make graphite turn into a diamond;
  • Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) – this process uses a very small “seed” diamond instead of the original graphite. When the “seed” is placed into a special chamber, it fills up with heated gases that force new layers of carbon to form around the small diamond.

On their website, Grown Brilliance vaguely mentions both methods but doesn`t say exactly what kind of lab-grown diamonds they produce. However, HPHT and CVD diamonds cannot be distinguished from one another, as well as natural diamonds, by the naked eye. They have all the chemical and natural properties of a natural diamond and are tested as such with a special machine, which you can easily buy on Amazon.

This is the main difference between lab-grown diamonds and crystals you will normally find in bijouterie or costume jewelry. The letter is entirely made of synthetic materials, while lab-grown diamonds have the same chemical compound as natural ones.

Sustainable and conflict-free diamonds?

One of the main sales pitches for Grown Brilliance is that their diamonds are supposed to be “sustainable and conflict-free”.  Well, we have already learned a lot about sustainable clothing or furniture, but what are “sustainable diamonds” supposed to mean? To answer this question, we shall have to take a look at the dirty underbelly of the jewellery industry worldwide. 

The biggest diamond mines are located in Russia, Botswana, and Angola. For centuries, diamond mining, trade, and transportation have been shrouded in mystery and romance. Frankly speaking, diamond mining is a very dangerous activity affecting all parties involved. Everyone is affected in some way, from miners to jewelers and even customers.

Over the years, diamond mining has been done without being properly regulated. There was little to no regard for the social, overall environment, and long-term ecological impact on local communities. The use of child labor, extremely dangerous working conditions, corruption, and crime seemed to be integral parts of the industry.

And then the United Nations (UN) came up with the term “Blood Diamond” or, more diplomatic, “Conflict Diamond”. It mainly meant that those diamonds are “mined in areas controlled by forces opposed to the legitimate, internationally recognized government of a country, and that is sold to fund military action against that government.” A mainly political definition, it has, however, brought some order into the diamond mining business and encouraged suppliers as well as retailers to keep an eye on where the stones come from. 

The physical diamond mines now had to decline child labor, provide fair wages and safe work conditions, receive the Conflict-Free Certificate, and avoid international sanctions. Of course, it inevitably leads to price increases.

For companies like Grown Brilliance, the new trend opened new opportunities as, on the one hand, they could provide ethical and conflict-free diamonds and put very attractive pricetags on them since instead of a whole mine full of workers and machinery, they had to invest in a lab with equipment and professionals who operate it. However, if we talk about the environmental impact of natural and lab-grown diamonds, it is not that simple and rosy.

On the one hand, diamond mining has a huge impact on the nature and environment of the region where the mine is located. Soil erosion, deforestation, and using diesel fuels and hydrocarbons inevitably lead to climate change and sometimes irreversible damage to the local ecosystem. Lab-grown diamonds cannot be considered a sustainable alternative either. The proper operation of all the equipment used to create such diamonds requires enormous amounts of energy, which comes from fossil and other non-renewable fuels.

As a result, the carbon footprint of 1 carat of a lab-grown diamond is almost 3 times bigger than that of a mined diamond. Just 1 carat of a lab-grown diamond releases over 500 kg of greenhouse gases. So, lab-grown diamonds are probably conflict-free, but when Grown Brilliance advertises its products as “sustainable,” you should take those claims with a grain of salt.

Pros and cons of lab-grown diamonds

At this point, you may feel a bit confused. So, are lab-grown diamonds like those offered by Grown Brilliance worth it? Let’s take a brief overview of the Pros and Cons to help you make a decision.

Pros of lab-grown diamonds

  • Affordable prices – prices of lab-grown diamonds are usually 30-50% lower than the price tags you will see on an earth-mined stone;
  • The Realness – those are the only replicants that give the ultimate “real” feel and look to the stones. Because they are real, after all, since lab-grown diamonds have the same chemical compound as the mined ones;
  • More options – the process of creation of lab-grown diamonds gives more space for maneuvering and creativity. Today they can create diamonds of all shapes, sizes, and even colors you may wish for;
  • Not a “bloody diamond” – by buying a lab-grown diamond, you can be sure it is not covered with the blood and sweat of a poor child or anyone else forced to work in dangerous and unfair conditions.

Cons of lab-grown diamonds

  • It won`t stand the test of time – unfortunately, unlike earth-mined diamonds, your lab-grown “girl`s best friend” will probably depreciate with time since the manufacturing process makes it as mass-market as any pair of jeans from a local mall. In other words, a lab-grown diamond can be a great gift, but hardly an investment or valuable heirloom;
  • Not eco-friendly – as we have already explained, the manufacture of lab-grown diamonds created an enormous environmental impact, even bigger than the effect from traditional earth mining;
  • The social pitfall – unlike traditional mining, growing diamonds in laboratories does not create as many workplaces or support local communities.

