18 Easy Ways To Create A Zen Space In Your Home. Are you looking for zen interior design on a budget to elevate your home? Look no further as we covered everything you need to know to create a zen meditation room. You will learn what to put in a zen room, how to set up a meditation corner, and much more.

18 Easy Ways To Create A Zen Space In Your Home

Our home should be a haven that shelters us from all the chaos of the outside world. Whether you work in the office or remotely or stay at home all day to take care of the family, we all need a little corner where we can make a quick escape for a few minutes to sit down quietly, soothe our spirits, curl up with a good book, or relax with a refreshing beverage in hand. Going the extra mile to create a Zen space for ourselves can work wonders for our mental health and well-being. 

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What is a zen space

A Zen Space is an area that is designed to promote relaxation, mindfulness, and creativity. It can be anything from a room in your home to a corner of your office that you can retreat to when you need some time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

How to create a zen space at home

There are a few simple ways to create a zen space at home. The first thing you need to consider is whether you can make changes only in one room or the entire house. Also, if you are going to design the space and enjoy it for a short period or for many years to come, and lastly, how much you are willing to invest in creating a relaxing oasis in your home.

What to put in a zen room

Creating a peaceful and zen space in your home or office can be a great way to relax and recharge. By filling your space with peaceful elements, you can create an environment of tranquility that will help you stay focused and productive. From calming colors to natural elements, there are many ways to bring peace into your zen space. Incorporating items such as plants, candles, water features, art, and calming music can all help create a sense of serenity in your home or office.

18 Easy Ways To Create A Zen Space In Your Home

1. Declutter and clean regularly

Declutter And Clean Regularly. 18 Easy Ways To Create A Zen Space In Your Home
image credit Elena Popova

One of the best benefits of a clean home is it can drastically reduce stress and anxiety. As the KonMari method recommends, sort your stuff into piles and let go of anything that no longer sparks joy.

Decluttering and cleaning is a productive and therapeutic physical activity that distracts you from negative thoughts and regulates your breathing. In addition, it gives you a sense of accomplishment that boosts your self-esteem afterward. But beyond that, having a nice, tidy, and clutter-free space also encourages positive emotions, including contentment, happiness, and gratitude. 

2. Follow a minimalist design

Follow a minimalist design

Finding your inner peace at home can be difficult when surrounded by overwhelming visual clutter everywhere you go. We highly recommend being intentional when it comes to selecting pieces of furniture or decorations for your Zen space. Focus on the essentials first and the stuff you can’t live without. As they say, less is more.

Know when to stop when sprucing up a room at home so it doesn’t look and feel cramped or cluttered. For example, a clever design strategy would be leaving walls blank and going for low-height furniture to amplify negative spaces and make an illusion that the room is more spacious than it is. 

3. Use a light color palette

Use a light color palette
image credit Spacejoy

Much of creating a Zen space at home is determined by implementing minimalistic interior design centers on color choice. Stick to a soft and neutral color palette for your walls and large pieces of furniture to achieve a bright, airy space and a calming environment. Instead of dark and heavy hues, we can experiment with shades of beige, tan, sage, or blush against creamy or crisp white walls.

The beauty of using a lighter palette for your interiors is that any room looks pretty and polished, as if it was designed by a professional. Plus, there’s no need to worry that your home will look dull and gray during the rainy season or wintertime because it always reflects light.

4. Usher in plenty of natural light into your space

Usher in plenty of natural light into your space

Draw your curtains, pull your blinds up, and open your windows whenever possible to bring in natural light during the daytime. Aside from making your home energy efficient, optimal sunlight exposure also brings in positive energy, can improve your mood significantly, and reduce risks of loneliness and other symptoms of depression. Moreover, it can also reset your circadian rhythm and improve your overall sleep health. 

5. Opt for warm and cozy floors

Opt for warm and cozy floors when designing a zen space in your home

Hardwood floors provide warmth and comfort for our feet and whole body, especially during wintertime, making it effortless to feel calm when needed. However, if your apartment has tiled or marbled floors, the best solution is to use wool or pure cotton carpets for easier cleaning and maintenance. Choose carpets in earthly tones or neutral colors to keep within the theme of your minimalist aesthetic.

6. Have aromatherapy candles in every corner

Have aromatherapy candles in every corner

Scented candles can accentuate interiors with their soft and warm glow. Aside from that, they can also make your space smell amazingly good and create a soothing ambiance that lifts the day’s worries away. Pick out aromatherapy candles depending on the benefit you’re looking for. For example, light up a chamomile or lavender-scented candle if you’re feeling stressed and struggling to sleep soundly at night. Place them in the bath, bedroom, or living room.

7. Use mirrors sparingly

Use mirrors sparingly

Mirrors may be trendy because they can make small rooms larger. But did you know that some studies show they can trigger stress and anxiety for some people? So if you notice that mirrors have the same effect on you, we suggest not using mirrors as a design element in places of rest around your home, like your bedroom. 

8. Spruce up your space with plants and flowers

Spruce up your space with plants and flowers for a zen decor
image credit Karolina Grabowska

If you want to remove negative energy from your home, decorating with colorful houseplants and fresh flower arrangements is a fun and exciting way to do it. Bringing a slice of nature into your space attracts positive energy with incredible healing benefits for the mind, body, and soul.

They can also improve the indoor air quality in your home by filtering pollutants, such as harmful volatile organic compounds, also known as VOCs. Brighten up corners with a beautiful orchid plant, snake plant, or rubber tree. Better yet, maximize outdoor spaces by creating vertical gardens

9. Use eco-friendly decor accessories

Use eco-friendly decor accessories
image credit Bailey Alexander

Zen interior design is a peaceful and grounded way of life, a bespoke decor style that reverberates in the simplicity and minimalism in any art form. A zen room design is based on using natural elements such as natural wood, cotton and silk, ceramic, and glass and absolutely no clutter. The goal is to create an introspective and visually appealing relaxing home where the energy flows freely.

