15 Best German Backpack Brands Perfect for Travel and Work. Are you looking for the best rucksack and backpack for travel but don’t know which brand to choose? To help you decide and find a stylish and practical German backpack, we did diligent research to round-up up this list of 15+ best German backpacks that are great not only for travel and work but for all casual activities.

15 Best German Backpack Brands Perfect for Travel and Work. 15 Best German Backpack Brands: An Essential Guide for Travelers & Adventure Seekers

Backpacks don’t only belong to hiking paths and school yards anymore. It is a stylish, fashionable, yet practical, and functional accessory that will easily fit into any look. And when it comes to the best backpacks, German brands are usually beyond comparison.

It may be because Germans are widely known as practical and outdoorsy people, and a backpack is a perfect accessory for any occasion. Or maybe it is because we all know that “nothing beats German engineering,” and a backpack is precisely the kind of accessory that requires thorough planning, thought-through construction, and choice of materials.

Any way you look at it, German brands are widely known as the best choice when buying a new backpack. In this article, we shall talk about 15 German brands that produce some of the best backpacks money can buy today. Some of them are worldwide famous, and others may not sound familiar, but they definitely deserve your attention.

We will also try to cover all sorts of backpacks, from sporty and hiking types to everyday urban and even fashionable models, so everyone can find what they are looking for among these 15 best German backpack brands.

15 Best German Backpack Brands Perfect for Travel and Work

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1. Adidas

When it comes to German brands, the famous “Brand with the three stripes” might be the first one that comes to mind, no matter how versed you are in fashion.

Mainly known for its sports apparel, Adidas managed to conquer the “athleisure” niche and even high-fashion runways collaborating with the trendiest influencers, celebrities, and designers worldwide.

Adidas backpacks are sporty yet elegant due to their eloquent minimalistic design with recognizable branding. These backpacks are perfect for any occasion, from going to the gym, traveling, and hiking to using them as a school bag.

They have multiple pockets that allow you to sort everything and never lose your ear pods, socks, or keys again. Adidas backpacks are made of high-quality, durable waterproof materials, and you can be sure that all your belongings are safe and sound in these stylish, functional bags.

2. Puma

Puma is another brand everyone will name talking about backpacks created by German designers. Puma is known as Adidas’ main competitor, and the two brands are famous for mocking each other in their marketing campaigns.

But not everyone knows that originally those two companies belonged to two brothers and were born under the common roof of their Gebrüder Dassler brand founded back in 1919. However, in the late 1940s, the Dassler brothers had a huge fight and decided to separate their paths and their brands. And this is how one of the biggest competitors in the fashion industry began.

Puma is a brand that bets on innovative materials and constant research that allow it to synthesize and produce fabrics with some advanced features.

For example, their evoKNIT material is extremely robust yet lightweight and breathable. So, you will not feel any discomfort or have sweat stains on your back, even if you have to carry a Puma backpack all day under the scorching sun.

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3. Deuter

It is probably one of the world’s oldest brands of hiking and traveling gear and accessories. So, you can be sure they had a lot of time to perfect their backpack designs.

Indeed, Deuter backpacks are among the most popular German backpack brands both among experienced hikers and those who are looking for a perfect bag to use as a piece of carry-on luggage or take to school. The main feature of those backpacks is that despite being robust and waterproof, they are extremely lightweight and comfortable to carry.

Deuter also makes their backpacks in all possible colors and designs, from minimalistic monochrome styles to more playful urban models, so anyone can find the perfect backpack for them.

4. Hugo Boss

As mentioned, backpacks are not associated only with sports and outdoor activities anymore. They can be stylish and even fashionable accessories for almost any occasion.

Hugo Boss is an example of a luxury fashion brand that has some stunning backpacks in its collection. Here you will find a high-quality backpack made out of textured nylon, which will be perfect when you are running your everyday errands or going on a business trip.

For those who look for fashionable staple pieces, the German luxury brand has backpacks made from high-quality Italian leather, sleek and texturized. Elegant design and exquisite craftsmanship make these backpacks a perfect stylish element if you want to add some sporty zest to your outfit.

5. Bogner

This German brand combines expertise in sports apparel with high-fashion designs and innovative materials. Founded back in 1930, Bogner is mainly known for their luxury ski gear. However, here you can find various backpack designs, not only meant for the regulars of fashionable Alpine resorts.

Today Bogner offers sporty backpacks made from waterproof materials with added padding for durability and comfort. If you are looking for something more urban and chick, Bogner has more eloquent minimalistic models perfect for everyday wear.

6. Jack Wolfskin

Are you looking for a comfortable, functional backpack for a hike, trekking, or running marathon, or do you need a great roomy gym bag? Looks like this German outdoor gear and apparel brand has everything you may wish for.

Jack Wolfskin is a brand famous for its environmental claims and policies aimed at reducing carbon footprint and developing more sustainable and eco-friendly manufacturing lines and materials. So, if you are concerned about the Planet, these German backpacks are made just for you!

7. Engelbert Strauss

Unlike many other modern brands, Engelbert Strauss was originally all about workwear. And although today, they produce everyday clothes and accessories rather than work overalls and uniforms, durability and comfort are still the brand`s #1 priority.

So, if you are looking for a high-quality backpack made out of robust materials that will serve you for many years, Engelbert Strauss would probably be the best choice for you. Timeless designs, as well as versatile color schemes and high-quality materials, make Engelbert Strauss one of the most famous German backpack brands in the world.

