16 Best bamboo clothing brands for Sustainable and quality garments. Are you looking for the best bamboo clothing brands that simultaneously focus on sustainability and are comfortable? Look no further than our list. I did intensive research to bring you the best bamboo clothing stores to shop for all kinds of fashion pieces and accessories. So step in to discover these amazing bamboo clothing shops!

16 Best Bamboo clothing brands for Sustainable and quality garments

Bamboo is probably the ultimate eco-friendly material and the bedrock of sustainable fashion. While humanity is waking up from the overconsumption nightmare and trying to make more mindful choices about what, why, and how much we buy and wear, some enterprising fashion brands are using labels like “sustainable”, ethical,” and “recycled” as trendy and quite successful sales pitches.

At the same time, once you take a deeper dive into the topic, you may find out that not everything that is marketed as “eco-friendly” is actually so.

For example, cotton, the material that we are used to seeing as the hallmark of “healthy” clothing, is actually a bottomless pit of resources. The manufacture of just one plain cotton t-shirt requires around 2,700 liters of water. It is enough water for one person to drink for about 900 days.

Another example is downcycled materials, such as clothes and accessories made from recycled bottles and other waste. While the whole concept sounds really great, the problem is that we still don`t have the technology that allows us to process the once-recycled materials again. In other words, plastic waste still ends up in a landfill sooner or later.

16 Best bamboo clothing brands for Sustainable and quality garments

Against this background, bamboo clothing looks like the essence of ethical and sustainable materials. It is a fast-growing plant that does not need any fertilizers and consumes almost 200 times less water than cotton. Moreover, it can self-regenerate from its own roots, which means that you don`t have to replant it after harvesting and will get the same plant in the same place.

And it may happen even sooner than you expect, as some species of bamboo grow as fast as 1.5 inches per hour! Besides, bamboo clothing just feels so good against your skin! It is soft, breathable, and fits perfectly for baby clothing and even for people with advanced forms of skin sensitivities.

Excited to add some pieces of sustainable, guilt-free bamboo clothing that feel and look great? Here is our list of 16 brands that offer quality and fashionable, sustainable bamboo clothing for any wardrobe and budget.

We have also divided our list into essential wardrobe categories to simplify sustainable shopping! Happy shopping!

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links which means we might receive a commission if you decide to buy something at no extra cost to you.

Bamboo Lingerie and Loungewear

1. Mary Young

It is a Canadian-based lingerie and loungewear brand that produces sustainable undergarments and wardrobe basics out of organic and ethically sourced materials. Bamboo clothing, however, makes up most of their collection.

The brand emphasizes ethical policies and methods at each stage of manufacturing, from farming and harvesting of the plants that are turned into materials to marketing and shipment of ready-to-wear garments.

Mary Young is also an inclusive brand that supports body positivity and offers comfortable and flattering bamboo lingerie and loungewear for all sizes and body types.


Yala is your one-stop shop for bamboo underwear, pajamas, and robes for the whole family. This women-owned brand offers the most essential and probably the most comfortable models of bamboo undies you will ever have and ships them internationally.

By browsing at YALA, you will uncover a wide collection of bamboo socks, loungewear, activewear bedding sheets, and more. What’s best about this brand is that they are very transparent with their source materials. It makes you feel like you actually supporting a family business rather than a franchise or a mass-produced clothing brand.

3. Boody

Looking for eco-friendly loungewear essentials for the whole family? Boody is probably one of the most famous brands that produce bamboo lingeries and basics for adults and children.

Here you will find bamboo undies and clothes that are not only safe for your skin but also the planet due to the ethical and sustainable practices the brand promotes and supports. Moreover, Bamboo clothes from Boody can also be good for your wallet since the company offers special loyalty programs and discounts for regular customers.

4. Weare Thought

Thought is probably one of the oldest bamboo clothing brands on the market. The brand`s story started back in the 1990s when one of the founders lived in Australia and dreamed of establishing a brand that would manufacture clothes exclusively from organic, sustainable materials. It was quite an innovative concept for the time when overconsumption became the norm and fast fashion was taking over the world.

Today, Thought is a London-based brand that is particularly famous for its bamboo undergarments for women. Here you can find bamboo bralettes, camis, bikini briefs, and high-waisted briefs for any taste and body type.

The brand ships internationally and offers regular sales and special prices for chosen models to make quality bamboo clothing accessible to as many people as possible.

Bamboo Activewear and Outdoor Apparel

5. Tasc Performance

This brand claims that they make “the best activewear in the world for the world.” And it just might be true! Tasc`s versatile clothing for men and women is made from innovative plant-based fabrics such as bamboo, which perform, feel, and look great. Their timeless and minimalistic designs and colors can easily fit into any wardrobe.

At the same time, Tasc managed to develop their own bamboo-based fabric called BamCo, which is soft, breathable, and extremely durable. In other words, those clothes will be great for any occasion, from a family camping trip to a barbeque with friends to a cozy “Netflix and chill” night in.

6. Free Fly

If you have ever wished to find outdoor activewear clothing that can give you the comfort of your favorite pajamas anytime and anywhere, Free Fly has got you covered.

Their apparel is made from buttery-soft bamboo fabric, which is also extremely durable and flexible. Here you will find versatile hoodies, joggers, and waterproof zip-up jackets that will keep you warm and cozy whether you are hiking in the mountains or running errands in the city.

Free Fly’s bamboo yarn is organic and contains no toxins or potentially harmful chemicals. Furthermore, the brand is Forest Stewardship Council certified, which indicates that all materials come from ethically managed forests.

7. BAM

BAM is a clothing brand that literally started in its founder`s garage and has eventually turned into one of the hallmarks of today`s sustainable fashion industry.

