Vanity mirror with lights and desk that every woman should have. If you always wanted to have a Hollywood mirror in your bedroom but couldn’t find the right one to fit with the actual decor, the following vanity mirrors are carefully selected to fit every budget and style.

Vanity mirrors are the essential setup that transforms every room into a glamorous decor. Whether you are a makeup queen who loves to see every inch of her face when getting ready for coming out of the house, or you just love the fabulous décor that a vanity mirror with lights and desk looks like, these suggestions will surely be something to consider.

Often vanity mirror is referred to as Hollywood mirror, that’s because of their glam design, and why not admit, that having such an essential home décor is not only vital to achieving the perfect makeup look but also, to the ultimate dream of every girl.

Vanity mirror with lights and desk that every woman should have

On the market, we have all kinds of mirrors with light bulbs and desks to choose from. The problem comes when you cannot decide which one to choose, given the fact that it either won’t fit properly into your room, or your budget is too tight.

Rest assured that we have included vanity mirrors in this list for every budget. From digital light controllers to manual settings, either option will upgrade the makeup room and make you feel like you live in a fairy tale story.

1. Vanity mirror with lights full length Buy it here

Vanity mirror with lights and desk that every woman should have. Vanity mirror with lights full length

Here is another version of the mirror from the left side. Glass cabinet with led floor type Full-Length mirror, where you can keep your everything girly organized.

When you’re getting ready for the day or a night out, a small mirror just won’t cut it. Seeing your whole outfit from the tip of your perfectly-coiffed hair to the bottom of your high heels is essential.

Best vanity mirror with lights

The fabulous full-length mirror eliminates the need for crouching or leg lifting “just to see how your shoes look.” Standing tall at 60 inches, you’d have to be at least over 6 and a half feet before the head of your reflection would be cut off! Luckily, most of us don’t even come to that in stilettoes!

Lined with shining lights, this full-length mirror will not only light up a room but also add a glow to any reflection (perfect for selfies.)

2. Vanity makeup mirror with lights Buy it here

Vanity makeup mirror with lights

While the white sheen of this vanity timeless vanity mirror wouldn’t appear out of place in the bedroom, you might find that it suits the bathroom better. Its clean, flawless, and simple appeal simply could match the typical glossiness of a bathroom.

Trendy makeup mirror with lights

However, this illuminating vanity LED mirror would be an asset to any décor. With a convenient small panel jutting out at the bottom to hold any products or accessories until they’re needed.

3. Makeup vanity with lights Buy it here

Makeup vanity with lights

The makeup station has been every girl’s sanctuary since time immemorial. Why not give yours an added shine by introducing this LED light-lined vanity mirror?

No matter what look you’re going for, the glowing lights will guide the way by enhancing every feature and illuminating any mistakes.

Plus, who doesn’t want to see themselves in light before facing the day? It could supply that quick confidence boost we all need before taking action. Not to mention that the mirror looks so good you might just find yourself gazing at IT rather than yourself.

4. Trifold mirror – Buy it here

Trifold mirror. budget-friendly makeup mirror
budget-friendly makeup mirror

Speaking of Hollywood, now we’re exciting the glitz & and golden era and heading towards the classical, elegant post-silent movie era.

That’s where you’ll find the beautiful, sophisticated trifold mirror. This mirror adds a touch of high-class to any room it’s placed in. Moreover, it doesn’t take up much space while giving you just enough reflection to see every part of your face at all angles – just what’s needed for perfection.

And, of course, it’s adorned with a rim of low-key lights that are just enough to enhance your glow.

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5. Impressions vanity mirror with lights Buy it here

Impressions vanity mirror with lights

Sometimes we don’t want screaming bright or all-eyes-on-me décor pieces. Sometimes all we need is a mirror to be simply eye-capturing.

This medium-sized mirror does just that. With lights off, it blends nicely into any carefully picked décor for equilibrium. With lights on, it gives any room a Hollywood twist where champagne and glitter suddenly wouldn’t look out of place – consider it a “wow factor.”

 By not being stand-alone, this mirror can be placed literally anywhere that’s flat. From coffee tables to office desks, this mirror has a range.

6. Dressing table mirror – Buy it here

Dressing table mirror. gold vanity mirror for teenage bedroom
image source instagram @tamishome

8. Dressing table mirror with lights – Buy it here

Dressing table mirror with lights

This Savelle Hollywood dressing table mirror may be intended for dressing rooms, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring it home. In fact, you should bring it home.

This authentic mirror provides a true vanity mirror experience – both in looks and in functionality. Not only is it kitted out with powerful lights, but there’s also a dimmer switch to adjust them to your needs. Plus, it looks delightful on any desk, drawer, or flat surface.

