Is Shop Parade legit? Complete review and must-know before buying. Are you planning on buying colorful and high-quality underwear and bralette and don’t know if Parade is trustworthy or how well the lingerie fits? To help you answer all your questions about Shop Parade, I’ve put together this complete review so you can come to a final decision by the end of this page. So step in and learn more about Parade Brand!

Is Shop Parade legit? Complete review and must-know before buying

When you think of the perfect everyday underwear, what do you envision? Comfort? Definitely. Flexibility? Most likely. Nice feminine touches? Perhaps. The fact is this: we all agree that going about our day in panties that are all style and no comfort can be a virtual nightmare. Yes, we are referring to vexing wedgies from poor fits and skin abrasions from coarse lace! And this quest to find panties with the perfect balance of fashionable and coziness is one reason women eagerly try out new underwear brands. 

Is Shop Parade legit? Complete review and must-know before buying

So let’s dive into the details and uncover whether Shop Parade is truly legit or if there are any red flags that should raise concerns. With this information at your disposal, you can shop with peace of mind, knowing that your hard-earned money will be invested in a reliable and trustworthy underwear brand.

Brief overview of Your Parade

Before anything else, I want to make it clear that this review is for the brand and no other shop that uses a similar name is mentioned on this page.

In 2019, Parade launched its brand of women’s underthings, and recently in 2023 has been sold to Ariela and Associates International for an undisclosed amount. The major publicity campaign that featured the brand on popular outlets such as CNN Underscored and Glamour put them on many women’s radars. Since then, almost everyone has been chattering about Parade products.

Are you just hearing about Parade underwear? Or have you seen the ads around and are trying to decide on whether to try out the products or not? Well, we have got you covered. (Pun not intended.) Here is an encompassing Parade shop review, along with insight into why it is so popular!

Where is Parade brand based and who is the owner?

According to CrunchBase Your Parade brand is based in Brooklyn, New York, United States, and the founders are Cami Téllez, Jack DeFuria.

Who are Parade’s competitors?

There are literally so many underwear brands that is difficult to choose just one or two competitors. But to give you a simple comparison, Parade’s main competitors are Pact Smims, Victoria’s Secret, Calvin Klein, and many others.

What is the sewing quality of the Parade underwear?

Good underwear goes beyond a breathable material–even though this is essential as well!–to the sewing quality. The sewing quality of underwear can either make a woman a loyal customer of a brand or tempt her to toss all the brand’s panties into the bin. Alright, maybe that is a bit extreme, but you get what we’re saying. Undies that aren’t well sewn are the causes of wedgies, tight fits, and unwanted imprints on the skin. These types of badly manufactured undies are bound not to last.

So, since Parade undies are so popular, does this mean they have good sewing quality? No. This means that they have amazing sewing quality! You can slide on your panties and have them stretch comfortably without the threads splitting, or coming loose and peeking from your jeans. (The horror!)

The fabrics are firm and hold the threads without ripping open from tension. If you are skeptical about the quality of the mesh–since many underwear brands don’t manage to manufacture durable mesh–we can assure you that Parade’s manufacturing is top quality from top to bottom.

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What is the material quality of the undies?

One consensus wearers of Parade underwear have come to is that the panties have amazing fabric quality. At first, it may sound ordinary: microfiber fabric combined with mesh inserts that match the fabric. The pant liners are cotton and most of the panties are made with 50% elastane and 85% nylon. A familiar makeup, right? Well, just wait until you try it on! T

he brand describes its underwear as ‘buttery soft,’ and this is not an exaggeration. The creators have a vision of practicality for women and have clearly put this vision into practice by hiring former Lululemon experts to create the fabrics. The quality is reliable enough that the panties can expand to 2 times the original size and not break!

The Re:Play collection is made with ultra-soft and ultra-cooling material that is absorbent and airy. This is why it is a big favorite of customers. They also have silky mesh, universal, and glow satin, all of amazing quality.

What is the size range of Parade underwear?

This is one area that simultaneously answers why the brand is so popular. The broad range of sizes. Parade Shop delivers panties in every size, from small sizes to plus sizes. And no, this isn’t just a publicity statement to earn goodwill points when in truth, their largest size is a medium. Parade panties, such as the High Rise Cheeky, for instance, have products available from extra small to 3XL. And each of these undies boasts of the same quality: sturdy and buttery soft fabrics, well manufactured, and durable.

The brand is dedicated to catering to women of every size, and the truth of this is portrayed beautifully in their photoshoots. On their Instagram posts and general marketing photos, every woman is sure to find a model similar in size to her wearing comfortable Parade underwear.