The founder of BAM, an athlete named David Gordon, has been searching for a brand of sportswear that would offer sustainable, eco-friendly materials and eventually decided to create one himself.

BAM sources particularly fast-growing bamboo from China and turns it into a unique fabric that combines all the properties of quality activewear materials with the softness and safety of sustainable, ethical fabrics. Except for functional, versatile activewear clothes, BAM offers unique bamboo denim, which has all the properties we know and love about classic denim but uses up to 90% less water in manufacturing.

8. Asquith

This UK-based brand offers sustainable, eco-friendly bamboo yoga and activewear for women. Besides bamboo, Asquith uses organic cotton, TENCEL, and other sustainable materials, making their clothing versatile and suitable for women with different body types and lifestyles.

So, if you are looking for a pair of perfect yoga pants that will make you feel and look great, whether you are hitting your fitness goals in the gym or doing weekly grocery shopping, they are probably already waiting for you at the Asquith website. In addition, by buying from Asquith, you invest your money in an ethical business that promotes fair labor practices and ethical material sourcing.

9. Etsy

Ok, this is not exactly a brand but more like a shopping marketplace, but if you are looking for diverse bamboo clothing, you have to check Etsy. Is probably the most convenient place to buy all kinds of bamboo clothing and accessories, and there is the option of checking feedback from others too.

Nevertheless, at Etsy, you can find premium quality bamboo bedding sheets too, scarves, socks, and pajamas. To make this deal even sweeter, you can get discount codes online for Etsy, and you can enjoy saving some money. Another trick that I use for getting discount coupons from Etsy shoppers is by adding the time that you want to the favorite list and waiting for a day or two and usually the seller will send you a discount coupon to use for completing the transaction.

Bamboo Lifestyle and Everyday Clothing

10. Encircled

Who said sustainable, comfortable bamboo clothing could not be chic or office-appropriate? Encircled serves precisely the kind of empowering looks you would wear for a business meeting, but you feel cozy and relaxed wearing them as if you were sitting in the comfort of your own living room.

Encircled found a new approach to bamboo materials and offers timeless designs and minimalistic flattering silhouettes that will help you look put-together and stylish with the pinch of effortless chick we all want to achieve in our everyday wardrobe.

This brand also helps to promote the idea of slow fashion with its versatile designs and color palettes that are so easy to mix and match with your current wardrobe or rotate through seasons.

11. Diane Kennedy

After years of struggling to find fashionable, sustainable clothing for her body type, Diane Kennedy eventually decided to start her own plus-size clothing brand.

Today, Diane Kennedy is one of the leaders of the bamboo clothing market with its versatile, timeless designs and flattering silhouettes available in sizes up to 3X. The brand uses exclusively sustainable bamboo fibers for all its materials and focuses on all the manufacturing stages in Canada to reduce the carbon footprint as much as possible.

12. Posh Peanut

If sustainable bamboo clothing brands were people, Posh Peanut would probably become a social media influencer. This Los Angeles-based bamboo clothing brand has an enormous social media following and takes the market for sustainable, fashionable clothing by storm with its luxurious fabrics, adorable prints, and flattering cuts.

Posh Peanut is particularly famous for its matching family sets and collaborations with giants like Fisher Price, Mattel, etc. So, if you want to wear sustainable, eco-friendly, yet glamorous, and Instagram-worthy bamboo clothing, Posh Peanut can be an excellent choice for the whole family.

13. Terrera

If you feel overwhelmed with all those new brands of sustainable bamboo clothing and wish there was a one-stop shop where you could effortlessly build an ethical wardrobe, Terrera can be just the brand for you.

Here you can find bamboo clothing for any lifestyle and occasion, from cozy loungewear sets, functional jumpsuits, and activewear to elegant turtlenecks and office-appropriate blouses, pants, and dresses.

Terrera offers a wide range of bamboo fabrics and blends, all made of ethically sourced, sustainable fibers. Their minimalistic designs and timeless silhouettes will help you easily build a year-round wardrobe, saving a great deal of time, effort, and money on sustainable clothes shopping.

14. Cariloha

This brand aims to demonstrate that there can be a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to every fabric used in the modern fashion industry. Moreover, the brand does its best to make sustainability as affordable as possible, offering a wide range of men’s and women’s apparel at reasonable prices.

This ethical bamboo clothing is made to last. Every design can easily fit any wardrobe and occasion and be worn all year round, introducing you to the concept of slow fashion and a functional wardrobe.

15. Mr. Davis

This brand of bamboo clothing for men was built around one seemingly simple item: a basic men`s undershirt. However, the brand managed to perfect this essential piece for everyone`s wardrobe, creating the most flattering and comfortable silhouette for every body type. Here you can choose between traditional and tailored cuts and seven sizes to find your perfect fit.

Each item is made from high-quality organic bamboo material, which is soft and pleasant as well as durable enough to withstand multiple ruthless washes without losing its shape and color.

16. Nancy Dee

This brand is another proof that sustainable bamboo clothing can be fashionable. The brand`s style is feminine and youthful. Here you will find tailored silhouettes and cute prints that will help you easily create polished, put-together looks for a modern urban lifestyle.

Except for bamboo, Nancy Dee uses organic cotton, linen, and deadstock materials, all ethically sourced in the UK, to support local suppliers and minimize the brand`s carbon footprint. All garments are also produced in the UK and come in small batches to avoid overproduction and promote the idea of a sustainable capsule wardrobe.

Final words

Bamboo clothing represents a significant shift in the fashion industry towards more eco-conscious practices. Its sustainability credentials combined with its comfort and functionality make it an ideal choice for those looking to make a positive impact through their fashion choices. So why not join this revolution and embrace bamboo clothing today?

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