BOSTANTEN Review: Leather Backpack and Woven Bag pros and cons. If you are looking for an honest review of a Bostanten leather backpack and tote bag, I’m here to share it all with you. Many detailed pictures and videos to get a better understanding of this leather bag brand is right for you.

BOSTANTEN Review: Leather Backpack and Woven Bag pros and cons

Ok, so I am always on the hunt for good bags that will last, and as the Universe serves, Bostanten has contacted me to review some of their leather bags, and of course, I couldn’t resist saying no. At last, I ended up with this famous leather backpack and the feminine Cruze woven leather shoulder bag, in which you are about to see many detailed photos and a few links to the unboxing videos to help you understand my review completely.

But before that, I have to share a brief history of Bostanten just in case you never heard of this leather bag brand. You know it, but to fully digest it, you must understand the whole fashion concept.

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Bostanten brand brief history

Bostanten brand a complete review

Bostanten, a renowned brand in the world of leather goods, was founded in 2008. The brand’s journey began with a vision to create high-quality leather products that blend style, durability, and functionality, as seen in their many products sold globally.

Is Bostanten a real company

Bostanten brand review

Bostanten is, without a doubt, a real company. They are a registered Limited Company in China and sell worldwide through multiple platforms such as Amazon, Shein, Walmart, and their own website.

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Is Bostanten a luxury brand?

bostanten reviews

Ok, I own many bags, from Louis Vuitton to Coach, indie brands leather bags, and even from thrift stores, and I can answer your questions related to designer bags anytime. In my opinion, Bostanten is a good brand. I cannot say that it is luxury because they sell a mix of products, some more expensive and higher quality than others, but it definitely is not a luxury.

BOSTANTEN country of origin

Bostanten produces and ships its products from China, exactly in Guangzhou. Although it is a Chinese company, their leather bags are crafted at high standards which you rarely come by. But more about that further in this post where I will share the pros and cons of the Bostanen leather backpack and the leather shoulder bag.

Does Bostanten offer any discount?

Yes, Bostanten offers 10% OFF when you sign up for their newsletter, and they have a Sale section on their menu where you can find products discounted at 25%.

BOSTANTEN shipping time

Bostanten brand review is a luxury brand

This brand delivers pretty quickly, which left a good impression in my eyes. Once we confirmed the products, I received the package within a week in the UK, meaning they have warehouses in many parts of the world, including England. I cannot speak for other countries or the USA. Still, large companies similar to Bostanen have a similar practice, so rest assured that you will get your package relatively quickly, no matter which part of the world you order from.

BOSTANTEN backpack review

complete review of bostanten backpack

The moment I noticed this leather backpack, I knew I loved it, and that was it. Love at first sight. The color combination is exactly what I needed for my capsule wardrobe (more about this topic in this post, plus how to build your own capsule wardrobe).

Bostanten leather backpack review
Honest Bostanten leather backpack review

Get here your Bostanten leather backpack

What I like about Bostanten leather backpack

Bostanten backpack review
Bostanten leather backpack review

This leather rucksack is really well made with plenty of compartments that can fit a medium-sized laptop, tablet, or even books. What I look into a bag when I need one is how many compartments it has and how well they are dispersed inside the bag, and the Bostanten backpack is nailed.

Apart from the compartments, the leather is of very good quality and doesn’t smell heavy like traditional leather items, but it still has a scent similar to leather. As I have chronic back and shoulder pain, this backpack is lightweight, and I have no trouble carrying it on my back for long walks for about one hour or more, making it ideal for long travel, work, or school.

Since it stood out like this backpack like no other, my friends were curious to know where to buy this rucksack. So much so that my good friend Claudia has already bought a similar one after inspecting this backpack closely; this tells a lot about the quality of the Bostanten rucksack. You can buy yours too at the Bostanten website.

How I wear the Bostanten backpack

Bostanten backpack review with pros and cons

The Vrba Genuine Leather Backpack is so versatile that it is impossible not to pair it with your casual clothes. A long black jacket, jumper, bennie, and a nice pair of boots in a similar hue with the backpack is all it takes me to get ready for going out.

How I wear my Bostanten backpack

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How I wear the Bostanten leather backpack

What I don’t like about Bostanten leather backpack

What I don't like about Bostanten leather backpack

There is only one single thing I don’t like about the Bostanten leather backpack. The shoulder straps are made from a shiny fabric that has no grip, resulting in lowering the straps from the shoulder. But that’s not an issue, as you can buy some shoulder strap grips and attach them to both ends, which should solve the problem. Other than that, this backpack is great.

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Bostanten Cruze Woven Leather Shoulder Bag review

Bostanten Cruze  Woven Leather Shoulder Bag review

I know many of you wanted to hear my opinion about this stylish tote bag, so hear me out. I love the design of this leather bag. It is stylish and modern, and the color is easy to pair with almost any outfit. You can wear it during the day or evening, and it will add that wow effect to your look without much effort. But hold on, as not everything is as sweet as it looks. Further below, I will share what I dislike about this bag to complete the review as best as I can possibly can.

Bostanten Leather Shoulder Bag review

What I like about the Cruze Leather Bag is the design. This bag has a great aesthetic that makes it look expensive without spending a fortune. It was created to carry multiple items, and it has a medium-sized pouch for storing makeup and small items. There is no closure system, which reminds me of the Calvin Klein woven tote bag or the BOTTEGA VENETA Nappa Intrecciato Mini Cabat Nero Black bag, except that the Bostanten tote bag is much more affordable.

Cruze Handcrafted Woven Leather Shoulder Bag For Summer REVIEW

Get here the Bostanten Cruze leather bag

How I Style the Bostanten Cruze Woven Leather Shoulder Bag

Honest Bostanten Leather Shoulder Bag review
Bostanten leather bag review. BOSTANTEN Review: Leather Backpack and Woven Bag pros and cons

Being so versatile, this leather tote is easy to pair with jeans, boots, or flats, and if you want to make a lasting impression, you can choose leather leggings, a French-style beret, and a long trench coat that will make you look like a real model. As I just received these items from Bostanten, I didn’t get the chance to shoot too many pictures or to share some ideas on how to style this tote bag, but you might see some content in the next few weeks on my Instagram.

Complete review of Bostanten black leather woven bag

BOSTANTEN Review: Leather Backpack and Woven Bag pros and cons

Reviewing the Bostanten Leather Shoulder Bag
Quick review for Bostanten leather tote bag

What I don’t like about the Bostanten Cruze Woven Leather Shoulder Bag

I would love to tell you that I love everything about this tote bag. Unfortunately, it has a specific smell, which I don’t like. It doesn’t really smell like leather, like the Bostanten backpack, but it has a different scent, which I find hard to digest.

I have an overwhelming sensitivity to smells, and I have come across this scent before on different bags made in China. But if that doesn’t bother you and you like the design of this tote bag, then you can overlook this detail. Or you can always wear a tissue sprayed with perfume inside the bag, which should solve the problem.

In terms of pricing, I find this tote bag a bit expensive, but definitely more affordable than the BOTTEGA VENETA Nappa Intrecciato Mini Cabat Nero. So you know your priorities and your budget.

Conclusion – is Bostanten worth it?

Absolutely! As a content creator, I often receive products to review, some more or less appealing, but these leather bags from Bostanten are items that I will keep for as long as they last. They are high-quality, and I specifically chose them in the above colors to match with any outfit.

So did you like this Bostanten review? Have you ordered anything from this brand and want to share your opinion? If so, leave a comment below and let us know your experience. Or if I missed anything in this review, just let me know below, and I will update this page pronto.

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