The fact that Parade caters to every size has opened up a wide market to them, especially the plus-sized market, which is usually ignored. If you are on the plus side and wear XL, 2XL, or 3XL, you will find high-quality options here. And if you’re on the extra small side and have difficulty finding your right size in markets, Parade has panties waiting for you.

Is Parade underwear inclusive?

Another reason Parade is popular is that it speaks to the times that we are in, which is a time of inclusivity. Apart from shape and size, Parade underwear also caters to every skin tone. While underwear is typically hidden beneath trousers and skirts, women still want colors that they feel pretty in. It doesn’t matter if no one else sees it. We see it, and pretty underwear can boost up our confidence. Parade provides numerous colors and hues of underwear that match with light and dark skin types.

This variety of colors is also useful in scenarios where a specific color of underwear can blend seamlessly with your outfits. So if you prefer/need bright-colored underwear, you will find them waiting for you here. If you prefer/need monotones or dark colors, Parade Shop will meet those needs.

How washable are Parade underwear?

On the one hand, the fabric itself is nicely washable. You can make your Parade undies staples and have them serve you for weeks while retaining their cloud-like softness and breathability. In fact, the brand of undies is designed to be a staple, so this is one area they have clearly put a lot of care into.

On the other hand, not all elastic bands are as sturdy as the fabric. Some customers have shared experiences where the elastic bands lost their shape after washing a few times. This gives the undies a sort of worn look that some people might not like. Of course, a misshapen band doesn’t mean the underwear can’t be used.

Another negative factor here is that the more you wash the underwear, the more the microfiber is likely to shed. This also isn’t a make-or-break scenario with the functionality of the underwear. The only effect is that it soon gets a worn-out look. This could mean that your Parade underwear should not be used too frequently.

What are the collections of panties in the Parade shop?

Apart from the size and colors, Parade shop also presents different design collections for different occasions.

The cheeky designs are breathable and soft with mesh that stretches from the front to the sides. The underwear is manufactured to stay seamless underneath your clothing so you can wear the cheeky panties with body-fitting outfits. It is best, however, that you test one first with your leggings or thin skirts to be sure there are no panty liners so you can be reassured before buying more.

The briefs are soft with commendable elasticity and are good for everyday use. It also comes with mesh details that are pretty without taking away the practicality of the underwear.

Parade shop also provides thongs, of course. What is an underwear brand without thongs? It is a favorite of women! The thongs are designed for optimum comfort, making you forget that you even have anything on. If you want to try out thongs to avoid any risk of panty lines, Parade Shop products are a good place to start. You can get both high waist and regular waist-length thongs on the site.

Lastly, we have the boyshorts, which offer full coverage both in the back and front and are reliable. This option is great for yoga pants and jeans. They also have mesh on the side for that girly touch that will make you feel cute even in boyshorts. For women who feel self-conscious about their underwear, this option is highly recommended.

Are the brief panties full coverage?

The only guaranteed full-coverage panties on the Parade shop are the boyshorts, which is important to keep in mind! Most times, women specifically buy thongs when they want underwear that won’t cover the butt cheek, and then go for briefs for full back coverage. But the briefs on this site are different.

These are designed to expose a bit of the butt cheeks, as well as the cheeky and thong collections. Some of the biggest complaints customers have had about this brand is over the briefs fit and that they don’t like the insecure feeling of potential panty lines on their yoga pants. So if you go for briefs expecting full coverage, chances are that you are going to be disappointed.

To be on the safe side, opt for the boyshorts that are full coverage both in the front and at the back. Or you can reach out to the online staff to check if the briefs of your choice have full back coverage.

How affordable are Parade panties?

While the brand’s publicity campaign may give the impression that its underwear prices are cutthroat, Parade shop undies are fairly affordable. You can find underwear that begins from $6 here, based on the type of underwear you are going for.

Note that some of these undies have extras that increase the original price. For instance, many of the cheeky panties start at $11, but the high-rise equivalent ranges between $14 to $16. The Parade thongs start at $9, with high rise thongs going at $12. Most of the briefs fall under the $11 price range, and the boyshorts fall under the $12 range.  For everyday undies with good durability, the price range of the products is fair.

Is Parade fast-fashion?

Parade shop is not fast-fashion, from my research. The brand takes all the measures to produce limited collections and made great efforts to implement sustainability in their production. To learn more about this strategy and what efforts they make to become a sustainable fashion brand, you will have to pay close attention to the next paragraph.

Is Parade an eco-friendly brand?

Yes, the Parade shop practices sustainability. The brand has declared taking actionable steps to become climate-positive by the year 2023. On their site is an explanation of how the company focuses on manufacturing its products from either renewable or recycled materials.