As you see, even the sun has its spots, and when choosing between earth-mined and lab-grown diamonds, you should first ask yourself why you are purchasing them in the first place. If it is for the beauty of the jewellery, you want to make a stunning gift for the beloved one, have the opportunity to choose among many options, and avoid filing for bankruptcy after you make the gesture, then lab-grown diamonds are probably the best choice for you.

If you are looking for an investment opportunity and want to contribute to your family`s heirloom, you may want to consider earth-mined stones or even look for another option. Also, if you are looking for more sustainable jewellery, traditionally mined diamonds remain “the lesser evil.”

Is Grown Brilliance legit?

Grown Brilliance review Must read before buying. Is Grown Brilliance legit. Everything you need to know before buying

The company was established and registered in 2016. Grown Brilliance has been selling loose lab-grown diamonds and jewelry with lab-grown diamonds for several years through Amazon. However, like most e-commerce companies, the turning point for Grown Brilliance started during the COVID-19 lockdown, when online shopping boosted worldwide, and people started to explore more shopping opportunities and investment options.

So, Grown Brilliance built its website and started to work hard on its marketing strategy. They mainly emphasized the fact that their diamonds are sustainable and conflict-free, selling mainly wedding rings, eternity bands, and earrings.

One of the main distinctive features of Grown Brilliance that made them stand out among competitors was the fact that they sold loose lab-grown diamonds of all shapes and sizes as well.

On the one hand, it can be a great option if you have your unique jewellery design in mind and just look for the perfect stone. At the same time, loose diamonds are among the most popular investment options. If you are buying jewelry for the sake of investment, experts strongly recommend purchasing loose stones rather than jewellery since it will be much easier to evaluate and sell your assets once you or your heirs decide to put them on the market.

Another smart marketing move for Grown Brilliance was their collaboration with Badgley Mischka. The glamorous American fashion label with ambassadors such as Mary Kate, Ashley Olsen, and Sharon Stone made Grown Brilliance, as well as the whole idea of lab-grown diamonds, more legit and popular among those who might have been reluctant towards them before.

Recently, Grown Brilliance opened a physical store in Manhattan as well. However, keep in mind that you cannot just walk in there like most other jewellery stores. You need to make an appointment through their website.

The company`s headquarters are located in New York; however, there is not much information about who owns and represents Grown Brilliance. All we know today is that Grown Brilliance is owned by a group of investors who have formed the holding company AJS Creations LLC. The key team behind the brand is said to be diamond business experts with experience in the luxury product market and with brands like Zales, Tag Heuer, and similar companies.

In other words, the company looks pretty legit and trustworthy. However, its “impersonality” and lack of public information about the brand and the people behind it look a bit alarming, especially if you consider spending several thousand on their website.

They have a well-designed and easy-to-navigate website filled with environmental claims and charity ads, but all that will not mean much to you if you run into a serious issue after spending a lump sum. And according to numerous online customer reviews about Grown Brilliance, there is a big chance that you will.

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Grown Brilliance customer reviews and shopping experience.

Although most of us cannot imagine our lives without online shopping today, statistics say the average consumer is ready to spend around $100 at an online store. Since prices at Grown Brilliance start at around $200, it is pretty natural that most shoppers prefer to do some research about the company, its reputation, and customer service before placing an order.

And this is where you may stumble over pretty confusing evidence. Grown Brilliance seems to be as secretive as an e-commerce business can get. Not only do we not know who stands behind the brand, but even the company`s attempts to reach out to their prospective customers make everything even more confusing.

As we have already mentioned, their website is tastefully made with convenient navigation and all the possible sorting tools that would help you find the exact piece you want. But visiting the “About Us” section, you end up scrolling through a bunch of longer Wikipedia-worth articles and sustainability claims that don`t have anything to back them up. No certificates, no membership in acknowledged ethical business communities—none of the kind.

On that background, the claims that no child labor is used in their sophisticated labs look a bit comical, to say the least.

If you look at the reviews of Grown Brilliance website, you will quickly notice that they are filled with phrases like “Stunning!”, “Great value!”, “In love!” etc. And surprisingly, you won’t find a review that is less than 5 stars. I mean, how could you? When everything is carefully staged to lure people into spending 4 to 5 figures for a diamond ring?!

But, of course, you will say that browsing for honest reviews on the brand`s website is ridiculous, as they will do their best to “clean out” each and every one of them. And we may agree. So, let`s go over more independent platforms.

Grown Brilliance Reviews

First of all, Grown Brilliance continues to sell on Amazon, and this website is, of course, an endless source of people`s opinions about all sorts of products. Reddit and Quora are other places for people to talk and express their honest opinions. But even there, there are paid people to pump glorious positive reviews which will really make you believe that they are genuine people who really bought from Grown Brilliance.