Eco-friendly zen accessories include a rattan chair, a soft meditation pouf, decorative candles, brass candle holders, ceramic vases, and framed photographs to name a few. You can play around with the colors, so the overall decor flows naturally by expressing a sense of harmony.

10. Purify the indoor air

The quality of indoor air plays a key role in your well-being. You have to pay attention to a pleasant ambient temperature and control the climate by preventing the development of spores and mold. Technology has advanced dramatically, and nowadays, you can change indoor air with the tap of a finger. Whether you rely entirely on air-purifying plants, or want to go with a more robust choice and purchase a Dyson Air Purifier system, indoor air quality is essential for creating comfort.

11. Use a sound system for Playing relaxing ambient music

Music is another element for creating a relaxing oasis in your home. Listening chillout music in the background is always relaxing. Besides, it is scientifically proven that music stimulates creativity and helps us focus better. For a top-notch sound quality, I recommend investing in a quality device such as Bose Smart Soundbar . This sound system will feel like Gods singing in your ears. The quality and longevity of this product is guaranteed since I have tested a few Bose sound systems, and none ever failed.

12. Cancel noise if needed

Enjoying moments in quietness and peace isn’t always going as planned. There are always factors that will disturb your zen space. Whether the next-door neighbor’s kids are playing or your house faces a high-traffic road, there will always be something to distract you or interfere when you try to meditate.

A solution for this problem is noise-canceling headphones, or a more extreme option is to install sound insulation on the walls, floor, and ceiling if you live in an apartment. Check if you need planning permission to install sound insulation. If you are a tenant, your best option is noise-canceling headphones since most landlords are not very keen on spending the extra money to upgrade your comfort.

13. Use meaningful Zen wall art

Use meaningful Zen wall art
image credit Linh Le

Do you have a specific art that you love and never get enough looking at it? If that’s the case, this type of art should be placed on your walls when designing a zen space in your home. Nowadays, printable quotes or positive messages are trendy and blend well with the calming decor. Nothing can lift your spirit like a visual image.

Motivational quotes can change people’s lives, there is no doubt; therefore, this should be another element to consider when designing a zen space in your home. I’ve put together 100+ motivational quotes in this post, which you can download for free, print, and create a wall gallery on a budget.

14. Choose a large rug rather than multiple small ones

Choose a large rug rather than multiple small ones

I know how much you want those shaggy fluffy rugs, but no one tells you how difficult it is to clean them. Even the most powerful vacuum cannot correctly clean high-pile rugs. For cozy zen decor, you need medium to short pile rugs. Look for textured large ones that can be quickly vacuumed and cover a large floor surface. Small multiple layers of rugs don’t fit with the zen space; therefore, is ideal to make a list with the things you need before starting to decorate your home.

15. Install a wood burner fireplace

Install a wood burner fireplace

A wood burner might not be for everyone, but many people find the image of fire burning cozy and relaxing. Of course, a wood burner stove cannot be used in the summer months, but during the winter, having a fireplace is an excellent addition to the interior decor. Besides, fire is a natural element specific for feng shui decor.

16. Add privacy to your meditation corner

Living in a shared home or having multiple family members and pets around can be difficult to practice meditation. A quick solution for this situation is to install a room divider and separate a small area somewhere in the living room or bedroom where you can spend time contemplating, meditating, or practicing yoga without interruptions. This post is excellent for finding room divider ideas.

17. Embrace the power of crystals

Crystals are well known for their amazing properties. Energy cleansing and protection are just a few benefits of crystals. Whether you place a few crystals at the entrance of your home for protection or for cleansing negative energy and charging the place with a positive, uplifting vibe, crystals were and will always be special.

18. Replace chemical cleaning products with homemade ones

Harsh cleaning chemicals are not harmful only to our health but to the environment also. Before you try to reach for that cleaning solution, take a few moments and think if you can use a substitute or a homemade cleaning solution. Vinegar and baking soda are two of the most popular ingredients for making your own cleaning products. If you cannot give up entirely on cleaning products, choose the ones labeled ecological.

19. Keep a positive mind

Creating a zen space starts with yourself. Have a detailed analysis of how you react to unpleasant events or how well you keep your cool if something does not follow the way you want and if you or a family member is the No sayer, is best to change your attitude and work on becoming a zen example for those around you.

If you have a bad mood, you feel anxious or angry, that vibe will spread around and will pollute your home, whether you like it or not. Nothing listed above will work for creating a relaxing oasis in your home if the problem is your attitude and mentality. Help yourself with positive quotes and affirmations, and if you still feel like nothing help, is best to seek professional help.

Mindful Activities That Help Create a Calming Zen Environment at Home

Mindful activities such as yoga, meditation, and mindfulness can help create a calming and peaceful environment at home. These activities allow us to slow down and focus on the present moment. They can help reduce stress levels, improve our mental health, and make us more aware of our thoughts and emotions.

Engaging in mindful activities also encourages us to appreciate the beauty of life in small moments. They can be used to cultivate a sense of inner peace in our homes so that we can better enjoy our time with family and friends. By engaging in mindful activities regularly, we can create a zen-like atmosphere at home that will bring us closer to ourselves and those around us.

Final words

Did you find inspiration in this post for creating a zen space in your home? Are you going to adopt a more conscious and meaningful lifestyle and embrace the elegance of minimalist decor? I would love to hear your opinions and whether you agree with the suggestions listed in this post. If you like this informative post, give us a share on social media. It is a way of saying thank you to us.

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