They don’t only choose substances that sound positive on labels, but actually put care into selecting materials that won’t harm the planet. Currently, the items rolling out of the Parade shop are at least 80% recycled materials. By 2024, Parade’s goal is to use 100% of recycled materials. The plan is to get their spandex and elastane from bio-based sources.

Your Parade also produces underwear in limited amounts, manufacturing more based on the customer’s demands. This manufacturing process prevents the wastage that comes with making excess products that customers don’t buy. It also allows the company to do drops more frequently. Furthermore, Parade minimizes its packaging to save material, using biodegradable and recyclable items to build the packaging.

Other ways the brand practices sustainability is by using ethical, sustainable, and safe factories in their production, beginning a recycling program for both Parade and other brands of underwear, and working to reduce their carbon footprint.

If you check out the website, you will see more specifics on the fabrics Parade utilizes for their underwear and how these fabrics are sustainably sourced. With these said, the answer is that yes, you can be sure that you’re helping protect the environment by shopping for your undies here!

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Does Parade shop ship worldwide?

The answer here is no. The brand doesn’t offer worldwide shipping. Currently, Parade ships internationally to the United Kingdom, Australia, Mexico, and Canada alone. However, it is part of the brand’s goal to stretch out its reach as the brand grows and ship to more countries. So keep an eye out. In the near future, they might ship to your location!

How does Parade International shipping work? Are customers guaranteed to receive their purchases?

The shipping to the United Kingdom, Australia, Mexico, and Canada is done through DHL Express. International purchases typically get to their buyers within two to five business days after the payment.

Customers should receive their purchases in the assigned time, and most Parade buyers have had blissful experiences doing business with the brand. However, there have been a few mentions of delayed delivery. In the instance that this happens, you would have to directly reach out to the carrier to find out when your package will arrive. This is because Parade, without fail, ships out every order.

If you have any missing purchases, you are invited to reach out to the brand’s customer service within two weeks. If the two-week deadline goes past and you don’t communicate the loss, then Parade won’t be responsible for the recovery!

Does Parade offer free shipping? What is the shipping rate?

Parade shop shipping is not generally free, but you can get free shipping if you spend up to certain amounts on your orders.

The shipping rates also differ based on your region and currency. The Canadian shipping fee is CAD $18, and orders more than CAD $125 will receive free shipping. The Mexican fee is MXN $180, and orders more than MXN $1500 will receive free shipping. For Australian customers, the shipping fee is AUD $35, and purchases that go beyond AUD $185 will be shipped for free. In the UK, the shipping fee is 14 euros, with free shipping on purchases beyond 90 euros.

Is the Parade return policy favorable to customers?

Yes! Parade Shop has a policy that allows customers to return purchases that aren’t just damaged but also don’t have the right fit or feel. Since they announced that their mission is to make women feel good and included, they have ensured that their return policy reflects this. All you have to do is send back the item within thirty days of receiving it to be attended to.

To carry out returns, email [email protected] and leave a message about the item(s) you wish to send back, what the reason for your return is, and whether you would like to get a refund or a store credit. The return process is fairly quick and easy.

Note, though, that you cannot return complimentary promotional items either for store credit or refunds. Those products are final sale.

What special discounts does Parade have?

Parade has a special student discount that allows students to save up a little money while buying undies from their shop. As a student, you can get a fifteen percent discount for every purchase you make by using the Student Beans. This is a super thoughtful discount as there are numerous testimonials of students who have found this provision beneficial. To access the discounts, you must register with verifications of your student status first.

In our general rating of the shop, Parade Shop has an 8.5 out of 10 rating. In aspects of durability and coverage of the panties, it gets 7 out of 10 ratings. The products are inclusive and soft as a cloud with great comfort. The return policy is favorable, and the brand has impressive customer service. In these aspects, Parade gets a resounding 10 out of 10. 

Does Parade have buy now pay later program?

Yes, I can assure you that Parade has Klarna integrated for afterpay. You will only be able to see this option on the last step of checkout. You will have the card payment details, right under these details, you will see the, Pay with Klarna, or Pay with Paypal.

Best-selling Parade underwear and bralette

This fit tee is one of my favorite items from YourParade, as it alights so well with Skims clothing. Besides, the price is super affordable for the quality you get.

Shop Parade review

Final words

To summarize, YourParade, or Shop Parade ( whatever you want to call it), is a very legit brand that I recommend, and you should buy with confidence. In the very few chances that your package might get lost, as happens with any online store, you can easily contact Parade customer service and have it sorted.

For an extra piece of mind, always buy online goods with a credit card. Credit card companies usually take this very seriously and have the ability to collect the money back from a vendor if they refuse to refund, exchange, or replace the lost package. Happy shopping!

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