8. Brandit

Are you looking for a backpack that will perform equally well in the city, on a long hike, or in case of a zombie apocalypse? Brandit is a German brand that creates versatile military-style clothes for everyday use and all sorts of outdoor activities.

Their backpacks are the perfect example of the “German engineering” we have been talking about before. They are spacious yet compact when not full. These German backpacks will allow you to carry a lot of stuff, but due to their lightweight materials and thought-through designs won`t add any weight o your back. And, of course, there is a special pocket, compartment, and holder for everything, so you will always be perfectly organized and never lose anything in your bad ever again.

9. Bundeswehr

These German backpacks come directly from the designers and engineers of the gear, apparel, and equipment for the German army. Not only are they perfectly functional and though-through, but they are really meant to last.

Bundeswehr backpacks are particularly popular among hunters, experienced hikers orienting sport, and all other outdoor activities enthusiasts.

Their camouflage color schemes make you invisible in the forest terrain, which is perfect if you are into wildlife photography. The backpacks are made of advanced waterproof materials and have special waterproof locks that keep all your belongings and equipment safe and sound, even if the bag falls in water or you get caught in the rain.

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10. Vaude

Albrecht von Dewitz, a mountain hiking enthusiast, created the brand Vaude back in 1974. Today it is one of the most famous German manufacturers of hiking and outdoor clothing and accessories, including some of the most comfortable backpacks in the world.

Made with comfort and safety in mind, these German backpacks are minimalistic yet functional, don`t have any excessive design elements but allow you to contain and sort all your belongings perfectly, have fast and easy access to all compartments, and distribute the weight to forget about back pains after a hike forever.

11. Hessnatur

If you prefer acknowledged sustainable brands that stand behind their environmental claims and promote ethical manufacturing and trade principles, check out Hessnatur. It is a sustainable German brand that offers apparel and accessories made from ethically sourced sustainable materials such as organic cotton, bamboo, rayon, etc.

Their outdoor gear collection has a perfect backpack design made of organic cotton, which will be equally perfect for outdoor activities, school, and running everyday errands in the city. Its 5-liter volume and rectangular shape is perfect for a laptop, tablet, books or snacks, hiking gear, blankets, etc. A minimalist, clean design and a wide range of colors make it a perfect accessory for any style an occasion.

12. Bleed

Bleed is a German zero-waste brand that creates everyday clothing, outdoor gear, and apparel from repurposed and recycled materials.

Their 20-liter backpack is made from SYMPATEX®, a patented recycled fabric. It is lightweight and functional, perfect for short day hikes. This backpack also has a laptop compartment, making it a popular choice for those who like to work literally from anywhere or look for a nice versatile backpack for any lifestyle and occasion.

13. MELA

Who said high-quality German backpacks aren’t affordable? MELA is an ethical, sustainable vegan brand particularly famous for its backpacks. In fact, MELA created the first backpack in the world that became both Fairtrade Cotton & GOTS certified. Made from 100% organic and Fairtrade Cotton, these backpacks are comfortable to carry and, at the same time, sturdy.

They can be expanded to hold some large format books, a laptop, groceries, or anything you will have to carry running your everyday errands in the city. Made with roll-up elements and faux-leather details, MELA backpacks would be a great choice for a light outdoor hike, a picnic in the bark or a day on the beach.

14. Tom Tailor

Established in the early 1960s, today Tom Tailor is a brand that creates casual and fashionable clothing for men, women, and children today. Just the same, their backpacks are perfect for any occasion. Here you will find elegant, timeless models acceptable for a classic office style, containing all your important documents, laptop, and other gadgets safely and perfectly organized.

Tom Tailor also offers more casual backpacks made out of robust waterproof materials for your romantic picnics and walks in the park or a fun day at the zoo with kids.


This German sportswear brand may be less famous than Adidas and Puma, but Erima is widely known among professional athletes worldwide.

Erima offers sports apparel and accessories including lots of backpack models made from nylon and cotton. They are mainly known and valued for a perfect quality-price balance. Here you will find big spacious backpacks perfect for everyday big city life, school, or carry-on baggage on a weekend getaway and business trip.

Need a functional gym bag? This German brand offers backpacks with removable compartments and isolated cases that make it so easy to carry a wet bathing suit or used socks without being afraid that they will mix up with clean clothes.

Erima backpacks come in various bright colors, which make them a perfect choice for adults and kids.

German brands are famous for their outdoor apparel and accessories, advanced materials, and high-end craftsmanship. Their timeless designs, elegant yet fashionable styles, and various color patterns make it so easy to shop for versatile, long-lasting, and stylish backpacks and other accessories.

15 Best German Backpack Brands Perfect for Travel and Work

Best German backpack brands perfect for travel and work

Final words

Whether you seek sustainable brands that prioritize eco-friendly policies and ethical materials, luxury items from famous fashion brands, or classic sporty backpacks equally appropriate in the gym and everyday life, there is a German backpack brand just for you!

So, have you chosen a German backpack from this list already, or are you still confused? Whatever you decide, make sure to share this page on social media to come back again when you need to have a second look. Perhaps ask your friends’ opinion on picking a travel backpack from the above suggestions. Shopping together is more fun; therefore, don’t hold this list just for yourself. Let others know too how great German backpacks are!

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