Best Christmas candles for making your home smell wonderful. Luxury Christmas candles for spreading good vibe around the house. Discover the best Christmas candle scents for housewarming and comfort.

Best Christmas candles for making your home smell wonderful

With just a few weeks until Christmas, now is the perfect time to get into the winter mood and add a little cozy vibe with Christmas scented candles.

You probably know how busy this period might be for many shops and retailers, so think ahead and prepare for the festive season in advance to be sure that you will receive the parcels on time.

Best Christmas candles for making your home smell wonderful

If you wonder what is a good Christmas candle scent we have done the research for you. Some Christmas candle scents favorited by many of us are the ones that give you a comfort feeling, for example, cinnamon, vanilla, apple spice, eucalyptus and pine, and of course gingerbread.

For luxury seekers, these delightful white-scented Christmas candles are a real gem. Available in various sizes, you can pick a few to place in each room and let the Christmas spirit embellish your home.

Medium-size Amaretto Apple Yankee Candle Christmas candle

Medium size Amaretto Apple Yankee Candle Christmas candle
currently unavailable at amazon

Remember the fresh-baked apple pie smell since you were kid? These Christmas candles are designed to bring those memories back and the best thing is you won’t have to get your hands dirty by baking pies, you will wake up every morning with this yummy smell.

Woodland Cabin scented candle

Another Christmas scent to tickle your olfactive sense and embrace you with a calming and good vibe. If you want to add a bit of rustic atmosphere during the festive season, these rich aromas of bergamot, lemon, and warming spices will uplift the comfort and ambiance of your home. Not only have a lovely Christmas scent, but look elegant whenever you will place them.

Woodwick Large Hourglass Christmas Scented Candle for creating a rustic atmosphere right in your home

In general wood wick candles are ecological, look phenomenal and smell divine. The plus side is the wood wick that will create small cracking noise just as you would sit near a fireplace. Grab a fluffy blanket, pour a cup of tea, play some relaxing music, and lit this beautiful woodland cabin candle. It doesn’t sound like much, but the feeling that you will get is priceless. Enjoy!

Christmas spice scented candle for making your home smell divine

The traditional Christmas scented candle favorited by many of us. The sweet and spicy notes of this candle will inevitably give you a feeling of comfort and happiness. Burn it for a few hours on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning to let the fragrance spread properly in your home. Your kids will love waking up on Christmas morning and smelling this gorgeous aroma.

Cranberry Mistletoe Christmas Scented Soy Candle – 8 oz jar

Simple with a minimalist design this Christmas scented candle will look beautiful in any home and with any decor style. Place it on the kitchen counter, coffee table, or on the console at the entrance and your guests will be pleasantly surprised by how good your home smell.

Farmhouse Christmas Scented Beeswax Candles in Amber Glass for spreading cozy vibe in your home

Farmhouse candles are a small but effective way to make your home smell yummy. With its cute design and fresh pine fragrance, this candle can transform the ambiance in your home instantly. If you were after Christmas candles to tick all the boxes, this candle is for you. With a decent price and festive aroma, you couldn’t find anything to foster a feeling of welcome and cheer.

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Winter spice duo candle set for sprucing not one but two rooms with Christmas goodness

The comforting scent of these gorgeous Christmas candles has been formulated to create a strong fragrance with delicious notes of cinnamon, sweet vanilla, and orange.
Let these luxurious Christmas candles oozes the entire home with their warming fragrance. As soon as you open the door, your guests will be hit with the best Christmas fragrance that they ever come across and they won’t leave your home easily.

Gingerbread Christmas candle

A classic Christmas scent that will surely add an instant festive feel to your home. Enjoy the inviting aroma of gingerbread Christmas candle that will stir the nostalgic memories of your childhood.
Sweet and spicy, this Christmas candle smells that good that makes you eat it. A great combo to make the festive season as fabulous as it can be.

Christmas tree scented candle for adding nordic vibe to the festive season

One of our favorite decorative candles that smells fresh like the forest air. Christmas tree-shaped candle that looks stunning, smells amazing and its details will pop against a white wall.

Orange and cinnamon scented Christmas candle gift for couple

Struggle to decide what gift to buy for your close friends. Fear no more, as this cinnamon and orange Christmas candle is a lovely gift that’s impossible not to love.
The orange and cinnamon aromas spread in your home will add extra coziness and cheer to enjoy the Christmas spirit just like a kid.

6 inch pillar Cranberry Scented Candle Pack of 2

Did anyone say cranberries? Oh, there is no festive season without cranberries. Whether you prepare a delicious Christmas cake topped with cranberries or a traditional mulled wine recipe, cranberries are favorite during the festive season.

To boost the scent around your home, consider placing these Ikea-inspired cranberries candlesticks around the house, or on the dinner table, to uplift the Christmas spirit even more.
Don’t settle for a single fragrance, you can choose different fragrances in each room to create a different ambiance that evokes different emotions.

Check out these ceramic candle holders for Christmas decor

Ceramic candle holders are very trendy and for good reasons. The Nordic elements are starting to make their way into our homes with each year goes by and who are we to argue what’s trendy or not. Scandinavians know how to prepare for Christmas and their minimalist style is contagious.

The best part is that these nude ceramic candle holders can be placed on the dinner table, bedroom side table, or kitchen counter. Designed carefully with a small tray to collect the melted wax and small handle, these art deco Nordic candle holders are a perfect addition to the overall interior decor.

You might need large luxury Christmas candle matches

Luxury Christmas candle matches are another trend that we had an eye on. The look authentic makes a wonderful piece of decor next to your Christmas candle selections and lasts longer than you might expect. Along with a scented candle and one pack of these candle matches, this will be a cute Christmas gift for someone you love, without spending a fortune on festive gifts.

Cosy winter Christmas candle

Cosy winter; this candle does exactly what is meant to be. To create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Created with natural ingredients, this vegan soy wax candle will surely uplift the Christmas spirit in your home. Inspired by nordic accents, this black jar candle looks classy and elegant but most importantly smells luxurious.

Hygge scented Christmas candle

Hygge scented candle is one of my favorite and a lovely addition to photography props. I love shooting aesthetic images and a candle like this will help me create cozy vibe photography for Instagram and to share with you lovely people.

Hygge is a term to describe the comfort of nordic people and as I mentioned earlier, slowly, we adopt this lifestyle since is healthier and much simple.

Scented candles are not only for the Christmas season, they have profound effects for dealing with anxiety and stress and if chose the right scents, it can improve the symptoms when feeling overwhelmed.

Essential oils for relieving anxiety is not a myth and you surely realized that after sitting in a room filled with vanilla and cinnamon you started to feel relaxed and somehow, yourself.

If that’s the case for you, please comment below and let me know if you agree that with this theory and which one is your favorite scent to relax, but also, which Christmas candles do you prefer and why.

Now, are you ready for the festive season? Did you stock up Christmas candles for making your home smell wonderful? If not, start now as is the perfect time to prepare for Christmas.

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