The thing is, you may notice an interesting pattern among their reviews. On sites like Site Jabber, all the reviews on these platforms are divided almost equally. You will notice that there are two patterns for their reviews; either “Love them” or “Don`t go anywhere around this shop!” 

If you ask me, something smells fishy in this situation. I by no means claim that all the positive or negative reviews are fabricated and pre-paid, but there is a pattern here, as it is quite improbable that the same brand will be either praised or hated equally by the audience.

Just like the cherry on the cake, Grown Brilliance’s social media profiles look as shady as social media marketing gets. They are filled with beautiful, perfectly-arranged photos of stunning jewelry, but the fact that a profile that has over 18 thousand followers gets 3-5 comments per post (and those are mainly from spammers) inevitably causes us to reflect that some cheating may be involved here.

But let`s put all those allegations aside since we, of course, have no proof at the moment and just focus on what people write.

The positive reviews mainly concentrate on the fact that the lab-grown diamonds look and feel exactly like mined ones. The jewelry looks more expensive than it costs, and people are extremely happy that the stones are conflict-free. 

By the way, nobody talks about the origin of the gold and platinum used in the Grown Brilliance jewellery. It is probably needless to remind you that gold mines are associated with corruption, violence, insufferable labor conditions, and even human trafficking as well. Still, for some reason, the brand and its happy customers prefer to concentrate on the imaginary sustainability of the stones and pretend that the precious metals grow on trees… in ethically-managed forests, of course.

Jokes aside, let`s dive into the interesting part, the negative reviews, and see what the main things to watch out for when you decide to buy from Grow Brilliance. Here we see a fair percentage of claims that the jewellery feels cheap, the stones fall off after a couple of wears, and the items look nothing like their pictures on the website. However, these claims rarely come with any pictures or videos as proof, so they should probably be taken with a grain of salt.

Grown Brilliance Shipment and Customer Service

The more intriguing part is the frequently repeated complaints about Grown Brilliance customer service and the overall purchasing experience, from the moment people placed their orders to the point when they had to cancel or return the purchase.

The shipment and delivery policy of Grown Brilliance looks as shady as it gets, judging from customers` reviews. According to the website, the jewellery is either “in-stock” and therefore will be shipped through FedEx within 2 days and delivered within 2–5 days, or “made to order”, which may take up to 2 weeks to prepare and ship your order.

By the way, international shipping is available for Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar.

But according to the reviews, Grown Brilliance’s shipping policy is one of the biggest lotteries you may ever be involved with in your whole life. Several people said that it took the company over a week to ship “in-stock” items that were promised to be processed instantly. Others claim that the processing took over a month, during which they frequently received generated messages like “Thank you for your patience”, “Your order is about to be shipped,” and “Don`t worry, we keep a close eye on your order”, etc. 

And unfortunately, there were those whose orders had never been shipped, and they eventually had to contact their credit card companies due to the lack of response from Grown Brilliance customer service.

Don`t get us wrong, we understand that logistics can get complicated, and many things may get in the way, delaying the estimated timing. But we are not speaking about another fast fashion brand or a cosmetic company here. People who spend hundreds and even thousands on one purchase usually expect more careful and attentive maintenance of their money and goods.

Unfortunately, communication with customer service is another huge pitfall when dealing with Grown Brilliance. It fairly looks like those who leave positive reviews simply never had to contact the brand and communicate with their customer service. At the same time, here and there, you see reviews that mention that Grown Brilliance customer service is, in the best case, based on bots and generic answers. And in the worst case, it does not exist at all, since no one answers the emails, DMs, or picks up the phone.

Final Thoughts

Lab-grown diamonds are a great alternative to mined precious stones if you want to get a piece of jewellery that looks and feels more expensive than what you had to pay for it. Those are actual diamonds, framed in actual gold or platinum, and they will be a worthy gift for your beloved one or an addition to your collection.

But, please, don`t get misled by marketing moves that claim that by buying lab-grown diamonds, you are making a prospective investment or giving your money to an entirely ethical and sustainable enterprise. The fact that something can be created in a lab prevents it from growing in price in the future. And the process that involves so much energy can hardly be environmentally friendly.

That said, the idea of lab-grown diamonds is perfectly legit, and Grown Brilliance did a lot to promote it and introduce us to a more accessible variant of luxury. 

However, I strongly recommend searching the market carefully, making contact with the seller before you place the order, and taking all the necessary precautions to protect yourself and your bank account. If you are about to spend a few thousand on a diamond ring, it is best to buy it directly from a physical store rather than online.

Did you find this review for Grown Brilliance helpful? Did you already purchased something from their company, or are you planning on buying something in the future? Whatever your plans are, feel free to comment below and let others know what to expect from this company. It will help us all to protect our money and make wise investment decisions.

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