Hoooyi men clothing review – pros and cons. Are you looking to upgrade your wardrobe or buy some stylish men’s clothing and wonder whether Hoooyi is a legit brand? You are not alone in this matter, that’s why I am about to shed some light on this subject and dissect everything you need to know about this men’s clothing brand. After reading this review you will think twice before shopping at this store!

Hoooyi men clothing review - pros and cons

2020 is the year that will be remembered for many things, and the boom of e-commerce is probably one of them. Today, most of us cannot pull through a week before ordering at least something online.

Hoooyi is one of the online shops that also appeared in 2020 and has now firmly occupied its niche in online fashion retail. However, what probably distinguishes Hoooyi from most online clothing shops that are widely discussed, reviewed, and often scrutinized today is the fact that Hoooyi sells exclusively men`s clothing and accessories.

Today we want to talk about this popular online fashion retailer, see what makes Hoooyi so special, and determine whether it is a legit seller or another scam chasing your credit card. Also, we will answer the eternal question, “Is Hoooyi Shein for men?” The answer is certainly not what you think.

Hoooyi is a men`s clothing store. Why?

Yes, why? Don`t get us wrong, men do need stylish clothes the same as women, but the whole idea of an exclusively men`s fashion retailer seems to go against all the rules of modern marketing. Or does it?

We got used to the idea that those are women and their credit cards that drive the fashion industry. However, statistically, it is not true. At least not anymore.

Marketers say that the illusion that women buy more clothes and accessories than men comes from the fact that there are simply more shops focused on female customers.

According to the latest Consumer Trends Report, men are 15% more responsive to online ads and are almost 20% more likely to check out and eventually buy something they see in their social media feeds. And while deal-finding plug-ins like Honey, Amazon Assistant, etc. are becoming more and more popular today, most of their users are also men. In other words, Hoooyi, a men`s fashion retailer, may be onto something here.

Is Hoooyi going to become another mogul of e-commerce like Shein, the mother of online fast fashion? We don`t know. But when you take a closer look at Hoooyi, you notice that this e-commerce retailer may share common DNA with most of the popular online stores. And here is why.

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Who owns Hoooyi, and where does it come from?

If you want to check whether a new online seller is legit, you will first try to find out who owns the name and where the goods come from.

Just like most online fashion retailers we all know and love (or hate; it is up to you) today, Hoooyi is registered in Guangzhou, China. All their warehouses are also located in China, according to the mail stickers.

It is very hard to determine the actual ownership of Hoooyi. If you know anything about Chinese business culture, you are probably aware of the fact that the big names behind the brands often remain secret, and it is merely impossible to say exactly who owns what. Not to mention that in the fashion industry, bigger players tend to acquire their competitors or smaller brands that may introduce them to a particular niche and audience.

By the way, people often wonder whether Hoooyi belongs to Shein since this international giant seems to own everyone and everything in e-commerce today. The answer lies in the business model of Hoooyi, so let`s get down to it.

Hoooyi is men`s fast fashion. What else?

Hoooyi seems to follow the same path as all its “big sisters,” such as Shein, Cider, Romwe, etc. These retailers never waste their time and energy on offline branches and heavily invest in their online presence.

Every time you check your social media feed, you scroll over several ads for online fashion brands and retailers, no matter what your main interest is. We mean, even if you are a booktoker who is only following popular authors and fellow bookworms, Shein will find a way to your feed through their collaboration with Harry Potter or a “Dark Academia” capsule collection.

Online presence is everything for online brands, and Hoooyi is no different. Today, this men`s online fashion retailer has over 250K followers on Instagram and about the same amount on every other social media platform. It may seem pretty modest next to Shein with its millions of followers worldwide, but let`s remember statistics: men reach the ad right away and are more likely to make a purchase directly than to start exploring brands` aesthetics.

However, in this department, Hoooyi seems to follow the well-trodden path as well. A clean design of the website, comfortable and user-friendly navigation, and high-quality pictures are things that we expect to see on such websites. And Hoooyi definitely delivers.

Here you will also see the “About Us” section, which, of course, provides no information about the brand but gives you a lecture on how Hoooyi is all about Mother Earth and the environment because it is so important for its customers. Don`t bother to look for any certificates or environmental reports that support those claims, though they don`t exist.

But let`s be fair; we all know what fast fashion is all about and understand that a t-shirt from a sustainable, ethical brand simply cannot cost $15.

Bottom line: Hoooyi is an online fast-fashion retailer that focuses on menswear and accessories. According to their Instagram, they are trying to cast upstream unisex fashion, but the idea is the same.

As for the business model, Hoooyi seems to follow the steps of Shein, which is signing contracts with endless Chinese manufacturers who will produce items in bulk and slap your label on them. It means that the brand does not have to hire designers and go through the painful and expensive process of developing every new collection but simply buys what seems to sell well at the moment and puts its name on it.

And while the Chinese market is enormous, when so many brands seem to work according to the same business model, some sort of overlap is inevitable. Yes, you will see similar or even the same items on the Hoooyi and men`s sections of the Shein website. Yes, the pictures are often the same, and if you make an order, you are likely to receive the same items.

than inIt does not mean, though, that Shein owns Hoooyi. At least by the end of 2023, there will be no information available about such ownership. However, both companies probably use the same supply chains.

