Best farmhouse rugs to create a charming country decor. Are you looking for budget-friendly farmhouse area rugs? Look no further as we gathered the best modern farmhouse rugs for every room and area of your home. Get ready to explore washable and non-slip traditional farmhouse area rugs.

There is nothing quite as charming and welcoming as a farmhouse. This style of decorating literally attracts family and friends to your home which will make it difficult for them to leave. One of the most important décor accessories is farmhouse rugs which play an important part in creating a rustic and quirky décor.

Best Farmhouse rugs to create a charming country decor

A farmhouse rug is just one element that contributes to the overall inviting decor. Another piece that is essential for elevating the look of your home is farmhouse wreaths. They can be placed on the front door, attached to the living room wall, or hung on the kitchen cabinet doors.

Of course, there are other decor items such as the couch, furniture, and organization pieces, but rugs are the key element that adds warmth to any room.

How to choose the best farmhouse rug

Interior designers often recommend placing area rugs as “foundation” décor. From this point, you can choose harmonious furniture and other extra accessories if you need them, but is best not to fill the home with too many pieces that are irrelevant to the overall décor or don’t serve you.

Following the designers’ advice, when deciding to buy a farmhouse area rug, you have to consider the size of the room, what color you need, whether it is washable or not, and what material is the rug made of. Lastly, if you or a family member has allergies, is best to avoid wool rugs and instead opt for synthetics that don’t trigger allergies as much. For tips on how to care for and clean your rugs, see the bottom of this post.

Now without further ado, get ready to explore some of the best farmhouse-style rugs. Under each image, you will find the link to buy the rugs. Happy shopping!

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Modern farmhouse rug for living room

Modern farmhouse rug for living room
image source

Gold Jute area farmhouse rug

4×6 ft Farmhouse Runner rug

Country modern rug for living room

Country modern rug for living room
image source

Beige Natural Stripe Cotton Jute Rug

Best seller farmhouse sheep rug for kitchen and living room

Cotton Blue Striped Rug

Farmhouse bathroom rug

Farmhouse living room oversized rug

Farmhouse Multicolour Striped Kilim Rug

Patio- living room area rug

Farmhouse Runner Rug

Tricolor Cowhide rug

Farmhouse rug for living room trendy and fluffy

Farmhouse style rug for living room and hallway

Multi Rainbow living room mat

Farmhouse vintage runner rug

Flower Floral Embroidered Black Grey and White Striped Wool and Cotton Rug

Geometric farmhouse rug for bedroom and living room

Hallway Stairway non runnert rug

Grey farmhouse rug for living room

Geometric wool and cotton kilim runner rug 75 cm x 135 cm

Rustic farmhouse rug for bedroom

Rustic farmhouse rug for bedroom
image source

Buy here the jute rug

Jute farmhouse rug

Kamran hazel rug – Best seller

Mat Farmhouse Rug for Living Room

Modern farmhouse rugs

Moroccan small Area Rug

Natural paterned Cotton Yarn Rug 120 cm x 180 cm

Small farmhouse runner rug

Rustic Persian farmhouse living room rug

Kelim Striped Blue 100% Cotton

Rustic Farmhouse Distressed Rug

How to Store & Care for Your Rugs?

If you want to prolong the life of your rugs and mats, the following tips will help you enjoy your fluffy rugs for years.

1. Vacuum regularly. Dirt and debris can damage the pile or warp the fibers, so it’s important to vacuum often.

2. Rotate your rug periodically. Rotating your rug every six months will help extend its life and keep it looking fresh and new. This is especially important if you have a rug with a pattern that runs from one end of the room to another in order to maintain the pattern’s continuity across the room, as well as for preventing wear and tear on one side of the rug more than another.

3. Use mats at doors, entrances, and other high-traffic areas to protect your carpets from wear and tear caused by foot traffic over time

4 . Remove and clean your rug regularly. Make sure to remove any stains as soon as possible by blotting or sponging them with a wet cloth, then let the area dry before vacuuming

5. If your rug is starting to look worn down or faded, consider replacing it with a new one.

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