Don’t be surprised if this towering and attention-demanding mirror becomes the centerpiece of any room it’s placed in. Its large-size, clear-cut, professional visuals are just too big to miss.

9. Hollywood mirror with lights – Buy it here

Glam Hollywood mirror with lights
image credit: Hollywood mirrors

10. The high-fashion vanity mirror

Glam bedroom decor. Glam makeup room with vanity mirror and desk

Look no further if you’re after the most exquisite vanity mirror on offer – you’ve found it. With a crisp, clear reflection paired with side-lines of glowing lights, this mirror will steal your heart.

Even if you never used it, you’d get your money’s worth simply from how beautiful it is. This vanity mirror says, “haute-couture,” refined, and self-assured. Essentially, if Prada made vanity mirrors, they’d look like this.

11. Best lightened makeup mirror – Buy it here

Best lightened makeup mirror
image source Instagram: @imacril

When it comes to statement décor pieces, this vanity mirror ticks all the boxes. In fact, it meets all the requirements and then excels beyond them by being entirely usable (unlike most statement pieces!)

Its glowing lights are just soft enough that they will neither blind nor underwhelm you. Plus, though large in size, it’s never too large for any desk or makeup station. What’s more, is that this vanity mirror can also be wall-mounted if need be.

Allowing you to see your entire upper half, makeup, grooming, even dressing, or simply preening is made easy. And with “smart touch” light control, you get to enjoy the modern vanity mirror experience. You can find more gorgeous makeup stations on Instagram page @imacril

12. Round vanity mirror  – Buy it here

Round vanity mirror 

Here is the understated yet glam piece you’ve been looking for. This vanity mirror won’t overwhelm any room’s décor or throw off any space’s equilibrium – it’s just right.

This vanity mirror sits in that “goldilocks” zone, which allows you to put your own spin on things by adding decorative trinkets, adornments, and fairy lights without ruining “the look.”

13. Led makeup mirror – Buy it here

Led makeup mirror . Modern dressing table mirror.

This is one of those mirrors that makes us fall more and more in love with our reflection every day. Its chic, Hollywood-esque style may look like it belongs backstage on a movie set, but it’ll be center-stage in your home.

Its cool-white frosted bulbs mimic daylight and can be dimmed to suit any mood. Perfect for any setting, be it casual or professional, the ideal shine eliminates any styling errors or missed spots. And most importantly – it’s entirely instagramable.

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14. Gold vanity mirror – Buy it here

Gold vanity mirror

Round mirrors are in style. You’ll find them sprinkled across those “magazine-perfect” décor examples from top designers and brands.

Their timeless, inoffensive, and soft look (rounded) make for the perfect addition to a zen room. So, if you don’t want to shake up your décor too much but still want the glam and benefits of added lights – here’s your best makeup mirror with led lights.

15. Antique vanity with mirror – Buy it at Antropologie ($648.00)

Antique vanity with mirror

This elegant, endearing, and charming Baroque mirror wouldn’t look out of place in an art exhibition or regal house.

Its brown cherry color makes for an authentic vintage effect suggestive of a family heirloom. This, matched with its lofty decorative arch, are simply too good to pass up.

Best Hollywood mirror round-up

Doing your makeup or hair in this mirror would be a delightful experience every time. Moreover, it can add a touch of the past to any modern décor or blend seamlessly into a classically designed room.

16. Large vanity mirror – Buy it here

Large vanity mirror
image credit instagram @tamishome

Sunburst mirrors here

Give your room the boost it needs by adding a touch of sunlight. This sunburst mirror set comes with two sparkling pieces designed to catch the eye.

Different in size, one mirror can be used for decoration or quick touch-ups, while the other is just big enough to be a fully-functioning vanity mirror – suitable for any makeup station.

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17. Holywood velvet dressing table with led light mirror Buy it here

Hollywood velvet dressing table with led light mirror

This professional-grade mirror combines aesthetic with practicality. Perfect for any workspace, makeup station, or desk, this clear-cut mirror is no-fuss and to the point.

With its powerful LED lights, you can take your makeup or hairstyles to the next level. Its chic and sophisticated look is also easy on the eye.

However, perhaps the cherry-on-top for this vanity mirror is that it comes with a complimentary stool, making it perfect for the gal on-the-go who wants all the style without the hassle.

18.Handmade Flower Mirror – Buy it here

Handmade Flower Mirror

Vanity mirror with lights and desk that every woman should have

I hope you like these beautiful mirrors and please Pin these images, so you can come back later for inspiration and how to decorate your makeup room with a vanity mirror.

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