Many say that the same items are often cheaper in Shein than in Hoooyi. It may be either because Shein naturally makes much bigger orders and hence gets those shirts and socks cheaper than anyone else or because Hoooyi`s marketers decided to exploit the idea that “niche” shops offer better quality and, therefore, have higher prices. That said, let`s get down to Hoooyi reviews and the pros and cons of shopping at Hoooyi.

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Hoooyi is a scam! Or not. Hoooyi review

Your shopping experience with Chinese online retailers may be perfectly successful or a tremendous waste of time, money, and energy. However, it seems to mainly depend on your expectations. These brands have been around for far too long for anyone to believe they can get a pair of high-quality genuine leather shoes for $10 or a tailored Blaser for $20. However, when it comes to Hoooyi, even the most experienced online shopaholic can be surprised.

As we have already mentioned, the quality of Hoooyi clothes is usually the same as in every similar shop. Prices may be a little bit higher than what you are used to seeing on Shein or Wish, but generally, they stay in the same range. Also, here you will stumble upon endless coupons, discounts, and “wheels of fortune”, which make every purchase look like a total steal.

Delivery also takes the traditional 2-3 weeks since all the warehouses are located in China. To Hoooyi`s credit, unlike most of its “colleagues”, this online retailer does not try to pretend that it is an American or European brand.

And Hoooyi would comfortably sit in its niche as just another Chinese fast fashion brand. Still, there is at least one aspect where it managed to outshine even such notorious competitors as Shein.

When you buy from Hoooyi, you buy an experience. An experience of Russian Roulette, the game with an unforeseeable outcome

It looks like the creators of Hoooyi took care of the supply chains, website, and online ads but forgot about just one small thing: they needed to sell those goods to people. The brand`s main problem is that its logistics seem erratic, and customer service is nonexistent.

When placing your order, you probably don`t expect your purchase to arrive earlier than 2-3 weeks or even a month. But with Hoooyi, there seems to be no guarantee that it will arrive at all. Endless Trustpilot and Quora users complain that their purchases never showed up.

But what about the return and refund policy? It is another tricky question. When you try to contact Hoooyi customer service, you may discover, to your surprise, that it does not exist. It is probably the very first website that we have reviewed that doesn`t have any contact information. No phone number, no PO box, nothing. According to many reviewers, the contact page and the email [email protected] are irresponsive in most cases or give chat-bot-like answers that don`t seem to lead anywhere.

In other words, when shopping with Hoooyi, you are on your own. If your package is lost on the way, so be it; there is no guarantee that you will get your money back. Most people had to contact their banks and credit card companies to get money back.

Another interesting thing is the return policy of Hoooyi. Technically, the shop gives you 15 days from the moment you finally receive the item to return it. The return can, of course, only be made if the tags and packaging remain intact and the item does not show any signs of wear. But keep in mind that the return shipment fee is entirely on you, and it is most likely to overweigh the original cost of the item. For example, to return a $25 shirt, you may have to pay about $50 for shipment, which, of course, simply is not worth it.

Many people get confused because it looks like Chinese brands pay more for shipments than they make from sales. But the thing is, when you are an e-commerce business that sends thousands of parcels, you enjoy endless discounts and special fees from the local postal office. But when you are a private customer who has to send just one package,

To summarize everything we said, when ordering from Hoooyi, you should expect quality that is different from what we are used to with Shein, Wish, Romwe, and all other Chinese retailers. All the items come from the same places, no matter which label is put on at the end of the road.

I’m not saying that there are no high-quality Chinese brands and outstanding manufacturers, but just like with anything else, when you put effort and thought into the design and use high-quality materials and ethical manufacturing practices, you will not be able to put a mass-market price tag on the item. that is

Hoooyi seems to use the most basic logistics networks, which often leads to the fact that packages take forever to come or may be lost forever on the way. It does not mean Hoooyi is a scam, as many reviewers will tell you, but it is definitely not the most reliable seller.

However, the mass of negative reviews, complaints, and scam accusations seems to have taken their toll. When you try entering the Hoooyi website, you are likely to get several notifications from your browser that this website has been reported as unreliable many times.

And the cherry on top of this cake with a horrible aftertaste is Hoooyi`s customer service, which does not seem to exist at all.

Hoooyi Pros:

  • A convenient and easy-to-navigate website
  • Stylish, trendy designs
  • Worldwide delivery
  • Affordable prices

Hoooyi Cons:

  • The quality is often pretty low
  • There are so many negative reviews and complaints that orders simply don`t arrive at all
  • Sketchy customer service
  • Return shipment fees are on you
Hoooyi men clothing review  is it legit or a scam


It is time we stop getting surprised that the endless flow of similar fast fashion e-commerce brands seems to have become homogenous, making it impossible to tell one from another. Even if a company decides to go “original” and establish itself as an exclusively menswear or unisex brand, being part of the same logistics networks and working by the same business model, they eventually deliver us all the same items and experiences.

Hoooyi and their ilk are, of course, a money-saving option that has all the rights to exist, especially in the current economy, but just like in any other case, don`t expect miracles on a dime.

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